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16 Best Speakers for DJing at Home (2023)

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DJ speakers are a critical component in any DJ’s toolbox. There are many things you might want to take into consideration before you invest in DJ Speakers – there are a ton of choices, and they come in different sizes and have a full range that you can choose from. So, in 2021 which are some of the best speakers that you can invest in for DJing at home?

Some of the best speakers for DJing at home are the Edifier R1280DB, Kali Audio LP-6, Dual Electronics LU43PB, Bose S1 Pro, and Wireless Portable PA Speaker System. They are compact, have lower wattage, a robust build, and some have a tweeter-woofer built-in, which makes for a great sound experience.

Before buying a set of speakers for DJing, there are a few things you should consider. These speakers should be sturdy and give a great quality of sound to make the DJing an enjoyable experience. Keep on reading to find out which are some of the best speakers you can buy if you plan on DJing at home.

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Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

The Edifier R1280DB is 4 inches (10.16 cms) in size and makes for a great compact yet powerful speaker if you are DJing at home. These compact speakers have become popular of late and are more commonly known as bookshelf speakers due to their size and look.

It can camouflage easily among a bunch of books and look like one itself resembling the thick spine of a tome.

Bluetooth wireless speakers have also gained popularity due to the reason that they do not need the hassle of wires to connect to a device. They can be enjoyed simply by connecting it to your iPhone, Android, or even your PC or Mac.

Their sound quality is also impeccable. They are fine-tuned for sound reproduction through a silk dome tweeter, which enables a studio-quality sound.

This speaker comes with a remote control to help adjust the volume and toggle the inputs from the remote with the press of a button. The bass and treble control is located on the side of the main speaker.

This Bluetooth speaker is made of quality components that make it a sturdy, high quality, sound-emitting speaker. Nonetheless, it also comes with a two-year warranty.

Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Monitor

The Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Monitor is relatively bigger than the Edifier R1280DB. The speaker size is 6.5 inches (16.51cms) and has an output power of 80 watts. This speaker is uniquely designed to provide 3-D imaging waveguide that will allow your in-house audience to hear a 3-D soundstage quality of sound from this speaker. It is a great tool for your DJing arsenal.

Because of its small size, this speaker also falls in the category of bookshelf speaker. It can be nicely tucked away in the corner of the bookshelf, which will, in turn, save you the floor space you need to accommodate the guests as the DJ of the house party.

The LP-6 is equipped with a voice coil that allows the speaker to produce clearer sound with lesser distortion, and exceptional range. These attributes make the speaker ideal for a large-sized party hall or living room.

It has a very clean sound output at a range of 2 meters (around 6 feet). Having two such speakers will increase this output further. It is ideal for a home studio setup.

Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way High Performance Outdoor Indoor Speakers

This Dual Electronics LU43PB is a slightly bulkier version weighing around 2.2 pounds (1 kg). It is designed for both outdoors and indoors and can be mounted or placed in any open space.

They can be placed by the pool if you are having a pool party, or in a large room, or even on a bookshelf, if your bookshelf can carry the extra weight.

Regardless of where you place it, this speaker guarantees to deliver an extraordinary sound.

These speakers can be mounted in any open space with the help of swivel brackets. Due to the versatility of its design, this speaker can provide a full range of high-quality sound.

It is digitally optimized to create a state of accurate acoustic dispersion of sound and have a powerful bass at the same time. This accounts for a deep, rich sound ensuing from the speaker.

Due to its UV resistant resin coating and a robust enclosure within which the actual speaker is placed, it is a sturdy and weather-resistant speaker that stays protected from the elements while also preserving the sound quality at the same time. It comes with a one-year warranty.

To enhance your DJing experience further, add on an amplifier to these speakers. This small addition will make a huge difference to any indoor/outdoor party and provide a rich acoustic experience.

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

The Bose S1 Pro is a 15.5 pounds (7 kg) speaker that can be carried around wherever you go. Due to its portable nature, it can be easily carried from one house party to another and from one DJing assignment to another.

