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10 BEST Power Conditioners for Guitar Amps in 2023 (Protect Your Amps!)

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As a guitar player, power conditioners are always a great addition to your rigs and set-ups. It doesn’t matter how small, or large your set-up is; investing in an awesome power conditioner is always worth the effort and stress. 

What a power conditioner does is that it acts as a buffer between your electrical outlet and your system (your guitar amp). This way, it smoothens out voltage fluctuations. 

When that is done, the power conditioner eliminates any possible radio and electromagnetic interference that can affect the performance of your guitar amp. This means that a power conditioner will protect your amp from possible damages that might occur due to a power surge. 

Trust me, nobody wants to blow up or fry their beloved guitar amp. A good power conditioner for your amp filters out disruptive EMI/RFI line noise while also protecting your amp from everyday power surges and spikes that can damage sensitive circuitry within the system.

With a power condition, you not only get a noiseless guitar tone, but you are also resting (and playing) assured that no power surge will damage your amp.

That being said, you will agree that getting a good power conditioner is as important as getting a good guitar amp. 

In this article, we will discuss in-depth, the best power conditioners you can get for your guitar amps.

This article is meant to be a guide for all guitar players, regardless of playing level. The goal is to make your decision-making much easier when shopping for a power conditioner. 

10 Best Power Conditioners for Guitar Amps

  1. Furman M-8X2
  2. Ebtech Hum Eliminator HE-2
  3. Furman PL-Plus C
  4. The Furman P-1800 AR
  5. Radial Power-2
  6. Juice Goose JG8
  7. SurgeX SX-DS-158
  8. Monster Power PRO 2500
  9. ME-3000-VU
  10. Rocktron PowerTap

Review of 10 Best Power Conditioners for Guitar Amps

Furman M-8X2

Furman M-8X2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector
  • AC noise filtering reduces RFI/EMI, Spike & surge protection ensures equipment stays safe & power stays clean,
  • 15 amp rating with circuit breaker and “Protection OK” Front Panel Indicator to let you know that your equipment is being protected
  • 9 Total outlets: 8 rear panel outlets (including 3 with “wall wart” spacing) and 1 front panel convenience outlet
  • Filtration rating greater than 23 dB, 200 Khz to 10 Mhz, perfect for instrument rigs, home recording, DJ equipment, pro audio rigs and home entertainment systems

The Furman M-8X2 is a rackmount power conditioner designed to provide clean and stable AC power for your audio equipment.

It features eight outlets on the rear panel, each fed by Furman’s Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), which removes noise and interference from the AC power signal.

In addition to LiFT, the M-8X2 includes Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) technology, which protects your equipment from voltage surges, spikes, and other power-related problems.

Two LED lights on the front panel indicate the status of the SMP circuitry, so you can easily monitor your system’s power health.

The M-8X2 also includes a front-panel power switch, a reset switch, and a 15-amp rating, which makes it suitable for most small to mid-sized audio set-ups.

Overall, the Furman M-8X2 is a reliable and effective power conditioner that can help improve the performance and longevity of your audio equipment.

Pros Cons
AffordableHas no voltage regulation
Many power outletsPower outlets are spaced together, hence cannot be used by large power adapters
Uses less energy powerHas no detachable power cord

Here’s a youtube link review:

Ebtech Hum Eliminator HE-2

Ebtech HE-2-XLR Hum Eliminator 2-Channel Box with XLR Jacks
  • Simply plug between the offending pieces of equipment to eliminate hum
  • Uses 1:1 isolation transformers to break loop antenna and balance audio lines
  • Also converts balanced and unbalanced signals
  • 1/4” smart jacks and XLR jacks

Ebtech Audio is widely regarded as the industry leader in eliminating hum. Their Hum Eliminators use their custom-designed Isolation Transformers to break loop antennas causing  loop ground hums.

