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9 BEST Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 (A Must Read in 2023!)

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Although it can be pretty hard to come to a consensus on which guitar is the “best guitar,” there are, however, still some excellent guitars out there that we all can agree are exceptional in their own rights. 

This can be a very subjective topic because each guitar player is unique and thus approaches this topic uniquely. Not every player might be able to afford the truly high-end guitar (guitars with price tags above $2,000). 

However, this does not in any way mean that they should miss out on the fun experience of feeling an exceptional guitar right in their hands. It is also a fact that price matters a lot when it comes to things like purchasing a guitar. 

However, it is also true that there are some fairly affordable acoustic guitars that by virtue of their craftsmanship, price, and overall playability fall into the range of mid to high-end acoustic guitars. 

These guitars are fairly priced; they are not exactly high-end and are also very far from being low-grade/cheap guitars. Anything within the range of $500 to $2,000 or $1,000 to  $2,000 can comfortably fit into this category. 

Again, by virtue of performance and price, these guitars are premium guitars—or we can say “affordable premium guitars.” They are perfect for a wide variety of genres and styles, from the most traditional styles to the more contemporary/modern styles. 

In this article, we will present to you some very amazing guitars that fall into this category. These guitars do not exceed $2,000 and they perform amazingly well. After careful research, consideration, and thoughtful selection, we have compiled a list of these kinds of acoustic guitars. 

It does not matter what genre you play, there will be a guitar on this list that fits your style and meets your musical and situational needs. Just read on to find out! 

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

  1. Taylor 214ce Deluxe
  2. Martin GPC-16E
  3. Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought (For younger players)
  4. Martin D-15M
  5. Taylor 224ce-K DLX
  6. Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Budget-friendly and versatile)
  7. Taylor 314ce
  8. Martin 000-15M
  9. Blueridge BR-163

Review of Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

Taylor 214ce Deluxe

Taylor 214ce Deluxe

The Taylor 214ce Deluxe is part of Taylor’s 200 Series, which is renowned for offering high-quality instruments at an affordable price point.

It combines a solid Sitka spruce top with layered rosewood back and sides, resulting in a well-balanced tone with great projection and resonance. 

The guitar features a Grand Auditorium body shape, which offers a comfortable playing experience and versatility for various musical styles.

It is a great choice for both beginners and experienced players. This guitar offers a balanced tonal response with clear highs, warm lows, and a rich midrange, allowing it to handle various playing styles and genres. 

Whether you’re strumming chords or fingerpicking intricate melodies, this guitar delivers a satisfying and vibrant sound. Regarding its build, its solid Sitka spruce top, known for its strength and versatility, provides a broad dynamic range and clear articulation. 

Its back and sides are constructed using layered rosewood, which offers durability and a beautiful aesthetic while contributing to the guitar’s balanced tonal response. 

The Grand Auditorium’s body shape provides a comfortable playing experience and accommodates various playing styles. It has a 25.5-inch scale length, a 1-11/16-inch nut width, and a Venetian cutaway for easy access to higher frets.

Finally, whether you’re playing solo, accompanying vocals, or performing in a band, the 214ce Deluxe offers a rich and well-rounded sound that shines in various musical settings.

High-Quality and well-rounded sound across the spectrumOnly available in a specific configuration, limiting customization options such as different tonewoods, body shapes, or finishes
Solid ConstructionMay provide slightly less resonance and tonal complexity
Comfortable PlayabilityMay require some setup adjustments to achieve optimal playability
Expression System 2 ElectronicsSome players may find the factory setup to have a higher string height than they prefer
Aesthetically Pleasing

Martin GPC-16E

Martin GPC-16E

Belonging to Martin’s renowned 16 Series guitars, the Martin GPC-16E stands out with its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive tonal characteristics. 

Featuring a Grand Performance 14-Fret Cutaway body size and a 000 depth, this guitar ensures a comfortable playing experience that accommodates diverse playing techniques.

It is highly regarded for its exceptional tone and versatile sound. Equipped with Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT2 electronics, it accurately reproduces the natural acoustic sound, making it suitable for live performances and studio recordings.

Its top is made of spruce, which is known for its responsiveness and versatility. The back and sides are crafted from mahogany, adding warmth and depth to the sound. 

Its forward-shifted X-bracing pattern with scalloped braces enhances resonance and sonic dispersion while maintaining structural integrity. 

Crafted from select hardwood, the neck of this instrument boasts a modified low oval profile, providing a comfortable grip for players. Its fingerboard width measuring 1 3/4” at the nut makes it fretting and fingerstyle playing effortlessly accessible.

