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15 Best Voice Acting Courses [YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT]

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Becoming a successful voice actor is made more of an attainable goal when you take a training course. With so many good ones now readily available on the Internet, it is a matter of choosing the best one for you.

Once you do that, you will gain the confidence that you need to start looking for clients and potentially high paying jobs. 

We have taken the guess work out of you finding an effective voice acting course.

Continue reading to learn more about the available courses and how to select the best one for your situation. You will find that getting started in this industry is easier than you might think. 

Can You Be a Voice Actor from Home?

The beauty of voice acting is that it is a profession you can get involved in entirely from home.

As long as you have the right equipment, most clients will hire you to get the job done and then have you deliver the final product to them electronically. While the industry is highly competitive, it is also rapidly expanding. 

Because voice overs are typically completed after the original recording has already been done, this is the ideal job to do from home. You create your home studio and then are ready for action.

You will find that there is a demand for voice actors in a variety of media genres, from animated movies to television shows and virtually everything in between. 

Can You Learn to be a Voice Actor Online? 

It is most definitely possible to learn to be a voice actor entirely from the comfort of your home. You do not need to attend an expensive theatrical school in order to make this dream become a reality.

You will be able to learn new skills, practice what you have been taught, and even get feedback from industry professionals entirely online. 

There are a number of voice acting courses available to take right on the Internet.

You will learn everything that you need to know to get into the industry, from what equipment to purchase, how to set up your studio, and how to land the clients that you need to eventually be successful.

Of course, choosing the best course for you is the first step and the following list should help in that regard. 

15 Best Voice Acting Courses Available Online Today

There are literally hundreds of voice acting courses available online today, but you want to find the one that will be worthy of the financial and time investment that you make.

That is why we have looked through many of the courses to find the following 15 best ones that you can then choose from. 

Voice Master Voiceover Course

The Voice Master Voiceover Course is offered on the Udemy platform. The approach of this course is to have you acting as if your own voice is a musical instrument.

When you do that, you will want to learn how to control various components of your voice such as:

  • Volume
  • Pace
  • Pitch
  • Script Interpretation

Taking this course and completing it will result in a certification. That is where its true value lies.

When you first begin the course, you will be asked to record your voice so that you have a record of what it sounds like before you begin to learn how to use it properly. This is your opportunity to build upon your starting point and then go from there. 

The Voice Master Voiceover Course also teaches you how to use your voice to record television and radio commercials. These are still in high demand today, so that is a useful skill to learn. You will discover how to effectively begin and end sentences, as well as to speak with energy throughout the process. 

This course consists of three sessions, containing a total of 11 lessons. It is just over one hour in length. 

Voice Over Acting: Instruction in Commercials, Animation and More

This Voice Over Acting course is also available on the Udemy platform. The approach of this course is to instill confidence in you as a voice over actor.

It first goes over the approach of voice acting and how this differs from other forms of acting. It continues by helping students build the strength that they need to attract agents ready to give them work. 

Techniques will be taught that help you to break down voice over copy based on the type of work that is involved. Professionals will give you tips related to:

  • Voice Over Commercials
  • Animation
  • Much More

The unique aspect of this course is that it will connect you to voice over reads so that you can have as much practice as you want. You will also learn some exercises designed to help you breathe better and warm up your voice. 

There are 12 sessions in this course, comprised of 53 distinct lessons. The entire course can be covered in four hours and 44 minutes. 

Voice Over Training: Record and Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

This is quite a useful course housed on Udemy that aims to teach students how to record voiceovers and professionally edit them as well. This is key to attracting new clients as it will save them time in polishing your finished work.

There is also helpful information contained in this course related to finding work in this competitive profession and making a solid income out of it. 

This voice over training will help you better understand how to interpret the script for your voice over so that you can deliver a more authentic performance.

Instead of just diving into each script, you will be taught how to reflect on the meaning and then be more equipped to deliver a stellar performance from the first take. 

You will receive certification upon successful completion of this course. The following concepts are taught in detail:

  • Setting up your home studio
  • Buying the right equipment
  • Finding the right resources to support your voice over career
  • Training your voice
  • Editing your audio
  • Much more

This course spans 57 total lessons divided into seven separate lessons. The full course will take you six hours and 18 minutes to complete. 

Become a Professional Voice Actor in 7 Easy Steps

Becoming a Professional Voice Actor in 7 Easy Steps can also be found on Udemy. As its name implies, this is a course that will help students by going through step by step what is required to be successful in this profession.

The course will teach many of the more technical aspects of voice over acting. This includes an entire lesson devoted to the microphone and how to use it correctly. 

Once the technical aspects of the job are covered, this course moves into how to actually act. It teaches you how to become your own director and how to analyze your audio performance to ensure it is as polished as it can be. Students will also discover how to analyze the script prior to reading it out loud. 

