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10 BEST Felt Picks for Bass (A Perfect Halfway Between Pick & Finger!)

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Although they might not be the commonest thing to see in the bass world, the truth is that picks have a solid place in bass playing. As much as many bass guitar players are plucking the strings with their fingers, there are also many doing the same with picks. 

Although there are no right or wrong ways when it comes to the battle between picks and fingerpicking, picks, however, still have unique advantages. Although not necessarily better, the sound you get from using picks is just very unique. 

Oftentimes, you cannot replicate this sound by finger-plucking the bass. Also, you are more likely to increase your speed and limit finger strain and fatigue. If you are already comfortable playing with the fingers, starting to use a pick will make you more versatile. 

Legends like Paul McCartney have played the bass guitar with picks from his earliest days and continue to do so. The unique tone of using picks is just awesome and befitting for unique playing styles and scenarios. 

However, when it comes to choosing the right pick for the bass guitar, bassists are always faced with a plethora of options. Oftentimes, this gets pretty confusing. Regardless, one of the most considered options is always the felt pick. 

Although felt picks are typically used with ukuleles, they are also pretty much amazing with the bass guitar. This is because felt picks produce a mellower and softer tone that is just perfect for some bass-playing scenarios.  

They also tend to be more comfortable to hold for a long time. Also, in the aspect of durability, these picks are firm enough to last for long periods. Felt picks are amazing and unique in their own ways. 

In this article, we will discuss 10 amazing felt picks that you can use for your bass guitar. It doesn’t matter what style or what playing level you are at, there will be something that will definitely suit you. 

10 Best Felt Picks for Bass

  1. Dunlop 8012P Felt Picks
  2. Honbay Felt Picks
  3. Bolopick Felt Picks
  4. Planet Waves D’addario Felt Picks
  5. Mudder guitar Felt picks
  6. Timber tone felt picks
  7. MIBOW Felt Picks.
  8. Mick’s Picks by D’Andrea 
  9. On Stage Felt Picks
  10. Tone fly felt picks

Review of 10 Best Felt Picks for Bass

Dunlop 8012P Felt Pick

Dunlop 8012P Felt Picks Standard, Natural, 3.2mm, 3/Player’s Pack
  • Hard felt pick
  • Manufactured from high-density wool and cotton material
  • Gauge: 3.2mm
  • Color may vary
Stiffer than other felt picksDo not eliminate string noise because of the stiffness
Very durableNot as flexible as other felt picks
More versatile

Bolopick Felt Picks

Honbay 9pcs Felt Picks for Guitar, Ukulele, Bass
  • Firm and durable felt picks. Pack of 9, 3 for each color
  • Color: black, white, gray
  • Size: 30*27*3mm (1.18*1.06*0.11 inch); Thickness: 3mm
  • Great accessories for guitar; ukulele and bass etc

Bolopick is an American brand of picks with a version of felt picks called Bolopick Original felt picks. These felt picks are a unique set of picks perfect for bass playing, and they come in a pack of 6, 8, and 12 in multiple colours.

The original Bolopicks felt pick comes with a heart-shaped, pretty cut-out that also provides a firm and comfortable grip. However, you’ll also find Bolopick felt picks with the same specs but without any cut-outs.

The Synthetic felt is soft to the touch but textured enough to prevent any slipping while playing. With a thickness of 3mm, these felt picks will provide a soft, warm sound on your bass while not being too thick to hold. 

These felt picks cut down on the roughness of the strings but are still firm enough so that the projections are loud and clear. The highly compressed material makes the felt picks pretty dense and formidable. 

The Bolopick felt picks are smaller and softer than other felt picks, which makes them perfect for beginners. 

High-quality felt materialNeeds breaking in
Easy cut-out grip
Perfect for beginners.

Honbay Felt Picks

BoloPick Felt Picks for Ukulele 6 Pack (An Original Recipe)
  • BoloPick Felt Picks are the ultimate in Quality and Durability
  • BoloPick Ukulele Picks are same profile as Standard 351 guitar pick shape, and 3mm thick.
  • Firm enough for precise picking, yet produce a soft strum if held gently.
  • Long-lasting, BoloPick picks can be washed gently, air dried & reused.

