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10 BEST Joyo Pedals And HOW To Pick the Right One for Yourself!

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What is better than a new guitar? A clean-sounding guitar with a good amplifier, tuner, and other essential machinal devices.

You can play any guitar for just about any genre; however, what makes it sound special is how well the guitar plays your music and how clean the delivery is.

Knowing all the trivial as well as essential details of your instrument and all the tools you have connected with it is important.

If you are only focusing on one thing, such as the guitar’s design, body, or amplifier, your guitar will not give you the performance you want.

You may be able to use it for playing most of your music from various genres, but it will not give you that oomph.

One of the most vital things when getting or playing the guitar is the Joyo pedal. You may wonder, what are Joyo pedals? Is Joyo pedal good?

Do you even need a Joyo pedal? And if we were to break things down, what pedal should every guitarist have?

Before we get into further details, it is essential that you know what pedals are. Aren’t pedals what we have in bicycles? While this is true, pedals are also part of guitars.

They have a similar position as they do on a bicycle- they are found at the guitarist’s feet, but their job is slightly different. They do not help the vehicle move, but the music!

What are Guitar Pedals?

Defining the basics is always a good thing when you are about to enter an unknown or seemingly complicated territory. Once your foundation is strong enough, you can move ahead without much trouble.

Similar is the case here; to understand what Joyo pedals are, why they are important, and the Joyo pedals ranking, you must first know what guitar pedals are. Once we know all of that, we can move on to the bigger questions, such as Is the Joyo Vintage overdrive good?

A guitar pedal is basically a unit that is designed to be controlled by the player’s feet, in this case, the guitarist’s feet. The pedals indirectly affect the incoming signal or voltage in a wide range of ways.

Together, the guitar pedal unit helps to produce the desired response. These pedals work with digital circuits as well as analog circuits and can change or reroute the guitar signal’s waveform.

After this, you may wonder, are guitar pedals necessary? Can’t we just use the voltage circuits to control the current flow? The answer is yes, circuits can be used to control current, and guitars pedals are not a basic necessity.

You can also plug your electric guitar into an amplifier and use it to change the sound and voltage; this should suffice.

However, guitar pedals come in handy when you are in the practicing room, performing in bands, jam sessions, live gigs, and recording sessions since you cannot constantly fix the amplifier while you perform.

The guitar pedal unit does the voltage signal fixing for you at the command of just your foot!

Now while this may seem like an easy job, guitar pedals that are within budget can sometimes become challenging.

A good guitar pedal must be creative, unique, well-crafted, and, importantly, budget-friendly so that guitarists of all levels can afford it.

Now, where do you find these premium-quality guitar pedals that work finely and do not make a dent in your pocket? This brings us to our next topic of discussion- the Best Joyo Pedals.

The Joyo Company- History and Details

The Joyo company is famous worldwide for its wide range of products. Apart from guitar pedal units, they also make the following:

  • Amplifier & Cab Simulation.
  • Fuzz Guitar Effects.
  • Bass Guitar Effects.
  • Multi Guitar Effects.
  • Pedal Controllers.
  • Power Supplies.
  • Guitar Loopers.
  • Noise Gate Pedals.

The Joyo Audio Company has gained a large fandom pretty fast, considering they only launched in May 2014.

However, it resulted from tremendous efforts, blood, sweat, tears, and collaboration and understanding between Joyo Technology and Joyo Audio UK. They are based in Manchester, England.

Initially a small company, Joyo Audio Company has built itself from scratch. They pride themselves on becoming an international business that started from a shelf, moved to a bedroom, then a small warehouse, a mega warehouse, a shop, a showroom, and then into the large business that are today.

The Joyo Audio Company is a high-tech company fully focused on producing high-quality digital music-oriented products. Several representatives have brought the company to where it is today.

Dave Grant from Joyo Audio Company brings to the market a user-friendly and affordable range of music devices and accessories that all can take advantage of, including guitarists, musicians, and other music enthusiasts.

The Joyo Audio Company wants to share and celebrate its passion with the world and create new products for all kinds of musicians, from the finest professionals to those who are just only beginning their musical careers.

Always bringing new and innovative musical products into the commercial markets, the Joyo Audio Company is reshaping lives and redefining music’s limits.

They work closely with talented manufacturers and international distributors to bring their excellent products within everyone’s reach.

While the Joyo Audio Company is located in England, its partner, Joyo Technology, is established in China.

The Joyo Audio Company is an independent British business where everyday operations occur under the careful scrutiny of David and Elizabeth, vital parts of Joyo Audio Company.

The Joyo Audio Company proudly runs a musically driven environment, which is powered by talented manufacturers, musical enthusiasts, and musicians from all over the world.

