Kaotica Eyeball vs Fatboy: ALL You Need to Know [2023]

Kaotica Eyeball vs Fatboy

Kaotica brings you the Eyeball and the Fatboy that can easily turn your space into a full-fledged recording studio! But how do you choose between them? Is there a clear winner among these two? Let’s begin! If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick overview: Kaotica Eyeball Pros Kaotica Eyeball cons Aesthetically pleasing with … Read More

What Is the Best Laptop Stand for DJing?

Djing Laptop Stand

It can be daunting and time-consuming to find the best laptop stand for DJing; the work has already been done for you here. All you have to do is read on. As with anything related to music and technology these days, researching and finding the best accessories is half the battle! There are numerous options … Read More

10 BEST DAWs For Sample-Based Music Production (2023)

best daw for sampling

Across all genres and styles of music, sampling has always been an integral part of music creation and composition. However, the art of sampling is a lot more prevalent in some genres than in others.  There are so many reasons why musicians and music producers sample—talking about the reasons and even the legalities behind the … Read More

10 BEST DAWs for Recording Vocals in 2023 (with Pros & Cons)

best DAWs for Vocal Recording

Vocal recording remains a very crucial aspect of music production. There are so many factors that contribute to achieving the perfect vocal recording.  Factors like acoustics, the technique of the singer, and the choice of hardware like the microphone all contribute greatly to the outcome.  Just like the saying which says that “a chain is … Read More

10 BEST DAWs For Recording & Mixing Metal (with Pros & Cons!)

best daw for metal

As controversial as this might sound, the truth remains that some DAWs are better fits for certain styles than others. Different DAWs will work and operate differently, although they are all meant to perform the same task. It is these differences that make some software better for certain classes of musicians and for certain genres/styles. … Read More

Ultimate Vocal Remover: How to Install, Use, Pros & Cons!

ultimate vocal remover

For several reasons, there will always be a time you will need to separate/remove vocals from a certain song. This might be for karaoke or simply because you want to create the instrumental version of a certain song.  Whatever the case or reason might be, it is not always practical to reach out to the … Read More

What Happened to Creed? [EVERYTHING to Know About this Band!]

what happened to creed

When you think of the band Creed, you may think about a band that is essential in your classic rock playlist, or you may just wrinkle your nose and move on, but not before thinking – what ever happened to Creed? Let’s start at the beginning. The American rock band was formed in Tallahassee, Florida, … Read More

Does DJing Damage Records?

Does DJing Damage Records?

DJing with records is undoubtedly “old school,” as new and innovative digital musical equipment has been invented. But nonetheless, many people still prefer to DJ with vinyl records. It’s much more complicated and almost unique to master, and for others, they’re just stuck in their old ways. As a passionate player of both, I thought … Read More

Is DJing dead (AS AN ART FORM?]

Is DJing dead? Lets find out.

Welcome back to Performer Life. Today we are talking about the question I hear a lot ‘Is DJing Dead?’. DJing has grown so much as a profession and turned into a respected skill. It is a great way to win over crowds and get people moving, but with the advent of modern technology, are DJs … Read More

The 9 Best DJ Software for Windows: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best windows software for DJs

Choosing the right DJ software can be a daunting process as it’s not a matter of what OS you’re using, but it’s also a matter of flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Or it is? Besides, the market is awash with applications that can enable you to mix with more than four decks, and a quick search … Read More