Can I DJ on Facebook Live? [THE TRUTH]

today we think about the idea of djing on facebook live.

One of the best ways to increase your audience and get your music in front of more people is to use social media. You can connect with fans all over the world, and they can listen to your music and buy your songs. And with live video becoming more and more popular, Facebook Live is … Read More

How to DJ Techno Music [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

how to be a good techno dj?

Whether you’re looking for a new part-time gig, hoping to impress your friends, or trying to integrate more into the music world, DJing can be a great skill to pick up. Techno, in particular, is useful for raves or dance parties. With a little time, anyone can learn to DJ techno music. You need a … Read More

How Much Should a Beginner DJ Charge?

how much should a novice dj charge?

From buying all the necessary equipment to daydreaming about booking your first gig, starting out as a beginner DJ is an exciting pursuit. But unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly how much a beginner DJ should begin charging their clients when first starting out. So how exactly should you be pricing your services as a beginner DJ? … Read More

Can You Be a DJ Without Being a Producer?

can you be a DJ without being a producer?

While DJing has become an art form, the act of DJing can’t exist without the dance music that becomes created and mixed. But many beginner DJs or even professional DJs may be wondering if it’s possible to be a DJ without being a producer. So is this even possible? You can still be a DJ … Read More

What Do DJs Use to Make Music?

what do disc jockeys use to make music?

A DJ’s gear list includes a variety of things, and they all serve a purpose for making music. Whether you want to become a DJ or are just curious, you should know some of the most popular items DJs use. Then, you can start building your gear collection. DJs use a combination of software and … Read More

How to Kill It as a DJ on Twitch? [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

how do you dj on twitch tv?

Twitch has been used by disc jockeys (DJs) for years to live stream their sets, teach aspiring new DJs, and showcase their skills. In order to successfully DJ on Twitch, you will need a strong internet connection, an account on Twitch, a computer or laptop, a mixer, a webcam, and a microphone. Optionally, you can … Read More