The HE-2 also converts between balanced and unbalanced cords, preventing them from operating as a noise antenna. Its cold rolled steel housing is likewise quite tough. A fantastic accessory to have on hand for any gig or video session.

Its unique features include:

  • Merely connect the gadget to the audio connectors connecting the troublesome devices.
  • It is a passive operation
  • Has TRS inputs and outputs, each channel being ¼.”
  • Frequency response range from 20Hz to 70KHz
  • Prevents hum and buzz caused by ground loops
  • It’s a plug-and-play device
  • It has a rugged construction
  • Tailored Morley Isolation Transformers
  • It is not meant to be used with powered speaker lines, instruments, or microphone levels.
Pros Cons
Can simultaneously handle two separate audioNot suitable for portability since it is heavy
Does not require external power to operateDoes not focus on other causes of noise other than the ground hum
Durable due to its rugged constructionExpensive compared to other power conditioners
Does not require configuration
Has a wide signal response
Can simultaneously handle two separate audio
Does not require external power to operate
Durable due to its rugged construction
Does not require configuration
Has a wide signal response
Offers quality sound by eliminating ground loop hum

Furman PL-Plus C

Furman PL-PLUS C 15 Amp Power Conditioner
  • Furman’s exclusive SMP technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available.
  • Isolated outlet banks minimize inter-component interference and noise contamination.
  • Segmented LED voltmeter monitors and displays incoming line voltage.
  • Advanced Level Power Conditioning, SMP, EVS, LiFT, 9 Outlets, LED Voltmeter, Pullout LED Lights, Isolated Outlet Banks

The Furman PL-Plus C is among the best power conditioners used by guitarists. It contains eight rear-panel outlets and one front-panel outlet, a 15-amp breaker, retractable LED rack lights with on/off/dimmer control, a BNC back panel connector for a gooseneck lamp with a front-panel switch, and a segmented LED voltmeter to monitor and display incoming line voltage.

Furman’s Classic Series power conditioners include the Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) circuit and the proprietary Linear Filter Technology, which provides optimal performance by linear filtering with minimal leakage to the ground, thereby protecting your signal’s audio and video quality.

The Classic Series units include retractable, super-bright, long-life LED rack lights that emit virtually no heat and have an incredibly extended lifespan.

There is a switch for turning the lights on and off. A front panel switch regulates the operation of the gooseneck. Each Classic Series device occupies one rack unit and features a convenient front-panel plug.

A master switch controls rear outlet activation. The rear outlets are divided into two independent banks to prevent inter-component interference and noise contamination.

The left bank contains three outlets that are widely spread to accommodate massive AC power transformers, whereas the right bank has five outlets that are closer together.

Pros Cons
has multiple outletsDoes not come with a USB charging port
Has a sleek design Has no battery backup
Has voltage regulation Watt is limited to 15 amps

Here’s a youtube link review:

The Furman P-1800 AR

Furman P-1800 AR Advanced Level Voltage Regularor/Power Conditioner, 15 Amp, Regulates 97-137 Volt Input Range to 120 Volt Output
  • True RMS Voltage Regulation delivers a stable 120 volts of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities
  • Furman’s exclusive SMP technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available; Lift offers AC power filtering to ensure clean power for unequaled audio & video clarity
  • Advanced EVS circuitry detects dangerous voltage irregularities and safely powers down itself and connected equipment in unsafe conditions
  • Front panel USB convenience outlets allows you to charge most media devices or power a USB lamp.

The Furman P-1800 AR provides stable 120VAC power to protect a guitar amp from problems caused by AC line voltage problems like sags, brownouts, or overvoltages, which can all cause sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction or be damaged.

The P-1800 AR can take AC voltages from a wide range and turn them into a constant 120V, 5V output. Depending on how much the range varies, voltages outside of that range can also be changed to levels that can be used.

Also, the P-1800 AR is a full-featured power conditioner that filters and cleans AC power. This reduces line noise and makes sure that everything works at its best.

