A Guide To Editing Your Voice-Acting Recording

A Guide To Editing Your Voice Acting Recording

In voice-acting, voice editing is an important step in the voice actor’s workflow. It can be used to make voice recordings more professional and polished, or it can fix technical errors such as a missed word or a repeated line.  Editing a voice-acting recording takes a few steps. First, make sure the environment is cleared … Read More

The BEST Voice Acting Agents in U.S.A [2023 Updated!]

best voice acting agents

Voice acting is a booming industry and has been for many years with the likes of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and many other animation studios continuing to keep it alive. With there being so much talent out there, it can certainly be a little bit of challenge for a voice-actor to get noticed. They can have … Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Voice Acting Auditions

how to get voice acting auditions

How do voice actors get voice acting auditions? It’s a question that many voice actors ask themselves before they start to look for voice acting jobs. And there are so many different ways to improve your audition potential.  To get voice acting auditions, the first thing to do is identify the desired type of voice. … Read More

A Guide to Getting Into Voice Acting For Anime

A Guide to Getting Into Voice Acting For Anime

Voice acting for anime shows and films can be a rewarding career to get into, but how do you break into the industry? This ultimate guide to voice acting for anime will give you the tools you need to break into the industry. Read on to discover how to get into voice acting, including freelance … Read More

A Guide To Writing And Describing A Character’s Voice

A Guide to Writing and Describing a Characters Voice

If you are a scriptwriter giving direction to a voice actor on how a character should be portrayed, it is important that you clearly detail how you wish for them to sound. You may be wondering how to write in a way that a voice actor can clearly understand and create the character you are … Read More

15 Best Voice Acting Courses [YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT]

15 Best Voice Acting Courses

Becoming a successful voice actor is made more of an attainable goal when you take a training course. With so many good ones now readily available on the Internet, it is a matter of choosing the best one for you. Once you do that, you will gain the confidence that you need to start looking … Read More

How To Get Into Video Game Voice Acting

How To Get Into Video Game Voice Acting

Impersonating voices is all fun and games, but if you’re good enough, you may want to start thinking about a career in it. If you can master accents or have a unique voice, companies and agents often seek new talent in the voice acting industry. Voice acting may be a competitive outlet, but it is … Read More

8 Tips To Deepen Your Voice for Acting

Tips To Deepen Your Voice for Acting

You may have noticed that in the radio, advertising, and movie industries, deeper voices just seem to sound better. Low tones get all the gigs. Maybe it is because low-frequency waves can travel farther than high-frequency waves, but whatever the reasoning, humans seem to love a good, low, Morgan Freeman-esque voice. If you are in … Read More

What is Voice Acting? We Find Out

What is Voice Acting? We Find Out

Voice acting is often underappreciated and misunderstood. When you say “voice actor,” many people simply picture someone lending their voice to a cartoon. While that is one form of voice acting, it isn’t the only one. So, that leads us to the question, what exactly is voice acting and what are some ways it manifests … Read More

A Step by Step Guide to Improving Your Voice for Acting

how to train your voice for acting

Acting is the art of expression on a stage, whether that be on Broadway, acting in Hamilton, or starring in the latest Marvel movie. We all want to act professionally, but challenges are involved. Not only do you need to be in shape for many roles, but you need the right voice. You are probably … Read More