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Klipschorn vs. La Scala [Sound, Senstivity, Accessories, & a LOT More!]

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Large speakers seem to be all the rage at the moment. They will give you the experience of a lifetime, especially if you are a fan of loud music that makes you feel like you are at a concert or sitting live at a song recording.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed pratical comparison between the two product lines.

Klipsch Audio Technologies, also called the Klipsch speakers, and Klipsch Group Inc. is a reputable manufacturer of premium-quality speakers. It was founded in Hope, Arkansas, by Paul W. Klipsch in 1946 by the name Klipsch and Associates.

Klipsch Audio Technologies produces loudspeaker enclosures and drivers for high-end and high-fidelity sound systems, personal computers and theatres, and public address applications.

The two most famous floor speakers currently are the Klipschorn and the La Scala. Let’s find out more about them in the following sections.

Klipschorn Vs. La Scala

The Klipschorn and La Scala are both popular productions of the Klipsch organization. They are both highly sensitive with fully-loaded horns.

However, the La Scala has W-shaped folded bass horns, meaning it does not need to be placed in a room corner for enhanced sound quality, unlike the Klipschorn.

The La Scala, especially model ll, uses the same drivers as Klipschorn. However, the former has a smaller bass chamber and bass extension.

Moreover, both are incredible at what they do, but the K-horn produces better on-stage sound and bass response. But, the K-horn is a good option only if you plan to place it in a corner.

In contrast, the La Scala speaker has a greater bass response and a cleaner mid-bass, often producing a livelier sound. Furthermore, the La Scala is a better choice if you play loud music only.

Klipschorn Speaker

The Klipschorn Speaker seems to be all the rage at the moment. It is a flagship product of Klipsch Audio Technologies and has been in continuous production since 1946, becoming the oldest speaker in the speaker production history.

Its basic design is more than seventy years old but has received contemporary modifications with time.

The model is snapped often at professional as well as private musical setups. It has the following features:

Klipschorn Speaker Operational Parameters

The Klipschorn speakers are specially designed to be placed into corners with long walls where the adjacent sidewalls make an extension for their bass horns.

If you place a Klipschorn Speaker in front of a 16 inches wall, the speaker will take up about 4 inches in front of the listening position.

If you move the seat forward, the cross point comes closer, significantly changing the sound quality. For an accurate tonal balance, we recommend sitting at a 16 inches mark, though the bass solidity will be slightly low.

Ideally, the Klipschorn Speaker should have clear walls from both sides to several feet for the sound to resonate and travel most pleasantly.

If you have any impediment, such as a baseboard, the bass performance may be affected negatively.

To handle such a case, purchase the blueprint false corner panels, which can be put together and placed between the speakers and the wall, acting as the bass wings or a baffle extension.

Alternatively, you can enclose the sides and back of the K-horns for a better effect.

Extreme Sensitivity

The Klipsch Klipschorn has a sensitivity of as great as 105 dB on a single watt, all thanks to its midrange and treble that plays in each acoustic horn.

The speaker produces 115 dB amplitude with about 10 watts and can handle a sound pressure of 121 dB on a supply of merely 40 watts.

15 Inches of Beauty

The 15-inches hammers on the bass register allow you to play so loud that your house might fall apart.

But the main point here is that the Klipsch Klipschorn speaker plays sounds so well that you almost feel as if you are exactly where the song or beat was originally recorded.

Even on lesser volumes, the Klipsch Klipschorn speaker fills the room with a dynamic contrast that is hard to experience anywhere else.

Incredible Sound Image

The Klipschorn speakers have an insanely incredible soundscape system. Although you should not turn up the volume all the way to 120 dB (to prevent ear damage), the speakers do not show exhaustion even at such high levels.

Excellent Performance Even on Low Power

The Klipschorn speakers can manage pretty well, even on small amplifiers. If you have a low-power amplifier but want to fill your room with the loudest sound, the Klipsch Klipschorn speaker is your best bet.

For the best performance, bring home an Audio Research GSi75 or a push-pull amplifier like the McIntosh MC 275R.

Nonetheless, the Klipsch Klipschorn produces a fair sound even with single-ended tube amplifiers, including EAR 869 (2 x 15 watts) and Cary Audio CAD 300 SEI (2 x 11 watts).

Klipschorn Speaker Sound

The Klipschorn Speaker simply sounds spectacular, as reported by most users. They produce a powerful, dynamic, and effortless sound that has you playing a single track repeatedly.

The Klipschorn Speaker also makes a reasonably accurate sound on stage with a balanced sense of image placement and scale. The sound is not laser-focused but spread evenly, so the amplitude remains controlled.

The soundstage depth also depends on the room geometry and the paired equipment. Usually, the front-to-backstage depth is lower than the conventional dynamic speakers.

However, the Klipschorn Speaker’s timbral properties are phenomenal; several users associate them with the fleshed-out Quad ESL 57, known worldwide for its timbre and tone.

