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10 BEST Battery-Powered Bass Amps in 2023 (Take Them Anywhere!)

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There are a couple of bass guitar accessories you can almost not do without, regardless of your playing level. One of those accessories is undoubtedly a bass amp. Bass amps are a must-have for players of all levels. 

It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with indoor/bedroom rehearsals, touring the town, gigging live venues, or even playing as a session bassist. Sooner or later, you will have to get a bass amplifier. 

Bass amps increase the volume of your bass and make it audible enough for you to hear. If you don’t hear yourself during your practice session and do not have an aural idea of how you’ll sound on big speakers, you are more likely to develop and maintain bad playing techniques. 

These techniques are so terrible because you can easily overlook them: this is because they are only obvious and noticeable when amplified. Away from practice sessions, even when gigging or recording in the studio, often, you might not always have to go DI. 

As crucial as bass amps are, they always have one major issue that makes it quite discouraging to get or own one. The issue is bulkiness. Typical bass amps are always very far from being portable. They are always bulky and heavy. 

This makes it so bad because a bass amp is an accessory you often have to go around with wherever you go with your bass guitar. But, just when it wanted to get very discouraging, their battery-powered counterparts stepped in. 

Battery-powered bass amps are designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, and compact, and do not always need an external power supply. They are intended to be ultimately portable and very easy to carry around. 

A battery-powered bass amp is the busker‘s and the touring musician’s best friend. In this article, we will discuss 10 excellent battery-powered bass amplifiers that you can easily lay your hands on, regardless of your playing proficiency or style.

10 Best Battery-Powered Bass Amps

  1. Boss Dual Cube LX
  2. Roland Micro Cube Gx
  3. Cool Music 10G Dual 
  4. Blackstar Fly 3
  5. Vox Mini Go
  6. Laney Mini Bass Amp
  7. Peavey MAX
  8. Vox PB10 Pathfinder
  9. Fat Boy FBGB15
  10. Pignose Hog 30

Review of 10 Best Battery-Powered Bass Amps

Boss Dual Cube LX– Best Pick

Boss Dual Cube LX- Best Pick

The Cube amps are especially popular among busking artists, and the Boss Dual Cube LX is the perfect battery-powered amp for a travelling bassist. 

Built with excellent quality, the Dual Cube LX’s AC and the battery can power the amp, which requires 8 batteries and can last around 8-10 hours on the battery charge.

It comes with two 5-inch stereo speakers with an output of 5 watts for each channel which should leave you with no worries about the amp’s volume.

The LX has seven newly created amp varieties, including US Combo, Acoustic Sim, JC Clean, Brit Combo, Metal Stack, Hi-Gain Stack, and Extreme. 

It also includes 5 preamp types: Flat, Super flat, Vintage, Modern, and Rock. It has 15 different memory settings, 3 for each amp type; you can easily customize your sound.

The amp also features a Drive compressor knob, chorus flanger, reverb, and a 3-band eq.

With this amp, you don’t have to worry about practising solo since it comes with an inbuilt Rhythm machine with 27 different rhythm variations to muck around with. 

It also has a looper which requires an additional footswitch. Therefore, being a great asset if you enjoy jamming on your own. It also has an app that adds functionality, like more comp/drive options you can play around with.

You only need to connect the amp to the app using a Bluetooth adapter. This battery-powered bass amp will make you want to practice constantly with its amazing features.

Even though the LX is a loud amp, it also comes with a stereo line at the back that lets you use it for larger spaces where you can go through a mixing desk and PA. 

It means you can use the amp for gigging or full band practice, giving it an edge over most other battery-powered bass amps. The dual cube makes it the best amp for practice or busking.

2 stereo speakersLooper footswitch is sold separately.
Comes with a built-in looper
Good battery life
27 rhythm variations

Here’s a video review of the amp. Here is another Video review 

Roland Micro Cube Gx

Roland Micro Cube Gx

The Roland Micro Cube GX may look like a tiny amp, but it packs a big sound and has plenty of options. It is the newest version of the micro cube amps that use Micro instead of COSM technology from Roland.

The amp is both AC-powered and Battery powered, using 6 Alkaline or 6 Rechargeable Ni-MH. The alkaline batteries will give you around 20 hours, while the rechargeable batteries will give you approximately 25 hours when using 2,400mAh capacity batteries. 

