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20th Anniversary Squier Strat – TOP 10 Facts for Every Guitar Aficionado!

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Since it was birthed in the year 1954, the Fender Stratocaster has played quite an important role in the trajectory of popular music. 

Musicians like Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Jeff Beck, Robbie Robertson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bonnie Raitt, Gary Clark Jr., the Edge, and John Frusciante have all laid their talented hands on the Stratocaster over the years. 

Regardless of the genre or style, the Stratocaster always plays its role as an amazing electric guitar just fine. 

One beautiful thing about the Fender Stratocaster line of guitars is that it is cheap and amazingly built. In this article, we will talk about one amazing model of the Fender Stratocaster. This is the 20th Anniversary Squier Strat.

20th Anniversary Squier Strat – Top 10 Facts

1. Astounding look

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat looks astounding from a glimpse. It is one of the guitars that players always choose just because it looks amazing.

2. Full Tone

The 20th-anniversary Squier Strat has a tone that many players would describe as “full and hot.” The pickups create beautiful tones that aid great and unexpected execution. It features two tone pots and one volume pot.

3. Thin smooth neck

It has a 9.5 neck radius made of rosewood. Even with its full tone, some guitar players often frown at the thin neck of the 20th-anniversary Squier Strat. With this neck radius, comfort can be an issue for some players, especially players with big hands.

4. Perfect for touring musicians

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat is a gig guitar and is recommended for touring musicians. Automobiles can even run them over and you would not need to worry so much about it because of its robust build. 

5. Made by Fender

Fender makes and manufactures them, but they are assembled in Indonesia and China. The 20th-Anniversary Squier Strat is designed after the Fender musical instrument corporations’ criterion queues.

6. Less expensive

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat is budget-friendly. They are below $300 US. Less expensive, but they still sound amazingly nice and interesting, like a vintage fender. 

7. 3 Single Coil Pickup

The three single-coil pickups are alnico magnet. Many players have described the sound of this pickup as “beautiful and dreamy.” Some models have a metallic colour finish with sealed cast tuners and three-ply white pickguards.

8. 2 points fulcrum tremolo bridge

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat comes with a two-fulcrum tremolo bridge. The tremolo stays in tune even after being aggressively used.

9. Agathis body

The body material is Agathis (though some limited editions are made with Alder). Agathis is a medium-quality and inexpensive wood.

10. Maple neck

The 20th anniversary Squier Strats Neck is maple, fast action C shape. The finishing is polyurethane with 22 frets in jumbo medium size.

A brief history of the Fender Stratocaster

The iconic Fender Stratocaster debuted in 1954 as the firm’s (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) fresh topline guitar. It was designed in Tremolo and non-tremolo versions. 

They were, as of October 1954, sleekly good-looking guitars blasting with tremendous sonic elements and making fat, precise, and shimmering tones. 

Before the Fender Stratocaster was introduced in 1954, Leo Fender and his team had invested a lot of money and time trying to create this iconic guitar since 1952, but to no avail until 1954.

The Strat’s outstanding invention is its bridge. Leo wanted to perfect the vibrato his two friends, Paul Bigsby and Doc Kauffman had designed already.

The tremolo had to be solidly steady without affecting the tone, sustain and ergonomics of the player. 

The Strat would have been ready in 1953, if not that George Fullerton said they sounded terrible. This was just when Leo and his advisor Bill Carson thought the Strat was ready. 

Bill Carson had to admit, after trying to play it with its original tremolo in a performance. He pointed out that the sound was almost like an amplified banjo with a cutoff. 

After a lot of trial and error, it inspired Leo and his team to design not just a steel-like guitar sound, but a design with a pitch span of more than a minor third. 

They also included single coil 3 alnico pick up, unlike the single or double pick up that was traditional and regular at the time. Also, placed near the bridge for easy access, were 3 knobs and tone control for the neck and middle pickups. 

The Strat was not popularly accepted in the market when it was first introduced. It was seen as a mere tool or some sort of prank. It took a while before it got the acceptance it so much deserved. 