Dynamic Realism

The Klipschorn Speaker’s main charm lies in its unrivaled dynamic realism that is noticeable even at reasonably high SPLs.

Usually, other speakers put the room into a frenzy at such high levels, but the Klipschorn Speaker does just the opposite.

The Klipschorn Speaker plays wonderfully at concerts; however, it is also dependent on the type of genre being played.

The beats from instruments, such as drums, come out considerably well, making the Klipschorn Speaker a great choice for music using them.

The sense of lively realism and scale often leaves listeners in awe, some even calling it perfection. Whether playing in a small, medium or large room, the sound comes out beautifully.

You are least likely to experience any compression or harshness; only dynamics and a 3D effect are prevalent.

The Klipschorn Speaker also handles the more complex music well, music that demands high vocals and instrumentation.

However, it may sound slightly congested at some points since the Klipschorn Speaker cannot push the front-to-back sound too well.

Pairing with Accessories

The bass overall is quite natural, both in terms of timbre and tonality. If your room is small, simply use accessories like a mini DSP 2 x 4 HD, and the sound will play just fine against the walls.

With the K-Horns, bring down the subwoofer bass so that the input from the subs is discernible. However, the K-horn users can reap the full benefits in large rooms.

The Klipschorn Speaker is one of the most impressive speakers you can get your hands on. Although it lacks some features, the majority of the features are just what you need to create a magical audio experience at home.

The Klipschorn Speaker’s sound performance also depends on the music genre you are playing.

  • AK-3 Crossover
  • DIMENSIONS: 52″ (132.1cm) x 31.25″ (79.4cm) x 28.5″ (72.4cm)
  • WEIGHT: 167 lbs each. (75.8kg)
  • A 3-way system consisting of a one-inch compression tweeter horn, two-inch compression midrange horn, and a fifteen-inch folded bass horn.
  • Tweeter Range 6kHz to 17.5kHz
  • Midrange Horn 400Hz to 6kHz
  • Folded bass horn 400Hz to 35Hz.
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Output Level (SPL) 121 dB
  • Sensitivity 105 dB
  • Crossover Frequency 4500Hz, 450Hz

La Scala Speaker

The fact that the La Scala speaker was originally designed for professional use should tell you how excellently it performs. The Klipsch La Scala speaker is an outstanding choice for all audiophiles.

It brings even the most subtle audio details to life, allowing the listener to cherish each beat.

The sound that the La Scala speaker produces is loud and clear. It generates about 105 dB of sound pressure per watt, meaning it is sure to delight the user even if it is supplied with modest amplifier power.

The La Scala speaker is manufactured using domestic as well as imported components, all matching a maintained high standard. The La Scala speaker ll is made by talented craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas, USA, as Paul W. Klipsch desired.

Neodymium Tweeter

The La Scala speaker features a neodymium tweeter with a copper-clad aluminum voice call and a 1-inch polyimide diaphragm.

The diaphragm is lightweight and sturdy, the overall magnetic structure creating a high amplitude of 105 dB. The sensitivity of the La Scala speaker is one of the main factors that have earned it its fame.

When paired with a 90 x 40 Tractrix horn, the neodymium tweeter sets new levels of unforgettable performance and dynamics.


The La Scala speaker has an excellent midrange. As described by the proud initiator himself, Paul W. Klipsch, ‘midrange is where we live.’ Therefore, it is undoubtedly among the essential speaker components.

The La Scala speaker’s midrange makes use of a 2-inches compression driver that combines with a highly efficient horn. Together, they maximize the La Scala speaker system’s power as well as its performance.

Resultantly, the listeners have to deal with minimum distortion typically produced by the amplifier and loudspeaker.

Once you are playing the La Scala speaker, get ready for an accurate, clear, and remarkable sound with incredible tonal definition.

Bi-Amp Input Panel and Binding Posts

The La Scala speaker features a premium aluminum input panel that accommodates big, high-quality speaker cables. The versatile, strong, and hi-fi binding posts enable the La Scala speaker to support bi-amping and bi-wiring.

The outstanding quality components continue with the AudioQuest Type 4, which comes with Star-Quad Geometry internal wiring with carbon-loaded insulation, solid long-grain conductors made of copper, and nitrogen-injected PE.

  • Three-way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker
  • One watt generates an exceedingly high amplitude 
  • Accuracy, clarity, and remarkable tonal definition
  • High durability speaker 
  • Enclosure assembled in Hope, AR, as part of the Klipsch Heritage Series
  • Available in Satin Black Ash, Natural Cherry, and American Walnut 
  • Get matched veneers to enhance your space’s look

What is the Klipschorn Ak6?

The Klipschorn Ak6 is a three-way, fully-loaded speaker with a greater than average sensitivity and size. It measures 53″ high, 31″ wide, and 28″ deep.

It weighs about 220 lb. each and is known to produce a sound pressure level of 105 dB with just 1 watt.