This big box gives out an equally big and booming sound, and if you are having a fun party, whether it is an outdoor get-together or a birthday bash, this speaker comes in handy.

It is also enabled for wireless Bluetooth pairing and has inputs for a microphone or musical instruments such as a keyboard or guitar, making this a very versatile speaker. The built-in sensors provide optimal sound in nearly any position.

It operates on a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. A fully charged Bose S1 Pro yields around 11 hours of playtime, which seems quite sufficient.

The product is marketed as a single speaker, but it is always a good idea to get two of those for a better and more immersive sound experience. This speaker comes in a single color – black.

Wireless Portable PA Speaker System

The PA Speaker System runs on 800 watts and is a portable speaker that looks like a traveling bag, but is built to power your DJ nights in the house. It is a full range of audio loudspeaker that lets you play all your favorite tracks with clarity and style.

The subwoofer and tweeter give added depth to the sound. It has other components like the mic and compression driver that provides greater quality to the sound. There is also the option of FM radio and digital display.

To enjoy wireless audio streaming, connect the Bluetooth to your device, and it will work like a charm. It is compatible with all devices starting from PC to tablets and android and iPhone and is an ideal choice for personal use as well as for a DJ party.

To complement any party, this speaker system has a multi-color flashing LED party light that can be controlled by a remote to make the lights pulsate to the music beat.

The complete set also has a port for USB flash drive and an SD card reader that allows it to function as an MP3 player. The microphone input is great for holding karaoke nights. It also comes with a remote control and power adapter.

JBL Professional IRX Series

The JBL Professional IRX series is a 23.6 inches (59.9cms) tall speaker that provides great sound output through its compact and lightweight design. It can be easily paired with a Bluetooth device for streaming music and other soundtracks. It is optimized to provide a range of applications.

The one-touch button automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected, making this a winner for all aspiring and professional DJs alike.

The input jack can be connected to a mic to increase the utility of this speaker. It also has a feedback suppression designed into it, which detects and stops feedback before it starts for trouble-free use.

It has a wide frequency response of 53 Hz – 20 kHz and functions on 1300 watts. The design includes a built-in pole mount that adds more versatility to the setup options. The steel grille that is set up like a honeycomb protects the speaker inside and is road-tested for robustness.

On each side, you will find ergonomically designed handles that make transporting this speaker from one location to another a breeze.

Behringer Eurolive B210D Active

The Behringer Eurolive is ideal for outdoor DJing parties. Weighing at around 19.18 pounds (8.69 kgs), this speaker is great for live and playback options. It is a highly powerful sound reinforcement speaker that operates on 200 watts.

It is further equipped with a great amplifier technology that produces incredible sonic performance.

The integrated sound processor provides total system control and has an active high-pass filter, which eliminates distortion of any kind. It also features an ultra-low noise mic input jack.

Intelligently designed, the Behringer Eurolive merges the best features of active, loudspeakers with the sound quality of high-end amplifiers. These components work together to provide seamless and optimum sound quality.

Due to its ultra-compact design, it can be carried from one destination to the next with relative ease. The lightweight system delivers high-quality sound at extreme sound pressure levels.

There is also an internal switch-mode power supply to ensure superior quality and noise-free audio at a very low power consumption. This speaker is also available in black.

Hercules DJSpeaker 32 Party

Hercules DJ comes in a 3-inch speaker size and a woofer of the same size as well. It has a shifted tweeter for a much clearer rendering of the sound quality and a more noticeable stereo effect. The Hercules is also equipped with a dual bass vent. It functions on 15 watts per speaker.

It has DJ lights embedded into the speaker. Each of these speakers features a system of LED lights to mimic the effect of a disco ball and produce a color-filled ambiance. The speakers let you choose between four different lighting modes.

The first one is a lighting effect to the beat of the music, the second one is similar, but it becomes even more active during transitions between two songs, the third one has a rapid flash effect to the beat of the music, and the last one has a strobe light function which can be kept on even when the music is not playing.

As the speakers come along with an infrared remote, it can be easily controlled through them. You can also carry them with you wherever you go without the hassles of setting it up and reconnecting every time.

