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What Happened to the Band Perry? (How they Sadly DIED Out!)

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If you are a fan of country music or electro-pop, chances are that you know The Band Perry. Once generally regarded as Country Music’s most promising act, The Band Perry won several hearts and souls across the globe with their very unique style.

In 2010, after the release of their second single “If I Die Young,” the trio were catapulted to stardom and this got their name on the lips of almost every country music lover.

With a style and voice that makes them almost irresistible, The Band Perry won more than just accolades—they won hearts, too. 

The Band Perry was an American country music band made up of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals and guitar), Reid Perry (bass guitar and background vocals), and Neil Perry (mandolin, bouzouki, and background vocals). 

The band was signed to Republic Nashville in August 2009; they released their self-titled debut album on October 12, 2010. From this debut album, the single “If I Die Young” reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs and also Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks charts. 

Also, the single has been certified 6x multi-platinum. The band’s second album, Pioneer, was released on April 2, 2013. The second album also had number-one singles with the songs “Better Dig Two” and “Done.” 

Also, the songs “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” and “Chainsaw” made it to the top ten hits. However, while trying to explore new creative horizons and possibilities, the band made a transition to pop in 2017. 

This transition later proved to be a very catastrophic one as their once-blooming career began to plummet. The band began to release music independently in the year 2018 before they officially went on a hiatus in 2023. 

However, because of their disappearance (as a band) from both the country and electro-pop scenes, many people have been asking the question, “What happened to The Band Perry?”

Their unexpected decline started when they decided to transition from country to pop. The transition was rather slow from about 2015 till 2017 when they officially announced on February 2, 2017, that their third album, “My Bad Imagination” unlike their previous albums will be pop. 

On March 27, 2023, the band officially announced that they are going on a hiatus just so they can focus on their solo works. 

Who Really Are The Band Perry?

The Band Perry was an American country music group consisting of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, and piano), Reid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals), and Neil Perry (drums, mandolin, accordion, and background vocals). 

The band includes the following members:

Kimberly Perry

Kimberly Marie Perry was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and grew up in Greeneville, Tennessee. She was raised in a musical family, as her parents were involved in music ministry.

Kimberly developed her musical talents at a young age and learned to play instruments like piano and guitar. Alongside her brothers, Reid and Neil, she formed The Band Perry in 2005, where she served as the lead vocalist.

Reid Perry

Reid Perry was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and grew up alongside his siblings, Kimberly and Neil. He developed a passion for music at a young age and started playing the bass guitar. 

As a member of The Band Perry, Reid played a crucial role in shaping the band’s sound and live performances.

Neil Perry

As the youngest of the Perry siblings, Neil Perry developed a passion for music from an early age and became proficient in playing several instruments. 

As a member of The Band Perry, Neil showcased his versatile musical talents by playing drums, mandolin, and accordion, and contributing to background vocals.

Neil’s instrumental skills added depth and variety to The Band Perry’s sound. The mandolin and accordion provided a folk and bluegrass flavour to their music, while his drumming added energy and rhythmic drive. 

Alongside his siblings Kimberly and Reid, Neil contributed to the band’s live performances, creating a dynamic and engaging stage presence. In the year 2009, they were signed by the Big Machine which also signed  Florida Georgia Line and at one time even Taylor Swift.

Their first single was the song “ Hip to My Heart” which became a minor hit.  Their breakthrough hit, “If I Die Young,” followed after and became a massive success and established them as prominent figures in the country music scene. 

The band released several albums throughout their career, including their self-titled debut album in 2010, which received critical acclaim. 

This album had their most famous song to date, “If I Die Young” which won several awards throughout the years, like the Country Music Association Awards, and put them on the map.

They released a total of 3 albums, 14 singles and one EP in their entire career. They were also heavily involved in a number of causes and charity programs for different reasons.

Singles and Albums

Song TitleAlbumYear
Hip to My Heart2009
If I Die YoungThe Band Perry2010
You LieThe Band Perry2010
All Your LifeThe Band Perry2011
Better Dig TwoPioneer2012
Gentle on My MindGlen Campbell: I’ll Be Me2014
Live ForeverSingle Release2015
Comeback KidSingle Release2016
Stay in the DarkSingle Release2017
The Good LifeCoordinates2018
Summertime RollsCoordinates2018
Live Forever (Taylor Swift Version)Single Release2018
The Good LifeSingle2019

Awards and Nominations

2010Country Music Association (CMA)New Artist of the YearNominated
2011CMT Music AwardsVideo of the Year — “If I Die Young”Nominated
2011CMT Music AwardsGroup Video of the Year — “If I Die Young”Nominated
2011CMT Music AwardsUSA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year — “If I Die YoungWon
2011CMT Music AwardsNationwide Insurance On Your Side AwardWon
2011Country Music Association AwardsNew Artist of the YearNominated
2011Country Music Association AwardsNew Artist of the YearWon
2011Country Music Association AwardsSong of the Year — “If I Die Young”Won
2011American Music AwardsCountry Music: Favourite Band, Duo or Group
Country Music: Favourite Album —
2011American Country AwardsSingle of the YearNominated
2012Grammy AwardsBest New ArtistNominated
2012 Grammy Awards Best Country Song (“If I Die Young”)Nominated
2012 Grammy Awards Best Country Duo/Group PerformanceNominated
2013Teen Choice AwardsChoice Music: Country GroupNominated
2013Academy of Country Music AwardsTop Vocal GroupWon
201457th Grammy AwardsBest Country Duo/Group Performance – “Gentle on My Mind”Won
2014CMT AwardsGroup Video of the Year – “DONE.”Won
2014Teen Choice AwardsChoice Music: Country GroupNominated
201557th Grammy AwardsBest Country Duo/Group Performance – “Gentle on My Mind”Won
2015ACM AwardsVocal Group of the YearNominated
2015CMA AwardsVocal Group of the YearNominated
2016People’s Choice AwardsFavourite Country GroupNominated
2017People’s Choice AwardsFavourite Country GroupNominated

What Happened to The Band Perry?

