HERE’S Why Your Subwoofer is Bottoming Out (And How to FIX It!)

subwoofer bottoming out

Subwoofers are complex devices; they can be hard to set up and maintain in both critical and appreciative listening scenarios. This explains why some engineers and even audio enthusiasts will always try to avoid it.  One very annoying and undesirable scenario for anyone into audio would be racking your brain trying to find out exactly … Read More

10 BEST Acoustic Folk Guitars (Martin, Gibson, Seagull, Yamaha, & More!)

best acoustic folk guitars

Folk music is a unique and delicate genre with a sound that has somewhat managed to remain unaltered over the years. Just like every other style of music, folk has its typical musical instruments.  Apart from instruments like the flute, whistle, pipes, violin, accordion, melodeon, mandolin, harmonica, and tenor banjo, the acoustic guitar remains one … Read More

Why Concert Tickets are So Expensive: 15 SHOCKING Reasons!

Why Concert Tickets are So Expensive

If you are old enough to have attended some concerts in the 80s or 90s and have also attended concerts quite recently (even as recently as two years ago), you will notice that there is a significant increase in the prices of tickets as compared to the years back.  In America alone, it is a … Read More

SQ8L VST Full Details And Review: ALL You Will Need to Know!

sq8l vst full details and review

Synthesizers have always been playing and will always play an essential role in modern music production. Ever since RCA (Radio Corporation of America) developed the first-ever synthesizer as far back as 1952, synthesizers have been playing an important part in the evolution of music and music technology. Regardless of style or genre, synths (both hardware … Read More

EVERYTHING to Know About Cursive Singing: History & How To!

EVERYTHING to Know About Cursive Singing

As music continues to evolve, singers, players, and engineers continue to invent and re-invent new singing/playing techniques and also new technology. Sometimes this is just for the mere reason of standing and differentiating themselves from the rest.  The incorporation of different techniques and styles into singing is not exactly a new thing. Over the years, … Read More

KeroVee Plugin Full Details & REVIEW: All You Need to Know!

KeroVee plugin full details and review

As controversial and highly debatable as the subject of pitch correction or auto-tuning (in this case, not Antares Auto-Tune) is, the truth is that pitch correction has become an integral part of the sonic blueprint of popular music.  Apart from being used technically for corrective and surgical purposes, it is also widely used creatively to … Read More

WHY Do Singers Wear An Earpiece?: All About In-Ear Monitors

why do singers wear an earpiece

If you have ever been to a music concert, a live show, an operatic performance or even a live recording, you might have noticed singers using something that looks like an earpiece while performing. Some insert it into only one ear while some use it in both ears.  In some cases, you will even notice … Read More

What Happened to Devi Ever? [Are they Back? 2023 UPDATE!]

What happened to Devi Ever

After a failed Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and suspending operations in 2018, Devi Ever made an announcement that they are making a return to building guitar pedals. According to Devi Ever, they are coming back to the guitar pedal-building business “for personal reasons.” The new pedals/stomp boxes—which will only be in limited quantities—will still continue … Read More

Wav Vs. Flac: How Different Are They? [Pros & Cons of Each]

wav vs flac

It doesn’t matter if you are an audio professional or just an average consumer of audio, sooner or later, as long as you are using audio, you will have to deal with audio formats. There are several audio formats available in the world today for a reason.  Audio formats perform a critical function in the … Read More

Complete Guide to Buying a Digital Mixer [A MUST Read!]

Complete guide to buying a programmable sound board

In the world of audio, a mixer (soundboard) is one piece of gear that we often cannot do without—mostly, in live sound reinforcement. Just like the name suggests, a mixer or soundboard is a processor or central hub where different audio signals are combined and mixed. Although we have both digital and analogue mixing consoles, … Read More