Sony vs. Yamaha Receiver

Sony vs Yamaha receiver

Sony and Yamaha receivers have been one of the most well-known sound systems for audio use at home or in a studio. However, these two have several variations; Sony provides excellent sound quality with various cutting-edge technologies. On the other hand, the Yamaha Receiver offers great surround sound and is simple to operate. SONY YAMAHA … Read More

Neve 1081 vs. 1073

neve 1081 vs 1073

Are you constantly working in your studio and confused about what preamplifier you should get? Well, don’t worry; we’re here to guide you. Well, compare multiple preamps such as Neve 1081 vs. 1073, Neve 1073 and 1084, etc. While we are at it, we will also answer some of the most basic queries regarding preamps. … Read More

K7xx vs HD6xx

k7xx vs hd6xx

HD6xx needs no introduction and is among the most well-known headphones in the market. In contrast, the K7xx is considered the very first Massdrop collaboration that was a success. Nonetheless, we are here to talk about the variations these two hold among each other. K7xx HD6XX Poor imagery is typically associated with large sound stages, … Read More

CLA 2A vs. CLA 76

cla 2a vs cla 76

You’re probably sitting in your home studio or an actual recording studio and wondering if you should get a digital compressor instead of hefty and bulky hardware compressors. Let us help you with which Digital Compressor you should get for a banger of a song that you want to produce. We’ll do this analysis for … Read More

Avid Carbon VS Apollo

Avid Carbon vs Apollo

Comparison Table Ironically, Pro Tools Carbon, a new hardware product, is a return to the original features that made Pro Tools popular in professional music studios. It could be their most important hardware release in years. Whereas Apollo is a stylish rackmount Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for the Mac or Windows that enables music engineers and … Read More

La3a vs La2a

La3a vs La2a

The la3a and la2a compressors are one of the most famous audio hardware compressors made by universal audio and are used for vocals, bass, guitars, mics, recording studios, and many other instruments. When comparing these two, you find many differences depending on the type of vocals and requirement of your audio. La2a a3a Common use … Read More

How To Measure Guitar Neck Radius

Guitar radius gauge guide

What Is A Guitar Neck Radius? If you have held a guitar before or even if you have seen one in pictures, you probably would’ve noticed the long elongated neck of the guitar. That’s called the fretboard or the neck of the guitar.  The phrase “neck shape” might refer to the guitar’s back form, neck … Read More

LA2A vs. CL1B

La2a vs Cl1b

LA2A vs. CL1B are among the most liked compressors in the music industry for various bass, music recordings, and much more. You might find similarities in both, but the differences are something that needs to be discussed to get a better idea of the two instruments. Features of LA2A Features of Tube-Tech CL 1B Features … Read More

BEST Bluetooth Speakers for Wedding & Reception

Bluetooth speakers for wedding and reception

Getting married is a significant milestone in most people’s lives. Even though weddings are joyful events, we all know the stress that comes with them as well.  There are so many details to get right that it can become extremely overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to the sound design.  This is why … Read More

KT77 vs. KT88 Tube Shoot Out! (Do We Have a Clear WINNER?)

KT 77 vs KT 88

Are you fond of guitars, amplifiers, and their components? Do you want to know more about what element you are using for each of your audio instruments? Among these components, an essential part is the vacuum tube. They allow the flow of current through the wires, enabling the instrument to perform maximally. A vacuum tube … Read More

WASAPI vs ASIO – The Audio Driver Stack Recommended by EXPERTS!

Wasapi vs Asio

Is it frustrating having an issue with the window sound drivers? How frequently do your Windows sound drivers suck? Problem deciding which driver is best for you? There is no way to count on this, I’m sure. It is the primary reason for the current craze surrounding WASAPI vs ASIO. The terrible window Kmixer kernel, … Read More