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Z323 vs. Z313

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Z323 and z313 are both speaker systems manufactured by the same brand to create an enhanced audio experience for its user. These speakers come with many features and are very popular among their users.

Despite being from the same brand, these speakers have some differences in their characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

Frequency55 Hz to 22 kHz48 Hz to 20 kHz
Input Size3.5 mm3.5 mm
RCA InputTwo-wayOne way
RCA OutputOne wayOne way

Logitech Speaker System z323 vs z313

Z323 and z313 speaker systems have more similarities than differences. The reason for this is that it is launched by the same brand and serves a common purpose. Both these speakers come with a limited one-year warranty and are in the same colors.


Both are designed in black color and have a wired connection with an input size of 3.5 mm. z323 has excellent sound quality and versatility. It has an exquisite and tall design with a shiny exterior.

The design gives it an expensive look, and its compactness makes it easier to place the speaker anywhere. The material used is plastic and aluminum, and the overall build of the speaker is very durable. It can be used for long periods of time.

In contrast, the z313 is shorter and broader. The materials used are the same as the z323. And the overall quality of the design and its compactness is the same. However, z323 looks shinier and more elegant as compared to the Logitech z313.

The wires of both the speakers are approximately 6 feet which makes it easier to place them at a distance from the audio source.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of both speaker systems is excellent, with fantastic low and mid ranges. The speaker system also has good bass quality.

ZThe z323 provides a well-balanced and clear sound, even at higher levels, without any distortion. However, the sound quality of z313 gives some distortion when used for higher-level sounds.


Similarly, the z323 has good compatibility and can be connected with many devices because of its two-way RCA input connection.

However, the z313 has limited compatibility options because of the one-way RCA connection. Both speakers do not offer wireless connections. 

Apart from that, they can easily be connected to computers, televisions, headphones, mobile phones, tablets, etc. In case of an incompatible device, adapters can be used.


The z323 has a volume control knob on the speaker, which makes it easier to operate.

The z313 has a control pad instead of a volume knob, but the level of ease in handling the speaker remains the same. Even when connecting to a TV, it is essential for the television to support the RCA connection.


Logitech z323 is priced a little bit higher than the z313. The quality difference and compatibility options are differentiated accordingly.

Logitech z323 vs z313 Music

Speakers are an essential part of music lovers, and they expect good quality sound output when using different types of speaker systems.

When comparing z323 and z313, both have good midrange frequencies and can be played smoothly on both speaker systems.

However, the higher tones face distortion in the z313 due to the lack of tweeters and a frequency range between 48 Hz to 20kHz.

Z323 delivers better high-range tones because of higher frequency levels, i.e., 55Hz to 20kHz. Due to the high-frequency range, the high tones are delivered easily without distortion.

The subwoofer bass is the same for both speaker systems. Both speakers do not have very advanced technologies but can deliver a decent sound.

The bass level is adjustable, which is a plus point for music lovers. The z313 has a smaller subwoofer which gives z323 an edge over z313.

Both speaker systems are compatible with your computers and TVs and can be easily used to play music. Z323 is more versatile and can be connected with your earphones and headphones to give you a better sound experience, but z313 has limited compatibility options.

You can easily control the volume on both speakers because of the knobs present. It can also serve as a convenience for music lovers.

The z323 is 30 watts, and the z313 is 25 watts. The z323 has slightly more power outages than the z313. Despite the minor difference of approximately 5 watts, the z323 still has a somewhat more peak power.

The acoustics are resounding in the z323, and the bass is booming. Both the speakers are perfect for indoors, and some adjustment in the placement of these speakers can really make a difference and help you enjoy the music even more.

Logitech z323 Pros and Cons

Logitech z323 is priced slightly higher than the z313 because of its versatility and increased performance. 


  1. It is compact and easy to place anywhere.
  2. It has an elegant design.
  3. It can be used to play higher tones without any distortions.
  4. It has excellent midrange and lower frequencies.
  5. It has multiple compatibility options.
  6. It is very versatile.
  7. It is reasonably priced.
  8. It has good sound quality.