If you take this course, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Become a technologically knowledgeable actor
  • How to better engage your target audience
  • How to mark your script and get ready for your performance
  • How to respond to punctuations and the subjects in your script
  • Much more

If you get the full certification, you will complete nine sessions over 26 lessons. It will take you about two hours and 13 minutes to do so. 

The Complete Voice Acting and Voice Overs Course

This course on Udemy teaches students a variety of concepts related to voice acting. It starts with providing advice about finding the right equipment.

Setting up your home studio does not have to break your budget, particularly if you just start out and want to see if this is something you can do.

You will learn how to get the equipment you need without spending a fortune. The course continues by teaching participants how to both read and write voice over scripts.

This diversifies the range of skills that you can bring to agents in their attempt to find you paying clients. You will learn how to discover a unique voice that works for you.

Beyond that, the course will give professional recording and editing advice throughout its lessons. 

The Complete Voice Acting and Voice Overs Course has the following objectives:

  • Learn the basics of writing and reading a voice over script
  • Learn how to select the right genre
  • Be able to record voice scripts
  • Professionally edit voice scripts
  • Much more

This is an 18 lesson course that is divided into seven sessions. It is only 44 minutes in length, so it serves as a great introduction to the profession to help students determine if they want to continue learning. 

Voice Acting Masterclass for Audiobooks, Games, and Animations

Here is a course being offered on the Udemy platform that has a specialized focus. There are so many different avenues that one can pursue in this industry, so this one focuses in on audiobooks, games, and animations.

That will enable students to practice various techniques that will hopefully open up doors to them upon perfecting their craft. 

This particular course has a character control panel built into its design. This enables participants to find their own unique style and work to perfect it.

There are numerous tips and pieces of advice given by professionals throughout the course, along with ample opportunity to practice and analyze various types of scripts. 

This Voice Acting Masterclass covers the following key concepts:

  • The basics of voice acting
  • Handling show reels
  • How to successfully audition for voice acting jobs
  • A glimpse into the Audiobook industry and how to break into it
  • Develop skill necessary for sight-reading
  • Much more

You will get a certificate of completion when finished with this course. It is 38 lessons and will take about 4 hours and 14 minutes to complete. 

Voice Acting Classes for Acting for Film

Of course, voice acting was made famous in the movies. This is where this course will return you to, as it will help you to perfect the art of voice acting specifically so you can do voice overs on film.

There are many jobs available in this industry, as the amount of dubbing that takes place around the world every year is unbelievable. 

In this Udemy based Acting for Film course, you learn how to perfect the art of dubbing. In doing so, the course will cover how you can more effectively break down the delivery of your dialogue.

This is going to be helpful as you determine how to fit your own voice to match that of the original characters in the movie. You will have plenty of chances to practice as well. 

You will find the following concepts covered in-depth while taking this course:

  • The unique aspect of voice acting for films
  • How to develop your own voice acting style
  • Learn the fundamentals of acting at an intermediate level
  • Much more

This course consists of three sessions with a total of ten lessons. It is quite a detailed course, with 8 hours and 27 minutes of video alone to watch. A certificate is offered upon successful completion. 

Be a Voice Actor: Making a Living with Your Voice

This is a course that every aspiring voice actor may want to take at one point or another. While there are some great tips designed to help you improve upon your voice acting skills, it is more designed to help you market yourself.

You will learn how it is possible to make money with your voice and what you need to be doing now to position for success in the industry. 

Along the way, this course will go over the right equipment that you need to have in your home studio in order to really accentuate your voice.

You will also learn some marketing skills and how to develop the perfect recordings to send to your agent and future clients. Learning the importance of a demo is one of the more effective parts of this course. 

There are some creative concepts covered in this voice acting class, including the following:

  • How to find profitable opportunities as a voice-over actor
  • How to find your own voice in your assigned scripts
  • How to engage in basic audio editing
  • How to make a demo and get yourself marketed
  • Much more

This course is divided into nine sessions and a total of 63 lessons. When it is all added up, it will take you just under three hours to complete. 

Comprehensive Voice Over Training Diploma

This is perhaps the most detailed voice acting course that you will find on the Internet today.

If you are serious about the profession and already believe that you can make some serious money here, then this is the course you will want to consider taking.

The information and skills that you gain as a result will be quite beneficial to you as you start your career.  The Comprehensive Voice Over Training course will cover virtually every aspect of the voice over profession.

You will learn a great deal about perfecting your own voice acting ability, but the course moves far beyond that.

You will find out how to negotiate rates with clients, find an agent to represent you, and be able to market yourself effectively. 

In addition to what was just mentioned, this course is designed to cover the following information:

  • Learn how to perfect your voice over performance
  • Cover the skills needed for effective acting, voice, and moment
  • Learn the technical aspects of the industry
  • Much more

This course will last six months and is quite the investment at an estimated $11,500. It is housed on the On the Mic Training platform. 