Sonically, the guitar delivers a consistent tone with a strong midrange, clear treble, and a full-bodied low end. The combination of spruce and mahogany produces a versatile sound suitable for different musical styles, from fingerpicking to strumming chords with clarity and power.

Exceptional craftsmanship and tonal characteristicsSome players may prefer larger or smaller body sizes 
Comfortable playing experience with a Grand Performance body size and cutawayMay take some time to adjust to the GPC-16E’s specific dimensions and playing feel
Accurate reproduction of natural acoustic sound with Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT2 electronicsWhile the Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT2 electronics accurately reproduce the natural acoustic sound, players who primarily perform in amplified settings may rely more on the electronics rather than the guitar’s purely acoustic sound.
Spruce top for responsiveness and versatility
Forward-shifted X-bracing pattern for enhanced resonance and sonic dispersion

Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought

Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought

The Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought is a compact acoustic guitar that offers the tone and sound of a full-size guitar in a smaller, more manageable size. 

Modelled after Yamaha’s popular FG folk guitar series, the JR1 is designed to provide a big acoustic sound without the bulk. It is an excellent choice for young players with smaller hands and anyone looking for a travel-friendly instrument.

It offers fantastic value for the price, making it an ideal choice for beginners and budget-conscious players. Despite its smaller size, it delivers an authentic acoustic sound and maintains the excellent craftsmanship Yamaha is known for. 

The JR1 features a 3/4-size FG body with a spruce top and a meranti body. The spruce top contributes to its rich and balanced sound, while the meranti body adds warmth and depth to the overall tone. 

Its compact size makes it comfortable, especially for kids, teenagers, or those with smaller hands. It comes packaged with a gig bag, making carrying and protecting the instrument convenient.

Despite its smaller body, the Yamaha JR1 delivers impressive acoustic sound quality. It produces a balanced tone with clear highs, a resonant midrange, and a surprising amount of low-end response. 

This allows the guitar to easily handle various playing styles and musical genres. In conclusion, the Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought is a fantastic choice for those seeking an affordable acoustic guitar without compromising sound and quality. 

Highly portable for travelLimited tonal range
Affordable priceReduced volume and projection
Solid construction for durabilityLimited customization options
Decent sound quality for practicePotential outgrowing for advanced players
Easy to play for beginners or small hands

Martin D-15M

Martin D-15M

Renowned for its exceptional sound and construction, the Martin D-15M acoustic guitar has earned accolades from musicians and critics alike. Boasting a mahogany body, a captivating dreadnought shape, and an array of impressive features, the D-15M captures the hearts of discerning players. 

It stands out as a great guitar for several reasons. Firstly, its mahogany construction contributes to its rich and complex tone, providing a warm and resonant sound that is highly sought after by many guitarists. 

The dreadnought body style enhances the instrument’s tonal capabilities, offering a balanced sound with a robust bass response. In terms of build and materials, the D-15M features a simple dovetail neck joint, a non-scalloped X-brace, and a standard taper neck.

These elements contribute to the guitar’s overall playability and versatility, making it suitable for various musical styles and genres. The D-15M’s tone and sound are its standout features.

Combining the mahogany top, back, sides, and neck creates a balanced and resonant tone with a strong mid-range presence. This guitar produces full-bodied lush sounds, making it well-suited for fingerpicking and strumming.

Overall, the Martin D-15M is a highly regarded guitar with exceptional sound quality, a solid construction, and a timeless aesthetic.

All-mahogany construction for a warm toneHeavier weight compared to other guitars
Solid build quality for durabilityLimited tonal variation compared to guitars with different tonewoods
Rich and balanced soundHigher price point
Classic aestheticsMight not be the best for players seeking a brighter or more pronounced treble response
Versatile for various playing styles

Taylor 224ce-K DLX

Taylor 224ce-K DLX

The Taylor 224ce-K DLX is a stunning acoustic-electric guitar combining beautiful aesthetics and exceptional sound quality. It belongs to Taylor’s 200 series and features a Grand Auditorium body shape, providing versatility for various playing styles.

It offers a harmonious, clear tone with great acoustic reach, making it suitable for fingerstyle and strumming. The guitar’s layered Hawaiian Koa back, and sides contribute to its rich, warm tone and eye-catching appearance. 

The guitar features a Grand Auditorium body shape, which strikes a balance between a smaller guitar’s comfort and a larger one’s volume. The top is solid Hawaiian Koa, known for its beautiful figuring and tonal properties. 

It is constructed from layered Hawaiian Koa, and the back and sides of this guitar exhibit enhanced durability and resilience against fluctuations in humidity. With its comfortable playing experience, the instrument delivers a 25-1/2″ scale length and a 16″ body width.

