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HERE’S What Happened to Jaheim (And Where He Is Now) – 2023 Update

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It breeds more than curiosity when singers and performers who were once loved dearly by their fans suddenly disappear without living a word. For many people, it is a sad thing to not know the whereabouts of the singer they once loved so dearly. 

If you followed R&B from the mid-1990s to about the mid-2000s, the name Jaheim might not be a strange one to you. 

With soul-touching albums like Ghetto Love (2001), Still Ghetto (2002), Ghetto Classics (2006), The Makings of a Man (2007), Another Round (2010), Appreciation Day (2013), and Struggle Love (2016), Jaheim wrote his name on the hearts of men. 

As a testament to his amazing craft, Jaheim got several awards and nominations including three Grammy nominations. In 2011, his amazing song, “Finding My Way Back” got nominated in the Grammies for Best R&B Album, Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, and Best R&B Song

However, Jaheim started disappearing gradually (gradual enough for his fans to not be alarmed) from the music scene. 

In September 2021, there was news of Jaheim being arrested on the grounds of animal cruelty. It was discovered that he was being extremely cruel to 15 dogs that were found at his New Jersey home. 

Out of the 15 dogs, one was so bad that they had to euthanize it. The fifteen dogs looked severely stressed and emaciated. However, Jaheim has completely disappeared from the eyes of fans and critics. This leaves a wondering in the minds of many. 

On his current whereabouts, it is known that Jaheim is a resident of Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. However, he has decided to keep a low and discreet profile. This article will discuss in depth, the current situation of this once-loved singer. 

Who Really is Jaheim?

Jaheim Hoagland is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born on 26th May 1978, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, US. He is the grandson of the late Hoagy Lands who was a great soul singer in the 1960s.

His singing career was inspired and motivated by his grandad. Having to sing during the family reunion with Hoagy. Jaheim is also known as Jah. He has been active since 1996, performing and producing under different record labels. 

He has worked with labels such as Warner Bros Records, Atlantic Records, BMG, and Julie’s dream music group. Jaheim released his first official album with Divine Mill Records. Divine Mill Records is a division of Warner Bros Records. 

His deal with Divine Mill was after his recorded tape gained him a deal with the record label. The album had Blackstreet, Daren, RL, and Cliff Lightly. 

However, two singles “Lil Nigga Ain’t Mine” and “Could it Be” gained a lot of good reactions from BET video shows. On November 5th, 2002, Jaheim released another top-ten hit titled “Still Ghetto.” 

This album also featured two top singles. “Fabulous” and “Anything” placed in the top 40. Then in 2006, he released his third album titled “Ghetto Classics.” 

In 2007, Jaheim got signed to Atlantic Records. Then released “The Making of a Man” which was his fourth studio album. Jaheim has over seven albums to himself and has sold about 5 million records, worldwide. 

2001Ghetto love14 tracks
2002Still ghetto16 tracks
2006Ghetto classics11 tracks
2007The making of a man14 tracks
2010Another round17 tracks
2013Appreciation day14 tracks
2016Struggle love16 tracks

Jaheim is worth over $4.5 million according to celebrity net worth. He has also been nominated severally for Grammy Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, and many other awards. 

2002Soul Train Music Awards 
Just in caseNominated
Best R&B/Soul Single, male
2002Soul Train Music Awards
Best R&B/Soul Album, male
Ghetto loveNominated
2003Soul Train Music Awards 
Best R&B/Soul Album, male
Still ghettoNominated
2003American Music Award 
Favourite soul/R&B male artist
2004Soul Train Music Awards 
Best R&B/Soul Single, male
Put that woman firstNominated
2010Soul Train Music Awards 
Best male R&B/Soul Artist
2011Grammy Award 
Best R&B album
Another roundNominated
2011Grammy Award 
Best male R&B vocal performance
Finding my wayNominated
2011Grammy Award 
Best R&B song
Finding my wayNominated

What Happened to Jaheim; Why Did He Disappear?

Here is the question that every fan of Jahiem is asking that needs an answer. After being arrested and charged with animal cruelty, little is heard of Jaheim. However, the good news is that the American singer has not yet retired [officially]. 

