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10 BEST Rear Surround Speakers for an Immersive Experience (2023)

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A lot goes into having a big and realistic surround sound. It takes more than just money; it requires technicality and even some passion. The world of hi-fi audio and overall surround sound can get pretty complex and expensive. 

Although some might argue against its importance and overall usage, the truth remains that rear surround speakers are as important as the front, left, right, and overhead (ceiling) speakers. 

For a more realistic and dense surround sound, you should not omit rear surround speakers from your setup. Rear surround speakers are pretty much necessary if your goal is to have an immersive sound experience. 

It is the rear surround speakers that capture the sounds that help create a perfect sonic scene. It also gives more depth to your surround audio, regardless of your configuration

Oftentimes, voices like the background noise in a building or the faint murmur of voices become more pronounced only when you use a rear surround speaker. 

Although factors like room size play quite an important role in determining the necessity of rear surround speakers, it is oftentimes very necessary to have it incorporated into your audio setup. 

While your front speakers may concentrate on emitting sounds like the ones coming from two people having a conversation, rear surround speakers work quite differently.

Rear surround speakers will emit background noises like passings cars or voices of crowds in the market. 

In gaming, rear surround speakers emit sound effects. Explaining the importance of rear surround speakers will be beyond the scope of this article.

But the bottom line is that rear surround speakers add more depth and life to your surround audio. 

In this article, we will discuss in-depth, the 10 best speakers for rear surround we fill you should know about. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie in the field of surround sound or an audiophile looking to upgrade, this article is for you. 

10 Best Speakers for Rear Surround 

  1. Fluance Elite Home Theater 7.1 
  2. JBL Bar 1300x 
  3. Definitive Technology SR-9040
  4. Polk Audio OWM3
  5. Polk Audio SR2
  6. Samsung SWA-8500S 
  7. Sony Z9R 
  8. Sonos play 5 
  9. Fluance signature Hi-Fi compact 
  10. Sonos Arc 

Review of 10 Best Speakers for Rear Surround 

Fluance Elite Home Theater 7.1

Fluance Elite High Definition Surround Sound Home Theater 7.1 Speaker System Including Floorstanding Towers, Center Channel, Surround, Rear Surround Speakers and DB10 Subwoofer – White (SX71WHR)
  • 7.1 Speaker System – Expertly timbre matched 7 speaker system with a powerful 10″ subwoofer that will surround you with every brilliant nuance the way the artist intended
  • 2-Way Floorstanding Towers – High frequency tweeters, dynamic midrange, and subwoofer come together in a precision crafted enclosure to suppress distortion and provide an accurate response
  • Dynamic Surrounds – Remarkable reproduction of the finest details, the Elite Surrounds are a highly accurate and intensely musical system with broad frequency response and low distortion
  • Powerful Cinematic Experience – With a 10-inch Powered Subwoofer pumping out room shaking bass for a truly immersive experience bringing your movies and music to new depths

The Fluance Elite home theatre 7.1 comes with 7 sets of standing speakers and 10 subwoofers for a rear surround experience. The superb sound produced by the speaker is enough for you to fall for it. 

They also produce the sound from the music or movie to be as realistic as possible. The Fluance Elite Home Theater 7.1 is designed to produce high-quality audio with as minimal distortion as possible. 

You don’t need to worry about the many speakers and woofer sounding cranky. The tweeters, the mid-range speakers, and the subwoofers all combine to produce a rear surround sound. 

Watch more about the Fluance Elite Home Theater 7.1 here.

Very Attractive in terms of overall aesthetics Takes up a lot of space
Sound quality sound is amazing
Deep bass 
Made with top-quality materials

JBL Bar 1300x 

JBL BAR 1300X PRO 11.1.4 Soundbar with 12 in. Wireless Subwoofer Detachable Rear Speakers and 2m 8K Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable
  • EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE – Includes (1) JBL BAR 1300X PRO Soundbar (1) 12 inch Wireless Subwoofer and (1) Sanus SAC-21HDMI2 2.0 meter/6.56 ft. 8K Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

The JBL bar 1300x remains one of the most amazing speakers for rear surround. The wireless speaker features the popular Dolby Atmos and DTS.X immersive audio format. 

