Fuzz Face vs. Tonebender (What’s BEST for Your Guitar and Rhythm?)

Fuzz Face vs Tonebender

Fuzz Face Even though the fuzz box is among the oldest and the most reliable acoustic instruments, several musicians still view it as preserving “old-school” musical subgenres like psychedelic, punk, or rock music, in the vein of Jimi Hendrix or as a torturing tool for experimentalists and noisemakers. The fact is that this absurdly dramatic … Read More

Do You Tip Piano Movers? (If Yes, then HOW Much?) – SOLVED

How much to tip piano movers

Moving a piano by yourself, especially when you have no knowledge in the relevant area, can often be a disaster. You may end up messing up with the strings or destroying the beautiful wood used in your piano.  Either way, moving a piano by yourself will be a wrong decision; therefore, you must think broadly … Read More

CDJs vs. Controller (Which DJ Setup is the BEST Bang for Your Buck?)

CDJs vs Controller 0.1

Both items are equivalent in terms of what they can accomplish for stage concerts, but the CDJ takes up less room, sets up more quickly, and has fewer possible points of failure because it does not involve a laptop.  When performing EDM or hip-hop compositions, a DJ controller gives you greater comprehensive control of specific … Read More

6V6 vs. 6L6 Tube Shoot-Out (LOT More Than Just Power Differences!)

6V6 vs 6L6

One of the main factors for determining the character of an instrument’s sound is its output tube. The output tube significantly impacts how the guitar performs when playing various genres. These tubes help create different types of sounds and playing styles. A decent vacuum tube can also make the guitar more responsive, helping the listeners … Read More

Klipsch Vs. JBL: Home Theatre and Speakers Compared [2023]

Klipsch vs JBL speakers comparison

Klipsch and JBL are two of the most well-known names in the audio sector, and people depend on and engage in JBL and Klipsch, the two reputable companies. If you are considering purchasing one of these two, do not anticipate saving money because the manufacturers of both companies often offer high-end versions. Choosing which of … Read More

Klipsch Vs. Focal: Home Theatre and Speakers Compared [2023]

Klipsch vs Focal speakers comparison

If you are making yourself a home theatre from scratch or simply planning to switch your old audio gear for a new one, subwoofer speakers are among the most important components. Having the right speakers that bring life to your music is essential for you to get the right feels and enjoy whatever you are … Read More

LEFT-Handed Taylor Guitars [2023] – The ENTIRE Range!

Taylor Guitars

Taylor is one of the most popular acoustic guitar brands in the world. With their use of high quality tonewoods and superb design technology, it is no surprise why Taylor is an instant favorite. One of the absolute best things about Taylor is their inclusivity. Taylor makes a left-handed version of almost every guitar model … Read More

LEFT-Handed Martin Guitars [2023] – The ENTIRE Range!

Martin Left-Handed GuitarsMartin Left-Handed Guitars

Are you looking for a left-handed guitar? The good thing is that Martin has a wide variety of left-handed guitar selections that are custom-tailored to your sound, aesthetic, and comfortability needs. Left-Handed Martin Guitars 1. Martin DX Johnny Cash This acoustic-electric guitar is a great collectible for any Johnny Cash fan. It’s accompanied by a … Read More