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Your ULTIMATE Guide to Austin Stratocaster (+Comparison with Fender)

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Over the years, the guitar manufacturing industry has witnessed lots of improvement. Gone are the days when you had to spend your life savings before you can get a decent guitar. 

Innovation and time have blurred the lines that once demarcated many guitar players from the world of amazingly built guitars.

Now, it is possible for any player to lay hands on a top-quality guitar, regardless of their financial constraints. 

When talking about amazingly built but affordable guitars, Austin guitars will always find their way into the list. 

As a matter of fact, Austin does not just make top-quality guitars, they are also a well-respected and renowned brand in the guitar world.

In this article, we will talk about one of their beautifully crafted guitars, which is the Austin Stratocaster. 

The Austin Stratocaster is a copy of the legendary Fender Stratocaster. Although this might be a copy version of the popular Fender Strat.

The Austin Stratocaster is one the best and most affordable guitar brands you will ever lay hands on as a guitar player. 

About Austin Guitars

Austin Guitars is a brand of St Louis Music Inc. St. Louis Music/U.S. Band & Orchestra is one of North America’s leading general distributors of musical instruments and accessories. 

Austin Guitars, Zonda Brasswinds and Reeds, Knilling String Instruments, and Sigma Guitars are all owned by SLM. 

In addition, the company is the exclusive global manager and licensee of Alvarez & Alvarez-Yairi and the sole USA distributor of Dixon Drums and Hardware, P. Mauriat Brass and Woodwinds, and Suzuki Violins. SLM also sells over 150 accessory products to music retailers across the United States.

Austin Guitars began over 20 years ago with a clear goal: to create a range of guitars influenced by classic shapes and tones that could be made and sold at class-leading costs.

It incorporates classic designs for inspiration and provides a variety of outstanding body types, colors, and features to create a line of quality guitars that will appeal to most players. 

Their objective is to value their instruments more than any other brand by starting with high-quality woods and components, and then adding functional and decorative elements to produce amazing guitars that are difficult to beat. 

With the Super 6 Electric Series and AA60 Acoustic Series launch, Austin is manufacturing some of the most affordable guitars, manufactured at the same plant that produces Alvarez Regent Series guitars in Japan or China.

Their success may be attributed to their dedication to using only the best materials and building processes, producing quality and cost-efficient guitars, which has earned them a reputation among professional and amateur musicians.

Austin Stratocaster

The Austin Stratocaster Model is proof that guitar manufacture has advanced significantly.

Austin Guitars has put much effort into retaining the classic tones and dynamic expressiveness of the electric guitar period while making the gear affordable for everyone. 

Austin Guitars has produced gorgeous guitars that will stay within the budget by fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary material choices and technical breakthroughs.

You do not need to pay a fortune to possess a high-quality, great-sounding guitar. This guitar boasts a 5-way switch, a vintage tremolo bridge, and three single-coil pickups.

It’s a terrific option for guitarists who want a guitar that can handle anything from clean and crisp country licks to distorted and powerful rock riffs since the pickups give a wide range of tonal possibilities. 

The player may quickly swap between several pickup setups thanks to the 5-way switch. In addition, it has a classic feel thanks to the vintage tremolo bridge, which is a nice addition.

The Austin Stratocaster has a distinctive, eye-catching body design with an original Austin-inspired pattern and the Austin logo on the headstock that gives it a distinctive feel. 

Every part of the instrument, from the perfectly smooth curves to the crisp, clear lines, shows off its exquisite quality and attention to detail. It is a guitar that will undoubtedly dazzle, inspire, and excite.

Some Notable Features 

The Austin Stratocaster guitar has some amazing features that set it apart from many other guitars. Some of these features include:

1. Body

The solid alder body of the Austin Stratocaster model guitar features a double cutaway design that makes it easier to reach higher frets, enabling more elaborate and complex playing techniques. 

This design offers a traditional yet varied playing experience, which may be especially helpful for guitarists who play lead guitar or regularly reach higher frets in their playing.

2. Neck

The Austin Stratocaster’s maple neck is renowned for its crisp, clean tone and outstanding sustain. Maple wood’s smooth and quick playing qualities are excellent for guitarists who enjoy playing fast-paced music.

3. Fingerboard

The fingerboard is also Maple, offering a bright, clear tone and resilience to wear and tear, thus longer durability.

4. Pickup

The instrument has three single-coil pickups, renowned for producing the iconic Stratocaster sound—bright, clear, powerful attack, and superb sustain. 

