9 EPIC Waves Plugins for Rappers [TO SOUND LIKE A PRO]

best wave plugins for rappers!

Whether you are a professional mix engineer or an amateur rapper and hip-hop songwriter, chances are you want to use the best tools to create your art. One brand you should definitely check out is Waves, as it has the world’s largest collection of pro-level audio plugins. Best of all, they come at reasonable prices … Read More

What Makes a Rapper Mainstream?

what makes a rapper popular in the mainstream?

Rap is quickly becoming the most popular genre of music, both in the United States and across the globe. With so many new rappers emerging on the scene, several are getting deemed “mainstream” or “underground.” There are several factors that can make a rapper mainstream. Mainstream is mostly concerned with the media coverage; therefore, mainstream … Read More

Best Rap EQ Settings [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

eq settings for rappers

Writing and recording a rap can be exciting and an amazing experience. But you may need to edit your track before you release it to the world. To do that, you need to know how to set your music program so that you can make the rap sound as good as possible. The best rap … Read More

These Top 9 Wireless Mics are Perfect for Rappers!!

top wireless microphones for upcoming rappers

As a rapper, a wireless mic gives you the freedom of movement and protects you from potential cabling trip hazards. Whether you are setting out as a first time rapper or an established veteran, you should get a trusted mic that enhances your stage presence. From reputable brands such as Archeer, Neumann, Audio-Technica, you’ll find … Read More

How to Rap Like J. Cole [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

learn to rap like j.cole

One of the best ways to start rapping is to try and emulate your favorite rap artist. J. Cole is a popular rapper with a unique style, and if you like his music, you may want to learn to rap like him. If you’re looking to start or improve your rapping, you should learn how … Read More

How to Find Your Flow in Rap [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

how to find your flow in rap

If you want to become a rapper, you need to nail down the basics. You may be able to rap along to a song on the radio, but rapping your own music is a different story. To rap your music and make it unique, you need to find your flow. To find the flow when … Read More

Writing Rap Lyrics: How to Structure Your Verses

this is the best way to write rap verses.

Freestyle rap can be fun, but it’s not the same as writing your rap ahead of time. But if you do want to write a rap or trap, you need to know how to structure it. And since you will probably have a few verses, they’re especially important. When structuring a rap verse, write out … Read More

21 Best Apps For Rappers [TO UP YOUR RAP GAME]

21 best rapper apps

Making it as a rapper has never been easier. While you still need some talent to come up with a hype-worthy song and practice to perfect your flow, mobile apps have made it easier to find ready-made beats, create beats from scratch on the go, come up with song ideas, gain exposure, and even size … Read More

What’s the Difference Between Rap and Trap?

whats the difference between rap and trap

Since the beginning of hip hop music, there has been much debate over what really counts as hip hop. When hip hop was created, there was no strict definition of what hip hop could be, so there are so many different styles and branches of hip hop. Two of these happen to be rap and trap. … Read More

Why Are So Many Rappers Called “Lil”?

why are so many rappers called lil

Rap is a sensational craze that has taken modern music by storm. It has increasingly gained popularity over the past forty years and will continue to gain momentum as new rappers emerge on the scene. A relatively new phenomenon amongst new rappers is going by the name “Lil.” A lot of rappers include“Lil” in their … Read More

Can You Sing and Rap at the Same Time?

can you rap and sing at the same time

Singing and rapping continue to evolve each year, and defining every genre they represent isn’t always easy. But when considering whether it’s possible to sing and rap at the same time, the definitions of both and how they relate ends up being key to the answer. Are singing and rapping exclusive from one another? Technically, … Read More

What Is a Rap MC? [+ HOW TO BE A GOOD ONE]

What is a rap mc?

Rap music is rapidly becoming one of the most popular music genres. However, there is a common misconception that’s circulating in the hip hop community. This discrepancy is from the misunderstanding and confusion between a rapper and an MC. So, what is a rap MC? An MC is short for master of ceremonies and is … Read More