Sonically, the guitar has excellent note definition and sustain, allowing each note to ring out clearly. The forward-shifted bracing pattern enhances the instrument’s tonal response and overall projection.

Hawaiian Koa top for a unique and visually appealing lookSlightly higher action (string height) out of the box, may require adjustment for personal preference
Highly reviewed & popular, hence reliable guitar, with a mostly five-star rating on SweetwaterPotential need for regular maintenance and care due to the delicate nature of Koa wood.
Versatile sound suitable for various genresSome players may find the gloss finish prone to showing fingerprints or smudges
Comfortable playability for extended sessionsPotential preference for players seeking a different tonal character
West African Ebony fingerboard matter
Taylor Expression System 2 electronics for accurate amplification

Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Gibson Hummingbird, the Epiphone Hummingbird is a renowned acoustic-electric guitar that nails the Hummingbird’s distinctive look with its large, imposing frame and ornate design elements.

It is known for its easy playability, making it suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. 

The guitar offers exceptional value for money, providing high-quality craftsmanship and sound at an affordable price. It features a square-shouldered dreadnought body shape, similar to the Gibson Hummingbird. 

It typically has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, contributing to its rich and balanced tone. The guitar’s body is adorned with classic elements, such as a floral pickguard depicting a hummingbird. 

Its neck is made of mahogany, offering stability and a slim taper contour for comfortable playability. The fingerboard is typically rosewood, providing a smooth and responsive playing surface. 

Sonically, it produces a warm and resonant tone with excellent projection. Its solid spruce top helps to enhance the guitar’s overall clarity and responsiveness, allowing the player to achieve a wide range of tonal expressions. 

The combination of spruce and mahogany in the body construction contributes to a balanced and versatile sound, making it suitable for various musical genres.

Iconic Hummingbird design and aestheticPotential fret buzz or uneven fretwork that may require adjustment or setup
Versatile sound for various stylesThe built-in electronics may produce a slightly compressed or artificial sound compared to higher-end acoustic-electric systems
Built-in electronics for amplified performancesThe weight of the guitar can be on the heavier side compared to other models
Affordable price compared to its Gibson counterpartSetup and adjustment required
Solid construction and durability

Taylor 314ce

Taylor 314ce

The Taylor 314ce is part of Taylor Guitar’s 300 Series and is a versatile, high-end acoustic-electric guitar. 

It features a Grand Auditorium cutaway body shape, which offers a comfortable playing experience and a versatile sound suitable for various playing styles.

Let’s discuss its best features: Firstly, it produces a rich, vibrant tone that is well-balanced across the frequency spectrum, making it suitable for strumming and fingerpicking. 

The guitar’s construction and materials contribute to its exceptional sound quality. Additionally, the guitar incorporates Taylor’s patented V-Class bracing system, which enhances sustain, volume, and intonation, thereby providing a more dynamic playing experience. 

It features a Sitka spruce top, known for its balanced tone and responsiveness. The back and sides are made of sapele, a tonewood that adds warmth and depth to the guitar’s sound. 

Offering a comfortable playing experience and delivering a versatile tone suitable for a wide range of musical genres, the Grand Auditorium’s body shape ensures an enjoyable playing experience.

The guitar also incorporates a Venetian cutaway, allowing easy access to higher frets. The overall construction and attention to detail ensure the guitar’s durability and playability. 

Next, combining the Sitka spruce top and sapele back and sides produce even-toned acoustics with clear articulation and excellent projection. 

The V-Class bracing system enhances the guitar’s volume, sustain, and intonation, resulting in a more resonant and expressive sound.

Solid construction and craftsmanshipSome players may find the solid sapele back and sides to produce a slightly drier or less complex tone
Versatile for various playing stylesThe high gloss finish on the body may be prone to scratches or visible wear over time
Expression System 2 electronics for accurate amplificationIts size and weight may not be as comfortable for players with smaller frames
Aesthetically pleasing design
Durable and long-lasting

Martin 000-15M

Martin 000-15M

Martin 000-15M is known for its exceptional sound and craftsmanship. With its all-mahogany construction, this guitar delivers a warm and rich tone, making it a favourite among guitarists. 

It belongs to Martin’s 15 Series, which has a long-standing heritage dating back to the early 1920s and is renowned for its small, lightweight, and versatile instruments.

Mahogany produces a balanced sound with warm lows, focused mids, and smooth highs. This tonewood choice gives the 000-15M a distinctive character that musicians highly sought after.

The Martin 000-15M body features a non-cutaway design with a 000-14 fret size, which offers a comfortable playing experience. It has a satin finish, adding to its understated and classic aesthetics. 

