Best LEFT Handed Takamine Guitars in 2022 [The ENTIRE Range]

Takamine Guitars

If you can play the guitar well, congratulations! A significant portion of the population worldwide already likes you. Playing an instrument is one of the best things you can do for yourself, as such practices allow you to connect with yourself and stay grounded. With modern brands coming up with new guitars every single day, … Read More

Archtop vs. Flat Top Guitars [DETAILED Sound & Playability Differences!]

Archtop vs Flat top guitars

Guitars are among the most popular instruments worldwide. They are no longer simple instruments used for playing 1 to 2 tunes but are high-end tonal and modern machines with numerous controls. The current guitars come with new gear, shapes, different playing frequencies, and other functions. Brands and sale prices are not the only factors differentiating … Read More

TOP 10 Klipsch RP-600M Speaker Stands for All Purposes [2022]

Klipsch RP-600m Speaker Stands

If you are someone who enjoys the over sound of your favorite movies, sporting events and music, then you probably have a speaker system to create better sound. Placing and keeping the speakers in the right place for that sound effect, will likely require the right stands to do so.  Depending on the size of … Read More

EV RE20 vs RE320 [Know Which Mic Suits You The BEST!]

EV RE320 vs RE320

Significant technological advancements are taking place every day. However, not each upgrade gains enough popularity to wow the world. As the bar increases, newer electronics, such as microphones, are entering the market, allowing the media industry to make exceptional-quality content. Coming up with microphone models as impressive as the electro-voice RE320 and electro-voice RE20 is … Read More

LEFT-Handed Taylor Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Taylor Guitars

Taylor is one of the most popular acoustic guitar brands in the world. With their use of high quality tonewoods and superb design technology, it is no surprise why Taylor is an instant favorite. One of the absolute best things about Taylor is their inclusivity. Taylor makes a left-handed version of almost every guitar model … Read More

LEFT-Handed Martin Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Martin Left-Handed GuitarsMartin Left-Handed Guitars

Are you looking for a left-handed guitar? The good thing is that Martin has a wide variety of left-handed guitar selections that are custom-tailored to your sound, aesthetic, and comfortability needs. Left-Handed Martin Guitars 1. Martin DX Johnny Cash This acoustic-electric guitar is a great collectible for any Johnny Cash fan. It’s accompanied by a … Read More

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars

Are you needing to explore a new left-handed guitar? The left-handed Explorer guitar models are very niche-specific to be on the lookout for and I’ve compiled a list of great options for your performing needs. Left-Handed Explorer Guitars 1. Gibson Epiphone Explorer This guitar has an attractive, angular, and solid mahogany body that boasts a … Read More

LEFT-Handed Fender Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Fender Left Handed Guitars

So you’re left handed, and there’s no shortage of things that become weirdly complicated when done with your left hand instead of your right. While we can’t fix that whole smudging problem when you write on a white board, what we can do is help you find yourself a nice left handed guitar.  While the … Read More

BEST Schecter Left-Handed Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Schecter Left-Handed Guitars

In the hustle and bustle of the fast world, it is essential to take out some time for yourself to revitalize and refresh. One great way to do this is by playing an interesting musical instrument, such as a guitar, especially the excellent Schecter left-handed guitars. As the guitar fans say, playing this instrument is … Read More

LEFT-Handed SC Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

SC Left-Handed Guitars

Are you confused if you should be playing guitar if you are left-handed? Does it even matter if you are left-side dominant? Will it affect playing your guitar-playing skills? Are there any brands out there that cater to left-handed guitarists’ needs? Are SG left-handed guitars the answer? It’s time to find out! Several people have … Read More