The Honbay Felt picks are a great accessory for bass players. The pack comes in a pack of 9 with picks of 3 different colours: black, white, and grey, but if you’re feeling extra, you can even get them in animal prints like tiger print and zebra print.

With a 3 mm thickness, these felt picks are a good option if you are a bass player looking to replicate the finger-plucking sound without the stress on your fingers. 

The thickness also makes it so that the picks are more resistant to wear and tear. The set comes with picks of different thicknesses so that you can find the right fit for your playing style and adjust accordingly. 

The black felt picks are the thickest in the set hence more rigid, while the white felt picks are the softest, making them more flexible. The size is not too big or too small, so it is loud enough on the bass and not muddy like the larger felt picks.

When it comes to sound, these felt picks give more attack on the bass strings than fingerstyle playing but still mellowed down and warm.

The Honbay set of picks is great for bass playing, and they come with three different thicknesses to experiment with. 

Three different stiffness in one setWear out a bit fast.
Firm and Durable

Planet Waves D’addario Felt Picks

D’Addario Accessories Ukulele Felt Picks, by D’Addario (1FLT9-04)
  • 3.0 mm thickness
  • Felt material for warm tone
  • Elliptical cutout for grip and flexibility
  • Available in packs of (4) and (25)

D’Addario is one of the most popular guitar accessories companies among guitarists worldwide. The Planet Waves D’addario Felt Picks are made from high-quality felt material.

These felt picks have a thickness of 3.0 mm with an elliptical cut-out for grip and flexibility. It is available in packs of 4 and 25. Planet waves felt picks have a more rigid felt, and combined with the thickness; these picks produce a warm and mellow tone. 

The softness of the felt material contributes to a rounded sound with reduced attack and brightness. This tone quality can be well-suited for genres such as jazz, acoustic, or folk music.

Felt picks generate less string noise than harder picks, and D’Addario Felt Picks are no exception. The soft material helps minimize the sound of the pick hitting the strings, resulting in a cleaner and more muted playing experience.

These felt picks are extra thick, giving you more resistance and a slightly darker tone, unlike thinner ones that offer increased flexibility and a brighter sound.

While felt picks are generally softer than picks made from harder materials, D’Addario Felt Picks are designed to be durable and long-lasting. 

The quality construction ensures the picks can withstand regular use without excessive wear or tearing.

Elliptical cut out for better gripPricey

Mudder guitar Felt picks

Mudder Guitar may not be one of the popular brands for picks, but you should try out their felt picks. The Mudder guitar felt pick set comes with 10 felt picks of different colours. These picks have a similar feel to the Timber tones felt picks but at a much cheaper price.

Mudder felt picks are made of synthetic felt that is especially soft and comfortable. However, they can still take a beating on the base, so you don’t have to worry about them being too flimsy.

It’s because the material is not only pretty tough for felt, but they also have a thickness of 4 mm.

Thanks to the polyester felt material and the softer nature of these felt picks, they can produce a unique playing experience and tone on the bass, adding warmth and roundness to the sound.

The Mudder guitar felt picks are more suitable for strumming since they don’t bevel at the end. If you’re using them to pick on the bass, you might have a slightly harder time, but they could improve your accuracy.

Very affordableIt could use a bit more grip
Quality feel for a great valueNeed breaking in

Timber tone felt picks

Timber tone felt picks

Timber Tones Felt Tones are another great option for felt picks for bass. These picks are known for their high-quality construction and unique tonal characteristics.

These felt picks come in 2 thicknesses, allowing you to find the perfect level of flexibility for your playing style. You can find them in sets of 1 or 4. 

You can get that Jamerson feel on your bass guitar with these picks. They are made from natural wool, giving them a soft feel that balances durability and softness, providing a comfortable playing experience. 

The natural wool felts softness helps create a round, mellow sound with reduced noise, like all other felt picks. Timber Tones Felt Tones picks are designed with textured surfaces to enhance grip and control during play. 

It helps prevent slippage and ensures a secure hold, allowing for precise and confident playing. They are also larger than other picks, making them more comfortable to hold.

