10 BEST Battery-Powered Bass Amps in 2023 (Take Them Anywhere!)

best battery powered bass amp

There are a couple of bass guitar accessories you can almost not do without, regardless of your playing level. One of those accessories is undoubtedly a bass amp. Bass amps are a must-have for players of all levels.  It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with indoor/bedroom rehearsals, touring the town, gigging live venues, or … Read More

Shamisen vs. Banjo – Is Shamisen JUST a Japanese Banjo? (There’s MORE!)

Shamisen vs Banjo

Still confused between these two instruments? Here’s  quick precap before we dive into a detailed comparison! Shamisen Banjo Sound A shamisen’s tone is comparable to the American banjo’s in certain ways since the drum-like groove intensifies the rhythm of the strings. The sound of the banjo is somewhat bright and twangy. Strings It is available … Read More

A Style vs. F Style Mandolins (Tone, Cost, Ease of Learning, & MORE!)

A style vs F style mandolin

Features A-Style F-Style Ornamental Scrolls Absent Present Points Absent Present Body Plain Decorative Price Less expensive More expensive Genres Better suited to other genres, such as Celtic Ideal for bluegrass Mandolins have been around for centuries. Apart from movies, you will also see them in ancient drawings and even read their mentions in poetry. The … Read More

Your ULTIMATE Guide to Austin Stratocaster (+Comparison with Fender)

austin stratocaster

Over the years, the guitar manufacturing industry has witnessed lots of improvement. Gone are the days when you had to spend your life savings before you can get a decent guitar.  Innovation and time have blurred the lines that once demarcated many guitar players from the world of amazingly built guitars. Now, it is possible … Read More

13+ BEST Klipsch Heresy Speaker Stands for OPTIMUM Performance!

Klipsch Heresy Speaker Stands

While you can find many rivals delivering the best musical experience through modern technology, nothing really matches the legacy of Klipsch Heresy speakers. In short, you’re buying an outstanding acoustic heritage from the stables of one of the most renowned manufacturers in American audio history. However, choosing the best Klipsch Heresy speaker stands can be … Read More