With Furman’s Linear Filtering Technology, your equipment will work better, and our unique Series Multi-Stage Protection and Extreme Voltage Shutdown will fully protect it. This circuitry gives the best power protection that can be found.

Overall, the Furman P-1800 AR is a high-quality power conditioner that can help protect your guitar amplifier from power-related issues while improving its performance by providing clean, stable power.

Pros Cons
Has a front-panel displayLimited capacity
Has multiple outletsHas no battery backup
Has a surge protectionExpensive
Comes with a limited warranty

Here’s a youtube link review:

Radial Power-2

Radial Power-2 19″ Rack Mount Power Conditioner & Surge Supressor w/LED Lighting
  • 9-outlet Power Supper Supply with Noise Filtering
  • Surge Protection
  • LED Illumination

Radial Power-2 is a power supply unit made for guitar amplifiers and other musical gear. It is made to give your guitar pedals, effects processors, and other gear clean, stable power, and this gets rid of noise and hum that come from bad power supplies.

The Radial Power-2 has two separate outputs that provide up to 1600mA of current, which is more than enough to power several pedals simultaneously.

The outputs are also controlled and filtered independently, so each pedal gets the cleanest power possible.

The Radial Power-2 also has several safety features, such as protection against short circuits, thermal overload, and overvoltage, which help keep your pedals and other equipment from getting damaged.

Overall, the Radial Power-2 is a good power supply that can help your guitar rig sound better and work more reliably.

Pros Cons
Versatile as it has 2 voltage optionsExpensive
Quality built hence durableLimited power rated at 1600mA
Comes in a compact designOnly comes with 8 outputs

Here’s a youtube link review:

Juice Goose JG8

Juice Goose JG 8 Rack-Mount Power Distribution Center, 15 Amps
  • Power distribution shall be the Juice Goose JG 8.
  • It shall be rack mountable in a 19″ x 1U space.
  • It shall have 8 outlets on the back of the chassis in addition to a thermal, 15 amp current overload, secondary protection device. The front panel shall feature a lighted master power switch.
  • Additional features shall include power surge protection across the hot and neutral leads.

In the music industry, equipment like guitar amps is frequently protected and powered with the Juice Goose JG8 power conditioner and surge protector.

Power surges and electrical interference can impair your guitar amp’s sound quality and can be avoided by using a power conditioner like the JG8.

The Juice Goose JG 8LED Power Distribution Center with LEDs is designed to be installed in 19-inch rackmount settings.

Eight NEMA 5-15R outlets are located on the back of the device. To better handle the “wall wart” power supply, all outlets have been rotated 90 degrees. 

The unit’s 6-foot NEMA 5-15P power cord is used to supply electricity to the outlets. The JG 8LED has line conditioning, spike protection, and a back-mounted circuit breaker to safeguard your installation against electrical harm.

A metal oxide varistor is inserted as part of the Basic power conditioning to attach spikes between lines and neutral leads.

This degree of conditioning additionally includes a capacitor limiting the level of AC interference conveyed inside lines and neutrals.

Pros Cons
Noise reduction easy to transportExpensive
quality buildLimited power capacity
Has no battery backup

SurgeX SX-DS-158

SurgeX SX-DS-158 Defender Series 8-outlet Power Conditioner
  • 120V Multi-stage Power Conditioner – 15A Load Rating
  • 8-outlet

The SurgeX SX-DS-158 has advanced surge elimination technology to protect against power spikes, voltage surges, and EMI/RFI noise filtering to reduce interference from other electrical devices.

The SX-DS-158 is rack-mounted, making adding to a larger sound system easily. It takes up 1U of space in a rack and comes with brackets for mounting.

The power conditioner has eight outlets, six of which are surge-protected and two of which are not. This lets you connect more than one piece of equipment and make sure they all get stable, clean power.

There is also EMI/RFI noise filtration in the power conditioner, which can help reduce interference from other electrical devices. This can improve your guitar amp and other audio gear and give you a cleaner signal.