There are also 4 different stiffness versions, including soft, medium-soft, medium-hard, and hard. These versions of the same felt pick give you more options to suit your style.

If you’re looking for a felt pick for your bass, you can’t go wrong with the Timber Tones Felt picks. They offer a range of colours and thicknesses, and their size makes them great for plucking on your bass.

Large size for comfortable gripIt might be too big for some players.
Natural wool
Two options for thickness
4 Different levels of stiffness

MIBOW Felt Picks

Ukulele Picks,MIBOW Felt Picks/Plectrums for Ukulele and Guitar,8 Pieces Guitar Picks,Multi-color
  • Guitar Picks – these felt picks are made of synthetic felt.Do not make a percussive sound as the plastic and metal picks when you hit the strings.It’s suitable for ukulele and guitar strings.
  • Felt picks – total: 8 pieces; Felt picks size: 3 cm * 2.5 cm * 0.4 cm(purple, green,thirsty blue, hot pink, yellow,orange.) ; 3 cm * 2.5 cm * 0.3 cm(blue & cream) different sizes to meet your different requirements; Felt picks color: purple, green, blue,thirsty blue, hot pink, yellow, cream, orange.
  • Soft and comfortable – the guitar picks touches soft and comfortable with synthetic felt material which helps to provide a very mellow authentic sound.
  • Smooth and non-slippery – this bass felt picks is easy to hold than other plastic picks with synthetic felt surface, and also you can enjoy a smooth playing.

The MIBOW felt picks are synthetic felt and come in various colours. You can get a total of 8 pieces of different coloured picks.

The high-density felt will ensure you don’t get any unnecessary percussive sound in your bass playing, and with a thickness of 3.5 mm, they are firm and long-lasting.

The synthetic felt surfaces are also textured to make them comfortable to grip and produce the classical warm and mellow felt pick sound on your bass strings.

However, despite the thickness, these felt picks can pose a problem when playing the bass due to their flexibility. They turn under the strings faster and can slip between your fingers as you play.

There’s not much to be said about this set of felt picks, but if you want to try felt picks on your bass for the first time, they are a good place to start.

Produce a muted sound but still loud enough for bassNeed breaking in
AffordableIt might be a bit too bulky for some players

Mick’s Picks by D’Andrea

Mick’s Picks by D'Andrea

Mick’s Picks by D’Andrea Felt Picks are popular among bass players who prefer the softer and warmer tone felt picks can provide. 

They come in a pack of 3, and there are 2 thickness options, one for 2.5 mm and the other for 3.8mm. We recommend the 3.8 mm one for bass since they are more rigid, but you can also experiment with the other thickness.

These Felt Picks are made from high-quality composite Flex-Tex material felt that is unique to this particular brand. 

Wool felt is known for its softness and durability, making it suitable for producing warm and mellow tones on the bass guitar.

These picks are available in various thicknesses to suit different playing styles and preferences. The thickness options typically range from thin to medium to thick, providing versatility in tone and playability.

You can use these felt picks on your bass if you’re looking to minimize the sound of the pick hitting the strings, and it can result in a cleaner and more muted playing experience.

These picks feature a comfortable grip surface that enhances control and prevents slippage during play, thus allowing precise and confident picking.

2 thickness optionsDepending on your chosen size, it may be too thick or too thin.
High quality felt

On Stage UPK300 Felt Picks

On Stage is another less popular brand with a great option of felt picks in their On stage felt picks. These felt picks can be described as thick and unyielding. 

One pack of stage felt picks comes with 3 picks in white, blue, and purple. They come in a thickness of 3.55mm to ensure firmness and durability. The semi-rigid felt is soft on your fingers but firm enough to play on the bass.

These felt picks are made of soft felt material but will hold up surprisingly well for a long time, lasting about 6 months of regular playing before they become flimsy.

With all these said, the On Stage UPK 300 felt picks are enough to get the job done if you’re looking for a smooth sound on the bass without hurting your fingers.

