Top 15 Subwoofer Brands

Subwoofer Brands

Bass frequencies are very vital frequencies. Although you can still enjoy your music listening experience by not listening to the bass part, you will only discover how much you have missed when you finally get to listen to that part. Bass frequencies are very vital frequencies in music because the bass part is where the … Read More

Jamo vs. Klipsch: Home Theatre and Speakers Compared [2023]

Jamo vs Klipsch

The world is moving at a swift pace. New models with advanced features are pouring into the commercial markets every day, giving consumers to experience top-notch quality. Among these products are speakers, the most popular ones from Jamo and Klipsch. These are two brands that are gaining admiration worldwide. With their affordable as well as … Read More

Epiphone vs. Gibson Headstock (MORE Than Just Aesthetics!)

Epiphone vs Gibson Headstock

What is the Headstock on a Guitar? It is easy to overlook the headstock of a guitar, but the part does play a vital function. The headstock is located at the top part of the guitar neck. It is shaped in an irregular way and has tuning pegs on each side.  The headstock includes many … Read More

Fluance RT81 vs. RT82 (Who WINS the Turntable Battle in 2023?)

Fluance RT81 vs RT82

Are you looking for a new turntable for your living room but are unable to pick one? Are all these various options from different brands confusing you, making it tougher to settle on a single model? Are you on the hunt for genuine information, including all pros and cons, regarding the best turntables available in … Read More

What’s so Special About the Peavey Decade?: A Secret WEAPON!

What's so special about the Peavey Decade

Amps are quite important, they play such a remarkable role in tone shaping for guitar players. Some players do not use effect pedals, they rather depend solely on their amps for tone shaping. This explains why guitar amps remain such an important accessory for most players.  When mentioning guitar amps, some brands stand out a … Read More

15 BEST 8-String Guitars: Updated 2023 List, Pros and Cons!

best 8 string guitars

Guitars are very expressive musical instruments; it has been featured in a wide variety of music styles and cultures. However, when it comes to musical expression, musicians and players are always a bit eager to go the extra mile.  Traditionally, guitars are made of six strings, making them a lot more musically versatile than many … Read More

9 BEST Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 (A Must Read in 2023!)

best acoustic guitars under $2000

Although it can be pretty hard to come to a consensus on which guitar is the “best guitar,” there are, however, still some excellent guitars out there that we all can agree are exceptional in their own rights.  This can be a very subjective topic because each guitar player is unique and thus approaches this … Read More

Top 15 Bass Compressor Pedals in 2023 (An UPDATED List!)

Bass Compressor Pedals

Modern music has its tonal expectation on every musical instrument, including the bass guitar. In both contemporary and some old-school styles, the bass guitar is expected to be punchy, fat, consistent, and full of sustain.  However, it is easier for bass players to achieve these tonal characteristics by adding extra gadgets like the compressor pedal. … Read More

10 BEST Bass Drum Harness for Marching Bands (2023 List!)

BEST Bass Drum Harness for Marching Bands

As much as it would be fun and a lot less stressful to just sit down in one place and play a certain musical instrument, it will not always be that way. Some musical scenarios require you to march, dance around, or stand to play a certain musical instrument.  As exciting as this might sound … Read More

BEST Fretted Cellos in the Market (2023 UPDATED LIST!)

BEST Fretted Cellos

Typically, bowed strings musical instruments like violin, double bass, viola, and cello only sometimes have frets. Historically these instruments have always been fretless. Just like fretted instruments have their unique advantages, fretless ones also do.  There are unlimited tonal possibilities with fretless instruments like the cello, viola, violin, and double bass. You are not bounded … Read More