  1. It is considered overpriced for its sound quality.
  2. It has a weak bass.
  3. The quality gets thick and boomy when connected to a PC.
  4. It does not give access to EQ settings.
  5. It does not come with an RCA cable, and the cable must be purchased separately.
  6. It does not have a Bluetooth connection.

Logitech z313 Pros and Cons

Logitech z313 is considered the more reasonable, with almost the same features as the z323. Apart from the RCA input, the speaker almost has the same sound result.


  1. It is reasonably priced.
  2. Has a good midrange and low-range frequency.
  3. It has a compact design.
  4. It is compatible with many electronic devices.
  5. It is considered best to be paired with a PC.
  6. It is easy to use and set up.
  7. When set up properly, the subwoofer can produce excellent bass.


  1. It does not have a Bluetooth feature.
  2. The sound quality is considered average by audiophiles.
  3. It can cause distortion while playing higher tones.
  4. Headphone volume cannot be controlled by the speaker or control pod. It needs to be adjusted by the audio source.

Setup: z323 vs z313

Both z323 and z313 are easy to set up. The users usually do not face any complications because the speakers come with a manual.

The directions are pretty clear in the manual, which makes the setting up of these speakers effortless.

Z323 Setup

After understanding the essential components of the speaker system, the following steps are followed when setting up a z323 speaker. The manual of z323 comes in two languages, i.e., English and French.

Connecting the Speakers

The first step is connecting the d-sub connector present on the right of the satellite to the d-sub connector on the subwoofer. After that, you plug the RCA connection to the jack present at the back of the subwoofer of the left speaker.

After setting them up, you plug the power cable into an electrical outlet and use the power knob to switch on the speaker.

Connecting to Audio Source

There are three ways to connect your z323 with an audio source.

  1. Through the 3.5mm connection
  2. Through RCA connection
  3. Plugging headphones.

When using the 3.5mm connection, use the plug on the right speaker and connect it to the audio jack of your device. Your device can also be connected to the auxiliary input side of the right speaker.

When using the RCA connection, connect one end of the RCA cable to the RCA jack of your device and the other end to the RCA jack present on the back of the subwoofer.

When connecting your headphones, simply place the headphone jack on the side of the speaker and use the volume knob on the right speaker to control the volume.

How to Adjust the Volume

The volume knob is used to adjust the volume on your device. Turning it clockwise decreases the volume, and turning it anti-clockwise increases it.

How to Adjust Bass

The bass control knob is present on the back of the subwoofer. Turning the knob to the right makes the bass deeper, and turning it to the left for a less bass effect.

Z313 Setup

The z313 is slightly different from the z323, but it is still easy to set up and use. The manual for z313 comes in two languages, i.e., English and Chinese.

Connecting the Speakers

The first step is to connect the two satellites to the subwoofer jack. The subwoofer jack is present at the back of the subwoofer.

The next step is to connect the power plug to an electrical outlet.

Connecting to Audio Source

Since this speaker does not offer any Bluetooth or RCA connections, the audio source is connected through the 3.5mm connection.

After connecting the speakers to the audio source, use the power button on the control pod to turn the speakers on.

Connecting Headphones

The connection for headphones is present on the control pod provided with the speaker. Plug the headphones into the headphone jack of the control pod.

The headphone volume is adjusted by the audio source. The control pod of the Logitech z313 speakers does not have a volume control option for headphones.

Adjusting the Volume

The volume is adjusted through the wheel present on the right side of the control pod. This wheel only controls the volume of the speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Logitech z313 Good for Music?

Logitech z313 is a great choice for music because it has a decent sound quality, good bass, and an easy setup. You can easily connect it to your audio sources and enhance your music experience at a reasonable price.

Is Logitech z313 loud?

The volume can be increased up to a certain level in z313 with good bass and sound quality. But too high volume becomes noisy, and you start to hear distortion.

Does z323 have Bluetooth?

No, the Logitech z323 speaker system does not offer Bluetooth. The audio sources are connected through an RCA cable and 3.5mm connections.

Does z323 come with an RCA cable?

No, the z323 does not come with an RCA cable. In order to connect an audio source through the RCA connection, you will have to purchase the cable separately.