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What Happened to Devi Ever? [Are they Back? 2023 UPDATE!]

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After a failed Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and suspending operations in 2018, Devi Ever made an announcement that they are making a return to building guitar pedals.

According to Devi Ever, they are coming back to the guitar pedal-building business “for personal reasons.”

The new pedals/stomp boxes—which will only be in limited quantities—will still continue to carry the Devi Ever brand name. However, the actual builder behind the manufacturing goes by the name of Izzi Mouse.

In a statement posted to YouTube, Izzi Mouse remarked that they were rebooting the Devi Ever series and that they see building pedals as a way “to make ends meet financially” rather than as a career path. Part of the statement read: 

“It is a part of me trying to make ends meet financially, but I’m not doing it as a career path. I’m doing it for personal reasons…”

“I’m excited to hopefully set up a manufacturing process [where] I can enjoy building and feel proud of doing—-and if I can’t do that, I’m not going to do it. I don’t have plans currently to make it a big deal, I just want to do it for fun and in small batches.”

However, amidst the frenzy, indifference, and subtle chaos, many people have been asking, “What happened to Devi Ever?”

A lot of things have happened in the past years. In 2012, they crowdfunded to build an open-source cartridge-based pedal and they raised over $40,000 from supporters but failed to build the pedal or make refunds. 

There have been a couple of other online sagas and issues involving customers and potential customers being owed money and also the issue of the company admitting to mismanaging their funds. 

A Brief History of Devi Ever

The history of Devi Ever, the business, and Devi Eversley, its founder, in the field of guitar effects pedals is extensive and fascinating. 

Devi Eversley was born in 1978 and raised around the United States before changing her name to Devi Ever. She developed a love of music at a young age and started playing the guitar and tinkering with electronics as a teenager.

Devi Ever relocated to Portland, Oregon, in the late 1990s. She began making her guitar pedals to produce distinctive and unusual sounds for her concerts, drawing inspiration from the noisy and experimental music around her.

Devi Ever’s success came in the early 2000s when she founded her own business, Devi Ever FX, to market her pedal creations. Musicians, particularly those that play noise, shoegaze, and experimental music, soon developed a loyal audience for the business. 

Devi’s pedals were renowned for their ability to create tones different from the more conventional effects pedals on the market and were aggressive, chaotic, and otherworldly.

The “Hyperion” fuzz pedal, one of her most famous inventions, received particular praise and rose to popularity among guitarists and collectors. 

Devi Ever FX pedals became known for their violent and unpredictable sound, unique to the Hyperion.

Devi Ever’s pedal creations broke new ground in terms of sound but also stood out, thanks to their eye-catching artwork and lively colour schemes. Her designs gained artistic appeal from each pedal’s distinctive appearance, making them more desirable to musicians and collectors.

Devi Ever FX’s triumph did, however, not come without controversy. The corporation faced legal concerns about using specific trademarked names and potential patent issues.

The company was shut down in 2014 due to these problems, which sparked legal disputes. Despite the difficulties, Devi Ever has had a huge influence on the pedal industry and the musical community.

She encouraged a generation of guitarists to discover new sonic horizons and to value the creativity that goes into effects pedal design.

Devi Ever made a comeback in the market in 2022 after being out of business. Musicians and pedal fans continue to use her original designs, inventive energy, and contributions to the boutique pedal market.

What Happened to Devi Ever?

Some problems with the organization’s past and image came to light due to Devi Ever’s comeback and the founder’s rebranding as Izzi Mouse. The Devi Ever Console pedal’s unmet crowdfunding campaign is one key issue that has generated debate.

The company faced legal issues related to trademarked names and patents, leading to its closure in 2014. 

Subsequently, a failed Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to create an open-source cartridge-based pedal, called the Devi Ever Console, further tarnished the company’s reputation. Backers were left dissatisfied and owed refunds, which resulted in criticism and mistrust.