Advanced Series Mode, surge elimination technology, is used in the SX-DS-158 to protect connected devices from voltage spikes and surges.

This technology protects against surges that don’t use metal oxide varistors, which wear out over time.

This unit is 1.75 inches tall, 19 inches wide, and 8.5 inches deep. It weighs 6.58 pounds. The SurgeX SX-DS-158 Defender Series protects against power surges and cleans the power, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

The SurgeX SX-DS-158 can help ensure that your guitar amp and other audio gear get clean, stable power, which can help them work better and protect them from damage caused by electrical problems.

Pros Cons
High qualityExpensive compared to other power conditioners
Provides a modern surge protectionLarge and heavy
Has multiple outlets

Monster Power PRO 2500

Monster MP PRO 2500 10-Outlet Power Center with Stage 2 Clean Power
  • Monster Clean Power Stage 2 v2.0 filtering for high-quality sound
  • Dual-Mode Plus protection provides audible and visual alarm for maximum protection and performance
  • Two-stage sequenced AC power turn-on and turn-off for equipment and overload protection
  • 8 switched outlets for power hungry equipment are color-coded for error free connections

For high-performance audio and video equipment, including guitar amps, the Monster Power PRO 2500 is a power conditioner that is made to offer cutting-edge power protection and conditioning.

Many artists and audio experts generally agree that the Monster Power PRO 2500 is a good power conditioner.

It can help to enhance the sound quality and safeguard your equipment from power-related harm thanks to its high surge protection rating, sophisticated voltage management, and noise filtering features.

Despite this, the PRO 2500 is a more expensive power conditioner than some available alternatives. In addition, several customers have mentioned problems with the durability or build quality of the device over time.

The Monster Power PRO 2500’s suitability for you will ultimately depend on your individual requirements and preferences and your financial situation.

Pros Cons
Offers the EMI noise filteringExpensive
Has a durable constructionLarge and heavy
Voltage regulation while playing
Has multiple outlets and hence can plug more than one device at once

Here’s a youtube link review:



The Furman ME-3000-VU is a professional-grade power conditioner that protects audio and video equipment from power surges, spikes, and noise. 

It has a wide range of AC power filtration and surge suppression technologies that help make sure the power-connected devices used are clean and stable.

The ME-3000-VU also has features to control the voltage and protect it from damage caused by too much or too little voltage. Some of its unique features include:

  • 3000VA Power Rating
  • 1800Watts maximum load
  • The output voltage of 240Volts
  • 12V/Ah battery type
  • Cold function start
  • Has a built-in surge protection

ME-300-VU also has a digital voltmeter on the front panel that shows the line voltage and an LED bar graph that shows how much protection the unit offers.

The ME-3000-VU is a good power conditioner that can help audio and video equipment work better and last longer by giving it clean, stable power.

Pros Cons
Has an automatic voltage regulationExpensive compared to other power conditioners
Durable due to its high-quality materialsHas limited outlets- only has 6 AC outlets
Comes with a diagnostic featureHeavy hence not easily portable

Here’s a youtube link review:

Rocktron PowerTap

Rocktron Power Tap Multi Power Supply
  • Power your entire pedal board
  • Switch between DC4V, DC9V and DC12V or 115V to 230V for foreign travel
  • 11 Connector cables included
  • The small chassis fits neatly on your pedal board, conserving room

The power conditioner Rocktron PowerTap was created especially for guitar amplifiers. It offers clean, consistent power to your amp by filtering out noise and adjusting the voltage.

The PowerTap is a simple gadget to mount to a pedalboard or the rear of your amplifier. Two AC outlets are provided, so you may use them to power your amp and other devices like effects pedals or wireless transmitters.

One of the primary aspects of the PowerTap is its voltage regulation. It keeps the output voltage steady at 120V AC, reducing fluctuations and spikes that can harm your amp. It also has surge protection to defend against power surges and voltage spikes.