With this much battery life, you’ll never have to worry about your amp shutting off while playing. It also has a Memory button that lets you recall your settings. All you need to do is hold down on the Memory button for a few seconds, and it saves the current settings. 

You can then toggle between the saved setting and any other settings you’re experimenting with. It has 8 effects, including a reverb, a spring reverb, a chorus, a phaser, a Flanger, tremolo, heavy octane, and delay. 

These effects come in 2 controls: the first control has the chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, and heavy octane, and the second control has the reverb and the spring reverb. You can also change the volume of the effects. The amp also has an inbuilt chromatic tuner.

The Cube GX can stand on its own with all the features mentioned above, but you can also connect it to the Cube app to make it more versatile.

To top it all off, the Cube GX amp features a new cube link that lets you connect to an IOS device, allowing you to record your playing, which turns your device into a whole audio interface setup. You can also play songs from your device through your cube.

Remember that as much as this amp packs a punch, it is by no means a gigging amp and band practice may be a stretch if you have a full band with an enthusiastic drummer.

Excellent Battery lifePricey
I cube link to connect to your iOS deviceConsiderably heavy
Good battery life
A lot of volume headroom on clean sounds

Here’s a video review of the amp

Cool Music 10G Dual

Cool music 10g Dual amp is great for a bass player on a budget. The 10 Watt amp is solidly built with a durable plastic lanyard that enhances the sturdiness & portability of the cabinet to the utmost. 

The 6 AA lithium battery gives you about 6-8 hours of playtime. Built-in large capacity rechargeable battery, 3 hours charging time and 4-8 hours working time, no need of external power supply, enjoy the music anytime anywhere.

This amplifier lets you connect two instruments simultaneously, like a guitar and a microphone. The microphone channel features a reverb effect and a 2-band EQ for bass and treble adjustments. 

Moreover, the amplifier has Bluetooth capabilities that enable you to connect to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You can use this feature to play tracks or accompaniments from your device.

Very affordableLimited effects

Here’s a video review of the amp

Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Amp

Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Amp

You may look at the Blackstar Fly 3 and think the 3 watts have nothing to offer, but you’d be wrong. This amp has enough sound to leave you shocked without straining your amp.

The Blackstar Fly 3 offers two channels with a mid-cut EQ, sub-bass, and compressor for complete control over your sound. 

Although it only has a few controls, it includes volume and gains controls and a toggle that allows you to switch between channels for different sounds.

The Fly 3 Bass also has a built-in MP3 jack that can be used as an output jack. You can plug in your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet to play along with your favourite tunes. Additionally, there is a headphone output connector for silent practice.

The amp’s one-knob EQ allows you to adjust the depth of the EQ curve to achieve your desired tonal response. You can choose from a relatively flat sound with a modest mid-range boost to a developed mid-response with a cut at around 400Hz.

If the wattage is still not enough for you, you can combine it with a cabinet that will increase the outage to 6 watts.

Variety of tonesNo variety of effects
Pretty loud for a 3-watt amp
Two channels for clean and overdrive

Here’s a video review of the amp

Vox Mini Go 10

Vox Mini Go 10

Vox is one company that has a reputation for innovation when it comes to audio equipment. The Vox Mini Go is one such innovation that uses Virtual Element Technology (VET). 

This technology is an evolution of the original REMS engine featured in the earlier amps and effects developed by Vox. This combo is loud enough with a single eight-inch bespoke loudspeaker housed in a tastefully polished cabinet with a rear port to boost bass frequencies. 

A big silver Vox emblem shines in the top left corner, and the speaker grille has a diamond pattern that resembles the renowned fabric used on vintage AC amplifiers.

The Vox mini Go 10 also has an in-built looper that can handle 40 seconds of record time. In terms of battery, this amp is so versatile that it can be powered with a mobile battery and a USB cable.

Built-in looperMobile batteries may not provide enough power for the amp.
Rhythm function with 33 variations

Here’s a video review of the amp

Laney Mini Bass NX Amp

Laney Mini Bass NX Amp

Look no further if you’ve been looking for a portable rock amp. The Laney Mini Bass amp is a single-channel amp that is the perfect amp with 6 watts for hard rock tones.

The Laney Min Bass NX features include a shape, level, tilt, tone, and volume dial. This gives you full control of your mids and lows. The gain lets you dial up the overdrive for the rock sound.

The amp works on 6 AA batteries, so you can use it without a power supply. It comes with the LANEY LSI and a cable to connect to both Android and iOS devices.

