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What Is the Best Laptop Stand for DJing?

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It can be daunting and time-consuming to find the best laptop stand for DJing; the work has already been done for you here.

All you have to do is read on. As with anything related to music and technology these days, researching and finding the best accessories is half the battle!

There are numerous options on the market, and everyone has a different preference in what makes the best laptop stand for DJing.

Whether your decision is based on price, ergonomic considerations, and/or convenience of transporting it, there is a great fit for you available. Which one will it be for you? Please read on for our choices for the best laptop stand today.

Just as it is important to store your laptop safely and securely as you move around to spin with your friends or to work a gig, you need a laptop stand that can travel with you and fit into your DJ travel backpack as easily.

And we know versatility, flexibility, and portability are also all important factors to consider during your search; however, ergonomic considerations in a day and age of lots of screen time is probably the most vital.

Here is our top 10 list and what each offers to help you decide which works best for your circumstances and usage.

Top 10 DJing Laptop Stands:

1. Pyle Portable Adjustable DJ Laptop Stand

Indisputably, the Pyle Portable Adjustable DJ Laptop Stand is hands down the best laptop stand for DJing currently on the market. It is durable, easy-to-use, and will keep your laptop secure as you are doing your thing.

Although it is not the most aesthetically pleasing laptop stand, it does what it needs to do. It is built from heavy-duty aluminum, which ensures your laptop is not going to move around.

For universal compatibility, the two-prong anti-slip tray holds all sizes of laptops, as well as tablets and DJ controllers. As far as the ergonomic benefits go, you are able to adjust the height of the stand using the height adjustment bars to position the angle of your laptop properly.

It is a good lightweight option, weighing just under 3.5 pounds. As another bonus, it is slim enough to fit under a mixer, and if you end up grooving all over the place while in your DJ booth, the stand will hold up like a champ!

Very durable – made from heavy-duty aluminumDoes not hold up well with heavier equipment  
Two prong anti-slip trayLess portable than other options
Conveniently height adjustable (12.6 to 16.7 inches)
Versatility – you can use the stand on all surfaces

2. Odyssey DJ Gear Stand (LSTAND360)

We might be going out on a limb; however, this laptop stand is most certainly one of the best out there today, and it is neck and neck with the Pyle Portable for the award for best laptop stand for DJing.

It conveniently has 360-degree rotating arms and legs with adjustable body height (11″ minimum and 16″ maximum – not including arms), which makes it easy to separate the arms and base, then quickly release and rotate.

Its flexibility is the best on the market, and whether you are a novice or an expert at DJing, it is easy to use for all levels. Coming in at a whopping 2 pounds, this extremely lightweight stand will not weigh you down or break your back as you are traveling from gig to gig.

It is an easy to assemble, and it is a sturdy hybrid construction of metal and plastic…but do not allow the plastic component to scare you away. The Odyssey DJ Gear Stand (LSTAND360) will surprisingly hold more weight than it may appear, so please do not judge this book by its cover! 

Rubber feet grip stickers for maximum stabilityLocking mechanism doesn’t hold up  
360-degree rotating arm and baseOverabundance of plastic pieces included
Lightweight – only weighs 2 pounds
Most flexible laptop stand made to date

3. On-Stage LPT5000 DJ Laptop Computer Stand

We know being a DJ can take a toll on your pocketbook, and especially in times of inflation, who doesn’t want the most bang for their buck? Not only does this make our list of the best laptop stand for DJing, but it also is the best budget option on our list and on the market.

The On-Stage LPT5000 is lightweight (only 2 pounds) and portable, making it ideal to hold your laptop or controller, and yet it can hold up to 8 pounds; no need to skimp on your favorite equipment.

Depending upon its usage, this stand also features four convenient line-it-up height adjustments from 6.3 to 10.9 inches.

For extra ergonomic comfort, you have options – either angle the top plate, or keep it flat to use as a desk; your laptop will be nicely secured by angled platform rests no matter how you choose to use it. 

Ranks high in affordabilityNot foldable 
Suitable for many environmentsComplex assembly at first
Range of adjustment options
Durable and lightweight
Supports a wide range of equipment

4. Crane Stand Classic Universal DJ Stand

If you are an on-the-go DJ and are looking for a laptop stand with flexibility, look no further – this is the one for you! Aesthetically, if that matters to you, it is a nice one at which to gaze.

