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The BEST Voice Acting Agents in U.S.A [2023 Updated!]

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Voice acting is a booming industry and has been for many years with the likes of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and many other animation studios continuing to keep it alive.

With there being so much talent out there, it can certainly be a little bit of challenge for a voice-actor to get noticed.

They can have all the talent in the world but without proper representation, you might as well consider your chances slim to none.

And that’s where voice-acting agents come in to save the day. They are the ones who kick that door down an get your glorious voice noticed by these big names and potentially get you your big break. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But how do you go about finding, not only just any voice acting agents, but the best one. That’s where WE come in. Here we list the Top 3 best voice acting agencies that can help you get in touch with top-notch pros.

In the later sections, we’ll also look at ways to find the best voice acting agent for your career!


Are you a fan of Fairly Oddparents’ Timmy Turner? Or maybe Raven in Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go?

If you are then you’re probably a fan of Tara Strong which automatically makes you a fan of DPN Talent Agency as they represent her.

For the past two decades, DPN has been killing the Los Angeles area with success in the form of voice talent spanning from promos and trailers to commercial and animations.

Their resume has shows such as Curious George, and Futurama and the star power of Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

One of their recent success stories was working with Netflix’s Arcane, an action-adventure series set in the League of Legends universe, in the form of one of their talent, Mara Junot, playing the role of Shoola and Jules.

To get in contact with them you can visit their website here.


Family Guy has been a part of four decades now. The Simpsons has been apart of 5 decades. What do these shows have in common? William Morris Endeavor has been apart of their production and in a big way I might add.

Seth Meyers, the creator of Family Guy and one of the top voice-actors in the world today, is under its’ representation alongside fellow top voice-actor Hank Azaria from The Simpsons.

Also, they’ve been around since 1898 making them the longest running talent agency in the US having worked with stars the likes of: Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

If anybody knows how to make a star, it’s definitely them. To get in contact with one of their many offices, you can visit their website here.


Your words. Our voices.

That is the motto of Atlas Talent Agency and they have stayed true representing talent from their office(s) in New York City and Los Angeles in the form of artists such as Nick Kroll(Netflix’s Big Mouth), Jim Cummings(Winnie the Pooh), Kathy Bates and many, many other talented individuals.

How to Find the BEST Voice Acting Agency for YOU

In a world of fitness, God sent man and woman pre-workout, fitness wear and etc. When kids drive parents crazy, they send them to school and praise the person who came up with the idea.

I could go on and on with examples like these but the point is that there’s things in life that are hard but we are fortunate to have tools to help us navigate through them. Why should voice acting be any different? 

You can have everything necessary to become a top-tier voice actor but if you can’t get your foot in the door of some big-time Hollywood production company, you’ll still be going to sleep dreaming of doing so.

That’s where voice acting agents come in to help make your dreams of talking into a microphone for a living come true.

Now, as with anything there’s the good and there’s the bad but luckily for you, we’re here to help you know those qualities and characteristics so you can help separate it.

If you truly feel that your dream is right for you, then it is crucially important to have the right people/person backing you up. After all, a chain is only as strong as its’ weakest link.


If you want to find the best voice acting agents then you’re going to have to know where to look. Bing, Google, Yahoo and even websites such as:

Can help you find some, if not all, the agency and agents near you. Now, you also need to roam with a little bit of caution as it’s very easy to get carried away with all the excitement.

Some agents/agency claiming to be the best will throw out big name voice-actors or projects claiming to have had a hand or two involved to deceive you into having them represent you.

If they say they represented “him” or “her” or did “this” or “that”, do some research.

Try to see if you can find any trace of involvement on their part. Too many people are quick to fall for that in the beginning and potentially jeopardize their career before it even gets lift-off.


If the world’s “best voice acting agent” claims he can jump start your career but all he needs in a somewhat large fee in the form of consultation or registration: run! These agents are not agents at all but most likely scam artist preying on the misguided. 

You see, these types of people understand that everybody who steps foot in this type of business would practically do anything to get a taste of success and make their dreams come true so they use that to their advantage.

They will come across as a VIP in the industry and may even say sentences such as:

“I’m the reason  — — — is famous now.”

“I can help you but we need to act fast?”

“If you’re serious about your dream, I am the person you need?

Sounds a bit selfish, right? Once they see they have you captivated by their false actions and words, they’ll bring the conversation to money and will ask for amount to get started and promised you the world in return. Unfortunately, that’s all you’ll get in return. 

Again, if a man, or woman, who claims to be the “best voice acting agent” asks you for money upfront, do NOT conduct business with them.

Real voice acting agents and agencies work on a commission getting paid only when you get work that they made possible for you.

Anything other than that and you’re better off without them. For more information, check out BBB(Better Business Bureau) for tips and reviews.


Now, we talked about the warning signs when it comes to finding the best voice acting agent for you but let’s talk about you.

You’ve done so many interviews and sent so many emails. You’re exhausted but you finally get a sit-down with one who seems to want to represent you.

You’re emotions are through the roof and you’re heart couldn’t be beating any faster. You get the contract and you read over it and all of a sudden your heart starts slowing down and those emotions that were through the roof seem to have come crashing down.

They’re asking for way too much and there looks to be loophole after loophole. The more you read, the more you’re not so sure what to think and feel. 

That’s your gut. And you’ll probably want to listen to it. Sometimes the best voice acting agent for you isn’t always the hottest one in town or #1, it all comes down to how you feel about them.

This can range from contract negotiations, to first time meetings and even general flow of conversation.

We all have flaws but if those flaws are making you want to leave the offer on the table and keep looking around then maybe it’s best to do just that.

Dreams are worth a lot of things but your happiness isn’t one of them and never should be. There is a plethora of horror stories ranging from voice actors to singers talking about how their agents did them dirty.

We’re not saying that this person is evil but at the end of the day they just might not be your cup of tea. 


With all these skills, you must be thinking there’s no way I can possibly screw up and I’m just destined for success. Wrong. These tools we just gave you is just a point in the direction you were already wanting to go.

We can’t exactly help you find the PERFECT agent for you nor promise that there won’t be some kind of fallout in the end but we can say that you are better off knowing some red flags than none at all.

The world of voice acting is a tough one but it helps to know a thing or two as well as have a little bit of optimistic as well trusting that every mistake, wrong turn and utter failure will lead you to exactly what you feel you were put on this earth to accomplish.

Happy Hunting!