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BEST Bluetooth Speakers for Wedding & Reception

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Getting married is a significant milestone in most people’s lives. Even though weddings are joyful events, we all know the stress that comes with them as well. 

There are so many details to get right that it can become extremely overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to the sound design. 

This is why we have compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers for weddings. We hope this makes the process much less stressful!

What Sound Equipment Do You Need For a Wedding?

In general, the sound equipment you need for a wedding can be grouped into two categories: a playback system and a sound system

The playback system is the device you will use to play music at the wedding. Most of the time, people use a laptop to access the music they want to play. 

However, it is a good idea to have the music on another device in case something goes wrong. Many unexpected things can happen, so it is always wise to have a backup. 

The sound system is the set of equipment that reproduces sound. You can think of the sound system as a process through which sound reaches our ears. 

The first element of a sound system is the input. The input is usually a microphone or playback device. When you speak into a mic, you are inputting sound that can be reproduced through a speaker.

The second element of a sound system is the mixer, which is used to manipulate the sound. You can use a DJ controller instead of a traditional mixer- both will get the job done. 

The last two elements of a sound system are the amplifier and speaker system. However, most speakers today come with built-in amplifiers. This is what is known as active speakers. Check out this Best amplifier for KEF LS50 Meta.

The speaker system is simply the speaker(s), which is the output element of the sound system. 

Most of the equipment mentioned above will be needed at a wedding, but it depends on a few factors. You should consider how big your wedding will be, and whether it will take place inside or outside. 

If you are having a large wedding outdoors, we highly recommend investing in a complete sound system. 

What To Look For in a Speaker?

There are many different types of speakers ranging from subwoofers to traditional loudspeakers. All speakers serve different purposes.

Some are better at transmitting high-frequency sounds, while others are better at transmitting low-frequency sounds.

The most common type of speaker used for a wedding is a Bluetooth or wireless loudspeaker.

This is because loudspeakers produce high amplitude sound waves that cover vast spaces. They are especially perfect for outdoor settings. 

To choose the right speaker for your ceremony, you should consider the following factors:

Size and Setting

How big or small will your wedding be? Will it take place indoors or outdoors? These are the two most important factors to consider. 

If you are having a small wedding indoors, then choosing the right speaker isn’t as much of a problem. Things start to get complicated when there are many people or when it takes place outside.

Always pay attention to the watts and decibel range of the speaker you intend to buy. If it is an indoor event, the ideal decibel range should be between 50 and 60. If it is outdoors, it should be from 70 to 80.

The wattage range of a speaker is how much power the speaker is capable of putting out. If the size of the venue is between 500-2000 square feet, then a wattage range of 100-2000 is ideal.

Anything over 2000 square feet requires a range of 2000-4000 watts. If the event takes place outside, have 10 watts per guest at the minimum.


Many speakers are bulky and hard to move around. If this is an issue then consider investing in a portable and lightweight speaker

Some speakers also come with cool designs that might fit the theme of your wedding. Or at the very least the speakers will camouflage with their surroundings.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is a big deal. A speaker might have a high wattage potential, but sound awful at high volumes. 

You want the sound quality to be crisp and clear at all volumes. Ideally, the speaker you buy will offer stereo sound and decent bass. 

You can always purchase speakers from trustable brands as they will most likely offer good sound quality.


A great speaker does not need to cost a lot of money. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars.

Buy a speaker that is exactly suited for your needs, and do not overspend.

Should You Buy or Rent Your Wedding Speakers?

The choice to buy or rent speakers for your wedding is entirely personal. In most cases, renting speakers will cost you less or about the same as buying them.

So it’s really a question of whether you intend to use the speakers after your wedding. If you know the speakers will continue to serve a purpose after your wedding, then by all means buy them. 

On the contrary, if you will not use the speakers after the wedding, you are better off renting them. 

You can also consider renting a complete sound system instead of individual speakers, which will save you a lot of money. There are many rental places that focus specifically on sound equipment for weddings. 

This is a great choice if you are unsure of the equipment you need. You can easily rent packages that come with all the right equipment. 

If you are confident in your ability to choose the appropriate equipment, then buying it yourself is probably the way to go. This way you can specifically choose the equipment you want and mix and match different brands. 

If your idea is to buy speakers, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to check out some of the best speakers to buy for your wedding.

