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What Happened to Fetty Wap? A Failed Career and IMPRISONMENT

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If you are a fan of lo-fi hip-hop, trap, R&B, and pop-rap, chances are that you were once in love with Fetty Wap’s 2014 hit single, “Trap Queen.” The hit track was from Fetty’s self-titled debut album (2015). 

After its online premiere in March 2014, Trap Queen was released independently on April 22, 2014. After this independent release, it was re-released in conjunction with 300 Entertainment on December 15, 2014. 

This was such an amazing song that captured the hearts of fans across diverse genres and styles. The success of this song shot Fetty Wap right up to the stars, not just in America but across the globe. 

Fetty rose to prominence after “Trap Queen” climbed up to number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2015. Consequently, Fetty Wap was able to secure a record deal with 300 Entertainment. 

After the release of this very successful single, Fetty followed it up with two top 10 hits in the U.S., “679” (featuring Remy Boyz) and “My Way” (remixed featuring Candian rapper Drake). 

Born June 7, 1991, Willie Junior Maxwell II, popularly known by his stage name Fetty Wap was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey

He was born with glaucoma in both eyes; in a 2015 interview, Fetty revealed to the public that doctors were unable to save his left eye and instead decided to fit him with an ocular prosthesis. Fetty Wap was a student at Eastside High School before he dropped out in order to pursue his hip-hop career.

However, there has been a lot going on in Fetty’s life in the past three years—enough to get fans and admirers asking, “What happened to Fetty Wap?” 

From his initial arrest on October 29, 2021, to his sentence on May 24, 2023, there hasn’t been any dull moment in the past three years of his life—or maybe, some very dull moments. On May 24, 2023, Fetty Wap was sentenced to 6 years in prison on drug-related charges. 

In this article, we will go deeper into the life of this amazing and very talented but troubled rapper to answer some pressing questions about him. Just read on to find out. 

Who Really is Fetty Wap?

Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, is a 32-year-old American rapper who achieved tremendous fame with his breakthrough single “Trap Queen” in 2014. 

This chart-topping hit reached the impressive number two position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became a multi-platinum success, solidifying Fetty Wap’s unique style and sound. However, before his rise to stardom, Willie’s life took an intriguing path.

During his school years, Willie faced bullying due to his eye condition, which led him to seek solace in music at a young age. He found comfort in playing drums with his father and family at church and participating in the school band. 

Despite his musical interests, Willie disliked school and decided to drop out at thirteen. Inspired by his constant pursuit of financial stability, he adopted the name Fetty, which signifies his relentless quest for money.

Fetty took to the streets to make ends meet, as he had never held a traditional job. However, his family did not support his lifestyle choices, forcing him to survive on his friend’s couch. 

Adding to his challenges, Fetty became a father while facing financial hardship and lacking a clear plan for his future. 

Nonetheless, his life turned when he met Monty, P Dice, and other fellow rappers who collectively called themselves the Remy 1738 Boys, named after the renowned alcohol brand Remy Martin 1738.

“Trap Queen” marked the third song Fetty recorded under RGF Productions, and he strongly believed in its potential success. Initially, he focused on promoting the song locally, hoping it would gain traction within his community. 

However, fate had bigger plans for Fetty when Bobby Shmurda, an influential figure in the music industry, posted a video of himself singing “Trap Queen” online. This exposure propelled Fetty’s career, earning recognition and support from notable artists such as Rihanna, Kanye West, and Drake.

Fetty Wap continued to release hit singles, including “679” and “My Way,” both of which achieved platinum status. His signature blend of rap and melodic singing, accompanied by catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics, significantly impacted the hip-hop genre. 

Fetty Wap’s unique sound brought a fresh and distinctive flavour to mainstream music, inspiring other artists and influencing the direction of contemporary rap.

In 2015, Fetty Wap experienced a meteoric rise to stardom. His music resonated with audiences nationwide, leading him to become one of the most prominent figures in hip-hop at the time. 

With extensive airplay and radio exposure, Fetty Wap’s songs captured widespread attention and solidified his position as a prominent force in the music industry. Here are some of the most renowned titles to his name. 

2015 MC100 Award, BET AwardsTrap Queen11
BET Hiphop Awards 2015Trap Queen, My Way51
MTV Video Music Awards 2015Trap Queen, My Way31
American Music Awards 2015Artist Categories30
2016 People’s Choice Awards,Artist Categories10
Grammy 2016Trap Queen20
Billboard Music AwardsTrap Queen, 679111

What Happened to Fetty Wap?

Fetty Wap faced a series of challenges and misfortunes that contributed to the decline of his career.