In addition, the PowerTap has an LED display showing the voltage output, making it simple to watch your amp’s power supply.

It is a perfect option for musicians who require a portable and dependable power conditioner to safeguard their equipment and guarantee clean, stable power to their guitar amplifier.

Pros Cons
Noise is filtered out, and the voltage is controlled to give your guitar amplifier clean, stable powerOnly comes with 2 AC outlets
The design is small, portable, and easy to attach to your amp or pedalboard
Maintaining a constant 120V AC output voltage keeps your amp from getting damaged by fluctuations and spikes
Power surges and voltage spikes are protected against surge protection
The LED display shows the voltage output, making watching the amp’s power supply easy
The price is fair

Here’s a youtube link review:

Do I Need A Power Conditioner for My Guitar Amp?

YES! A good power conditioner is important for your guitar amp because it filters out annoying EMI or RFI line noise and protects your gear from everyday power surges and spikes that can damage sensitive circuitry. 

When used in a hi-fi system, a power conditioner will improve the sound quality by changing the low-end frequencies prone to electronic distortion and unwanted noises into pure sine waves with little or no distortion. Because of this, the clarity of the whole sound is improved.

A power conditioner can help you control how much electricity comes from your wall outlet, giving your gear a steady electricity supply. A power conditioner can help your gear last longer by keeping it safe from power surges and changes in voltage. 

Voltage spikes and power surges can damage your gear and make it stop working. A power conditioner can help protect your gear from these electrical problems, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

How do I Connect My Guitar Amp to A Power Conditioner?

Here are some simple steps o connecting your guitar amp to a power conditioner successfully

  1. Choose a power conditioner that can accommodate your guitar amp’s power needs. Seek for a conditioner that has a wattage that is at least equal to your amp’s.
  2. Unplug and turn off your guitar amplifier.
  3. Plug the power cord into the power conditioner’s power.
  4. Connect the power conditioner to an electrical socket.
  5. Power the conditioner on.
  6. To check if your guitar amp is functioning, turn it on.

Your equipment is now safeguarded from damage caused by the power now that your guitar amp has been successfully connected to a power conditioner. Always unplug and turn off your equipment before making wire modifications.

Power Conditioner VS Surge Protector: What are the Differences?

A power conditioner is a device that enhances the quality of electricity delivered to electrical load equipment.

Most commonly, the phrase refers to a device that functions in one or more ways to produce a voltage of the appropriate level and characteristics to allow load equipment to function effectively.

It protects electronics from power surges, assists with correcting voltage and waveform aberrations, and reduces external electrical noise created by devices such as radios and motors.

A surge suppressor, also known as a surge protector, is a device that is installed in an alternating current utility line and telephone line to protect electronic equipment against voltage spikes or transients. This type of gadget is more accurately referred to as a transient suppressor.

A conventional surge protector sends electrical electricity through the outlet to the devices plugged into the power strip. If the voltage exceeds acceptable, the protector will direct the excess power into the outlet’s grounding wire.

Power conditioners and surge protectors can be used in guitar amps to protect the amp and make it work better. 

The type of power conditioner and surge protector you choose should match your guitar amp and the amount of power it needs.

Some power conditioners and surge protectors are made for specific equipment types, like audio or high-power devices. 

While purchasing, you should carefully read the specifications to ensure it can be used with your guitar amp.

Also, connecting multiple devices in series may add noise or distortion to the signal chain.

This is why it’s important to test and evaluate the performance of your guitar amp after adding any new devices to ensure they stay the same tone and sound quality.


Power conditioners can be a good addition to some guitar amps, especially if the power supply where the amp is being used is noisy or unreliable. 

A power conditioner can help regulate the power supply, filter out noise and interference, and improve the amp’s overall performance. 

Also, choosing a power conditioner that works well with your guitar amp is important.

After adding new devices to the signal chain, you should also carefully check the amp’s performance to ensure they don’t hurt the tone or sound quality.