How To Measure Guitar Neck Radius

Guitar radius gauge guide

What Is A Guitar Neck Radius? If you have held a guitar before or even if you have seen one in pictures, you probably would’ve noticed the long elongated neck of the guitar. That’s called the fretboard or the neck of the guitar.  The phrase “neck shape” might refer to the guitar’s back form, neck … Read More

BEST Bluetooth Speakers for Wedding & Reception

Bluetooth speakers for wedding and reception

Getting married is a significant milestone in most people’s lives. Even though weddings are joyful events, we all know the stress that comes with them as well.  There are so many details to get right that it can become extremely overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to the sound design.  This is why … Read More

KT77 vs. KT88 Tube Shoot Out! (Do We Have a Clear WINNER?)

KT 77 vs KT 88

Are you fond of guitars, amplifiers, and their components? Do you want to know more about what element you are using for each of your audio instruments? Among these components, an essential part is the vacuum tube. They allow the flow of current through the wires, enabling the instrument to perform maximally. A vacuum tube … Read More

WASAPI vs ASIO – The Audio Driver Stack Recommended by EXPERTS!

Wasapi vs Asio

Is it frustrating having an issue with the window sound drivers? How frequently do your Windows sound drivers suck? Problem deciding which driver is best for you? There is no way to count on this, I’m sure. It is the primary reason for the current craze surrounding WASAPI vs ASIO. The terrible window Kmixer kernel, … Read More

Laney VC30

Laney vc30

Laney vc30 is a class A 30-watt tube combination amplifier that comes in different versions, i.e., 2×10, 1×12, and 2×12. It comes with a variety of speaker options that give a classic British tone to your audio. It has a footswitchable gain, its own level control, a bright switch, and a three-band EQ that offers … Read More

How to Clean Maple Fretboard

How to clean maple fretboard

One of the commonest materials for using fretboard is maple wood. It gives the guitar an aesthetic look and is also pretty easy to clean if you use the right techniques. The more you use a guitar, the greater the amount of dirt, oil, and grime it will accumulate. So, how do you clean something … Read More

Nuvo Vs. Sonos

Nuvo vs Sonos

It’s simple to create the ideal audio environment for any location, thanks to the versatile Player Portfolio system and Nuvo’s award-winning array of speakers. On the other hand, Sonos device creates an AES-encrypted friend mesh connection called SonosNet. This enables every component to replicate any selected input. We will be comparing Nuvo & Sonos Specification … Read More

Patchbays 101

Patch bays 101

Maybe you record music or podcasts, and now you’re growing. You no longer work on your laptop and have gear, but you’re fed up with constantly getting behind your rig to change wires and channels. Well, this is where patch bay comes in. You might ask, what is a patch bay? Well, let me explain. … Read More

Subwoofer Crossover 80hz or 120hz? [What the EXPERTS Recommend!]

Subwoofer Crossover 80hz or 120hz

Because it has an impact on the complete sound system, bass control is a step that must be taken while setting up your home theater. It relies on the crossover settings on your subwoofer to get the ideal audio blending. Your speaker system won’t function harmoniously if you don’t get it properly, and we do … Read More

Klipsch Forte vs. Heresy (Two BEASTS from the Same Manufacturer!)

Klipsch Forte vs Heresy

For the people who love to blast A Rolling Stones while playing air guitar and slamming cheap beer everywhere throughout themselves, this new Forte III would be a pair of retro throwbacks.  If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick comparison for Klipsch Forte & Heresy: Klipsch Forte Klipsch Heresy 3-way Design 3-way Design … Read More

Best Amplifier For KEF LS50 Meta

Best amplifier for kef ls50 meta

Back in 2012, KEF released the first LS50 as part of its anniversary festival. These stand mounters were a big hit, so much so that they are still being manufactured till 2021. By any metric, nine years is a long time, but it was made feasible by a mix of audio quality, construction, and styling … Read More