It gives you access to plenty of guitar apps, including the Tonbridge app from an ultimate guitar, which gives you access to thousands of popular bass tones.

Very affordableNot the best sound in the high gains
Durable’Limited effects

Here’s a video review of the amp

Peavey MAX 100 Bass Amp

Peavey MAX 100 Bass Amp

Peavy may not be one of the most popular, but it never disappoints, and the MAX 100 definitely meets the standards. With a wattage of 100, the MAX 100 is the perfect amp for everything from home practice to band practice and smaller gigs.

The premium Speakers are protected by DDT speaker protection, and with a ground lift, the amp is designed to allow excellent high-frequency dispersion.

The MAX 010 has several features, such as a chromatic tuner and a three-band EQ with Contour, Overdrive, Mid-Shift, Kosmos-C switches, and Bright. 

The amp also has pre-gain controls with a booster for gain and low enhancement to ensure your bass’s deep notes are loud and clear.

AffordableSingle Passive input
100 watts for a louder sound
Tilt feature

Here’s a video review of the amp

Vox PB10 Pathfinder

Vox PB10 Pathfinder

Vox is a well-known brand when it comes to innovation, and it proves as much with the Pathfinder Bass 10 amp.

This amp has an attractive design with a leather covering and basket weave diamond grill accented in gold. The Pathfinder is characterized by the classic warm British tone commonly associated with Vox amps.

The Pathfinder produces quality sounds with 10 watts power output and 5-inch speakers. It is built for durability with premium material so that it lasts longer.

Regarding effects, the amp has 4 controls for the drive, treble, bass, and volume. And a bright switch as well. The drive lets you control the amount of distortion for the amp to get that gritty rock sound. 

The Pathfinder Bass 10 pumps out 10 watts into a pair of 5″ VOX bulldog speakers. It has a single output for headphones or an output jack if you want to record.

AffordableA little noisy on higher volume
Attractive, especially in the cream colour
Good sound quality

Here’s a video review of the amp

Fat Boy FBGB15

Fat Boy FBGB15

The Fat Boy FBGB 15 amp delivers a superior tone and sound quality for an amp of its price. With 15 watts of power.

The case is made of a rugged type of vinyl with metal corners to protect it and ensure it lasts as long as possible. The amp comes with a 6.5-inch speaker with a decent volume for its size and is rechargeable.

The amp comes with a master volume and 3-band EQ controls. However, it doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to effects, and a clean sound is all you’ll get from this amp.

This amp may not have any features like its competitors, but it still made it to the list thanks to its good sound quality and affordability. Its simplicity is also its strongest suit and makes it perfect for beginners. 

However, we wouldn’t recommend this amp if you wanted to use it for busking or small events simply because it lacks versatility in the sound.

AffordableLimited effects and controls
Good quality sound

Here’s a video review of the amp

Pignose Hog 30

Pignose Hog 30

The Pignose Hog 30 is an aesthetically pleasing amp loaded with features that make it a great bass amp for small rehearsal and at-home practice. 

Although this amp is meant for bass guitars, it was also designed with other instruments like keyboards and microphones in mind. It features an impressive 8-inch speaker and 30 watts meaning that volume should be the least of your concerns. 

The amp has 6 to 10 hours of charging life from one single charge, meaning you have up to 10 hours of playtime with the amp before it shuts down.

You can push this amp at a small venue or band practice without worrying about it blowing. This amp is also perfect for busking, private practice, and small room sessions.

The front panel has a volume. Treble, middle, and bass control so you can shape your sound however you want. It also includes 2 inputs, one in the front, one in the rear, and two output jacks, one from headphones.

Very affordableNo built-in effects
Simple setup
Good battery life.

Here’s a video review of the amp

Things to Look Out for When Choosing A Battery-Powered Bass Amp

Before buying a battery-powered amp for your bass, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind:

Power Output

The power output usually refers to the power the amp can provide the speakers. The greater the wattage, the louder the amp will be. 

If you need a loud amp, you should aim for an amp with a high power output, but if you plan to practice mainly at home, this may not be a big concern for you.

Battery Life

Battery life is another significant factor to consider when buying a battery-powered amp. You’ll need an amp with a longer-lasting battery if you’re using it for basking or away from a power source.

