DTS Neural X vs. Dolby Surround [FULL Comparison with Pros & Cons]

dts neural x vs dolby surround

Since the summer of 1969 when surround sound first became available to homes, it has constantly continued to evolve and develop. Surround sound was first referred to as Quadraphonic sound, and it was first used on reel-to-reel tape.  Quite unfortunately, this surround sound technology, which could only provide discrete sound from four speakers placed in … Read More

Banana Plug vs. Bare Wire (The Quest for Best Sound Quality SOLVED!)

banana plug vs bare wire

Regardless of the complexities of your speaker setup, the speaker wire connection will always remain a vital aspect of this process. It doesn’t matter if it is a multi-channel surround sound system or a simple two-speaker setup.  Apart from the most important benefit which is audio quality, the right speaker wire connection will also enhance … Read More

Kaotica Eyeball vs Fatboy: ALL You Need to Know [2023]

Kaotica Eyeball vs Fatboy

Kaotica brings you the Eyeball and the Fatboy that can easily turn your space into a full-fledged recording studio! But how do you choose between them? Is there a clear winner among these two? Let’s begin! If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick overview: Kaotica Eyeball Pros Kaotica Eyeball cons Aesthetically pleasing with … Read More

What Is the Best Laptop Stand for DJing?

Djing Laptop Stand

It can be daunting and time-consuming to find the best laptop stand for DJing; the work has already been done for you here. All you have to do is read on. As with anything related to music and technology these days, researching and finding the best accessories is half the battle! There are numerous options … Read More

10 BEST DAWs For Sample-Based Music Production (2023)

best daw for sampling

Across all genres and styles of music, sampling has always been an integral part of music creation and composition. However, the art of sampling is a lot more prevalent in some genres than in others.  There are so many reasons why musicians and music producers sample—talking about the reasons and even the legalities behind the … Read More

10 BEST DAWs For Recording & Mixing Metal (with Pros & Cons!)

best daw for metal

As controversial as this might sound, the truth remains that some DAWs are better fits for certain styles than others. Different DAWs will work and operate differently, although they are all meant to perform the same task. It is these differences that make some software better for certain classes of musicians and for certain genres/styles. … Read More

Ultimate Vocal Remover: How to Install, Use, Pros & Cons!

ultimate vocal remover

For several reasons, there will always be a time you will need to separate/remove vocals from a certain song. This might be for karaoke or simply because you want to create the instrumental version of a certain song.  Whatever the case or reason might be, it is not always practical to reach out to the … Read More