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Marshall 8008 Power Amp Review (REALLY the One for You?)

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What brings an average sound to life? The amplifier! The topic of our discussion today is Marshall 8008.

A powerful amplifier that outperforms several of its types and in its range. However, before making any decisions, stop and think, is it really the one for you?

If you are looking for all the Marshalll 8008 specs or the Marshalll 8008 manual, you have come to the right place. In the following sections, we will be discussing all that the Marshall 8008 has to offer and each of its advantages over the other amplifiers with similar features and range.

You will come across various types of Marshall 8008 amplifiers while you are on the lookout for the best one.

For instance, there exists Marshall 8008 amplifier black and Marshall 8008 amplifier gold, so it really comes down to Marshalll 8008 black vs. gold. But do not fret; we have you covered.

Selecting a single amplifier among so many that are available can be quite stressful. However, if you are sure of the features you want and the price range, you can make a smart decision pretty quickly.

With our article explaining the Marshall 8008 amplifier and what it offers, your selection will be a lot easier. So, let’s begin!

Marshall 8008 Amplifier Review

The Marshall 8008 amplifier is among the top amplifiers that are being used worldwide. It performs significantly well and is within the price range of several beginners and expert musical artists.

You will not have to order it from another state or risk getting it shipped from another county (unless you live in the arctic pole), since the Marshall 8008 amplifier is readily available at most musical gear shops.

The Marshall 8008 amplifier is often found in professional studios, especially those that do not spend large sums of money on gear. Despite its low cost, it plays fairly well and gives you the best that you desire.

It is often called the ‘entry level’ amplifier for two reasons: one, it is quite affordable, and second, it is easy to play and practice with.

Even beginner musical artists do not have much trouble handling it and make it work with most of their instruments, such as guitars.

The Marshall 8008 amplifier is light, reliable, and easy to carry around. It has enough power (80 watts per channel) to be used at home and on stage.

So, if you are planning a small concert or performance at a friend’s or relative’s gathering, the Marshall 8008 amplifier is a good option.

The Marshall 8008 amplifier can drive not one but two stereo cabs at one point, giving the player good and fair flexibility. It makes use of the Valvestate technology, the second after AVT.

With the Marshall 8008 amplifier, Marshalll has attempted to create solid circuitry with the response of an amp tube.

The switch on the Marshall 8008 amplifier is on the back, and it activates the AVT feature or leaves the Marshall 8008 amplifier in linear mode.

When you turn the switch on, the power amp adds to the beat’s harmonics within the mid-range, along with trying to make the sound more Marshalll-like.

Overall, the Marshall 8008 amplifier does produce the classic Marshalll sound, but there is a subtle difference since this model is more advanced than the ones created initially.

Most Marshall 8008 amplifier users prefer to keep the switch on for a lesser hi-fi tone unless they are playing a digital model preamp. The latter could create an issue since the model preamp already features an internal tube emulation.

Considering how Marshalll has taken things forward with the Marshall 8008 amplifier and enhanced their technology, most users think that the Valvestate is the highest tube emulation version developed.

Pretty much all the artists that have used the Marshall 8008 amplifier since the start have kept it and continue using it.

Marshalll has other powerful amplifiers. However, the Marshall 8008 amplifier remains among the top favorites of new and experienced music producers and enthusiasts.

But there is no denying that Marshalll has up-ed its game since the MG series and is releasing good and reliable musical gear.

When asked about the Marshall 8008 amplifier, most users share that it has been part of their routinely playing instruments. With a tube amp, the Marshall 8008 amplifier performs considerably well.

It is definitely worth the money and, of course, the initial struggle that comes with playing it. But once you learn the basics, you can quickly become a pro at using the Marshall 8008 amplifier.

Some users have also paired the Marshalll 8008 amplifier with a rack system composed of a JMP-1 preamp as well as a G-major processor. Both the outputs can be run as stereos within separate 8 ohms V-30 speakers (one per channel).

This combination and setup are loud enough for a 10-pieces band that has a loud drummer. This should tell you that the Marshalll 8008 amplifier also works quite well for stage performances.

If you use the Marshalll 8008 amplifier with only one cab, put a load resistor on the inactive output, setting it on minimum volume. 