While the company was waiting for that acceptance from the guitar world, the Strat was often revisited and shaped into its current state. The Fender Strat is now regarded as the industry standard electric guitar. 

The Fender musical instrument Corporation, founded by Leo Fender in southern California and its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, produces and manufactures the Fender Strat in the USA. 

What makes the 20th Anniversary Squier Strat special?

The Squier Strat is made by Fender and is very affordable. It quenches the taste of guitar buyers with a low budget or average guitar players who need a new gadget. It is a perfect option for the wannabe Strat owner.

These guitars are special because even when there are less expensive; they produce such an amazing tone for a guitar in that price range. They widely recommended the Squier Strat for beginners and players with small hands.

It is the guitar for very Special people, perhaps. The 3 single-coil pickups produce such a tone that we could say is better than what an average beginner would need or what any other less expensive guitars could provide.

It features a spectacular design, awesome sound and easy playability. This is an amazing guitar for stage, studio, and tours. The Squier Strats are collectable.

They have elevated quality and are very durable. These guitars can really last a long time, regardless of usage. The conclusive special thing about the 20th anniversary Squier Strat is that it is very much modifiable.

Not just amazingly built, but it is also very easy to modify. If a skilled luthier does it right, it can be upgraded to an intermediate-level guitar.

Which year was the 20th Anniversary Squier Strat Made? 

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat was made in the year 2002 in Indonesia. Squier Strats are made in countries like Indonesia and China because the cost of production is cheap.

What are the electronics on this guitar? 

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat uses a bridge pickup, which is a standard for single-coil Strats. It also uses Alnico pole pieces. The middle pickup has the same configuration as the neck pickup.

It also features an SSS configuration, a 5-position blade, and control with master volume, tone 1 (neck), and tone 2 (mid). The bridge is a synchronous twin-pivot tremolo with black Hex head screws tremolo post.

What is the average price of the 20th Anniversary Squier Strat?

The 20th anniversary Squier Strat average price is between 100 – 130 US Dollars. 

What is the overall build and spec of this guitar like?

The body of the Squier Strat is another reason it is recommended for newcomers. They are adequate entry-level guitars because of their body, neck and styling. 

The Squier Strat body features a standard Strat contour, which is a well-known and durable design. Also, it comes with an appealing, beautiful glossy smooth finish. 

The Squier Strats body is 42mm Basswood. Slick and thin with a narrower maple neck, give ease and comfort to players with little hands. 

They are lightweight and not heavyweight like Les Paul. It is a fact that if the weight of a guitar is too heavy, it can become uncomfortable for some players, especially if they are kids. 

The Squier Strat also has a synchronous tremolo version with cast saddles and non-versions. The guitar has great tuning stability, regardless of how subtle or aggressive the tremolo is being used.

It may not be that excellent, but great for any guitar at this price range level. There are two single-coil masterpiece pickups with an additional humbucker ahead of the bridge.

This design is very different from that of the Fender standard Strat, which has three single-coil pickups. Some guitars might need some fixing and maybe reassembling by a skilled luthier.

They have 21 medium jumbo Frets which can be a bit too rough. Therefore, some are being sanded or filed by the owners. Regardless, it is still in a superb state and ready for usage. The Squier Scale length is 25.5″ (648mm) and the width at the nut is 1.650″ (42mm).

The Squier Bullet vs the Squier Affinity 

Acknowledging that the best electric guitar for you is the Fender Squier series brings another question ” which is outstanding” among these two most admired electric guitars?

Which is better; the Squier Bullet or the Squier Affinity? 

They both are similar to each other and are greatly loved and used. Let’s consider the following difference between the Squier Bullet and the Squier Affinity in the aspects of sound, playability, price, durability, and looks perspective. 