It has a sleek and modern look, constructed of aluminum and plastic, which naturally makes it a lightweight option (another one coming in at only 2 pounds).

With its Z-shaped design, you can be sure this is a great ergonomic choice with as well. And if you would rather get the most height from the stand, maneuver it into the alternate C-position and adjust it up to 13 inches.

With all these features, it is not difficult to imagine why, according to Producer Hive,“. That’s why some DJs regard the Crane Classic as a space-saving laptop stand.”You won’t regret adding this classic laptop stand to your essential DJ equipment!

Portable (durable carrying case included)Not ideal for bigger laptops and keyboards
LightweightLow availability – not always in stock
Quick-lock and release for easy setup and breakdown
Great value for the money

5. Ultimate Support HyperStation QR Hyper Series Laptop Stand

It is difficult to not take this best laptop stand for DJing seriously, as the product’s name does start with “ultimate,” and it is a great choice for the traveling DJ.

You will be able to setup your equipment in no time with the QuickRelease center post, which enables you to mount the top part of the stand onto a mic stand/boom if you require more height or need to reposition your laptop with this convenient two-tiered option.

Since the product includes a T-stand for tabletop mounting, you will not be short on space for all your favorite DJ accessories necessary for creating sweet beats. Built from die-cast aluminum, this stand provides plenty of strength to hold the heaviest laptops out there.

It folds flat, making it easy to store and transport (with room left to store all your much needed DJ accessories). In addition, if you need more space-saving ideas for your booth setup, read this.

Angle-adjustable telescoping support armsAdjustment knobs get stripped quickly  
Great portability (easy to fold and store)Price (hey, it’s ultimate…)
QuickRelease center post
Great value for the money

6. MAGMA Vektor Folding DJ Laptop Stand

When it comes to durability, this laptop stand is built to withstand all the bumps and bruises! This stand has a solid metal construction, with a sleek black design with red rubber details.

Feel free to choose-your-own-position (side-to-side, up-and-down) with this highly versatile stand that has continuous height adjustment from 8.5 to 14 inches.

With a quick-release clamp mechanism, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, which helps you focus on the music, not the setup and breakdown.

A handy and heavy-duty transportation case is included, which makes the price point a bit more palatable. Finally, as with many of the other options on the list, this MAGNA also comes with slip-guard rubber feet for maximum surface stability (an extra set of non-slip pads is also conveniently included).

Continuous height adjustmentPrice (worth it, though)
Supports all laptop weightsWobbly when fully extended (single pole)
360-degree rotatable laptop tray
Easy storage and transport

7. Besign LSX3 Laptop Stand

Besign LSX3 Laptop Stand is THE laptop stand for you if ergonomic considerations top your list of wants, and it really should be. We know DJs need to be comfortable for extended periods of time, and here are some reasons why it’s important to find one ranking high in this category.

This stand made of premium aluminum alloy materials has an elevated viewing angle to minimize or keep neck and shoulder pain at bay. It can hold up to 8.8 pounds, and the rubber grip mat will keep your laptop protected and stable.

An added benefit that makes this option stand out from the rest of list is the open design, which naturally allows for good airflow and cooling for your laptop.

That means you can leave the external laptop fan at home, and with ample space underneath to keep your keyboard and mouse hidden, you can keep your equipment from overheating.

Prevents shoulder and neck painNot foldable
Open design promotes airflowLimited flexibility (does not rotate)
Strong and versatile
Compatible with all laptop models

8. Hercules DG400BB DJ Laptop Stand

The only word we can think of that leaves a more powerful and stronger impression than “ultimate” when choosing the best laptop stand for DJing is “Hercules,” and the Hercules DG400BB DJ Laptop Stand lives up to its name.

It is sturdy and durable, and, as such, it means it is a bigger and heavier option than others on this list; however, with extra rear-legs to provide added support, it makes up for it by having the capacity to hold up to 22 pounds.

This stand conveniently features a one-piece folding designwith multiple height and angle adjustments, which translates into more DJ time and less setup and takedown time.

Additionally, it offers excellent adjustability for you to easily lock in your perfect height and angle.