Jaheim still retains his musical skills and is expected to return to the music scene soon. Hoagland Jaheim has a child named Shemeka Foster. Although, he is not married and the mother of the child is unknown. 

Because of Jaheim’s current secretive life, nobody can tell how he looks or what he is currently doing now. You can recall that Jaheim changed his hairstyle when he was dissed by Charlamagne Tha God. 

He was not impressed when he was called the Donkey of the Day. Unfortunately, all his effort to clap back was unsuccessful. 

His career was beginning to fade. If Charlamagne had dissed Jah during his boom period, he would have had enough support to clap back. 

It looks like fans were worn out listening to Jaheim’s hustling and paternity argument messages in all his seven albums. The sound and the vocals were great, but the message was the same in all the albums. 

Irrespective of his looks and being called the thugs of R&B, the American singer had a smooth voice comparable to that of Luther Vandross. 

Regardless, Jaheim disclosed that his early career success and fame did not amount to wealth. In one of his interviews with All Hip Hop, he said he made nothing from the albums he released. 

The reason he restarted his record label in 2014 was to be able to gain control over his music. Talking about Julie’s dream music group, Jaheim Said he loves the energy his record label had given him. 

What is Jaheim Currently Doing? 

Jaheim was last seen on the 2019 Album Full Circle hosted by Angie Stone. Then the last thing about this American singer is a post he made on Instagram. In the Post he says, I am changing a few things, then we shall meet again. 

In 2018, before he made the post, he had already received mockery from fans due to his weight loss. Fans attributed his small body appearance to excessive drinking and drugs. However, Jaheim debunked the comments made by fans and said he is on a vegetarian diet. 

He even went ahead to share his recipe online that one of the ingredients was full of banana peel. This is not the first time some fans have said mean things to Jaheim. And it looks like it won’t be the last. 

Gordon, an Instagram user, reached out to Sandra recently claiming Jaheim was the Uber driver that drove him during his trip to Atlanta. Gordon said Jaheim told him he came to pay his relative a visit in Atlanta and is out of money. 

Hence, he will be driving Uber for a while to make some money to get back home. He also told him he will hit the studio anytime soon but in the meantime, he is proud of what he is doing. 

This report brought a lot of arguments online. According to Rock in Heavy, A musician like Jahiem can make $15,000 in a week. Rock told Heavy the report is mistaken. 

He said Jaheim is a Jersey native and very talented. He has a strong brand that can fetch him good money from his performance—if only he wanted to. 

Jaheim’s Support for Donald Trump 

Jaheim was a die-hard supporter of Trump in 2020. He would celebrate Trump and attack the Democrats. He was ridiculed and criticized for supporting Trump. However, Jaheim claimed that Trump was a lifesaver, while the Democrats were simply disseminating false news about Trump. 

In one of his posts, he apologized to Trump for all the misinformation since he stepped into the office. He even blamed the masses for turning their back on Trump who has been serving tirelessly with a paycheck. 

He received a lot of backlash for making such a post. Regardless, it didn’t stop Jaheim from supporting Trump. When it became obvious that Trump was losing, he also made a post. This time it was an emotional post that came with a warning. 

In the post, He recapped his granny used to say that one doesn’t know what is valuable until it is gone. He also said Americans had made their bed and should be ready to lie on it. 

Using the word “prideful hate,” he ended by saying “Americans will regret it,” however, they should enjoy it while it lasts. 

Jaheim Net Worth 

As of 2023, the American singer and rapper’s net worth is about $4.5 million. When Divine Mill Records first signed up Jaheim in 2000, he made most of his money from album sales. 

He was worth about $8 million; this was because he released a lot of hits. After a lot of labour and hardship, in 2017 his net worth was about $2 million. In 2018 it was $3 million and in 2019 his last appearance his net worth was $4 million. 


While anticipating the return of Jaheim, let us remember the sound of the song “Put the woman first.” The American singer was not popular for nothing. His vocal prowess, and fashion sense which was very odd to the genre of music made him larger than life.  

He has also been nominated for Grammys and other awards numerous times. Whatever may have caused Jaheim to go on a break somehow has made his fans miss him. Nonetheless, we hope Jaheims comes back very soon.