How Many Words Are in the Average Rap Song?

how many words in a rap song?

Rap music is becoming increasingly more popular as time progresses. As rap has grown in popularity, the competition to be the best has become much more competitive. One way rappers’ skills are assessed is by word counts in their songs. There are between 400-500 words in the average rap song, with some songs reaching word … Read More

Are Rap and Hip Hop the Same Thing?

Rap VS Hip Hop; Whats the deal?

Since the birth of hip hop and rap, there has been a huge debate on what the difference is and whether or not they are the same thing. Even after these genres have been around for half a century, there is still often debate about the differences between the two. Rap and hip hop are … Read More

What Is a Rap Cypher? [+HOW TO GET GOOD WHEN IN ONE!!]

what are rap cyphers all about?

Hip hop is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of music. Over the past century, hip hop and rap have grown quite a fan base, and these fans love going to concerts, festivals, and cyphers. A rap cypher is a group of followers or fans that gather around to watch an impromptu hip … Read More

15 TOP Haitian Rappers to Start Listening to (2023 List!)

Top Haitian rappers

For many of us, when the name Haiti is mentioned, what comes to our minds might not be hip-hop/rap music. Although this is quite sad, for many people, what comes to mind is the 2010 earthquake which occurred on January 12, 2010. This was not just an ordinary natural disaster that shook a certain country—as … Read More

15 Most Popular CLEAN Rappers [These Rapperson Don’t Swear!]

Most Popular Clean Rappers

Over time, profanity has almost become synonymous with hip-hop/rap. The relationship between rap and curse/profane words is a rather complex one that some anti-censorship claim has a lot to do with self-expression.  To a great extent, they are not very far from being right. It is always an amazing thing when creatives are allowed to … Read More

20 Most Popular Jamaican Rappers You Should KNOW in 2023!

Most Popular jamaican Rappers

For many of us, when we hear about Jamaica, the first thing that comes to our minds is not exactly hip-hop/rap music.  By the mention of Jamaica, by default, we might start visualizing reggae music, Bob Marley, beautiful beaches, Rastafarianism, coconuts, mangos, the black, green, and gold flag, and maybe some cannabis—but definitely not a … Read More

15 TOP Harlem Rappers that Everyone Should Know (2023 List!)

Top Harlem rappers

When talking about the history of hip-hop and how much different places have contributed to this rich history, Harlem is oftentimes overlooked and not properly talked about. This is always a common mistake made by hip-hop historians and custodians.  However, apart from having a rich musical/artistic culture and a reputation as a vibrant, commercial and … Read More

20 TOP Brooklyn Rappers To Start Listening To – [2023 List!]

Top Brooklyn Rappers

Be it contemporary or old-school hip-hop/rap, Brooklyn, somehow, has its feet solidly rooted in the past, present, and even the future of hip-hop/rap music.  Being the hometown of legends like The Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Big Daddy Kane and Jay-Z and also the birthplace of Mos Def, Lil’ Kim, and AZ, Brooklyn has played and still … Read More

20 TOP Jewish Rappers You Never Knew (2023 Updated List!)

Top Jewish Rappers

Hip-hop/rap is one genre that has always managed to successfully synergize or marry different styles and music cultures to create a unique and solid musical form and style. This explains why there are so many sub-genres and idioms of hip-hop/rap.  Across diverse world cultures, hip-hop will always find a way to leave its mark—this makes … Read More

2023’s Top 20 Dark Rappers That We Are Absolutely in LOVE With!

dark rappers

With the rapid growth and expansion of hip-hop/rap, we have witnessed an emergence of different sub-genres and styles over the years. One of these sub-genres is a genre known as “Dark Rap,” Horrorcore, or, horror hip hop.  Unlike hardcore hip-hop and gangsta rap, Dark rap themes often push highly violent content and imagery in their … Read More

THIS is Why Rappers Hold Up Four Fingers (All Angles Explained!)

why do rappers hold up 4 fingers

Symbolisms have always been a part of art (music included). Over the years, signs and symbols have always been a strong part of the hip-hop/rap culture.  The four-finger hand sign had always been used by rap artists from the earliest days of the rap culture. Rappers like 2pac Shakur, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg have … Read More