20 TOP Jewish Rappers You Never Knew (2023 Updated List!)

Top Jewish Rappers

Hip-hop/rap is one genre that has always managed to successfully synergize or marry different styles and music cultures to create a unique and solid musical form and style. This explains why there are so many sub-genres and idioms of hip-hop/rap.  Across diverse world cultures, hip-hop will always find a way to leave its mark—this makes … Read More

2023’s Top 20 Dark Rappers That We Are Absolutely in LOVE With!

dark rappers

With the rapid growth and expansion of hip-hop/rap, we have witnessed an emergence of different sub-genres and styles over the years. One of these sub-genres is a genre known as “Dark Rap,” Horrorcore, or, horror hip hop.  Unlike hardcore hip-hop and gangsta rap, Dark rap themes often push highly violent content and imagery in their … Read More

2023’s Top 20 YouTube Rappers That We Are Totally in LOVE With!

youtuber rappers

It is a fact that YouTube plays a major role in deciding the music and artists we listen to. Gone are those days when the record store and the radio were the major places where we could discover new music and musicians.  With YouTube playing such an important role in the contemporary music industry, especially … Read More

THIS is Why Rappers Hold Up Four Fingers (All Angles Explained!)

why do rappers hold up 4 fingers

Symbolisms have always been a part of art (music included). Over the years, signs and symbols have always been a strong part of the hip-hop/rap culture.  The four-finger hand sign had always been used by rap artists from the earliest days of the rap culture. Rappers like 2pac Shakur, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg have … Read More

2023’s Top 20 Winsconsin Rappers That We Are Totally in LOVE With!

wisconsin rappers

When talking about hip-hop in America and the entire world, we can all agree that Wisconsin would not exactly make the list of the first places to mention it.  Over the years, hip-hop/rap has travelled, settled in places, and demonstrated some dynamism over the course of its development. But regardless of this, hip-hop has not … Read More

2023’s Top 20 Boston Rappers That We Are Totally in LOVE With!

boston rappers

Hip-Hop and Rap music has a long, exciting and enormous history. With its roots going back to West Africa and its griot tradition, the history, propagation and evolution of Hip-Hop have always been an interesting case study.  Although this article is not about the history of Hip-Hop in America, it is important to remark that, … Read More