The Joyo Audio Company may not be as old as some of the other competitive music companies, but it is equally energized and keeps its customers and their needs the priority.

A reason for this is that most of the management and production team employees are actual musicians and have joined the Joyo Audio Company to become the voice for all the different types of musicians.

Joyo Audio Company’s love for music is unparalleled and evident in its products. They have a range of affordable products for every genre and help musicians deliver the performance they really want.

Aiming to go all the way to the top, Joyo Audio Company always welcomes suggestions and reviews.

At the Joyo Audio Company, they think music is not simply country-bound but a love language understood and spoken globally.

They understand all the different music cultures and genres dominating different parts of the world. They help the world share and further spread the passion for music with their great products.

The Best Joyo Pedals

Now that we fully know what the Joyo Audio Company is, it is time to jump into the next important part of our discussion- the best Joyo pedals.

If you have been wondering what they are and how they perform for a while, you have come to the right place.

This guide will discuss the best Joyo pedals and why they are among the top-ranked. The brand has definitely come up with some affordable options, but are they really worth it? Time to find out!

In all honesty, the majority of the Joyo pedals are quite fantastic quality. They are good, suitable, and reliable for guitarists of all levels.

Moreover, the gear that comes with them is pretty cheap, especially if you compare them with other guitar pedals with the same features.

Many players are big fans of the Joyo Company. Here is a list of the best Joyo pedals that you can use for your instruments, all high-quality and affordable:

1. JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal- Most Budget Friendly

The first one is the JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal with true bypass, 9V DC, and battery support.

It is among the most affordable and popular ones. It has a simple construction but offers access to a lot of different tones to the user. 

What makes the JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal unique is that it is a cheaper alternative for the famous and legendary TS808 tube screamer pedal.

Although it does not perform as finely as the latter, the JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal is pretty good quality. 

Considering its budget-friendly price, it is a reliable option worth trying out, especially for guitarists and musicians who do not want to spend a lot. It also features controls like volume, tone, and drive.

And if you are looking for a subtle tube overdrive or a guitar pedal with a powerful brunch, the JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal will not disappoint you. 

The JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal can definitely give tough competition to even the most expensive guitar pedals with its clean sound and good delivery.

If you are on the lookout for a remarkable product without emptying your pockets, the JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal is your best bet.

2. JOYO JF-22 Oxford Sound- Excellent Features

The JOYO JF-22 Oxford Sound is another excellent option for anyone looking for a nice guitar pedal.

It is among the favorites of numerous guitarists due to its great features and price. It imitates the effects of the classic Orange pump, so if you are a fan of British rock, the JOYO JF-22 Oxford Sound is just for you!

It features about six different controls, which give you considerable versatility and tonal adjustment choices.

It can be used for both clean and overdrive channels. Apart from this, the JOYO JF-22 Oxford Sound has a very solid construction. It is made from metal aluminum and should easily last for years.

Undoubtedly, the JOYO JF-22 Oxford Sound is among the most popular and affordable guitar pedals with a lot of useful cool amp tones.

Furthermore, the JOYO JF-22 Oxford Sound also has a very cool look that will further enhance your musical gear look.

3. JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive- JOYO Overdrive Pedal R Series- Top Rated

The JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive from the JOYO Overdrive Pedal R Series clone is a great option.

It is among the top-rated guitar pedals, and for all the right reasons. Its great variety of functions gives great control to the guitarist, allowing them to set the tone they like. 

Measuring about 4.29 x 1.89 x 2.64 inches, the JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive is designed for heavy metal music and plays highgain very well. It has a ‘BIAS’ knob switch which switches easily between British distortion and American distortion.

It also has a gain knob and a volume knob that together offer dynamic balance. You can adjust the gain knob, which automatically adjusts the circuit and keeps the volume the same just as before.

With a whole new appearance and a classic ambiance of lights, it gives off a retro style and a great fusion of modern and traditional styles. You can use the JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive to jam in the bedroom, on the stage, as well in the studio.

The Joyo brand definitely knew the masterpiece they were creating with the JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive, as it has all the controls, including pedals, wireless systems, controllers, and tuners.

Amplifiers, metronomes, and tuners. The JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive has won the hearts of thousands all over the music world.

Before playing the JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive, please ensure that the guitar is fully connected with the pedal.

Also, we recommend getting an extra Joyo power adapter to make the pedals work seamlessly and without any noise. The JOYO R-01 Tauren Overdrive will surely meet all your requirements.

4. JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion

Next, we have the JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion, another reliable option for all guitarists. Its high gain distortion has an ideal effect for all metal and rock fans.

It gives the user wide access to the most powerful and distorted tones. If you are a Metallica, AC/DC, or Nirvana fan, the JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion is your answer.

The JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion comes with four individual knobs, treble, gain, volume, and mid.

Its simple construction and ease of use make it a great buy, even for beginner guitarists. The looks of this particular model are also pretty cool.

The JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion gives great distortion, which is just right for metal fans. It is also budget-friendly and has a good tone.

5. JOYO R-14 Atmosphere Reverb- Good Reliability

The JOYO R-14 Atmosphere Reverb is another great guitar pedal on which you can get your hands. It is an excellent product with decent reliability and performance.

However, it is slightly heavy on the pocket as compared to others but well worth the price. It has nine different built-in reverb controls: church, springs, Eko-verb, plate, shimmer, rewind, comet, and pulse.

The JOYO R-14 Atmosphere Reverb is a significantly versatile effect with significant modulation effects. You do not get these many features at this price- a big advantage.

Moreover, the JOYO R-14 Atmosphere Reverb also has durable construction with vast tonal possibilities.

The iconic ambiance lights highlight its modern look. Bring the JOYO R-14 Atmosphere Reverb home today to experience its magic right in front of you!

6. JOYO JF-20 Moist Reverb- Good Affordability

The JOYO JF-20 Moist Reverb is another great Joyo pedal that you can get. It is slightly less expensive than the R-14 Atmosphere but works almost just as well.

The JOYO JF-20 Moist Reverb features three different built-in reverb types: plate, studio, and church.

Although it seems quite a few, the JOYO JF-20 Moist Reverb gives you access to a wide range of cool tones. You can use this particular model in a wide range of music genres.

The JOYO JF-20 Moist Reverb is an excellent product considering its high-quality and low price. It can easily compete with the more expensive models from companies like JHS, Fender, and TC Electronics.

7. JOYO R-07 Aquarius Delay- Great Quality

Next, we have the JOYO R-07 Aquarius Delay, another fantastic model from Joyo. It is a premium-quality product that suffices even the most demanding guitarists.

It is not too cheap, but it is worth the extra bucks. It deserves all the recognition it has gained due to its decent options of functions.

The JOYO R-07 Aquarius Delay is extremely versatile. It does not only feature a delay pedal but also comes with a loop. It offers the user up to 300 seconds of record timing; this is mostly enough to practice new as well as old music ideas.

The JOYO R-07 Aquarius Delay is equipped with eight different types of delay, Analog, digital, tube echo, tape echo, reverse echo, galaxy, mod, and low-bit. What else could you ask for?

These features give you access to a great number of sounds and beats. It is highly unlikely that you will find a pedal this versatile within this price range.

The JOYO R-07 Aquarius Delay is an excellent buy for anyone with a limited budget. Get this today if you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable delay effect.

8. JOYO JF-37 Analog Chorus- Simple and Efficient

The JOYO JF-37 Analog Chorus is another good product released by the Joyo company. It is a simple yet very efficient analog chorus pedal.

It comes with a basic construction without any complicated buttons and is easy to use. This is a great addition to any pedal board.

The JOYO JF-37 Analog Chorus features two controls: depth and rate. About its sound, it has a characteristic warmth that makes you want to listen to it indefinitely.

Furthermore, it works well with several genres. You can get this if you are into rock or metal.

9. OYO JF-09 Tremolo- Decently Priced

Get your hands on the OYO JF-09 Tremolo, another remarkable guitar pedal. It has a Chinese manufacturer and works great. It will become your go-to as it has a decent amount of functions and is available at a good price.

It has a simple construction and two controls: rate and intensity. The two knobs give you access to many functions and help you play your favorite tone. It has good dynamics overall and is pretty affordable.

10. JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave Fuzz- Requires Good Control

The JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave Fuzz is another interesting guitar pedal made by talented Chinese manufacturers. Everyone may not like its tone, but it is worthy of a lot of attention.

The JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave Fuzz is ideal for screaming lead tone lovers or those who enjoy punchy, aggressive tones.

Similarly, it works well for metal and rock genres. This will work great once you know how to manage its controls. It may take a while till you get used to it, but it is worth the effort.


The Joyo company makes great quality guitar pedals. Almost all of them offer a wide variety of functions and great control to the user.

They are all available at affordable prices and are compatible with a lot of other musical gear, and can be used for all genres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Joyo pedal good?

Most of the Joyo pedals are of amazing quality, reliable and suitable for guitarists of all levels. The gear is also pretty affordable and gives you access to several tones.

What are Joyo pedals?

The Joyo pedals are guitar pedals made by the Joyo Audio Company. They make several other musical gears along with guitar pedals.

What pedal should every guitarist have?

The Wah-pedal is a must-have for every guitarist as it is incredibly versatile and can be used for numerous genres and effects. They allow the guitarist to have frequency spectrum control.