The JBL bar 1300x is easy to set up and adjust. It can also be controlled by Siri voice command, Alexa, and Google Assistant. They produce an immersive rear surround experience and it is actually wireless. 

You can decide to make the two detachable speakers stereo or set them up as free-standing for Bluetooth. The JBL bar 1300x provides users with the best outcome even with very little input. 

Watch more about the JBL Bar 1300x here

Great sound production No Eq setting option, may need an app to make adjustments. 
Convincing Dolby Atmos performance A bit more complicated to charge 
Quality material Expensive
Independent Bluetooth speaker 
Can stream more services

Definitive Technology SR-9040

Definitive Technology SR-9040 10” Bipolar Surround Speaker | High Performance | Premium Sound Quality | Wall or Table Placement Options | Single, Black
  • SOUND THAT TRANSCENDS THE STATUS QUO – Features BDSS (Balanced Double Surround System) technology drivers – (2) 1″ Aluminum Dome tweeters and (2) 3.5″ mid drivers that deliver pure sound and perfectly reproduce even the most demanding audio content
  • POWERFUL L/R BIPOLAR DESIGN FOR A TRULY IMMERSIVE SURROUND SOUND EXPERIENCE – From action-packed movie sequences to instrumental precision music, you can now enjoy acoustic excellence with high quality sound directed towards your listening area
  • VERSATILE PLACEMENT OPTIONS – Place this 10″ tall plug-and-play speaker just about anywhere in your room and listen to your favorite music instantly. Keep it on a table or mount it on the rear or side walls for a room-filling experience
  • BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM HOME THEATER SYSTEM – Pair a couple of these surround speakers with any Bipolar Tower Speaker (BP9020, BP9040, BP9060) and Center Channel (CS9040, CS9060, CS9080) to create a three-dimensional system specific to your preferences

The Definitive Technology SR-9040 is one of the best speakers with almost all the features needed for an immersive rear surround. 

Its efficiency to produce all the rear surround effects with an incredibly powerful bass has made it the best speaker for rear sound. The SR-9040 is also recommended for total beginners due to its ease of usage. 

Users can easily control the volume by toggling the volume knob on the speaker. The Definitive Technology SR-9040 does not require the right type of room enclosure or design to deliver. 

However, it is worth noting that the Definitive Technology SR-9040 is a high-end rear surround. Inside the SR-9040 are a thirty-eight-ohm voice coil surround speaker, nine woofers, and a forty-eight amplifier. 

Watch more about the Definitive technology SR-9040 here

Very thick soundVery Expensive
Value for money
Quality Sound
Quality material

Polk Audio OWM3

Polk Audio OWM3

The Polk Audio OWM3 is one of the best speakers for rear surrounds you should also consider. 

The OWM3 is one of the recent speakers made by the Polk Audio surround bar to meet users’ tastes. 

The Polk Audio OWM3 delivers incredible sound by integrating the power from the subwoofer with some advanced technology. 

It is available in different sizes and colours. And also comes with a rack, and a single/double bookshelf option. The Polk Audio is also very easy to install. It also has the plug and play features which makes it so unique. 

Watch more about the Polk Audio OWM3 Here

Easy to install Very Expensive
Quality sound 
Quality material 
Very versatile

Polk Audio SR2 

Polk Audio SR2

The Polk Audio SR2 is a wireless rear surround speaker that does not require any receiver. They are simple to use and can produce full surroundings with surprising power whether mounted on a wall or shelf. 

The SR2 features a powerful noise reduction to ensure that the surround sound system is not interrupted. 

This noise-reduction tool helps users enjoy uninterrupted full surround by cutting down the background noise 

The amplifier in the Polk Audio SR2 is inbuilt and very much noticed for the tremendous distinction it makes in a room. The Polk Audio SR2 is compatible with all the new products from the Polk Audio surround bar. It is one of the best speakers for rear surround. 