Misplaced Interest

One factor that hindered Fetty Wap’s career was his choices and disinterest in networking. In podcasts, he expressed his disdain for the fake nature of the industry and instead supported his genuine friends and colleagues, providing them with free features.

Next, at the peak of his success, Fetty made a significant decision by removing Drake’s feature from his single “My Way” (which is 3x Platinum now) and featuring his friend Monty instead, who originally wrote the song.

Off The Record: Fetty Wap “I Left a Drake Verse off my Album Because I Felt PLAYED”:

Poor Management Decisions

Another setback came from his manager, Nitt the Gritt, who made questionable decisions that impacted Fetty’s trajectory. Nitt declined a tour opportunity with Justin Bieber because he wanted to showcase other artists from labels and the RGF Boys alongside Fetty, which conflicted with Fetty Wap’s loyalty to his label. 

Decisions like these prevented Fetty from joining tours with prominent artists like Future, Beyoncé, and Justin Bieber, potentially hurting his career and sustainability.

Despite collaborations with notable acts such as Fifth Harmony, David Guetta, and Drake, Fetty’s growth could have been improved by his manager’s handling of his career. 

Nitt organized a solo tour for Fetty to promote the entire roster, failing to prioritize Fetty’s success. Nitt also admitted to lacking experienced lawyers and business expertise during this time.

Downfall in music and support

Around 2017, Fetty Wap was entangled in a beef with other Patterson rappers, including P Dice and Fuzz. These are the same people he initially supported while declining great offers from the bigger industry players. 

The differences between Nitt and Fetty continued to escalate, leading to the downfall of Fetty’s career. Poor management decisions, misguided trust in the wrong people, insufficient focus on himself, financial challenges, and drug charges all played a role in his declining career.

Nitt Da Gritt & GuMitch: What Fetty Wap Did For The City Still Stands, Focus, RGF Productions:

As time passed, Fetty Wap’s presence in the music industry began to fade, with his career going unnoticed by many. The decline combined various factors, including personal choices and external circumstances. 

Despite releasing his album “Butterfly Effect,” it failed to gain significant attention. His city turned against him, and fans started caring less and less. 

Legal Battles

Recent reports indicate that Fetty Wap is facing drug charges, although specific details about these charges are not provided. He and five others were accused of conspiring to possess and distribute over 220 pounds of heroin, fentanyl, and crack cocaine between June 2019 and June 2020, according to Billboard. 

Fett Wap, who had been out on bail, had his bail revoked and was re-arrested in August. During a FaceTime call, prosecutors claimed he threatened someone’s life with a firearm. 

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute over 500 grams of cocaine, carrying a minimum sentence of five years in federal prison. In 2021, Fetty was arrested on drug charges at the Rolling Loud music festival at CitiField in New York City. 

That was not his first encounter with the law, as he was arrested in 2017 for a DUI charge related to drag racing on a New York City highway. 

In 2019, he was also arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly assaulting three hotel employees. In the DUI case, Fetty pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour charge of reckless endangerment, and the charges from the Las Vegas incident were dismissed, provided he stayed out of trouble.

In conclusion, Fetty Wap’s career ended due to various factors, including mismanagement, poor business decisions, misplaced trust, lack of personal focus, financial difficulties, and drug charges.

These circumstances, coupled with the fading popularity and unnoticed releases, contributed to the downfall of his once-promising career.

Where is Fetty Wap currently?

According to the Los Angeles Times, BBC, and CNN, Fetty Wap is currently in New York prison. He was sentenced to six years in prison in May 2023 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 

Fetty Wap Sentenced To Life In Prison:

The charges against him were related to his involvement in an organization that distributed drugs across Long Island and New Jersey. Therefore, as of now, Fetty Wap is serving his prison sentence. 

What is Fetty Wap’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Fetty Wap’s net worth is around $1 million. Fetty Wap gained widespread recognition between 2015 and 2017, propelling him to stardom. 

However, despite his initial success, Fetty Wap faced various controversies and legal issues that impacted his career. These challenges, including a prison sentence in May 2023, have likely affected his financial standing. 

It’s important to note that net worth can fluctuate over time due to earnings, investments, and expenses. While Fetty Wap’s net worth may have been significantly higher during the peak of his success, the reported figure of $1 million reflects his current financial situation.


In conclusion, Fetty Wap, the talented rapper known for his breakout hit “Trap Queen,” faced numerous challenges and misfortunes that contributed to the decline of his career. 

Poor management decisions, misplaced trust, legal issues, fading popularity, and financial difficulties all played a role in his downfall. 

Fetty Wap’s career took a significant hit when he was sentenced to six years in prison in May 2023 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Currently, Fetty Wap is serving his prison sentence in New York.