In a cruel twist of fate, the Band Perry “Died Young” after only 10 years in the industry. They went through so much rebranding and each time they rebranded they seemed to stray further away from what their fans wanted.

After being signed by the Big Machine, the band immediately launched their debut single “Hip to My Heart.” However, the song that really Kickstarted their career and garnered them fame was the hit song “If I Die Young” from their 2010 album “The Band Perry.”

In 2013, they released their next album “Pioneer” which had more gothic vibes than the previous album. Some of the songs retained the same chill country vibes as “If I Die Young” while some of them pushed for a more rock song.

In 2015, the band rebranded, opting for a colour yellow and later that year they released the song “We’re Gonna Live Forever.”  This song was significantly different from their previous style and had a more pop feel.

Unfortunately, the song’s style “tried too hard” to mix country and pop to cater to both a hippie audience and a pop audience and in general it was not well received by fans. Nevertheless, they prepared to release their third album and did press releases and more.

The third album, however, also failed and critics said it felt not serious enough to compete with other pop artists, especially the song “Put Me in the Game Coach” which fans said had too much high school musical vibe.

The album flopped so badly that they left Big Machine in 2016. Later that year, they signed with Interscope and Mercury Nashville. They changed their social media presence and even their yellow theme to neutral tones.

They released a song called “Comeback Kid” which was kind of a reaction to the rejection of their previous era and also sort of accusing listeners of forgetting where they came from. It even had a snippet of the “Oh Oooh” from their hit song “If I Die Young.” 

The song even made it to the Olympics in Rio in a very awkward performance since most people didn’t even know the song. After this, they disappeared for a while.

In 2017, You guessed it! They did another rebranding! They swept their social media clean and came back to a black leather-era. They dropped a single called “Stay in the Dark.” 

This song gained some success compared to the other album especially since it was talking about sex, but it still wasn’t a hit. It didn’t do well enough for them to launch the album “My Bad Imagine” which in the end was never released. 

After the single, they left Interscope and decided to do yet another rebranding, wiping clean their social media. They came back with bleached hair and a Coachella aesthetic. They prepped the release of the 5-song EP that was EDM-inspired called “Coordinates.” 

The EP departed from the pop aesthetic they had been trying out and had a darker and edgier vibe. Unfortunately at the time, they didn’t have label support or enough fans considering they left their country fans behind while going after the pop style.

After this, they weren’t seen often for a while except for a few random photo shoots before coming out in 2023 to announce a creative break. When that failed to reel in the fans, they tried again with a different style with their song Comeback Kid but that also failed epically.

They tried again this time with some dark themes and a lot of black leather but by this time they were too far gone and their fans had already given up on them.

By the time they were trying their final rebranding into an EDM-inspired style, they barely had any fans left and decided to take a break.

It is challenging to determine whether to commend them for their bravery in exploring diverse styles or criticize their detrimental choices that could ruin their entire career.

What is the Band Perry Doing Now?

Right now, The Band Perry is on a break with most of the members focusing more on their personal lives and their families.

The two brothers are currently not active in terms of music and not much is known about what they are doing and how long they plan to be away from the industry. 

Kimberly Perry remarried and also signed with a new label called Records and has since announced an EP called “Bloom.”

The Band Perry’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth,  Kimberly Perry’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million (Kimberly Perry Networth $ 10 million)

Also, according to People Ai, The Band Perry’s Net worth is $341 million (The Band Perry Networth). The money they earn comes from album sales, tours, streams and YouTube and social media.

The Band Perry Philanthropic Endeavours

The siblings of the Band Perry were very big on philanthropy and have been involved in various philanthropic endeavours throughout their careers. 

Outnumber Hunger Campaign

The Band Perry partnered with General Mills and Feeding America for the Outnumber Hunger campaign. 

The initiative aimed to raise awareness about hunger in America and provide meals to those in need. The band helped to promote the campaign and performed at events to support the cause.

ACM Lifting Lives

The Band Perry has supported the charitable arm of the Academy of Country Music (ACM), called ACM Lifting Lives. 

This organisation focuses on improving lives through the power of music. The band has participated in ACM Lifting Lives events and initiatives, helping to raise funds for various causes.

CMA Foundation

The Band Perry has also been involved with the CMA (Country Music Association) Foundation, which supports music education programs. Through their partnership with the foundation, the band has contributed to initiatives aimed at providing music education opportunities to students.

Aside from these charities, The band has also shown support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which focuses on treating and finding cures for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

They’ve also shown support for MusiCares, Save The Music Foundation and the Special Olympics.


After not releasing any music together since 2019, the Band Perry finally decided to go on a break as a band and pursue their own solo careers. They went through quite a shaky music career and enough rebranding that their fans almost forgot who they were originally.

Hopefully, with their break into solo careers, we hope to see a new side to each member, especially with Kimberly Perry’s solo EP “Bloom.”