The Devi Ever brand ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to raise money to create the Devi Ever Console, an “open-source cartridge-based” pedal. The campaign successfully generated over $40,000 from enthusiastic supporters of the ground-breaking idea. 

Nevertheless, despite the money obtained, the company found it difficult to fulfil its commitments, and the project did not progress as planned to the prototype stage.

As a result of the business’s failure to fulfil its promises to reimburse clients who had made financial contributions to the campaign, the management of the crowdfunding campaign garnered criticism. 

Due to Devi’s lack of progress and communication, many funders felt let down, irritated, and even enraged.

Izzi Mouse admits to mismanaging the money and time in a 2013 update on the Kickstarter page, acknowledging the failure to fulfil the promises made to funders. 

Despite their best efforts to reimburse the backers, many people claimed they never did, which increased unhappiness and lowered perceptions of the company.

Devi Ever was sold to Dwarfcraft in 2015, and the matter was addressed when Izzi Mouse acquired the Devi Ever moniker in 2016. 

There were still unfulfilled promises and dissatisfied backers who had yet to receive their refunds or the promised Console pedal even after taking possession of the brand.

The guitar community has reacted differently to Devi Ever’s recent comeback and the introduction of new pedals bearing the company’s name. 

Given the history of broken promises and the improper management of the crowdfunding effort, some people have raised suspicion and worry. They doubt the brand’s dependability and reliability, fearing a recurrence of the same problems.

On the other hand, some people are still sentimental about the Devi Ever brand and express optimism for the success of the new business, highlighting the possibilities for distinctive and cutting-edge pedal solutions.

In conclusion, the issues affecting Devi Ever’s reputation are primarily the result of the Devi Ever Console crowdfunding campaign’s improper management, which left backers dissatisfied and pledges unfulfilled. 

The guitar community has reacted with enthusiasm and scepticism to the brand’s resurrection as Izzi Mouse with a promise to sell new pedals under the Devi Ever name. 

Time will tell how the rebranding business handles this new chapter and whether it can win back its audience’s faith.

What is Devi Ever Currently Up to?

Devi Ever, a prominent effects pedal maker that went out of business in 2018, has announced that it will resume designing and selling stompboxes. The new pedals will be available in limited quantities and carry the Devi Ever brand name. 

In a YouTube release, the brand’s creator, now known as Izzi Mouse, indicated that they are restarting the Devi Ever series for personal reasons and to make ends meet financially rather than as a full-fledged vocation. 

Mouse has indicated enthusiasm for developing a production process and design they can enjoy producing. The emphasis will be on manufacturing pedals for fun and in small batches, with no imminent ambitions to expand into a larger business.

With Izzi Mouse’s new identity, the builder is anxious to return to the Devi Ever series. Instead of a long-term career goal, personal passion and financial necessity led to the decision to return to pedal construction. 

This implies that Izzi Mouse intends to carry on their legacy while taking a more casual and controlled approach to business. The limited quantity and small-batch production strategy may contribute to the new Devi Ever pedals’ exclusivity and attractiveness. 

Mouse may maintain the brand’s reputation for uniqueness and collectibility by focusing on making pedals in limited quantities.

While Devi Ever’s reappearance may not be targeted at becoming a large business player, it reflects a renewed interest in the brand and its revolutionary effects. 

Mouse’s previous encounters with others in the industry indicate he is excited to reconnect with fellow pedal fans and collaborators.

Where Can You Get A Devi Ever Pedal?

Here is a list of online and offline shops where you can purchase Devi Ever Pedals:


Devi has experienced both success and criticism in the guitar effects pedals market. Following a period of inactivity, it has declared its intention to reopen in 2022 under the name Izzi Mouse and make a small number of pedals for financial and personal reasons.

Unfulfilled promises to backers and a failed Kickstarter campaign damaged the company’s reputation. Some were and are still hopeful for unusual pedals in response to its return, while others remained sceptics.