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Is Bogner Amps Out of Business?

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Laying your hands on a properly crafted boutique amp could be one of the best things to ever happen to your guitar or bass playing. Boutique amps have unique advantages over mass-produced amplifiers—we can’t possibly cover all the advantages in this article. 

Bogner remains a top brand in the world of boutique amps. Because of its consistency in bringing out top-quality designs, the brand name Bogner has only become synonymous with top-class amplifiers. 

Long before leaving Germany for LA in 1989, it is known that Reinhold Bogner had been designing and also building top-class amplifiers. As it would be with excellence, just soon after arriving in LA, Bogner quickly gained the attention, respect and trust of many influential players.

These players include Steve Stevens, Mike Landau, Allan Holdsworth, Dan Huff, and Steve Vai, with each of them seeking Bogner’s skill to modify and custom-build their guitar and bass amplifiers.

Bogner Amplification started in the year 1989. It started as a result of a longing to go back in time to the era of old-school Fender blackface. 

After words travelled quickly that a new talented amplifier designer had just arrived in Los Angeles from Germany, this led to the legendary Edward Van Halen entrusting Reinhold Bogner to overhaul and revamp his iconic Marshall Plexi guitar amp. 

Edward was very pleased with the result of Bogner’s revamping; this is how Bogner Amplification was born. Years went by and Bogner never for once slacked or compromised their quality. This only gained them more fame, trust, and prestige in the amp world. 

However, many people have been wondering lately if Bogner Amps is out of business. The truth is that their website got hacked in about 2021 and they never rebuilt the site. They also haven’t been updating their social media pages. 

It is not far-fetched to assume that the impact of Covid-19 was a bit heavy on them, too. However, you can still send the company an email for enquiries or to place a custom order. In this article, we will look deeper into the current state of the company. 

A Brief History of Bogner Amps – Who is Reinhold Bogner?

Reinhold Bogner immigrated to the US from Germany in 1989, where he transformed the guitar amplifier market. He aimed to recreate the true sound of turned-up tube amps since he wanted more than the common multi-channel preamp configurations. 

Bogner’s encounter with guitar icon Eddie Van Halen, who hired him to repair his original Marshall Plexi and launched him into the music world was a turning point in his (Bogner’s) career.

The Ecstasy 100A and 100B were Bogner’s first significant releases in 1992. External multi-channel preamps, which provided a variety of sound effects, dominated the market at the time. 

Bogner’s 100-watt amp production began with the Ecstasy 100 series, with its “A” version using 6L6 power tubes for an American sound and its “B” version using EL34 tubes for a British sound.

Three years later, Bogner unveiled the Ecstasy 101, also known as the White Chassis. Even compared to contemporary versions, the sound quality of this amplifier quickly earned it a great reputation. 

It was a better model than the original 100 that adapted to the needs of modern players. The Ecstasy 101 saw modifications over time, including a simplified model called the Classic and a transition from a white chassis to a chic black one in 1997.

Bogner released The Caveman, initially known as The Mojo, in the middle of the 1990s. This amp was only sometimes available, but it stood out, thanks to its distinctive six-position Schizo knob, significantly changing the tone.

The German Uberschall Super Sonic was introduced as a two-channel, high-gain powerhouse. It had an EL34 power amp and six 12AX7 power tubes, producing 120 watts of volume. Bogner updated the Super Sonic three times, fixing problems like channel volume normalization.

The Shiva model, a break from the high-gain focus, was created to provide a more adaptable and well-rounded amp. It produced a gain tone reminiscent of the vintage Marshall JCM800 and a shimmering clean tone similar to Fender’s. 

Bogner wanted to increase its market share and reach out to more people than only metal musicians, so they created The Shiva.

Bogner amps became very popular among well-known musicians. These artists included respected guitarists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and heavy bands like Slipknot and Disturbed, who used Bogner amps to produce tonally intricate and beautiful music. 

Bogner amplifiers are renowned for their superb sound quality and extensive capabilities, making them a wise investment.

Is Bogner Amps Out of Business?

Reinhold Bogner established Bogner Amps in 1989, which is still in business today and is focused on producing high-quality guitar amplifiers, pedals, and accessories. Renowned amp designer Reinhold Bogner continues to be actively involved in business affairs.

Although the business had a solid reputation and a loyal customer base, worries emerged for several reasons. Market competition, economic turbulence, and changing consumer preferences were a few business obstacles that may have jeopardized the company’s financial stability and competitiveness.

Because Reinhold Bogner was so important to the company’s success, concerns regarding leadership and succession planning may also have added to the anxiety about the future of the business.

Concerns among consumers and fans may have arisen due to Bogner Amps’ inability to meet demand and deliver goods on time due to production and supply chain challenges, which are typical in any sector.

In a cutthroat business, sustaining product innovation is essential, so any apparent absence of novel, intriguing items would have alarmed guitarists and other industry insiders.