Due to its high-quality design and clear stereo sound, it renders music at an exceptional listening quality.

For optimal listening, position the speakers at a 60° angle between the listeners and the device. It is even better if the speakers are positioned at a height so that it is at the same level as the listener’s ears. This ensures the maximum sound quality for the listeners.

Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers

This is a wireless speaker that is 4.5 inches (11.43cms) in size. It comes in black color and has both digital as well as analog inputs. It can provide lossless connection via Bluetooth for playing from phones, dj tablets or laptops. You can adjust the bass treble volume and toggle inputs on the rear panel.

It also comes with a handy and compact remote control for input selection, volume adjustment, and track control via Bluetooth technology. Consider adding a subwoofer for added quality to the sound output.

The speaker has a sub-out jack for this. The bass sound is so good that it actually sends out ripples of sound in any room or space it occupies.

This speaker is made of high quality and durable parts. The speaker has a high gloss glass finish that adds to the aesthetics of your home, where you plan to host the DJ party. It also falls under the category of bookshelf speakers. The Edifier R1850DB also comes with a two-year warranty.  

Patron Pro Audio PSS-2500

This is an 18-inch (45.72) DJ speaker that works on 2500 watts and has a 1.34 dome driver. It is equipped with a three-way loudspeaker and is made of heavy-duty and durable materials.    

Even though it is a well-functioning speaker and perfect for DJ activities, you will need to purchase a warranty separately. This is not sold with a warranty by default, and you will need to make a special request for it. 

For the best sound effects, you need to invest in two of these speakers instead of just one. Having two speakers located at an angle of 60 degrees each facing the group, you will be DJing with the best quality sound.

Active PA Speaker System

This speaker system functions on 100 watts and offers a 2-way full-range audio projection. It is powerful and loud and clear. These speakers carry your sound across an area without any distortions or drowning in any external noise, making it ideal for DJing at parties and events, or even announcements, if you like.

Active PA Speaker system has 8 inch-sized (20.32cms) speakers that use high-performance woofers and tweeters that deliver impressive bass and clear stereo sound.

This speaker comes in a set that includes everything to set up a party–from power cable to speaker stand, wired microphone, to a remote control, it is all you will need to get the party started at your home.

It is an all in one speaker system that is also portable and easy to carry around.

It allows you to configure it that way you like and is compatible with Bluetooth devices, and smartphones, tablets, PC and laptops. You can also plug it in with your MP3 player.

This speaker also has a jack for USB and SD cards. You can plug it in with a microphone as well. You can adjust the master volume, mic volume, treble, and bass, making it one of the best choices for your indoor/outdoor parties.

Hercules DJ MONITOR 5

The Hercules DJ Monitor 5 functions on 80 watts each. It amplifies the sound by providing a full range of sound frequencies. It is also equipped with woofers to have a surround sound effect and an optimized acoustic waveguide.

These amplified speakers produce great bass sound and are a perfect fit for any environment. They can adapt themselves to large open spaces or tone it down if it is a small nook.

Given these specifications, the Hercules DJ Monitor5 makes for a great speaker set for indoor DJing.

It is widely recommended by the DJing community for its excellent precision and sound quality. The in-built woofer offers precise, powerful, and versatile performance.

They are perfect, no matter the level of DJing accomplishment you have. Even novice DJs have found it helpful in learning how to mix and produce their first tracks and also for multimedia creation as well.

Equipped with an on and off switch in the front of each speaker, a master volume knob for precise control, and an indicator light to signify the On position, this speaker is user friendly and easy to work with.

They can even be plugged into a home theatre set up. Due to their slick wooden enclosures, the Hercules DJ Monitor5 looks great, too, while producing a superior quality of music.

Rockville RPG8BT V2 8″ Powered 400W DJ PA Speaker

The remote-controlled Rockville RPG8BT features a 400 watt active DJ speaker complete with a built-in Bluetooth and Wireless stereo linking. Due to the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, it plays your music seamlessly and can connect to multiple devices at the same time.

This is called the True Wireless Stereo(TWS) that allows a device to be connected to two such speakers together wirelessly and to play in stereo.