The construction includes a simple dovetail neck joint and X-bracing pattern, contributing to its structural stability and resonance. The neck is made of mahogany and has a modified low oval shape, providing a comfortable grip and easy playability.

Regarding the sound, the Martin 000-15M exhibits a warm, round tone that resonates with depth and clarity. The mahogany top and body contribute to its distinct midrange emphasis, effectively allowing the guitar to cut through a mix or accompany vocals. 

The balanced tonal spectrum suits it for various playing styles, including strumming, fingerpicking, and blues. 

Solid construction and craftsmanshipLimited tonal variation compared to guitars with different tonewoods
Classic aestheticsThe all-mahogany construction may result in a warmer and darker tone, which may not suit players seeking a brighter or more pronounced treble response
Versatile for various playing stylesThe natural finish on the mahogany body may be prone to showing minor scratches or wear more prominently
Durable and long-lastingHeavier weight compared to some other models
Value for money compared to higher-end Martin models

Blueridge BR-163

Blueridge BR-163

Blueridge BR-163 is a guitar model that belongs to the Historic Series offered by Blueridge, a brand known for its high-quality reproductions of vintage and pre-war stringed instruments. 

Renowned for its fingerpicking capabilities and overall playability, this guitar is built in a comfortable 000-sized body. Combining authentic vintage style with modern performance, it is crafted with attention to detail.

The BR-163 features a solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped braces, providing crisp articulation and tone. Its back and sides are made of choice solid Santos rosewood, guaranteeing deep bass and strong cutting power. 

The guitar’s body is designed with hand-carved X-bracing and herringbone top trim, adding to its vintage appeal and enhancing the overall tonal response.

Sonically, its combination of the solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides contributes to a dense, well-rounded sound with great projection and resonance.

The guitar’s construction and choice of materials result in a versatile instrument suitable for various playing styles, particularly fingerpicking. 

A high-quality reproduction of vintage and pre-war instrumentsPotential higher price point compared to entry-level guitars
Excellent fingerpicking capabilities and overall playabilityThe guitar’s warm & vintage tone may not fit with players who prefer a more modern & crisp tone
Comfortable 000-sized bodyDue to the vintage-style construction and materials, the guitar may require a longer break-in period to reach its optimal tone and playability
Attention to detail in craftsmanshipAvailability and stock may vary depending on the location
Solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped braces for crisp articulation

How Can You Tell A Good Quality Acoustic Guitar?

When selecting an acoustic guitar, there are several parameters to consider in order to determine its quality and suitability for your needs. These factors include the guitar’s tone, build, playability, and overall craftsmanship.

  • Tone and tonewoods
    One of the most important aspects of an acoustic guitar is its tone. A good quality instrument will produce a rich, balanced, and resonant sound. 

Tonewoods refer to the specific types of wood used in the construction of an acoustic guitar. Different tonewoods, such as spruce, cedar, mahogany, or rosewood, contribute to the guitar’s unique tonal characteristics. 

Each tonewood has its own tonal qualities, and it’s important to choose one that suits your preferences.

  • Build
    The build quality of a guitar refers to its construction and overall durability. Look for well-constructed joints, clean and precise craftsmanship, and attention to detail. 

A solid top is desirable as it enhances the guitar’s resonance and projection. Additionally, a solid back and sides contribute to a richer and more vibrant sound.

  • Playability
    The playability of a guitar refers to how comfortable it is to play. Factors such as the neck shape and width, action (string height), and fretboard radius influence how easily you can navigate the fretboard and produce clean notes. 

A good quality guitar will have a well-set-up neck and smooth frets, allowing for effortless playing.

  • Craftsmanship
    The overall craftsmanship of a guitar is a reflection of its quality. Pay attention to details such as the binding, inlays, and finish. Look for clean and precise workmanship, as these indicate a higher level of craftsmanship.

Based on these parameters, the selected guitars under $2000 demonstrate good quality and suitability for various needs. For example, the Taylor 214ce Deluxe and Martin GPC-16E are known for their excellent tonal balance and overall build quality. 

The Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought is designed for younger players, featuring a smaller body size and comfortable playability. 

The Martin D-15M offers a rich and warm sound due to its all-mahogany construction, while the Taylor 224ce-K DLX showcases a unique Koa top for enhanced aesthetics and tone. 

The Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar is budget-friendly yet versatile, suitable for a wide range of playing styles. 

The Taylor 314ce and Martin 000-15M offer high-quality craftsmanship and tonewoods for discerning players. Lastly, the Blueridge BR-163 is known for its traditional craftsmanship and impressive tonal response.