Finally, it’s possible that online rumours and conjecture heightened worries by spreading misunderstandings about the company’s condition. Their website was hacked in 2021, and they never replaced it. Additionally, they have not been posting on Facebook.

Due to their specialized markets and handcrafted products, boutique guitar amp firms like Bogner Amplification face unique business and financial difficulties. Their small market share, high production costs, and pricing factors may impact profitability. 

Distribution agreements, brand recognition, and marketing strategies can be challenging, especially when competing with bigger rivals. 

These businesses must scale up while maintaining craftsmanship, balancing innovation with market trends, and remaining successful. Despite obstacles, boutique amp businesses prosper, thanks to devoted clients, a commitment to excellence, and a love for producing outstanding amplifiers.

Bogner has recently released some “truly fearsome” amps, including the Uberschall with EL34s, which the company has dubbed “Armageddon in a box,” the flagship Ecstasy model with 6L6s or EL34s, and the dual-channel Shiva with KT88s or 6L6s. 

Bogner is known for his love of high-gain amplifiers and equally mind-blowing pedals and pickups. Their work on pedals with Rupert Neve and amp-based pedals like the Ecstasy Blue and Ecstasy Red only serve to solidify their legacy. 

Where Are Bogner Amps Made?

Reinhold Bogner started Bogner Amplification in Los Angeles, California, in 1989. Reinhold Bogner’s tube amps are interesting, well-known, and highly sought after.

Top players from all over the world have used them on stages and in studios. Bogner created the Ecstasy amplifier in 1992, and decades later, he still hand-manufactures each amp one at a time in Los Angeles, California.

Where to Buy Bogner Amps

  • Official Bogner Website

Their official website, bogneramplification.com, is the best place to buy Bogner Amps. 

Most of the time, they sell all their goods, such as amplifiers, cabinets, and extra parts, but since their website was hacked, they still need to put it back up.

  • Authorized Bogner sellers

Bogner has a network of authorized sellers around the world. Their website includes a list of authorized dealers. 

You know you’re getting a real product when you buy from an authorized store. They may also have better customer service and warranty services. However, there has yet to be a current list since the hacking of the Bobner website.

  • Music Stores

Bogner amps can be found in some big music stores and guitar shops. Check with a nearby music store or an online store that sells instruments and amplifiers.

  • Online Marketplaces 

Buying Bogner amps from the company’s official website or authorized sellers is best, but you might also find them on Amazon or eBay

There may be differences in availability and distribution, and Bogner’s retail partners and delivery network may change or be updated over time. 

So, if you want the most up-to-date information on where to buy Bogner Amps, I suggest checking their website or calling their customer service.

Who Uses Bogner Amps?

Reinhold Bogner’s amplifier designs immediately earned recognition and appeal among professional musicians and guitarists due to their remarkable craftsmanship, tone, and versatility. 

His amplifiers gained popularity for their ability to produce clean and overdriven tones, making them suited for various musical genres.

The discovery and adoption of the Ecstasy model by renowned guitarist Eddie Van Halen was one of the key turning points for Bogner Amplification. 

The Bogner Ecstasy amplifier’s endorsement by Eddie Van Halen increased brand recognition and cemented the company’s reputation as a premium, boutique amp builder.

Numerous well-known guitarists and performers, including the following, have used Bogner amps in addition to Eddie Van Halen:

The late jazz fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth pioneered the use of Bogner amplifiers. He was renowned for his creative playing and developed distinctive clean and fluid lead tones using Bogner amplifiers.

Steve Lukather, The accomplished Toto guitarist, well-known for his session work and fruitful solo career, has been seen working with Bogner amplifiers on several projects.

The Alice in Chains guitarist and lyricist Jerry Cantrell is renowned for using Bogner amplifiers for their distinct and potent rock tones.

Mark Tremonti is another well-known user of Bogner amplifiers, particularly the Ecstasy and Uberschall models. He is the skilled guitarist for Creed and Alter Bridge.

Walter Becker; During his later years, the late Steely Dan co-founder and guitarist favoured Bogner amps, influencing his live and studio tones.

George Lynch, the renowned guitarist from Dokken and Lynch Mob, chose Bogner amps for his setup because of their adaptability and dynamic response.

These are just a few of the many notable professionals that have chosen Bogner amplifiers for their superb build quality and tone-shaping capabilities. 

The brand continues to draw players from various genres due to its reputation for producing traditional and contemporary tones.

Bogner Amps Phone Number and Email

Here is a list of Bonger Amps’ phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles:


Reinhold Bogner established Bogner Amps in 1989, and the company is well known for its diverse, all-valve amplifiers and true boutique-level artistry. Renowned performers like Eddie Van Halen were interested in Reinhold’s knowledge, prompting Bogner Amplification’s founding. 

Bogner Amps are popular for artists looking for top-tier amplification options due to their primary differentiators, which include hand-wired quality, boutique craftsmanship, multi-channel adaptability, and strong valve-driven tones.