Firm and DurableIt may be too thick for some players
CheapThe felt material feels a bit cheap

Tone fly felt picks

ToneFly Felt Ukulele Picks Multi-color, 6 Pack
  • Firm felt ukulele picks – Harder than your average felt wool picks, our picks have better articulation with the nice firm grip yet not percussive like a plastic pick.
  • 6 piece – Multi-color – Light Blue, Orange, Purple
  • 3,5,1 design – 30mm x 25mm x 3mm thick
  • Packaging insert – Never lose your picks with our design about the size of a chewing gum packet – 3.5in x 2.5in x .5in

Tone Fly may not be among the popular companies when talking about guitar accessories, but they stand out with the Tone Fly felt picks. 

These picks come in a pack of 6 in a very attractive case with three colours, blue, orange, and purple. These felt picks are 3mm thick and made of felt but harder than conventional felt wool picks. 

Despite this, they still provide better articulation and have a firm grip without being too percussive like plastic picks.

The firmness makes them especially great for bass since they produce a more articulated sound. Because of their firmness, these picks are also long-lasting.

These felt picks are a great option if you’re looking for a more articulate but still warm and mellow sound from your bass. They also come in a chewing gum packet to store your picks safely.

Firm and articulateNot a popular brand

What Are Felt Picks; How Are They Different From Other Picks?

Felt picks are picks made from wool, fleece, or synthetic fibre, unlike those made of wood, plastic, and metal. Thanks to the soft quality of the picks with these materials, these picks have a more unique, soft sound and feel.

The actual process for making felt pick involves compressing the chosen material. The material is taken through heating, moisture, and pressure, causing the fibres to interlock and form a solid felt sheet. 

Another method is to use needles to tangle the fibres. Once the felts are made, they are cut into the desired shape.

Felt picks are also generally more flexible than other picks, and because of their soft nature, the kind of sound they produce is usually very warm and gentle with less brightness. 

You’ll also notice they are thicker than other picks to give them more firmness. Felt can be used in various playing techniques, including strumming and fingerpicking.

Their softness and flexibility make them well-suited for gentle strumming patterns or intricate fingerstyle playing.

Felt Picks vs. Other Picks – Which is Best for Bass Playing?

For many bass players, the choice between felt picks and other picks is often a personal preference. The sound from these picks is usually very different; therefore, different bassists will seek different picks depending on the sound.

They create a smoother and rounder sound with less attack and brightness than harder picks, making them particularly suitable for genres like jazz, folk, or acoustic styles where a softer, more muted tone is desired.

The softness of felt picks can be advantageous for guitarists who prefer a softer touch and want to minimize the wear on their strings.

However, felt picks may not provide the desired articulation or brightness for certain genres like rock, metal, or fast-paced, aggressive playing.

You can get a better feel of the difference in the youtube video below:

Pros and Cons of Using Felt Picks for Bass

Felt picks are popular among ukulele and bass players. Here are some pros and cons of using felt picks for bass:


  • Thanks to the material of felt picks, they make less noise when you pluck a string.
  • They are soft and comfortable to hold, unlike plastic and metal picks which can be hard and slip from the grip.
  • Since they are soft, they help minimize wear on the strings, while most other picks will wear the strings out faster or likely damage them.
  • They maintain the same or similar sound as fingerpicking on the bass.


  • They are less durable than other picks due to the felt material that easily wears out, meaning you’ll likely have to replace them more often.
  • They are thicker than other picks, making them difficult to play with.
  • Felt picks are limited when it comes to playing style in strumming and plucking, which means that they may not suit you if you; ‘re looking for a more articulated or aggressive style for genres like rock and fast-paced pop.
  • Since they are made of fabric, they also get dirty easily, so you might have to wash them regularly.


Although felt picks are commonly used for ukuleles, they are also a great option for bass guitars. 

They produce a mellow, round, and warm sound which is particularly great for genres like jazz and folk music.

There’s no shame in sparing your fingers from the soreness of the bass guitar strings. 

However, if you still want to retain the same sound as fingerpicking, then felt picks are the way to go.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best-felt picks to use for bass and thoroughly reviewed each, including their pros and cons.

Luckily, felt picks will only cost you a few pennies, so you can experiment with these felt picks and find a style and sound that suits you.