These pickups are adaptable and appropriate for many musical genres since they can generate various tones. Additionally, the guitar incorporates a 5-way switch selector that lets users quickly swap between pickups and get the ideal tone for their song.

5. Bridge

The guitar features a 6 saddle vintage-style tremolo bridge that allows players to add vibrato to their playing, adding expression and depth. It, therefore, allows the guitarists to achieve a greater range of sounds and effects.

6. Tonewood

Alder and Maple are the tonewoods utilized in Austin Stratocaster guitars. Alder is a lightweight wood that makes a beautiful choice for the guitar’s body because of its well-balanced tonal qualities, which offer a beautiful combination of warmth, clarity, and attack.

Contrarily, maple is a hardwood prized for its crisp, clear tone, superior sustain, and comfortable playing feel. It is used for the guitar’s neck and fingerboard, giving the instrument a unified tone. 

These tonewoods work together to provide a balanced and adaptable guitar that you may use for various musical genres.

7. Tuners

The sealed die-cast tuners on the Austin Stratocaster guitar are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. They deliver a seamless and precise tuning experience, keeping the guitar in tune even while it is being played often. 

The sealed construction shields the gears from dust and other impurities that may otherwise cause the instrument to go out of tune. 

The die-cast design of the tuners also offers the strings a sturdy and long-lasting basis, guaranteeing that the instrument stays in tune for a very long period.

Austin Strat Vs. Fender Strat

Regarding functionality and design, the Austin Stratocaster guitar resembles the Fender Stratocaster. Both guitars have maple fingerboards and necks, sturdy alder bodies, and double cutaways. 

The two instruments share a vintage-style tremolo bridge, three single-coil pickups, and identical tone and volume controls. 

However, the Fender Stratocaster is a more pricey, higher-end guitar produced by one of the most well-known guitar makers in the world, with a long history of creating high-quality instruments. 

The Austin Stratocaster, on the other hand, is a less well-known choice that is more reasonably priced. 

Even while it might not be as well-known or match 100% quality as that of the Fender Strat, or have the same reputation as a Fender Stratocaster, it still has many of the same qualities copy and is an excellent option for artists searching for a similar instrument at a lesser price.

What Makes A Strat So Special?

The Strat is indeed a beloved guitar model. Read this article and others to know what makes a Strat so special.

1. Design

In 1954, Strat made its debut. A few years prior, Fender’s Broadcaster—quickly renamed the Telecaster—had already successfully penetrated the solid-body electric guitar market.

The Stratocaster, however, was unique because of its deep double-cutaway design and curved body, which improved access to the top frets and made the instrument more comfortable to play. At the time, that was quite revolutionary.

2. Sound

Three single-coil pickups are the standard for the Fender Stratocaster, and that configuration has mostly stayed the same for more than 60 years since that momentous occasion. 

The Strat’s three single-coil pickups offer an exceptional and adaptable tone that can be anything from bright and twangy to soft and bluesy. The ability to be versatile makes it a fantastic instrument for various musical genres.

3. 5-Way Switches

Initially, Fender equipped guitars with a three-way switch, and one pickup could only be in motion at once. Players now have more possibilities thanks to Fender’s eventual transition to a five-position switch.

4. History

Some of history’s most renowned and influential musicians have played the Stratocaster. Many well-known guitarists, including Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and others, played Fender Stratocaster guitars in various musical genres. 

These genres include rock, blues, reggae, and more, starting in the 1960s and beyond. This, in return, influences other upcoming guitarists.

Who Needs the Austin Strat?

  • Considering how affordable it is compared to the original fender strat, the Austin strat is the best guitar for a guitarist whose on a budget and can’t afford the original Strats. 
  • Also, it’s a good choice, especially for beginners looking for a quality and affordable guitar. It’s a guitar that fits a budget of many. 
  • Austin Strat is also good for an experienced player looking for an affordable backup guitar with the same attributes or copies as the Fender Strat. 
  • Due to its versatile nature and ability to play various musical styles, the guitar is best for any musician who loves playing different genres. 
  • The Austin Stratocaster guitar offers many of the same features as a Fender Stratocaster, making it a great option for fans of the Fender Stratocaster, who love the classic design and sound of the Strat, but may not be able to afford the higher price point.


Cutting corners isn’t the key to creating a high-quality guitar; it’s thorough, precise design and study and finding affordable methods to create with quality and use materials ideal for a particular purpose. 

Austin Guitars was founded more than 20 years ago with a specific goal: to create a whole range of guitars with iconic designs and tones that could be produced and sold for costs that would be unmatched in their class.

One of their most valuable and best guitars on the market right now is the Austin Stratocaster.