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Klipsch R-12SW vs R-120SW: Is It WORTH The Upgrade? [2023]

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On the hunt for a top-notch subwoofer with impeccable performance, vast features, and a fantastic design that enhances your home theatre? Fret not; Klipsch is here to save the day.

Both the Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw subwoofers are guaranteed to give you the ultimate low-end bass sounds with minimum distortion to your music and other entertainment such as great theatre audio for high def movies.

And yes, they both offer high quality and an aesthetically pleasing design that will compliment your personal entertainment set-up. 

But which one of these fantastic subwoofers should you go for? Well, that depends, and we are here to help you decide. 

There is not much difference between the two subwoofers since Klipsch has been known to release high-end subwoofers dating back to 1946, but the choice usually depends on what you’re looking for.

The Klipsch r120sw is generally known for its very high-fidelity sounds with a very seductive design, and it is priced higher than the Klipsch r12sw since it is a newer version. 

The Klipsch r12sw is priced relatively cheaper than the Klipsch r120 even though they have similar features, but the product is discontinued, so you’ll have a hard time searching for the last remaining pieces.

In this article, we delve deep into the comparison between Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw to help you pick out the best one and compare some other products with the Klipsch r12sw and r120sw.

A QUICK Comparison Between Klipsch r12sw & r120sw

To get to know the products a little better and the countless similarities they both offer, here’s a table to get you started.

SpecificationsKlipsch r12swKlipsch r120sw
Dimensions14×18.5×16 inches19.2x14x16.5 inches
Amp Power400watts400watts
Frequency Response29hz-120hz29hz-120hz
CabinetMDF boardMDF board
RMS Power200watts200watts
Firing DirectionFrontFront

Now that that’s out of the way, you can see that the similarities between these two impressive subwoofers by Klipsch are very closely identical.

You cannot choose between the Klipsch r12sw vs Klipsch r120sw by merely looking at this table.

Lucky for you, we delve deep into what sets these two subwoofers clearly apart and make it easier for you to base your decision on which one to go for.

Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw: Design

An important part while deciding on any speakers is the design. Most of us like to make our entertainment set-up look highly aesthetically pleasing, and these subwoofers by Klipsch do not disappoint at all.

 Although both subwoofers’ design is quite similar, you can notice the slight differences when you first lay your eyes on them.

The Klipsch r12sw has an extremely sleek design that fits your traditional decor style. It’s an excellent option for all the minimalist fans who like their set-up the conservative way. 

The subwoofer comes in a Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) cabinet with a highly well-built copper-spun woofer covered with a black cloth grille. 

However, Klipsch gives you the option to take off the grille whenever you want to and taking it off provides the subwoofer and yourself with another fine-ass look that matches your style. 

The subwoofer comes with an LED light that lets you know when it is turned on, thus giving you a techy vibe that soothes your inner geeky pleasure. While the light is pretty helpful for most of us since it indicates that it is turned on, if you find it not as pleasurable or as valuable, a quick modern fix for a modern problem is advised. A simple DIY solution like black duct taping the entire light can solve the problem easily. 

On the other hand, you will find that the Klipsch r120sw also comes sleek with a similar design, but the only thing that differentiates between these two in terms of their fabulous looks is that the r120sw comes with clear copper screws around it that entirely gives a much different look when compared with the r12sw. 

The Klipsch r120sw is versatile and extremely easy to keep clean for a longer period since it comes with a matte finish. Besides what we mentioned, the product is similar to the r12sw since it also comes with the same LED light that indicates that it is turned on, the same removable black cloth grille, and it also comes in an MDF cabinet.

What are the odds?

Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw: Sound

Klipsch is known for their highly top-notch high-quality sounds on all their subwoofers, so both the Klipsch r12sw vs Klipsch r120sw are awesome sounding in general. But what is the main thing sets these two speakers apart? 

To keep into consideration, the placement of the speakers and your room acoustics (dimensions) will play a critical role in the quality of the sound that your Klipsch subwoofers are destined to produce. 

The Injection-Moulded Graphite (IMF) woofer cones on both the Klipsch r12sw & r120sw give you those crisp and crystal clear sounds that are distortion-free, one of the best-quality smooth bass around, and a sound that is consistent even on deafening volumes that are fated to shake your entire room. 

Moving on, while both these speakers are naturally great, the r120sw is known for its flexibility.