Specifically, you should look for an amp with extended battery life to ensure you can play uninterrupted for long periods. Additionally, consider the type and capacity of the battery being used and any power-saving features that the amp may have. 

It’s worth exploring amps with efficient power management systems as they optimize battery usage without sacrificing sound quality. Finally, check if the amp has a battery life indicator to track how much power remains easily


The advantage of battery-powered amps is that they are portable and can be used anywhere. With that being said, you’ll probably need your amp to be lightweight or at least not too heavy if you’re going to be carrying it around.

Sound Quality

The amp’s sound quality is also very important to bring out the full potential of the bass and the amp’s effects. Ensure the amp has enough power output to produce clear, dynamic bass tones even at higher volumes. 

Look for tone controls, equalizers, and onboard effects that allow you to customize your sound. You should also consider the speaker’s size and quality, as this can greatly impact the overall sound quality. 

Reading reviews and trying out the amp in person can determine if it meets your tone, clarity, and responsiveness standards.

Connectivity Options

When searching for a battery-powered bass amp, it’s important to check out its connectivity options. 

Look for an amp with versatile connectivity, including auxiliary inputs, headphone outputs, and Bluetooth capabilities. This will allow you to connect different devices for jamming, practising, or private listening. 

Ensure the amp supports direct input for your bass guitar and offers options for connecting to external speakers or mixers. Also, check if the amp has USB ports or built-in recording features for easy integration with recording devices. 

A range of connectivity options will improve your playing experience and give you flexibility for various situations.

Features and Controls

When choosing a battery-powered bass amp, assessing its versatility and user-friendliness is important. Look for features like multiple channels, built-in effects, and amp modelling options to expand your sonic possibilities. 

It would be best to have control over parameters such as gain, EQ, and volume to fine-tune your sound. Additionally, consider if the amp offers convenient features like a built-in tuner, metronome, or onboard looping capabilities to aid in practice and performance. 

The controls should be intuitive and easily accessible, allowing you to adjust quickly. A well-equipped amp with user-friendly features and controls will enhance your playing experience and provide greater creative flexibility. 


Since these kinds of amps are portable, they are usually used on the go, which means you’ll need a sturdy amp that can withstand the test of time. There’s nothing worse than spending money on an amp that starts to break down early on.

Price and Value

The amp’s cost is also important when choosing an amp. It involves not only your budget but also the value you’ll get for your money.

It’s essential to balance affordability and the amp’s features and quality. Compare prices across different brands and models to determine if the amp is competitively priced within its category. 

Assess the overall value by considering the build quality, reputation of the manufacturer, warranty terms, and customer reviews. 

Determine if the features, connectivity options, sound quality, and battery life align with your needs and justify the price. 

Consider long-term durability and reliability to ensure the amp provides lasting value and is a worthwhile investment for your bass-playing endeavours.

User Reviews

User reviews can be very helpful when choosing your amp. They are usually more authentic and filled with the player’s experience as a buyer. 

They also show more insight on the amp, although some may be opinionated based on their big experiences. It’s important to look through customer reviews when researching your amps.

Pros and Cons of Using A Battery-Powered Bass Amp

Using a battery-powered amp can be pretty convenient, but there are also some cons that you should consider. Here are the pros and cons of battery-powered amps:


  • They are portable, which makes them convenient since you can use them almost anywhere. They are designed to be compact and easy to carry around.
  • Since they are battery-powered, you don’t need a power supply. You can whip out your bass, hook it up to the amp, and start playing. They come with many versatility and features like effects and in-built loopers.
  • They suit outdoor activities like basking, jam sessions, or small outdoor concerts.
  • They can be powered through ac and battery, giving you multiple power options.


  • The battery life is not limitless and will end eventually, no matter how good the amp or batteries may be.
  • The amps are unsuitable for large events or concerts since they are small. Some of them are not loud enough for even a full-band jam session.
  • The sound quality for battery-powered amps may not be the best since they have small speakers.
  • A battery-powered amp can only fit so much, so they have fewer features than their larger, more dedicated counterparts.


Ultimately, the choice to purchase a battery-powered bass amplifier is yours to make. We have carefully examined and ranked the top 10 battery-powered amps. 

After careful assessment and consideration of different factors, the Boss Dual Cube LX stands out as our top pick due to its impressive sound quality, extended battery life, and diverse range of effects controls. 

This article will serve as a helpful resource for those looking to invest in a battery-powered bass amplifier.