Best Wedding Speakers

The list below provides a large range of options to suit different needs. You’ll find the best Bluetooth and wireless speakers for both outdoor and indoor weddings.

You’ll also find speakers of different price ranges, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

1. TENMIYA Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Speaker with Colorful Lights

Price: $49

Starting at the lowest price range, we have the TENMIYA speaker. The TENMIYA speaker is a great choice for playing music at your wedding. Its heavy bass, loud stereo, and colorful lights make it an ideal party speaker. 

The speaker has a peak wattage of 60, which makes it appropriate for small weddings. It includes a remote control and access to microphone connection. It also features a decent battery life of up to 10 hours.

Extremely affordableLow wattage potential
PortableLimited battery life
Microphone connection
Includes remote control
LED lights

2. JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $113

The JBL Charge 4 speaker is the perfect option if you’re hosting a small wedding at a beach. The speaker’s rugged fabric makes it incredibly durable and 100% waterproof.

Its small size and low weight make it easy to hide. This is definitely a speaker to consider if you hate bulky speakers and want something more discreet, but don’t want to compromise sound quality. 

The JBL Charge 4 has a wattage potential of 30 watts and 20 hours of playtime.

WaterproofLow wattage potential
Durable fabricDoes not come with a USB wall
Good sound quality

3. Dual Electronics LU43PB 3-Way High Performance Outdoor/Indoor Speakers

Price: $119

This pair of LU43PB speakers are versatile in every aspect. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can also be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

The speakers are naturally wired, but they come with a Bluetooth amplifier. This Bluetooth amplifier connects effortlessly to your smart device and maintains connection for up to 100 feet.

The amplifier enables 100 watts of maximum power, which makes the LU43PB speakers better suited for smaller weddings.

Versatile designAmplifier is not built-in
Indoor and outdoor useWired
Weather-resistantLow wattage potential
Bluetooth capacity

4. Pyle Wall Mount Speaker System

Price: $129

This speaker system is water-resistant and reliable in all weathers. It is an excellent set of speakers for an outdoor wedding reception. It also works just as well indoors, especially because it’s mountable. 

This Pyle speaker system is both heavy-duty and practical. Its compact size makes it easy to move around and place anywhere. 

The Pyle speaker system has a wattage potential of 240 watts and a powerful stereo. 

Water-resistantNot much bass
WeatherproofPower cord can be flimsy
Easy installation
Good wattage potential

5. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $199

The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 features an immersive 360-degree sound and a powerful bass. 

The speaker is built from tough fabric to withstand almost any damage. It is 100% waterproof and resistant to falls. 

The MEGABOOM 3 can reach a volume level of around 100 decibels, so it can get extremely loud. It is definitely a speaker that can manage large crowds of people. 

The speaker also has a 20-hour battery life and can be charged wirelessly. In addition, you can use the Ultimate Ears app to connect the speaker to other speakers of the same brand. You can connect up to 150 speakers!

DurableBluetooth connection can be weak
ConvenientSound quality decreases at high volumes
Good bass
High volume

6. Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II) Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $219

Similar to the MEGABOOM 3, the Bose SoundLink Revolve also features 360-degree sound. The sound quality is excellent and immersive.

The SoundLink Revolve is small and lightweight. The speaker is also dust and water-resistant. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Additionally, the SoundLink Revolve has a 13-hour battery life and a built-in microphone. You can easily charge the speaker via a Micro-B USB port. 

Extremely lightweightMight be overly small for some people
Excellent sound qualityLimited battery life
Built-in mic

7. Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable and Home Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $449

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom wireless Bluetooth speaker delivers bass like no other speaker. That sound that comes out of this speaker is massive!

It is an excellent choice for a large wedding or an outdoor wedding. The Hyperboom can last a whole day on a single charge.

The speaker features an intelligent sound equalizer that reads the environment and adapts the appropriate sound.

The Hyperboom is water-resistant and durable. It also features USB charging for convenience. 

Amazing bassMight be expensive
Can reach high volumesHeavy
Excellent sound quality
Good equalizer

8. Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker

Price: $499

This Electro-Voice speaker has a powerful wattage potential of 1000 watts. Not to mention the incredible 126-decibel range it can reach.

The Electro-Voice speaker can play loud and far. It is the ideal speaker for a large wedding. 

The speaker features three handles on either side, which makes it easy to carry. One thing to note is that the speaker weighs around 35 pounds, so it is quite heavy. 