Even though both these speakers are similar, as I’ve mentioned above, the placement of the speakers and room acoustics will enhance your subwoofer’s performance, and the flexibility offered by the r120sw is unmatched.

You can easily place the speaker anywhere inside the preferred room since it is highly flexible and pull off that exciting, high-quality entertainment set up you’ve always wanted

Even though the positioning of the speakers will not at all affect the consistency of the sound, for all the speaker geeks out there, you know what I’m talking about.

The minor enhancements are critical if you’re looking to get the best out of your subwoofers, but beyond that, both the r12sw vs r120sw will deliver great sounds.

Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw: Build quality and Connectivity

Both these subwoofers come with the same build quality. They are both housed inside an MDF cabinet, and MDF cabinets are known to have excellent durability and produce more efficient sound quality than other builds when compared. 

As for the connectivity options on both these speakers, you don’t get any advanced connectivity options on the Klipsch.

You get standard connectivity features like Preamp inputs and a Radio Corporation of America (RCA) connector, which is also great since you don’t have to be tech-savvy enough to use these.

Since the two subwoofers are very similar in almost everything, below is another comparison of them with other subwoofers. We have discussed how these two models compare with other similar offerings present in the market.

So why not broaden your horizon and look at other possible contenders too?

Klipsch r12sw vs r100sw: What’s the Difference?

SpecificationsKlipsch r12swKlipsch r100sw
Dimensions14×18.5×16 inches14.5×12.5×16.4 inches
Amp power400watts300watts
Frequency response29-120 Hz32-120 Hz
CabinetMDF boardMDF board
RMS power200watts300watts

The table clearly indicates some minor differences on the Klipsch r12sw vs Klipsch r100sw. However, you cannot base your decision off of this alone.

The table shows you not much difference between the two subwoofers since they are both made by Klipsch and are powerful subwoofers that deliver superb sound quality.

Let’s go on a little in-depth investigation on the little differences these subwoofers have based on their different features they both offer.

Klipsch r12sw vs r100sw: Design 

The Klipsch r100sw has the same design as the r12sw, which is in an MDF cabinet.

The modern look is also based on this reference series and comes with the same black cloth grille covering the copper-spun woofer which makes them iconic in a way.

The r100sw also offers more portability, it is smaller in size which you can see from the comparison table above, and so it is much lighter than the r12sw but with similar performance and great sound.

So if you’re choosing the subwoofer based on its size and for your convenience, choosing the r100sw wouldn’t be a bad deal since it’s smaller, lighter but packs a punch on that bass.

Klipsch r12sw vs r100sw: Sound

The Klipsch r100sw provides an impressive sound field scale for its price. It offers very balanced audio even when played at an extremely loud volume, and you’ll be sure as hell impressed by its durability.

You can indeed get this powerful subwoofer at a minimal price.

Since the r100sw also comes with IMG woofers, you can expect an incredibly crisp and crystal clear sound with minimal distortion to enjoy special effect sounds in movies without the trouble of the sounds getting muddy and losing its original balance.

However, the crisp and clear vocals, powerful tones, and deep bass that the Klipsch r12sw offers might be unmatched.

Since the r12sw comes with a slightly bigger cabinet with a really powerful 400watt amp, you might want to choose the r12sw if you are a high-fidelity sound enthusiast. 

Klipsch r12sw vs r100sw: Connectivity

While the Klipsch r12sw offers no advanced connectivity, the r100sw should be a great option if you’re into the advanced connectivity option.

The r100sw provides Bluetooth capability saving you time and money since it saves you from the hassle of buying a wireless kit.

Klipsch r12sw vs r100sw: Price

The Klipsch r100sw is priced cheaper than the r12sw. However, since the r12sw is discontinued, the price of the last remaining pieces online, if there are any more, might vary, and you can buy the r12sw off from people for cheaper on a second hand exchange.

Now, let us compare Klipsch with a different brand known as SVS.

Klipsch r120sw vs SVS PB 1000

SpecificationsKlipsch r120swSVS PB-1000
Dimensions14×19.2×16.5 inches14×18.9xx20 inches
Amp power400watts720watts
Frequency response29hz-120hz24-260 Hz
CabinetMDF boardMDF board
RMS power200watts300watts

The debate between Klipsch vs SVS among audio enthusiasts keeps occurring since both these brands provide top-class speakers with unmatched sounds.

