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Woojer vs. SubPac

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Woojer and SubPac are both physical audio systems that people use to listen to their favorite music and movies or connect with their gaming consoles.

These audio systems are mainly known for their feature to transfer low-frequency vibrations into the body, which helps create a better experience for the user. The user feels the bass through bone-conduction technology if there is a woofer present in the room.

DesignSingle beltBackpack 
Frequency Range25 to 50 Hz1 to 200 Hz
Battery Life8 hoursMore than 7 hours
Charging time3 hours2 hours
MobilityPortableNot portable

Difference Between Woojer and SubPac

SubPac and Woojer are competitors and are working in their own ways to introduce new features and innovations to their audio systems.

There are many differences between these two products starting from their design to their other features.

The SubPac is a wearable audio system in the form of a backpack. It covers more areas of your body. Hence you are better able to feel the vibrations through this audio system.

The Woojer, on the other hand, is designed like a strap or a belt, due to which fewer vibrations are felt throughout the body. But, the Woojer is portable and easy to carry around.

Whereas, in the case of SubPac, you can mount it on a chair, but it is inconvenient to wear it everywhere.

They also have different frequency ranges. SubPac offers a wider frequency range, i.e., 1 to 200 Hz, which helps you use a very low frequency. Woojer covers a small area of frequency, i.e., 25 to 50Hz. 

SubPac is costly compared to Woojer. They approximately have a difference of $100 between their prices. The battery life of the Woojer is 8 hours, while that of the SubPac is more than 7 hours.

The SubPac m2 has a 10.8V, 2300mAh Li-on battery, and the Woojer has a 3.6V, 1SP Li-on battery.



  1. It has a Bluetooth feature.
  2. It is considered best for people who do not wish to wear it.
  3. It has a smooth connection with other electronic devices, e.g., television and tablets, etc.
  4. It has many features for mixing audio.
  5. The bass can be adjusted while listening to the audio
  6. It is more versatile than Woojer


  1. It can have delayed connection time in iPhones.
  2. Noise reduction could be better.



  1. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  2. It is easy to use while doing everyday routine activities.
  3. It has a mesmerizing bass effect with a deep rumble.


  1. The belt cannot give the same effect as a vest.
  2. It is not convenient for women.
  3. The battery requires adjusting so that it does not make you uncomfortable while sitting.

Woojer Vest vs. SubPac

The Woojer vest is an upgraded version of the Woojer belt. It is designed as a vest which is similar to SubPac.

It has enhanced features like more body coverage for a better experience, a focus on explosions, firing, running, and roaring, and a professional movie theatre experience.

It is designed for audio professionals and has an Osci haptic transducer for the generation of vibrations in the body. It has a reduced distortion and harmonic reproduction haptic technology.

It comes with headphone level controls, and you can also connect it to different apps like the SubPac.

It also has a broader frequency range similar to the SubPac, i.e., 1 to 200 Hz. It has accurately detailed 360-degree immersive sounds.

It has an enhanced experience when it comes to bass because the vest covers the whole back, just like SubPac audio system. It is also expensive, like the SubPac, and also heavier than the strap belt.

SubPac m2x vs. Woojer

SubPac m2x is an extended version of the SubPac audio systems. It is designed as a portable audio system that puts less stress on your ears and gives you a quality experience through a full range of frequencies and mesmerizing bass effects.

It is also used for production and mixing at lower levels for a more extended time period. It has a smooth rumble from bass down to sub-bass frequencies.

The frequency range is more comprehensive than the Woojer, i.e., 1 to 200 Hz. It is also costly compared to the Woojer.

The Woojer is designed as a belt, while the SubPac m2x is designed like a backpack and can also be mounted on the tabletop. SubPac m2x is ideal for gaming because it has a great explosion and gunshot effect.

SubPac or Woojer with Reverb

SubPac m2 is fascinating when it comes to reverb and VR immersion. It provides a good bass and sub-bass effect without creating noise.

It is mainly used by music producers because it gives an excellent experience when it comes to combining the bass effect with headphones. You can feel the music along with the different bass frequencies.

While SubPac is mostly attached to your chair, Woojer is more wearable, either in the form of a strap or a vest. Woojer vest edge provides you with an amplified level of immersion.

The vest series in the Woojer is more suitable if you want a mind-blowing experience while mixing different audio. The strap or belt version can reduce the bass effect due to lesser body contact.

While it takes time for the Woojer to acclimatize to improve immersion, the overall immersion effect during gaming is enhanced.

What is Woojer Compatible with?

Woojer can be connected to any electronic device and practically has limitless options. The Woojer vest consists of a power button, a control panel, and many other sockets.

It consists of a power cable used for charging and a USB cable for connecting it to your PC. Apart from that, a 2 x 3.5mm jack socket to connect it to other electronic devices.

A wired headset can be connected to the Woojer vest, along with the controller being connected to a 3.5mm jack cable.

When connected to a PS5, a Woojer takes commands from the game and initiates the haptic feedback in the form of vibrations.

Other connectivity options include Bluetooth. You can connect the Woojer strap or vest to your mobile phone and listen to your favorite music with a different experience. 

The intensity of the haptic feedback can be controlled through the controller. The volume in the headset can also be controlled by the controller. It is also compatible with any VR or AR device that generates an output audio signal.

In short, the Woojer strap belt and vest both offer cable and wireless options with different electronic devices.

How Much Does a SubPac Cost?

The SubPac S2 costs $299, and the optional backpack costs $79. Apart from that, the wearable version costs $349.

The SubPac m2x costs $360 with the wearable equipment with it.

Woojer Alternatives

There are many alternatives present for Woojer. Some of the best options include Bragi, Nuraphones, and ASMR sleeping headphones. 

Bragi is a noise-cancellation ear-tracker. It comes with the feature of noise-cancellation and is also wireless.

When compared to the Woojer, it is much smaller and very easy to carry around, like regular earphones. It comes with many other features like voice control and a different audio experience at a more reasonable price.

Nuraphones is an audio device that has the ability to adapt to your hearing capacity. They can create your personalized hearing profile. They are designed in the form of earbuds and are a reasonable alternative to the Woojer vest and Strap Belt.

The ASMPR sleeping headphones are designed like a headband to make them more comfortable. The cloth can be removed from the band for washing purposes. The headband gives you an ASMR experience during sleeping.

Another alternative similar to the Woojer is Bassme, a French brand with almost the same features but at a lower cost. It is also designed as a strap that goes on your chest and helps you experience sound in a different way.

Apart from that, smart earphones offered by Rayz are also considered an alternative to the Woojer. They also have personalized tuning, sensors, and noise-cancellation features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Price Difference Between SubPac and Woojer?

The average price difference between the different versions of SubPac and Woojer is approximately $100, with SubPac being the expensive one.

How long does the Woojer Strap Last?

The Woojer straps last for about 8 hours, after which it needs to recharge. The recharging time is approximately 3 hours.

Does Woojer Works with Airpods?

Yes, the Woojer can work with AirPods, but an external Bluetooth transmitter is required to connect both devices to your iPhone. With the transmitter, both devices will work fine simultaneously.

How Do You Charge a SubPac?

The SubPac is charged by plugging the cable into the back of the control box. But make sure that you attach the right cable to the adapter and plug it into the power outlet.