The fast Bluetooth speed has low latency, so it is great for use in professional environments. It is equipped with a woofer and aluminum voice coil to produce deep rich sounds.

It provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic sounds, even from a Bluetooth signal input. There are no cables necessary to play from this speaker. It also has jacks for USB, SD cards, mic, and MP3 music player. 

The speaker allows for a wireless remote control so that you can enjoy the added convenience of being able to adjust the MP3 player functions, such as the volume or playlist with the help of the wireless remote.

It has a high-power 2-way sound reinforcement speaker system for live sound and playback applications.

Due to its being compact and lightweight, it gives out a distortion-free sound even at extreme sound pressure levels.

The internal switch-mode power supply allows for low distortion audio, and the built-in bass and treble equalization processor provides ultimate system control and speaker protection.

It has 1.35 inches (3.24cms), state-of-the-art Japanese titanium-diaphragm compression driver, for crystal clear high-frequency reproduction.

The ultra-wide dispersion of sound is best experienced by placing the speakers at 40 degrees. It can also be molded directly into the cabinet.

There is a volume control, and the separate inputs have separate volume adjustment controls. You can also link additional speakers through the RCA line output.

Its versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning, including stand mounting with the help of a pole socket. It is ergonomically designed with both sides and top mount handles for easy carrying and setup.

Mackie THUMP Series, 15-Inch 1300-Watt Loudspeaker

It is a 40.5 pounds (18.3 kgs) Bluetooth enabled woofer loudspeaker that is available in black color. It is a high-output woofer and functions at 1300 watts to provide ultra-efficient sound experience.

The amplifier design with dynamic bass response technology allows for a transient response that is incredibly fast and delivers chest-thumping music – a perfect choice for DJing.

It allows for wireless control and streaming of music. You can also connect it to the Thump Connect app and control the speakers via that.

All in all, these speakers produce an amazingly simple and high-output wireless music playback option, which is ideal for hosting house parties.

JBL PartyBox 300 – High Power Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

The JBL PartyBox 300 is a portable speaker that is fairly lightweight at 34.2 pounds (roughly 17 kgs). It offers unparalleled sound quality and immersive audio experience, which is just the thing you will need for DJing at home.

It is also equipped with full-panel lighting that creates a captivating light show. This adds to the whole sound experience as they associate the sound with a visual aid as well, making it a lasting memory in your guests’ minds.

The full panel lighting effect creates an astounding light show that syncs with the music you are playing.

With its wireless Bluetooth streaming and a portable rechargeable battery, and input jacks for mic and guitar, you are all set to take the stage.

Logitech Z313 Speaker System

This Logitech speaker system is incredibly light and easy to carry around. You can set up a home DJing station anywhere in the house or by the pool or even in your backyard, as long as your neighbors are okay with it.  

The built-in control pod makes it easy to control volume, and you can fill your room with booming sounds. These speakers function at 25 watts. It also houses a compact subwoofer that fits into tight spaces and tricky corners to deliver deeper bass when you want to feel the beat.

You can set it up with relative ease by simply connecting the speakers to a subwoofer and plugging in the sub-woofer into your computer. You can plug it with any headphone device with a headphone jack.

The speakers have a 3.5 mm (0.3 cm) input jack and access power and volume on the wired control pod. It provides a rich sound for a full range of audio experience.

In this video, you can see the speaker system unboxing and set up for Logitech Z313. The reviewer has rated these to be the best budget speakers:

However, you will need to take into consideration the size of the house or outdoor accommodation where you will be DJing and your budget considerations before you zero down on a speaker. The speaker needs to match your needs. It is not the other way around.


If you are a newbie in the world of DJing, it is easy to get swayed by the opinions of others, but you have to learn to judge what best suits you based on your specific needs.

Hopefully, the list of products provided in this article has helped you in evaluating and understanding your requirements with greater clarity.

Keep in mind that you do not need to shell out as much on speakers if you are only looking to host a party and DJing at your home as you would need to if you were hosting a party at a large venue.