Watch more about the Polk Audio SR2 here

Easy to installSmall tech support
Quality sound 
Quality Material 
Volume control 
Easy to use

Samsung SWA-8500S

SAMSUNG SWA-8500S 2.0 Speaker System Wall Mountable Black Model (SWA-8500S/ZA)
  • Bring wireless surround to your Samsung sound plus Soundbars
  • Product only compatible with select Samsung Soundbars. Product will not operate without a compatible Samsung Soundbar
  • Compatible Models: Samsung Soundbars: HW-Q70R, HW-Q60R, HW-R650, HW-R550, HW-R450, HW-N400, HW-N450, HW-N550, HW-N650 HW-M360, HW-M450, HW-M4500, HW-M550, HW-Q60T, HW-T650, HW-S60T, HW-T550, HW-T450, T60M
  • Wall Mountable

The Samsung SWA-8500S is one of the best speakers made by Samsung that is recommended for rear surround sound. 

With the aid of the latest software and audio drivers, the wireless Samsung SWA-8500S delivers incredible sound. And yes, even with all these features, they are less expensive and very much affordable. 

After being plugged in and paired with a soundbar, the Samsung SWA-8500S produces an immersive surround for users. 

However, they are only compatible with the selected Samsung sound bar. Such as HW-Q70R, HW-Q60R, HW-N400, etc. With the Samsung SWA-8500S, entertainment is taken to the next level with enhanced rear surround. 

Watch more about the Samsung SWA-8500S here

Pros Cons
Easy to use Hard to manipulate the volume
Value for money 
High tech support 
Remote control

Sony Z9R

Sony Z9R

The Sony Z9R is one of the smallest speakers made by Sony but yet very great for rear surround. 

Although very small, there is a subwoofer located on the rear of the speaker for extra deep bass. 

Sony Z9R produces quality sound and is compatible with a lot of equipment, systems, and even in-wall speakers. 

The wireless speaker also features three powered mode options for a sound bar, auto, and wall-mountable speakers. The availability of an intuitive remote control makes the Sony Z9R even easier to operate. 

Watch more about the Sony Z9R here

Easy to set up Very expensive 
Quality Sound
Quality material

Sonos Play 5 

Sonos Play: 5 – Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker – Black
  • Experience pure, vibrant sound with play: 5, tuned by renowned producer Giles Martin; Control it with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and more
  • 3 custom designed woofers deliver rich bass while the sealed architecture eliminates reverb and echo
  • Pair 2 Play: 5s in the upright position and each speaker smartly adjusts to mono for incredibly detailed stereo separation; Place a single Play:5 horizontally and it plays stereo sound automatically
  • Use the line in to connect your turntable or a friend’s phone with the included 3.5 millimeter jack

The Sonos Play 5 is another incredible speaker best for rear surround. The speaker has about three tweeters, three mid-woofers, and about six built-in drivers. 

The Sonos Play 5 also has a feature known as TruePlay which automatically adjusts the speaker. The TruePlay when switched on ensures that the Sonos Play 5 is at its best. 

Sonos Play 5 whether placed horizontally or vertically will still produce at its best. 

Although the best specifically for playback. 

However, the sound produced when it is placed horizontally may sound satisfactory and wider. 

For your Sonos Play 5 to deliver the best surround sound consider placing the speaker behind where you sit to enjoy the sound. 

The idea is to get an absolute stereo separation. And when this Sonos Play 5 is horizontally set, this pair evolves one of the best rear surround speakers. 

Watch more about the Sonos Play 5 here

Pros Cons
Deep and balanced bass No Bluetooth 
Multi-room audio Lack of high Res support 
Room filling sound 
Easy to install 
Work with streaming services

Fluance signature Hi-Fi compact

Fluance Signature HiFi Compact Surround Sound Home Theater 5.1 Channel Speaker System Including 2-Way Bookshelf, Center Channel, Rear Surround Speakers and DB10 Subwoofer – Black Ash (HF51BC)
  • 5.1 Speaker System – Perfectly timbre matched bookshelf speakers, rear surrounds, center channel & a 10″ Subwoofer designed to encapsulate you with every sound effect the way the artist intended
  • 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers – Enveloping surround sound providing outstanding precision and clarity, allowing you to soak up all the dramatic impact your movies and music can deliver
  • Powerful 10†Subwoofer – The Fluance DB10 Subwoofer offers cinematic, room shaking bass for a truly immersive experience bringing your movies and music to new depths.
  • Precision Crafted Cabinets – Acoustically inert, engineered with MDF wood to create a warm, distortion-free sound

This signature HiFi compact speaker is a quality and attractive rear surround speaker made by Flaunce. They are designed with a stylish walnut finish and built from engineered medium-density fiberboard. 