We understand how much a carrying case is appreciated by DJs to keep their equipment well-protected, and you will receive one with this product as well for easy transportation and storage.

Effortlessly adjusts for your ideal angle and heightNot recommended for larger laptops (17” and above)
Extra stability (from back legs)Limited laptop traction
One-piece design
Lightweight and durable – great for transportation
Convenient carrying case included

9. Numark Laptop Stand Pro

Do you only dream of putting together any new piece of metal equipment without any screws or additional parts, seeing as some of these pieces may be the wrong ones or missing when you receive the product anyway? Well, look no further than the Numark Laptop Stand Pro, as it comes without any and still maintains a solid construction.

It is also pre-drilled, making it wall-mountable to use in studios and DJ booths. This stand also accommodates bigger laptops, including the 17-inch screens, which helps it stand out from other options on the market (and on this list).

At 2.5 pounds, it is designed for a DJ on the move and is perfect for the gigs with limited space for your equipment.

Lastly, there are top, underside, and inner rubber grips to make sure your laptop is not slipping and sliding while you are grooving.

Lightweight with solid constructionTight fit in the protective case
Fully (and easily) collapsibleNot tall enough to sit above some controllers
Easy to assemble
Protective zippered case included

10. Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

The list would not be complete with at least one tripod option, and this one tops our list in that department. With a maximum height adjustment of around 4 feet, it bodes well for both seated and standing positions.

For added support and security, there are also locking latches and a pin lock, and a 15-inch x 11-inch silicone surface to hold the laptop in place.

Most importantly, the ergonomic design is one of its strengths, hands down, with a tilt control feature that makes viewing easy and comfortable. Although it is on the heavier end compared with our other choices for the best laptop stand for DJing, all 11 pounds of it makes it very sturdy.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, it is quite portable considering its weight being a tad heavier than other laptop stands on the market.  

SturdyWobbly at top height – clamps do not tightly fit
Great portabilityLaptop tray grip mat smells terrible
Secure laptop mounting with silicone grip matPrice (for the value)
High quality

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Option for You?

Whew! We have taken you through our list of the top 10 best laptop stands for DJing, and we know each DJ’s needs is different from another’s; however, we are confident we have given you a solid list from which to choose what works best for your usage and equipment. Although the Pyle Portable Adjustable DJ Laptop Stand tops our list, it is not made for all.

Since you are already reading this, we can assume you recognize the benefits a laptop stand offers. (Here is a reminder in case you need it. Read on for key factors you should identify and sift through before you pull the trigger on your new laptop stand.

1. Safety/Stability

You want to search for a laptop stand that will keep your expensive and vulnerable laptop safe and secure in all spaces where you set up shop. The last thing you want is your laptop to slip or fall, potentially damaging your fun as well as your laptop.

Therefore, you should find a stand with non-slip grips or rubber ends to ensure your laptop remains stationary. 

2. Comfort/Ease

Besides the ergonomic considerations, the type of DJ you are and your DJing style will dictate what direction you will take, and the conversation begins with you deciding whether you fall into the desk-based or the freestanding laptop stand category.

Typically, the desk-based options need more setup time with clamps, etc. involved to keep it in place; however, the tradeoff is they also adds more stability.

The freestanding type offers a quick setup and are meant to be setup on any surface. Although these also offer adjustable heights like the desk-based stand, they are not typically known to be better in this category.

3. Sturdy/Strength

If you are a mixing guru, chances are you have other DJ equipment and accessories besides a laptop (mixers, disc players, etc.), and you want a strong base to keep the music going.

You may think solid metal construction is your best bet; however, that is certainly not the case with all the great plastic options on this list as well as other sturdy options out there.

It is vital you make sure you know the stand will easily support all the weight before you get on your stage to perform!

4. Portability

Ultimately, you need to know the type of DJ laptop stand for you will depend on an assortment of factors, and the degree of portability may very well be the deciding factor.

As probably all DJs need to move their equipment from here to there and back again, this is an important consideration, and most laptop stands can be easily transported.

Whether it is foldable or not should be part of your research, and the benefits they offer for your needs should be properly weighed.


In conclusion, your needs may change as time goes on and your craft evolves, so keep in mind you will want something that is flexible enough to remain a constant companion in your life as a DJ. 

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