We know that the decision between these two brands can be quite a hassle, so we are here to help.

Today, we compare the Klipsch r120sw vs SVS PB 1000 and help you choose the best one.

Klipsch r120sw vs SVS PB 1000: Design 

The Klipsch r120sw is, as mentioned above, very sleek and perfect for the modern minimalist of today.

It fits quite well with the traditional conservative decor style, and you can remove the black cloth grille to give it a different look as per your taste. 

Did you forget that they come with LED lights that indicate that it is turned on? It is quite helpful for most people, and it deserves a second mention.

On the other hand, the SVS PB 1000 is a slightly bigger subwoofer than the r120sw, and it has a black ash finish which adds a lovely sophisticated aura yet subtle and adds elegance to your home decor.

The SVS PB also has a more rounded edge, unlike the r120sw with its sharp edges, giving it a comfortable style.

Since looks are always considered as subjective, any of these designs are excellent, and you can pick according to your preference and style.

Klipsch r120sw vs SVS PB 1000: Performance and sound

The Klipsch r120sw comes with a 400watts peak power and offers more flexibility compared to other subwoofers in its price range, so you can place the speaker anywhere you want to inside the preferred room, enhancing the sound performance and quality of the speaker. 

As mentioned above, the Injection-Moulded Graphite (IMF) woofer cones that come on the Klipsch r120sw give you extremely crisp and crystal clear sounds that are distortion-free, a top-quality smooth bass, and a sound that is consistent even on very loud volumes that are fated to shake your entire room.

On the other hand, the SVS PB 1000 might slightly have the upper hand on overall power output since it comes with a peak power of 720watts and a frequency range of 260 Hz compared to the peak 120 Hz that is offered on the Klipsch r120sw.

The SVS PB 1000 effortlessly offers excellent bass.

It can handle low frequencies efficiently well, giving you the perfect special effects sounds in movies or any other entertainment sounds that you set it up for, making it a high-fidelity speaker and one of the great choices for any and all extremely crazy sound enthusiasts out there.

Klipsch r120sw vs SVS PB 1000: Build quality and Connectivity

The Klipsch r120sw and the SVS PB 1000 come in an MDF cabinet, while the r120sw is slightly smaller than the PB 1000. These subwoofers offer excellent and the best durability and SVS PB is slightly lighter than the r120sw.

As for the Connectivity, since these subwoofers are older models of their own individual series, the Klipsch r120sw does not come with advanced connectivity options just like the SVS PB 1000.

However, there are advanced connectivity options for you on the latest version of the SVS PB 1000, which is the SVS PB 1000 pro that is priced much higher.

These speakers generally have great features and can give you excellent, top-quality sounds for all your needs. The only significant difference between these two subwoofers comes down to the price.

While the Klipsch r120sw is a sleek, designed, affordable subwoofer that packs a punch on crisp and crystal clear sounds, the SVS PB 1000 offers better performance for a higher price range.

The choice between these two depends on your budget, but neither is destined to disappoint.


Is Klipsch r12sw review any good?

The Klipsch r12sw is an excellent subwoofer that provides high-quality clear, crisp sound for the price it comes with.
Even though the product is discontinued, the Klipsch r12sw review has a 4.7 out of 5 on a global rating on Amazon.

Are Klipsch subs any good?

Klipsch subs are known globally for being affordable and providing their customers with the perfect performance and quality regardless of the price. So yes, Klipsch subwoofers are generally great.

What impedance are Klipsch r-12sw subwoofers?

The Klipsch r-12sw impedance is 8 Ohms.

Is a 10-inch subwoofer or 12-inch subwoofer better?

A 10-inch subwoofer can easily give you that great bass with minimal distortion, and it will take up less space. But you can go for a 12-inch subwoofer if you want a bigger, more powerful, and much more profound bass response.

Klipsch r12sw vs r120sw: Which one should you go for?

Both of these speakers are amazingly well crafted and perform exceptionally well. They both are identical, with little differences in pricing and design.

However, since the product is discontinued, you might find it challenging to get your hands on the Klipsch r12sw in 2022.

You might get lucky and find one of the remaining pieces available online if there is one, or you can buy it from someone selling it on a second hand basis.

Other than that, the r120sw is an excellent choice, and you will not be disappointed. 

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