What Happened To Alex and Sierra? [X Factor Now MISSING?]

Alex and Sierra

Whether you are a kid, teenager or full-fledged adult, you probably already know the sentence I am about to say and that sentence is: nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Not fame, riches, clothes, watches, not even you. Everything seemingly has a time limit on it but that’s what makes it so special, you know? That’s what … Read More

What Happened to Creed? [EVERYTHING to Know About this Band!]

what happened to creed

When you think of the band Creed, you may think about a band that is essential in your classic rock playlist, or you may just wrinkle your nose and move on, but not before thinking – what ever happened to Creed? Let’s start at the beginning. The American rock band was formed in Tallahassee, Florida, … Read More