Jamo vs. Klipsch: Home Theatre and Speakers Compared [2022]

Jamo vs Klipsch

The world is moving at a swift pace. New models with advanced features are pouring into the commercial markets every day, giving consumers to experience top-notch quality. Among these products are speakers, the most popular ones from Jamo and Klipsch. These are two brands that are gaining admiration worldwide. With their affordable as well as … Read More

Fluance RT81 vs. RT82 (Who WINS the Turntable Battle in 2022?)

Fluance RT81 vs RT82

Are you looking for a new turntable for your living room but are unable to pick one? Are all these various options from different brands confusing you, making it tougher to settle on a single model? Are you on the hunt for genuine information, including all pros and cons, regarding the best turntables available in … Read More

13+ BEST Klipsch Heresy Speaker Stands for OPTIMUM Performance!

Klipsch Heresy Speaker Stands

While you can find many rivals delivering the best musical experience through modern technology, nothing really matches the legacy of Klipsch Heresy speakers. In short, you’re buying an outstanding acoustic heritage from the stables of one of the most renowned manufacturers in American audio history. However, choosing the best Klipsch Heresy speaker stands can be … Read More

Apollo Twin USB vs Thunderbolt [In-DEPTH Compatibility Review]

Apollo Twin USB vs Thunderbolt

Are you confused between Apollo Twin USB vs Thunderbolt for your audio requirements? Follow this article to learn more about these two audio interfaces and how you can get the most out of them. Setting up a recording studio for personal or professional use can sound exciting, but what goes into creating one is the … Read More

HERE’s How to Put Strat Neck on Telecaster Body (And Vice Versa!)

Strat neck on telecaster body

The Stratocaster and the Telecaster are both guitar models created by Fender. Fender created the Telecaster model in 1952 and it became an instant classic.  The Stratocaster, which came out a few years after, was in many ways an upgrade to the original Telecaster model. It features a double cutaway design, a larger headstock, three … Read More

Klipsch R-12SW vs R-120SW: Is It WORTH The Upgrade? [2022]

Klipsch R-12SW vs R-120SW

On the hunt for a top-notch subwoofer with impeccable performance, vast features, and a fantastic design that enhances your home theatre? Fret not; Klipsch is here to save the day. Both the Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw subwoofers are guaranteed to give you the ultimate low-end bass sounds with minimum distortion to your music and other … Read More

Left Handed Kramer Guitars in 2022 – HERE’S The Entire Range!

left handed kramer guitars

Your search for the best left-handed Kramer Guitars end here! Kramer guitars have been around since the 1970s. The first models were introduced in 1976 and became a catalyst for innovation.  When the Floyd Rose tremolo system was created, Kramer was the only guitar company offering that system. This gave Kramer an advantage over their … Read More