Online: Foundation of Voice Over

If you are looking to learn about the essentials of the voice acting business, this is a great course to consider taking. You will learn about three of the main ways that voice overs are used to today. They are:

  • Animation
  • Narration
  • Commercials

These also happen to be three areas of the industry that are in high demand today. You will find out how to use your voice to effectively act out a variety of scripts that will sell products, engage audiences, and bring life to media in ways that were never thought of before.

This course will also teach you about the industry and how you can best become a part of it. 

When you take the Foundations of Voice Over course, you will learn all about the following:

  • Basic studio etiquette to keep in mind
  • Techniques to better use the microphone
  • The basics of animation that you should be aware of
  • How to effectively narrate in a way that resonates with your audience
  • Much more

This is another fee based course that is offered by On the Mic Training. It will cost $350 and the course lasts for a total of four weeks. 

Online: Acting for Voice Overs

This is another specialized course being offered by On the Mic Training. This one focuses on strengthening your emotions so that you can really get into each part that you are being asked to play by the script.

Once you master this concept, your overall confidence as a voice actor will begin to increase as well. This renewed confidence will show up in the form of more polished work. 

During this course, you will be asked to read scripts while you apply the emotion required by the scene.

You will connect with other voice actors while doing so. This is how you will learn best, by working with others and discovering how they control their emotions and make each part feel even more genuine as a result. 

The Acting for Voice Overs course will teach you the following concepts:

  • How to effectively analyze scripts to determine the emotion involved
  • It covers the basics of acting 
  • How to put the acting into your voice over
  • Much more

Offered by on the Mic Training, the course is designed to last for four weeks and will cost you $350. At the end, you will receive a certificate of completion that can prove valuable as well. 

Online: Business for Voice Overs

Continuing on with the suite of courses being offered by On the Mic Training, this one focuses on the business side of voice acting.

In addition to learning more about the skills involved in voice acting, students will be able to engage in a question and answer period with a professional in the business. 

This is how you learn first hand what is involved in becoming a successful voice actor.

By personally engaging with actors who have had to learn and hone their skills over time, this is a great way to gain confidence as you are just starting out.

There is also a lecture that covers how to work effectively in your local voice acting market. 

The Business for Voice Overs course covers the following fundamentals:

  • How to set rates for various voice acting jobs
  • The differences between union and non-union work
  • Working with agents
  • Discover how to implement effective marketing strategies
  • Learn how to negotiate beneficial contracts
  • Much more

The On the Mic Training costs $99 and is designed to last four hours in total. You will receive a certificate of completion when it is all said and done. 

Online: Voice Over Fundamentals

If you want to be successful in an industry, it is often beneficial to go back to the fundamentals.

This serves as a great course for beginners, but it is also a worthwhile investment for voice actors who need a bit of a refresher of what it takes to be successful in the field.

It begins with a general overview of the industry and how to forge a profitable career out of it. 

This course also covers how the voice over business has moved almost entirely online and how you can benefit from this shift. It also teaches you how to secure work globally given the virtual nature of the business, thereby increasing your potential revenue exponentially.

By learning how to make your voice unique, you can gain more jobs than you ever dreamed of. 

The Voice Over Fundamentals Course covers the following information:

  • Learn about the value of P2P sites
  • Learn all about the online casting process
  • Cover the basics of voice over acting
  • Much more

This particular On the Mic Training course will cost you $159. It is designed to take seven hours to complete, after which you will receive a certificate of completion.  

Beginner’s Guide to Working as a Voice Artist

If you are looking to get started in the voice acting business and would like a course that you can take at your own pace, this is the one for you.

It begins with a general overview of the industry and how you can make your own mark as a voice over actor. You will discover a variety of tips from the professionals about how to make it in the field. 

Each of the sessions offered by a Beginner’s Guide to Working as a Voice Artist will offer you some practice tips that others have found to be effective as they start out in their career.

This is what agents and scouts will be looking for as well, so this knowledge should prove extremely valuable to you as you begin to look for work. 

Through this course, you will learn the following:

  • How to perfect your voice over style
  • How to set up a side gig within the field
  • How to effectively set up a home studio that works for you
  • Much more

This is a course offered on the Gravy for the Brain platform and requires a $35 monthly subscription fee to be involved. When you feel you have soaked up as much information as you can, you are free to cancel your membership. 

Voice Over for Video and Animation

This is a course that will go a long way towards helping you get involved in the video and animation side of the voice acting business.

Upon taking this course, you will create a demo reel that you can begin to use as you look for various jobs in your area. 

The Voice Over for Video and Animation course will cover the following concepts:

  • Sound design
  • Video post-production
  • Producing quality voice overs
  • Much more

This particular course is housed on the Linkedin Learning platform. It lasts for 90 minutes, but you can also try a few lessons out for free just to see what you think prior to buying it. You will also get a certificate of completion once you finished the course. 


Now that you have more than a few voice acting courses to choose from, it is time to decide which one is best for you. Consider your particular needs and what you would like to get out of the profession.

That will help steer you to the right course. Focus on the class and soak up all you that you can. That is how you will maximize your success as a future voice actor.