Is AP Music Theory HARD? Read this First! (2023 Guide)

Is AP Music Theory HARD?

Advanced Placement (AP) is an academic program in the United States and Canada developed by the College Board. Advanced Placement (AP) offers undergraduate university-level examinations and curricula to high school students.  With music being one of the most important and sought-after courses, AP also offers music theory courses and curriculums.  That being said, Advanced Placement … Read More

Your ULTIMATE Guide to ‘Guitar Mutes’ (Concepts and Tools)

Your ULTIMATE Guide to 'Guitar Mutes'

Although the ultimate aim of playing a musical instrument is to [somehow] get heard, there, however, will be times you don’t want to get heard. Just like in the brass and woodwind families, the guitar sometimes could benefit from some muting.  There could be a variety of reasons guitarists would want to be muted. It … Read More

Music Business: SoundExchange vs Songtrust (IN-DEPTH Guide)

SoundExchange vs Songtrust

There are several ways for musicians to make money from their music and one of those ways is through the earning of music royalties. Music royalties generate so much income for both artists and record labels and it remains one of the major sources of music revenue.  Anytime a song is being played or used … Read More

BEST Truefire Courses that Every Guitar Player Should Know!

BEST Truefire Courses

The internet has revolutionized music consumption, distribution, and music education. Years ago, before you could learn any musical instrument, you had to enrol either in a specialized music school or employ the service of a local music tutor.  These were the days when apprenticeship was still a thing—not like it is no more “a thing.” … Read More

10 BEST Furman Power Conditioners for Audio (2023 Review)

BEST Furman Power Conditioners for Audio

Power conditioners remain one of the most essential gears you can incorporate into your rig. It doesn’t matter if you are doing live sound or working in the studio, investing in a good power conditioner is a crucial investment.  What a power conditioner does is that it acts as a buffer between your electrical outlet … Read More

Is FL Studio Really Worth it? (EVERYTHING You Need to Know!)

FL Studio Really Worth it

Initially released on April 26, 1998, FL Studio (formerly known as FruityLoops) remains one of the most popular DAWs today. FL Studio was originally authored by Didier “Gol” Dambrin who was an employee of the Belgian company Image-Line.  Over the years, FL Studio has witnessed massive upgrades and evolution. Also, it has garnered so much … Read More

Is Omnisphere WORTH it in 2023? (Read this Before Buying!)

Is Omnisphere WORTH it

Synthesizers will always play an essential role in modern music production. Since RCA (Radio Corporation of America) developed the first-ever synthesizer in 1952, synthesizers have played an essential part in the evolution of music and music tech. Regardless of style or genre, synths (both hardware and software) can always have a resultant positive impact on … Read More