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Bose Soundsport Vs. Soundsport Pulse in 2023 [EXTRA Price Worth It?]

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Are you also a headphones fanatic? Do you work faster when you have some music ringing in your ears, or do you simply like to listen to a good beat while you get work done or run your errands?

If all of this seems like something you would do, headphones by the Bose are just for you!

Bose has come up with excellent quality headphones that are ideal for workouts and when you are on the go.

You also don’t have to worry about losing them, as Bose has teamed up with the famous Tile to make it easier for you to find them in an instant.

The headphones from Bose offer an unmatched combination of stability and comfort, allowing you to keep your headphones on even during the most vigorous exercises.

The Bluetooth and NFC pairing allow you to move around without worrying about tangling your wires.

Similarly, they are sweat and weather-resistant, making them your absolute favorite. The compatible app allows you to connect to all the features the headphones offer with just a tap on your mobile screen.

With excellent characteristics like rechargeable batteries, a low charging time, and quick setup guides and warranty cards, the Bose headphones are the best selection.

We have further come up with the Bose sport earbuds review, answering questions like are Bose SoundSport pulse waterproof and are the Bose Soundsport good for calls? 

Bose Soundsport Vs. Soundsport Pulse

Built-in Heart Sensor

The Bose Soundsport Pulse features a built-in heart rate sensor compatible with most fitness applications.

The heart rate sensor is from PerformTek Precision Biometrics, a patented technology that perpetually measures your biometric data BPM. This is a reddot award winner concept of 2017.

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones use the communication protocol Bluetooth 4.0 version, which works with several other fitness apps like Strava, MapMyRun, Runtastic, Apple Healthkit, and Runkeeper.

Music Playtime

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones boast a more advanced and sophisticated music playtime technology that allows you to enjoy your favorite music for six hours.

In contrast, the Bose soundsport headphones offer a playtime of about five hours.

StayHear+ Pulse Tips for Stability

Both the headphones, Bose Soundsport Pulse and Bose soundsport, feature the StayHear+ ear tips, which are made of a soft silicone material.

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones have an improved, unique shape that creates a gentle seal around the ear canal, canceling out exterior noises and improving the overall listening experience.

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones’ wings extend, providing support and greater stability during running and workouts.

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones also use a small cutout in the StayHear+ tips that accommodate the sensor window.

How is Bose Soundsport Different from Bose Soundsport Pulse? A Detailed Review

Bose has come up with headphones offering contemporary features within an affordable range.

The best-selling sport headphones from Bose, base Soundsport and its high-end variations Soundsport Pulse, are capable of measuring the heart rate, making them ideal for sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts.

Both the Bose Soundsport basic and Soundsport Pulse allow the user to work out, run, and cycle without becoming a distraction.

The open design also enables the wearer to listen to loud sounds like traffic and other noises, making them safe when working out outdoors or simply walking out in the open.

Bose Soundsport Wireless Review

Although the Bose soundsport wireless headphones were released years ago, they offer features like the modernist headphones.

Despite the low official IP rating, they are a top favorite of several users, who consider them reliable workout buddies.

The Bose Soundsport headphones have been a hit ever since they were released, but their demand was at its peak in 2020.

The earbuds are somewhat large and bulky and offer a seemingly precarious fit. However, stay put during workouts allowing you to remain focused.

The ear tips are not too sleek, but the functionality is remarkable. On the right earbud’s top is a single button that controls powering and pairing, but you will have to use the in-line mic as well as the remote for playback controls.

The control module and the Bose Soundsport headphones’ wire are compact and well-constructed, which prevents them from tying into knots. The Bose Soundsport earbuds are hard plastic since they have to resist sweat.

The Bose set includes a wireless headset, micro-USB charger, a small carrying case along with a carabiner clip with the design, two different sets of StayHear+ tips, and a setup guide.

They use Bluetooth version 4.1 to connect to your phone via the NFC pairing.

The range for Bluetooth connection is about 10 meters and works reasonably well. It supports two Bluetooth codecs: the SBC and AAC.

This is good news for iOS device users, as they can stream premium-quality audio through their Bose Soundsport headphones. However, Android users may have some trouble.

Android devices may cause a little problem encoding the ACC Bluetooth codec so that streaming may be inconsistent. However, it will work fine for iOS users.

The average battery time is 6 hours and 45 minutes on a single charge, which is great considering most users work out for a lesser duration in one go. The charge time is about two hours for complete charging.

