10 BEST DAWs For Mastering in 2023 (For a Super-Smooth Playback!)

Best DAWs for mastering

In music production, mastering remains one of the most delicate steps, especially if you have plans of commercializing the music. There is a reason this is always reserved for the last. Mastering is carried out by professionals known as mastering engineers.  The sole purpose of mastering is for balancing the composite sonic elements of a … Read More

Heyday Turntable Review [GREAT Sound on a Budget?]

heyday turntable

What’s up y’all and welcome back. Hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to be doing another product review. I am going to looking over the Heyday turntable. This is a seriously talked about product in the music world (Especially with vinyl making such a huge comeback in recent years). This is a … Read More

10 BEST Keyboard Arrangers that Will Have Your Back! (2023 Updated)

best keyboard arrangers

Although many musicians and keyboard players might have a divided opinion toward keyboard arrangers, the truth, however, remains that they will always have their place in the music world.  Have you ever seen just a single musician at a small or large gig playing the keyboard alone without accompaniment but still managing to sound like … Read More

7 Best MIDI Keyboards/Controllers for GarageBand (2023 Updated)

Best midi controller for garageband

When talking about the best beginner DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), Apple’s Garageband will often make it to the top of the list.  Released for macOS in 2004 and brought to iOS in 2011, Garageband is one free beginner DAW that will offer functions that are only available in the paid versions of some DAWs. It … Read More

10 BEST Midi Controllers With Weighted Keys (Weighted Action)

best midi controller with weighted keys

Midi controllers (especially midi pianos) are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any music studio. Arguably, it is as essential or even more essential than an audio interface.  As long as one of your goals is to create beats, you will sooner or later get to need a midi controller. Although some … Read More

10 BEST Rear Surround Speakers for an Immersive Experience (2023)

best speakers for rear surround

A lot goes into having a big and realistic surround sound. It takes more than just money; it requires technicality and even some passion. The world of hi-fi audio and overall surround sound can get pretty complex and expensive.  Although some might argue against its importance and overall usage, the truth remains that rear surround … Read More

10 BEST DAWs for Film Scoring [Buying Guide + Pros & Cons]

Best DAWs for Film Scoring

Writing/composing original music for a film can get quite complex and interesting. For some film composers, all it requires is a computer, a DAW, a midi controller, or their musical instrument of choice.  For some, it might get a little more complicated—although they might not see it that way. Some film composers record a full … Read More

YPAO vs. Audyssey: Which is the BEST Calibration System For You?

ypao vs audyssey

When it comes to home theatres, many factors come into play in making it sound awesome. It goes way beyond getting expensive and nice-looking surround systems.  There are other pieces to the puzzle that play quite an essential role in creating the big sonic picture we love and admire so much. One of those pieces … Read More

Klipsch vs. MartinLogan Speakers [Design, Loudness, Sensitivity, & MORE!]

Klipsch vs MartinLogan

When it comes to the consumption of music and other forms of audio (including movies and other audio-visuals), speakers and sound systems play the most crucial role. Because of this, the sound system industry has greatly evolved over the years.  While some are just casual listeners of normal consumer-level sound systems, some are audiophiles of … Read More

DTS Neural X vs. Dolby Surround [FULL Comparison with Pros & Cons]

dts neural x vs dolby surround

Since the summer of 1969 when surround sound first became available to homes, it has constantly continued to evolve and develop. Surround sound was first referred to as Quadraphonic sound, and it was first used on reel-to-reel tape.  Quite unfortunately, this surround sound technology, which could only provide discrete sound from four speakers placed in … Read More