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What Happened To Soul For Real?

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Who Are Soul For Real?

The Trinidadian American R&B gang Soul for Real, also renowned as Soul 4 Real and Soul IV Real, is composed of the Dalyrimple brothers: Christopher Sherman Dalyrimple, popularly known as Choc (born April 30, 1971), Andre Lamont Dalyrimple, usually known as KD now (born April 4, 1974), Brian Augustus Dalyrimple, best known as Bri (born December 14, 1975), and Jason “Jase, Jase4Real” Oliver Dalyrimple (born May 10, 1980).

Midway through the 1990s, the band was most recognized for the platinum-selling new single Candy Rain, which featured the gold-certified beats “Candy Rain,” “Every Little Thing I Do,” and the moderate R&B smash “If You Want It.”

Their Famous Releases

Soul for Real, a 1992 formation, acquired a record deal with Uptown Records, and on March 28, 1995, they launched their first record, Candy Rain.   Candy Rain’s lead hit was the album’s main tune, which Heavy D created. 

The song moved to No. 2 on the Hot 100 chart and No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list. “Every Little Thing I Do,” their second song, peaked at No. 11 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs poll and No. 17 on the Hot 100 record. “If You Want It,” a third single, peaked at No. 53 on the R&B rankings.

The band started working on their follow-up record right away after tours and the popularity of their first. Sean Combs was the producer of Soul for Real’s second record, For Life, which was published on September 24. 

The album’s highest point on the Billboard R&B list and Billboard 200 was No. 29 and No. 119, respectively. The single “Never Felt This Way,” which did not receive a lot of radio, served as its lead.

The next single from the album, “Love You So,” performed significantly better, landing at No. 64 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs in 1997.

What Happened To The Lead Singer Of Soul For Real?

The leading vocalist of Soul for Real is Jason, well known by his stage name Jase. His most well-known performance is the leading vocal on the group’s biggest song to date, “Candy Rain,” from the eponymous album.

Now an adult, he continued to seek a separate profession and produced three solo records.

A true example of sophisticated urban art with crossover popularity, Jase’s albums are characterized as featuring a sophisticated, hood-sexy vibe and words that are eventually about Life and love.

The song “Every Little Thing” by Soul for Real was covered by Jase and included on his mixtape “If you feelin’ like me” in 2017. including India covers. Arie and other artists, along with fresh tracks.

The year 2022

Jason Oliver recorded the song “Toast” in the summertime of 2022, and Wudgrain Musik recorded it.

In addition to the group, Jase appeared on Nick Cannon’s WildNOut and TVOne Unsung in 2022.

Jase4real, now Jason Oliver, stated in September 2022 that he would begin touring The Jason Oliver Experience band internationally. His debut performance was in October in Atlanta, Georgia.

He decided to return to the studio to concentrate on his solo works at MMD Studio after reissuing his record 9s on all online services.

Alongside DJ Swamp Izzo and MC Sean Teezy, Jase also showed up at ATL Hip-Hop Day in October 2022.

Jase started his personal solo producing firm, Jasemakermusic LLC, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, in addition to music. Additionally, he established his own record company, BEA Music Ent., through which he will publish his upcoming compositions and work with other up-and-coming musicians.

Soul For Real Then And Now

The trio switched to independent record label Chrome Dome Records for their third album, Heat while continuing to be coached by Heavy D. The album was published on May 18, 1999, by Warlock Records, who took over promotion after a licensing agreement with Tommy Boy Music broke through. One single, “Can’t-Wait,” was released from the album, which didn’t chart.

The year 2003

The group established Aljoba Music Group’s record label in 2003 (AMG).

The year 2007

The fourth studio album by Soul For Real, The Unknown, started in 2007. Later that year, the debut song, “One Man,” starring Jadakiss, was made available.

The year 2009

No one from Brian Dalyrimple’s family was engaged in the 145 charges of severe identification (loan) theft that were brought against him in 2009. The other three boys, KD (Andre), Jason “Jase,” and Choc (Chris), proceeded to perform as Soul For Real in the wake of Brian Oliver’s incarceration.

The year 2012

They disclosed the album’s name, The Evolution: Journey when they stated they were recording their fourth album in 2012. “Can’t Leave U Alone” is a brand-new song that they have published. The group’s youngest singer, Jase, launched a solo career that same year under the moniker Jase4Real.

The year 2016

2016 saw the publication of “Love Again” by Soul For Real and “If You Feelin’ Like Me (IYFLM)” by Jase, both of which have videos on their respective YouTube channels.

The trio debuted the music video for “Love Again” on the VEVO account the same year. Jase4Real also produced If You Feel Like Me: The Mixtape, his third single album, in that same year.

The year 2019

They published “Silent Night” and “Christmas Time is Here,” two festive tunes, in 2019.

The year 2020

As for 2020, Soul for Real published “Love on Me,” their debut single in 4 years. Soon after, Jase also dropped “Due Better.”

The year 2021

The video clip for Soul for Real’s new single, “After the Rain,” was launched in November 2021. The track is a memorial to their mother, who sadly died within the previous year and is depicted on the single’s cover image.

“After The Rain” was distributed across all online platforms in December of the same year.

The year 2022 (Now)

Soul for Real revealed on social networks in February 2022 that they would be appearing on the March 2022 episode of Unsung on TV One. The program was broadcast on March 6, 2022.

Soul For Real Net Worth

The net worth of Soul For Real is estimated to be around $1.3 million. However

Soul For Real Member Dies

Anthony Ulysses Thompson, Jr., also known as Tony Thompson, was the singer in the Soul For Real group. He was a singer-songwriter from the USA. 

The American R&B quintet Hi-Five, which had big tunes including “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)” and “I Can’t-Wait Another Minute,” was primarily recognized for having Thompson on lead vocals.

Thompson achieved solo fame the subsequent year with his new album Sexsational after the trio split up in 1994.

He died on June 1, 2007, at the age of 31, in Waco, Texas, USA.

Soul For Real Ages 2022

The four Dalyrimple brothers—Jason (Jase), Brian (Bri), Andre (Dre), and Sherman (Choc)—make up Soul For Real. Jason is 14 years old; Brian is 18; Andre is 20, and Sherman is 21.

All are New Yorkers and are from Long Island. The youngest member of the quartet, Jase, performs lead.