HERE’S What Happened to OutKast: The Rap Duo (2023 Update)

what happened to outkast

Known for being a major force in the revolutionizing of hip-hop music, the duo, OutKast remains one of the most respected hip-hop groups to emerge from not just Atlanta, Georgia, but also from the United States.  The rap duo was made up of rappers, André “3000” Benjamin (who was formerly known as Dré) and Antwan … Read More

5881 vs 6L6 Tubes for Your Guitar (Hint: MAJOR Power Difference)

5881 vs 6L6 Tubes for Your Guitar

A beam power tube, also known as a beam tetrode, refers to a type or kind of thermionic valve or vacuum tube. It divides the electron stream coming from the cathode into several partially collimated beams and comes with two grids. In addition, it creates a space charge region having a low potential between the … Read More

Fuzz Face vs. Big Muff (Pedal SHOOTOUT Covering All Features!)

Fuzz Face vs Big Muff Pedal

Almost all people who use electric guitar pedals or have some acquaintance with the instrument know about the two big boys in the field- Big Muff and Fuzz Face. In some instances, they might have utilized either or both and compared their benefits. Otherwise, they might have performed a significant amount of research about them … Read More

Vox AC10 vs AC15 | AMP Shooutout (HINT: Depends on Volume)

VOX AC10 vs AC15

You may have heard of or utilized an amplifier if you play an electric guitar. It is an electronic system or device that helps strengthen the electrical signal coming from the pickup of a bass guitar, acoustic guitar, or electric guitar. It, in turn, would help you produce an amplified sound through one or more … Read More

MOTU M2 vs M4 – Audio Interface Shootout [WORTH The Upgrade?]

Motu M2 vs M4 Audio Interface

An audio interface is a specific computer hardware piece that allows the output and input audio signals to go to and from a recording device or a host computer. It primarily converts instrumental and microphone waves into a format the software and computer can comprehend and understand. On top of that, it routes or redirects … Read More