Great fitSBC and AAC only, no aptX
Connection stabilityBulky
Sound qualityLack of official IP rating
Easy to operate the controls

Bose Soundsport Pulse Review

The Bose Soundsport Pulse is integrated with a heart rate sensor that connects to several popular workout applications. These headphones are considered to check all the features off the sporty-tech cliché list.

They are on the heavier side, thick, and come with rounded rubberized shells. The front panels are embossed with Bose logo.

The headphones also have a two-toned black and red color scheme that fits the GPS-connector fitness watch.

The wires of the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones are high-quality, allowing the user to continue using them for several months. The readily-available Bluetooth audio gear is also beneficial.

The wire that connects the two earbuds is heavy, thick, and well-protected with a rubber layer to protect it from sweat and moisture. As reported by most users, the wire rarely twists or bunches up.

The in-line microphone and remote are better than several other headphones in a similar price range. The built-in heart rate tracker is what has earned the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones its fame.

The nub fitted into the left earbud reads the pulse in the ear, giving you an accurate heart rate reading. All you need to do is activate it via the Soundsport Pulse app.

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones also fit securely without noticeably bouncing while running or exercising. This means you do not have to break your rhythm or experience breaks in your music as you work out. 

The battery and fit are also pretty reasonable. Most users have reported a playtime of 5 hours with the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones.

They charge pretty quickly when you plug in the headphones from the mini USB cord. They come up with three different tip options for security and an easy ear fit.

The sound of the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones is perhaps its most outstanding feature. The sound profile lets you listen to each beat clearly, even on the lower end.

When put to the test, they even pass the bass shaker test. The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones handle bass pretty well with a wide dynamic range. The frequency response, however, may not be as great on the high end.

Overall, the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones keep you refurbished, are comfortable, and stay put in the ears. With this pair, you do not have to worry about constantly fixing your earbuds back into your ears.

Moreover, you also do not have to look for them for long as Bose has paired up with Tile, the largest lost and found community worldwide. The Tile feature allows you to find them quickly if lost.

All you have to do is download the Tile app and follow the instructions to activate the headphones so you can find them whenever, wherever.

The Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones’ unique tips fit into the ears comfortably, creating a gentle deal. The extended flexible wing offers support and enhanced stability, allowing you to focus solely on your workout.

Sweat in the gym or outdoors has nothing on the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones as they are weather and sweat-resistant. You can use them even if it is raining or you are sweating profusely on sunny days.

The acoustic ports resist sweat, and the hydrophobic cloth keeps the headphones from taking in excessive moisture.

The Bose Connect app gives you quick and easy access to all the controls and features. You can get helpful tips, unlock new product features, and personalize the controls as per your requirement.

This allows you to spend more time enjoying rather than setting up the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones.

The Bluetooth feature also allows you to receive calls and talk on the phone as you move around.

So enjoy your favorite music while you work out, watch a movie, or converse with friends and family, all with a single pair of Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones.

Strong bass soundExpensive
The thick, heavy cord that doesn’t tangleWeak high-end sound
Great microphoneShort battery life
Reliable pulse trackerSlightly thick and heavy
Good app support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bose SoundSport pulse waterproof?

The Bose SoundSport Pulse is among the most popular headphones, especially if you are looking for headphones for exercise and workouts.
They offer several desirable features, including water resistance. However, the Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones are not waterproof.

2. Are Bose SoundSport headphones good for calls?

The Bose SoundSport headphones offer numerous features, including allowing calls. You can use these headphones to answer, converse, control, and end phone calls.
You do not have to access the mobile device to take a call while you are using the Bose SoundSport headphones.

3. What is the difference between the Bose soundsport and soundsport pulse?

The Bose soundsport offers several features, including water resistance and a comfortable fit. However, the Soundsport Pulse headphones have a heartrate sensor and an improved battery time that allow you to use them continually.

4. Are Bose sport and soundsport earbuds worth the price?

The Bose sport and soundsport earbuds offer an excellent fit that is better than several other headphones in the same price range. The durability and comfort level is unmatched.
Furthermore, the audio performances are enjoyable and allow the user to listen to clear audio details. They are ideal for fitness fanatics.

5. Do Bose soundsport headphones have a good bass?

The Bose soundsport headphones offer a wide range of dynamics, and the bass is not as deep as some of the other earbuds. However, they feature well-balanced audio details and loud bass.