  • The overall tonal quality of the Squier Affinity HSS beats that of the Squier Bullet. The Bullet will not sound as awesome as the Affinity. 
  • The Squier Affinity gives flexibility and ease in the aspect of tone control, unlike the Squier Bullet with less control.  
  • The Squier Affinity uses way better pickups than the Squier Bullet. The Squier bullet may need to be upgraded in the long run. 
  • The Squier Affinity guitars are higher in price while the Squier Bullet guitars are typically cheaper. 
  • The Squier Affinity is again more durable than the Squier Bullet, which is a bit less durable. 
  • The look from the Squier Affinity is more glossy and well-finished, while the Squier Bullet looks a bit imperfect with no clean finishing.

What style of music is best for the 20th Anniversary Squier Strat?

The 20th anniversary Squier Stratocaster guitars are good for almost all styles of music. However, you will frequently see the Squier Strat being used in Rock and metal music. 

It is also worthy of notice that it is not the guitar that makes the genre or any style of music. That being said, let’s take a look at which genre is best associated with the Squier Strat. 

The Squier Strat with additional Humbucker pickups is best for metal music. If you have a single coil pickup Strat, you will need the right techniques and some effect processors to sound just like your favourite metal guitarist. 

Richie Blackmore and other classic heavy metal guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen used the Squier Strat single coil in their real SSS format. They still made popular records with the low-output single coil. 

Other heavy metal guitar players are Janick Gers, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden metal band. You will also see Jimi Hendrix playing the Stratocaster upside down since he was left-handed. 

Jeff Healey, the blind Blues guitarist can also be found playing a customized Squier Strat. He used the customized Squier Strat throughout his entire professional career. 

What are the downsides of this model of Fender?

The Squier Strats made by Fender are designed for guitar players who can not afford the more expensive Fender Strat. 

They are made in China, and Indonesia, where the production cost is low. This tells us why the Squier Strat has a weaker pickup and poor tone than the Fender Strat. 

They also make the Squier Strat as entry-level guitars for beginners and not gritty individuals who are particular about tones. 

The body material of the instrument compromises the sound. They are designed with lower-quality materials because they are budget-friendly instruments. Although for that price, the Squier Strat still sounds great. 

Another downside of the Squire Strat is the Quality control. You should test the guitar out in person before settling. Examine the electronics, fret, and neck alignment to be sure they are properly assembled. 

They are mass-produced and have little attention to detail. Inexpensive guitars can display negligible cases. 

Things you Must Know Before Buying A Fender Strat 

It is very important you know these things before you buy a Fender Stratocaster. The Famous Fender Strat is one of the best top electric guitars you will ever get. 

Basic Feature 

The following are basic features commonly found on most Strat designed by Fender: 

  • Three (3) single-coil pickups with a 5-way blade switch access to a distinct pickup layout. Bridge, bridge/middle, middle, middle and neck, and neck. 
  • Excellent comfort and playability from the double cutaway contoured alder or ash body. 
  • Stable maple neck. Can be easily replaced or removed for repairs. 
  • Classic V-shaped or C-shaped neck. 
  • Synchronised tremolo bar 
  • Two-tone knobs control and one volume control. The tone knobs control the output signal and the Hi frequencies of the neck and middle pickups. 

Squier Stratocasters

Squire Stratocaster is the most economical and budget-friendly guitar brand owned by Fender. Best recommended for beginners players. 

The Squier Strat is every pinch of Fender, only that it is made with low-quality material. Mass-produced in China and designed with little detail, the cost is from $150. 

The squire can be used to play any genre of music. So if you are playing jazz or metal, it will work just fine.

Squier Bullet Stratocasters 

The Squier Bullet series offers traditional looks and a genius tone to new guitar players at a very low cost. The C-shaped maple neck and hardtail bridges enhance playability. 

Squier Affinity Stratocasters

Squier Contemporary Stratocasters is a more modern performance guitar with a focus on a roasted maple neck, sculpted neck heels and flat 12-fingerboard radii. 

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 

The Squier classic vibe Strat is reminiscent of old design, with a preference for modern touches like the most notable 9.5 fretboard radius and narrow tail frets.