On the bright side, the speaker features signal synchronized transducers, which help minimize sound distortions. This means that the speaker’s sound quality will not decrease as the volume increases.

High wattage potentialHeavy
High volume potentialExpensive
Excellent sound quality
Strong and sturdy

9. Two Room Set Sonos One Smart Speaker

Price: $578

The Sonos One speakers are the perfect size- you can fit them anywhere. The speakers can be put in separate rooms, or connected in the same room to create a stereo sound. 

The speakers deliver a crisp sound that is consistent throughout all volumes. It also includes Alexa voice control, so you can play music without pressing a single button. 

The speakers are entirely wireless, however, they connect through Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. 

Overall, this is a worthy speaker system to consider for a large ceremony. Particularly if the ceremony takes place indoors rather than outdoors.

The speakers are not waterproof but they are resistant to humidity, so they can be used outdoors in most cases.

High sound qualityExpensive
Voice controlNo Bluetooth connection
Speaker system
Resistant to humidity

10. Architectural Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Price: $588

This pair of architectural Sonos speakers are the most expensive on the list and for good reason. The sound these speakers provide is near perfect. They are surely tiny, but powerful as well.

These speakers are intended for outdoor use and to be mounted on a wall or ceiling. This makes the speakers discreet and easy to handle. It is an option to consider for those who want barely visible speakers. 

The biggest downside to this pair of speakers is their lack of a built-in amplifier. You would have to buy an amplifier separately, which might be a considerable expense.

If the price is not a problem and you care more about the sound quality, this speaker system might be the way to go.

Excellent sound qualityPricey
PortableNo built-in amp
Resistant to all kinds of weather

Best Sound Systems for Weddings

As mentioned before, a sound system includes a microphone, a mixer, an amplifier, and a speaker system. However, many sound systems vary in what they include.

Below are a few of the most complete sound systems that will work great for any wedding:

1. PRORECK MX10 PA System

Price: $299

The PRORECK MX10 system is one of the most complete sound systems for an affordable price. The set comes with two speakers, speaker tripods, a wired microphone, and a Bluetooth mixer.

The speakers have convenient side handles, which enable easy mobility. The mixer can be connected to a smart device via Bluetooth. It has a wide frequency response from 40-20KHz. The sound is amplified effortlessly with minimal distortions. 

If a wired microphone is not your thing, you can connect a wireless microphone to the system. (Check out these best wireless rap mics!)

Complete sound systemWired mic
Affordable Cables are flimsy
Bluetooth powered mixer

2. Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Set

Price: $349

The Knox Dual sound system is one of the most versatile sets you can buy. While the PRORECK MX10 set is mostly targeted at beginners, the Knox Dual set is suited for everyone.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, this set will be a pleasure to work with. It includes two speakers, speaker tripods, a mixer, and a wired mic.

Each speaker can reach a wattage potential of 300 watts. This is significant power without comprising quality. 

One of the best features of this set is how incredibly portable it is. The speaker system has an interlocking design.

They connect with the mixer while the other parts are stored behind the mixer. This way you can carry the whole sound system like a suitcase. 

Advanced mixer kitWired mic
Extremely portableShort tripods
High wattage potential
High sound quality

3. Rockville Package PA System

Price: $399

The Rockville sound system includes two speakers, two tripods, two microphones, and a mixer.

The Rockville speaker system is extremely powerful and high quality. The speakers can reach a wattage range of 800 watts and a peak volume of 109 decibels.

That is an extremely high volume that can cover a wide range. This speaker system is perfect for an outdoor or large wedding. 

The mixer includes an LCD display and a built-in FM radio. The set comes with two mics instead of one, which is always a plus. 

Two micsMixer is noisy
Excellent sound quality
Loud and heavy bass
Quality tripods

4. PRORECK Club 4000 Stereo DJ/Powered PA Speaker System

Price: $639

This sound system is one of the most advanced and high-quality systems you can get. It comes with a subwoofer speaker, four line array speakers, two tripod stands, an amplifier, a remote control, and a built-in mixer. 

The system has an amazing wattage peak of 4000 watts and a wide frequency response of 100-20KHz. It can accommodate around 500 people!

The system includes an 18-inch speaker with a built-in amplifier. It also includes built-in volume controls, so it can work as a mixer. However, an external mixer might be needed.

Deep and powerful bassExpensive
High wattage potentialVery heavy
Excellent sound quality
Multiple speakers