Difference Between Dreadnought, Grand Concert, and Grand Auditorium Cutaways

The dreadnought, grand concert, and grand auditorium cutaways are three common types of acoustic guitar body shapes. Each shape has unique characteristics that affect the instrument’s sound, feel, and playability.

The dreadnought is a guitar body style that has been around for about 100 years and is known for its larger size and bold, booming sound. It has a square-shouldered design with a wide waist and a deep body. 

Its larger body size gives it a powerful bass response, strong projection, and excellent volume. It is well-suited for strumming and flatpicking, making it popular among folk, country, and bluegrass guitarists.

However, its larger size may make it less comfortable for players with smaller physiques or those looking for a more intimate playing experience.

The grand concert is slightly smaller than the dreadnought and features a more balanced tone. It has a narrower waist and a smaller body, which makes it comfortable to hold and play. 

The grand concert produces a clear, articulate sound with enhanced mid-range and treble frequencies. Fingerstyle guitarists particularly favour it due to its responsiveness and ability to highlight intricate fingerpicking patterns.

Lastly, its smaller size makes it more comfortable to hold and play for players of all sizes, including younger or smaller individuals. 

The grand auditorium is slightly larger than the grand concert but smaller than the dreadnought. It offers a versatile sound and a well-balanced tone. 

The grand auditorium has a narrower waist and a curvier body shape, providing a comfortable playing experience and easy access to the upper frets. In addition, its cutaway design enables players to reach higher notes effortlessly.

This body shape combines a dreadnought’s volume and bass response with the clarity and precision of a grand concert. It suits various playing styles, including strumming, fingerpicking, and light to moderate strumming.

Editor’s Pick: Taylor 214ce

Taylor guitars are known for their versatility and are often praised for their unique tonewoods and innovative manufacturing techniques, making them suitable for various playing styles and genres. 

The 214ce is balanced, articulate, versatile, and has a crystal-clear pickup that sounds good in most situations. Regarding sound quality, it and the Martin GPC-16E and Martin D-15M stand out for their excellent sonic characteristics and tone.

Here is what makes 214ce Deluxe Acoustic-electric Guitar stand out with impressive qualities: 

  • Enhanced Sound: Captivating and vibrant sonics with an evenly-distributed tone over the frequency spectrum, thanks to a solid Sitka spruce top and layered rosewood back and sides. 
  • Comfortable Playability: Grand Auditorium’s body shape offers extended comfort, suitable for chords and intricate melodies. 
  • Durability and Aesthetics: Layered rosewood construction provides durability and resilience to environmental changes. Adds elegance to the guitar’s appearance.
  • Versatility for All Skill Levels: Suitable for beginners and experienced players. Offers balanced tonal response and wide dynamic range for exploring various techniques and styles.
  • Ideal for Different Settings: Adds richness and depth to music in solo, vocal accompaniment, or band performances. Adaptable to diverse genres, making it a reliable instrument.


In conclusion, among the guitars discussed, the Taylor 214ce Deluxe, Martin GPC-16E, and Taylor 314ce stand out as the most versatile guitars. They offer a balanced, clear tone, making them suitable for various genres and playing styles.

The Taylor 214ce Deluxe, Taylor 224ce-K DLX, and Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar are recommended for those looking for the best acoustic-electric guitars. These guitars provide exceptional sound quality both when played acoustically and when amplified.

When it comes to sonic qualities, each guitar on the list has its unique characteristics. The Taylor 214ce Deluxe offers a well-balanced tone with clear highs, warm lows, and a rich midrange. 

The Martin GPC-16E delivers a versatile sound with a strong midrange, clear treble, and full-bodied low end. The Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought surprises with its balanced tone, clear highs, resonant midrange, and impressive low-end response. 

With its rich and complex tone, warm bass response, and overall exceptional sound, the Martin D-15M stands out among guitars. The Taylor 224ce-K DLX, on the other hand, provides a balanced and clear tone with great projection, making it a remarkable choice.

The Epiphone Hummingbird delivers warm and resonant tones suitable for various musical genres. The Taylor 314ce produces a vibrant tone with excellent note definition and sustain. 

The Martin 000-15M showcases its musical prowess by exhibiting a warm, round tone with a distinct midrange emphasis. On the other hand, the Blueridge BR-163 captivates with its rich and well-balanced sound, boasting great projection and resonance.

Next, the most portable options would be the Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought and the Taylor 224ce-K DLX. Lastly, the Yamaha JR1 3/4-size Dreadnought and Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric Guitar are the most affordable options, under $500.

I hope the article helps. Thank you for reading.