The Fluance signature HiFi compact features a butyl rubber surround driver that is very flexible. This flexible driver dampens vibration in the speaker while allowing the sound to travel from the centre of the cone. 

This process is made possible by the pointed dome in the design of the driver which makes the sound wider. The rear surround speaker of Fluance signature HiFi compact produces a bright sound with its high-quality tweeters. 

Watch more about Fluance’s signature Hi-Fi compact

Attractive look Lack that deep bass sound
High-quality sound 
Sturdy design 
Customer support

Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc is made by Sonos soundbar and is one of the best speakers for rear surround. It features touch sensitivity, volume control, connectivity, and 11 drivers. The play and pause are touch-sensitive as well as the volume control. 

The Sonos Arc can be connected to the ethernet, airplay2, and eArc which are compatible with Dolby Atmos. The bounce sound of the walls and ceiling that is created by the eleven drivers all adds to the rear surround outcome. 

Although the sound may seem a little direct, the good part is that it is also balanced. Making the  Sony Z9R impressively one of the best rear surrounds and undoubtedly value for the price. 

Regardless of the missing subwoofer effects for deeper bass, you can still have your desired effect by pairing two play ones for sub. 

One of the good news about Sonos is that you can use two Sonos speakers of the same model as rear surround speakers. 

Watch more about the Sonos Arc here

Very Dynamic Lack of advanced music projection 
Detailed soundExpensive
Weighty sound

How Essential Are Rear-Surround Speakers?

Rear surround speakers are very essential to your sound system. Especially if it is a large room. Now there is a reason they are positioned behind listeners in a surround system. 

Rear surround speakers are responsible for producing background sound and effects from a game or movie scene. 

And the idea that they are seated just at the back of the listener explains why rear speakers will bring life to movie scenes. 

These are background sounds in the movie such as walking steps, indistinct murmurs, the roar of the ocean, etc.

Rear surround speakers are also regarded sometimes as Rear effect speakers because of the realistic atmosphere they create.

However, the rear surround may not be essential to your watch experience if you only watch Quiz shows and news broadcasts. 

Important Things to Consider Before Bringing in Rear-Surround Speakers 

It is important you consider the two types of rear surround sound systems and how they work. 

There are two typical rear surround sound systems namely, the direct sound transducer speakers and dipole speakers.

The direct sound transducer is often used in soundbars, standard stereo, and Bluetooth. They are called direct because the sound is produced directly from the front. Making it one of the most popular loudspeakers. 

The dipole speakers produce sound in two directions and towards the wall. The sound from the dipole speaker fills the room and causes an effect that we can describe as very special and unique. 

You may need to also consider the number of surround sound channels. A Larger 7.1 surround sound channel comes with four rear speakers. The standard 5.1 surround sound channel comes with two rear speakers. 

Most of the soundtrack audio formats from Dolby, DTS-HD, and even TrueHD are mixed with this surround sound channel in mind. 

FAQ on Rear-Surround Speakers 

Must the brand of my rear speakers match the other speaker brand? 

It is important most times to get the same brand for all your speakers. It is easier to control them with an app.

However, it is not a must. You can mix a different speaker and it will still produce fine. Regardless, You have to do it correctly.

When mixing speakers, endeavour not to use different brands for your left front, centre, and right front. As long as these speakers are sonically balanced, the rear speakers do not necessarily need to be the same brand.

How do I know the best rear surround speaker for my room? 

Large and medium surround speakers are not recommended for small rooms. Having known your sound system specifications, it is also great to know the size of your room.


These 10 rear surround speakers listed in no particular order are the best you will see out there.

Since you are here, it is obvious you have a fair knowledge (or even more than fair knowledge) of what an awesome speaker should be like, their importance, and their role. 

Go ahead and choose between these speakers based on the feature that sits well with you.

Consider also your budget and room size and placement. Remember that the placement of these speakers will determine your watch experience. 

Nonetheless, anyone you end up picking among these 10 rear surround speakers will be definitely worth your investment.