On the other hand, some problems have been reported with the Marshalll 8008 Power Amp. They include that the Marshall 8008 amplifier plays a somewhat ‘transistor’ sound.

However, if you understand the essence of tubes in power amps instead of the preamplifier, managing such issues can be easier for you.

If you want a powerful amplifier within a limited budget with a one-rack unit power amp or a powerful amp that is easy to carry around and reliable, the Marshall 8008 amplifier is an excellent option. It comes with the following specifications:

  • 2 Channels Stereo, 80 w each.
  • 2 volume knobs
  • On/ off switch
  • Two input switches
  • 2 output switch (4 Ohm)
  • Linear/ Valvestate switch
  • Height 44 mm
  • Box width 432 mm
  • Front panel width with the mounting flanges 483 mm 
  • Depth of box 262 mm
  • Jack protruding size 5 mm
  • Jack protruding at the back 15 mm
  • Weight approx. 6.35 kg

To sum it up, the Marshalll 8008 amplifier uses a transistor amplifier with 2 x 80 watts along with 4 ohms. It also has 2 knobs, channels A and B.

The Marshalll 8008 amplifier is pretty simple to use, so some musicians even skip reading the manual. However, we recommend going through it once, so you understand how each component works.

You can use the Marshalll 8008 amplifier with a vox preamp for enhanced stereo effects for 2 cabinets, but we do not guarantee top-notch sound.

It is an ideal buy for anyone looking for small-budget preamps and musicians just starting out their careers.


The Marshalll 8008 amplifier is a reliable option for all musicians who want to stay within a limited budget. It is a dual amp featuring 80 w power at 4 ohms for each channel.

If you have 2 cabs, we suggest connecting the 4 ohms cabs to each channel and using the input B if the preamp is mono.

The solid-state feature can give you a higher drive without much trouble. However, the power is reduced. Simply match the tube amp output with the speaker impedance to prevent any output transformer damage.

Marshalll Valvestate 8008 Power Amp Rack 80 + 80

Now let’s talk a bit about the Marshalll Valvestate 8008 Power Amp Rack 80 + 80. The Marshalll Valvestate is a solid-state circuitry that emulates a powerful tube amp’s harmonics, dynamics, and warmth.

The Marshalll Valvestate 8008 Power Amp Rack 80 + 80 gives out high impedance and output levels that only the Marshalll valve amplifier delivers normally.

Resultantly, this creates a speaker reaction that is quite similar to that in valve equipment. All of these features add to the value and demand of the Marshalll Valvestate 8008 Power Amp Rack 80 + 80, which is all about ringing harmonics, great sensitivity, and rich bass response, making it a pure joy to play.

It uses 80 w power per channel, front panel gain, and a rear panel selector for normal linear output dimensions.

Marshalll 8004 Review

The Marshalll 8004 is another amplifier that you can get your hands on. It performs well but does not handle pods as well.

It is slightly low on volume but makes up for it with its clean sound. You can use the Marshalll 8004 amplifier as your home stereo.

The Marshalll 8004 occasionally has glitches in its speaker outputs, but it is nothing irreparable.

However, the sound quality is pretty good for rehearsals and even studios for the right genres. If you are looking for a simple unit, go for the Marshalll 8004 amplifier.

Check out the subwoofer Klipsch model comparison for an ultimate low bass sounds!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Marshalll Rack Power amp Solid State?

The Best Marshalll Rack Power amp Solid State is the Marshalll 9200, 9100, and 9000. Pick the one that suits your requirements the best.

Which is a better option, the Mosvalve 962 or ART SLA1?

According to the reviews shared by experts, the SLA-1 and SLA-2 seem to be performing better. However, it is best to try both in the music shop before investing in any of the options.

What is your Power amp of choice for use with the Axe FX II?

In this case, most musicians and music enthusiasts opt for the Matrix GT-1000 FX and keep the good, old Marshalll 8008 as a reserve.

Who makes the Marshalll 8008 amplifier?

The British Marshalll Amplification company manufactures the Marshalll 8008 amplifier. It is popular for designing several legendary music amplifiers, headphones, speaker cabinets, drums, and earphones.