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What Happened To the LEGENDARY SisQo? Where is He Now?

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Many people don’t know the real name of Sisqo, who has been a great singer in the past and adored by millions of fans across the Globe.

While some of his records burgeoned like a volcano in the music industry, others did not quite make their mark as it was hoped they would. 

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about where the guy really has been and what he is upto. Let’s take a trip through his life, not only personal but also professional, which certainly has a lot of hush-hush talks included.

Who Really is SisQo?

The real name of SisQo is Mark Althavan Andrews, who was born in the year 1978 in Baltimore, Maryland, US. The man named himself SisQo only in the music industry, and it indeed brought him a great deal of fame. 

By occupation, SisQo is not only a world-renowned singer but also a songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. He has experimented with many musical instruments, some of which include piano and guitar.

In the world of music, Andrews has been since 1995 and has shown his appearance in multiple award shows, concerts, and T.V. shows. 

One of his most famous albums is ‘Unleash the  Dragon’ (released in 1999), out of which the songs such as ‘Thong Song’ and ‘Incomplete’ attracted unmatched popularity.

In the times when this album was released, these two songs were literally on everyone’s mouth, uttering words of praise for the singer. It can certainly be said that SisQo was highly feted for his work in his period.

What has SisQo Been Doing Since ‘The Thong Song’?

The Thong Song was definitely a hit for Sisqo’s career, especially after he had just departed from the company of his bandmates, who all agreed to release their independent albums from that moment onwards.

Although the album was sold at a moderate level initially, once it got sufficient word of mouth, the popularity just kept on increasing.

The song ‘Incomplete’ ranked first on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with ‘The Thong Song’ following at rank number three. 

Soon after releasing his album ‘Unleash the Dragon’ in 1999, SisQo brought a quartet performance for the very first time on Def Soul Records.

In the year 2000, SisQo also hosted a TV Show called ‘Sisqo’s Shakedown’ on the MTV channel; the T.V. show featured dance competition programs and was featured on many platforms across the United States. 

In 2001, SisQo released his second L.P., which once again turned out to be ostentatious.

Not only was the album sold to more than a million users, but one of its songs, ‘Dance For Me,’ because extremely popular in the United Kingdom and ranked third in the top ten songs.  

The story of Sisqo’s career has just begun, so brace yourself for a lengthy yet fascinating journey that led SisQo to where he is today. The songwriter started applying for supporting roles in Hollywood.

Luckily, his fame as a musician turned out to be promising for him, as it landed him a few supporting roles in movies such as Get Over It (2001) and Snow Dogs (2002).

He also disguised himself as a vampire in the T.V. series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, in the first episode of season 6. 

In 2002, SisQo joined Dru Hill once again and released his third L.P. with the band. However, this did not turn out well for the band as the sales were inexplicably disappointing.

Not only that but the entire band was also shunned from their contract with Def Soul Records.

In 2008, SisQo presented himself on a reality T.V. show named ‘Gone Country, and in the year 2010, he appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 2010, The program was a British television show, and the singer was evicted only after 20 days of the program. 

In the same year, he also released his third album with the group ‘Dru Hill.’ The group named this album ‘InDRUpendence Day’ because, this time, they were not associated with Def Soul Records and instead chose to release their album independently. 

SisQo was actively involved in concerts across the world with his group, as well as on his own, singing his solo songs.

He released his last (third) solo album in the year 2015 and named it, ‘The Last Dragon.’ Once again, some of his singles went extraordinarily famous than other songs, including ‘A-List’ and ‘L.I.P.s’. 

Collaboration With Marie Osmond

There have been countless collaborations of singers in the music industry of the U.S.A., some of them being between Lil Wayne and Jae Jonas, Lou Reed and Metallica, Bing Crosby and David Bowie, but what happened in the year 2016 was way beyond what fans of SisQo had imagined. 

What happened in the year 2016 is that SisQo corroborated with Marie Osmond in her song named, ‘Give me a Good Song.’ The song was released in the same year as a part of the actress’s tenth album called ‘Music Is Medicine.

Later, in an interview, it was unraveled by the actress herself that the collaboration was no more than a fortuitous occurrence, as SisQo happened to be waiting outside her office when she was recording her solo song.

Just to check the guy’s singing out, she called him in for a recording.

What is SisQo’s Net Worth?

Although there are a lot of varying numbers you will find on the internet when it comes to finding the real net worth of Sisqo; the most reliable sources confirm that the net worth of the famous singer is six million dollars.

Why Did SisQo Quit Music?

As it turns out, this question is factually incorrect because SisQo has never quit music. In fact, he still works with his band DruHill.

Although many of the original members of the band have either left the group to work on their own label or have quit music altogether, there has never been a shortage of passionate candidates for the band.

SisQo makes incredible music to date that is also accessible on the internet, to some extent. 

When responding to a similar question in an Interview, SisQo explained that he has never given up on music, nor does he ever intend to, especially since music has become such an integral part of his life now. 

Moreover, the record producer further explained that he did actually witness a backlash in his music career after he was blacklisted from most of the renowned record executive companies because it was hard to work with SisQo, as per the authorities at these companies.

Nonetheless, the singer himself also agreed that there was a vast difference between what the companies wanted and what he himself wanted to do with his music, hence the difference of opinion between both the parties.

Love Life of SisQo

Although SisQo has attracted great popularity among girls, he has been a pretty decent man when it comes to dating. The man is happily married to his girlfriend, Elizabeth Pham.

The two had been romantically involved since the beginning of the year 2003 and got married after fifteen years in the year 2018.

They also have a son named Ryu Andrews, who is now nine years old. It is further known now that SisQo proposed to Elizabeth months after both of them had welcomed their son Ryu into this world.  

SisQo also has a daughter named Shaione Andrews, who was born in 1995. The identity of the girl’s mother remains hidden to date. 

Between the years 2004 and 2005, he also dated an R&B singer named Samantha Mumba for a very brief period of time.

It just so happens that SisQo and Elizabeth were on a break from each other due to some personal reasons in those few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SisQo while alive?

There is indeed no doubt that SisQo is all alive and healthy. Although the singer has been in and out of the music industry lately, he lives in Baltimore with his wife and children.

How old is SisQo?

Mark Althavan Andrews, now more commonly known and popularized as SisQo, the Rapper, was born on the 9th of November in the year 1978. As of today, the famous record producer remains 43 years old.