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Vox AC10 vs AC15 | AMP Shooutout (HINT: Depends on Volume)

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You may have heard of or utilized an amplifier if you play an electric guitar. It is an electronic system or device that helps strengthen the electrical signal coming from the pickup of a bass guitar, acoustic guitar, or electric guitar.

It, in turn, would help you produce an amplified sound through one or more of the loudspeaker components. 

A guitar amplifier can also help you modify the instrument’s tone by de-emphasizing or emphasizing specific frequencies. It can do so using equalizer controls and adding distortion, reverb, and electronic effects. 

The comparison of Vox AC10 vs AC15 is an exceedingly reputable and notable aspect in this field. In addition, the details of each guitar amplifier are something you must know before using them.

Primarily, the settings and amp choice an electric guitar player uses on their amplifier play a significant role in determining their signature sound or tone. 

Hence, if you want to know more about the topic, keep reading the article. 

Vox AC10 vs AC15: Which is Better?

Before addressing which one is better- Vox AC10 or Vox AC15, let us clarify a few things. The specifications, features, and attributes of the two guitar amplifiers vary depending on a few specific parameters and elements. 

Firstly, the Vox AC10 and Vox AC15 differ in their power capacities. The former can withstand and work with a wattage of 10 watts. On the other hand, it is 15 watts for the latter.

Vox AC10 can give substantially loud sound outputs contrary to what its wattage rating may suggest. Moreover, it remains the epitome of portability.

Additionally, Vox AC10 comes with a simple structure or construction, making it effortless for you to operate the guitar amplifier. It consists of reverb, treble, bass, volume controls, and gain.

Furthermore, its convenient volume adjustment system makes for a suitable choice if you want to practice playing your guitar at home without disturbing the neighbors. 

On the other hand, the Vox AC15 has a considerably different layout than the Vox AC10. It implies that the former comes with a few additional features not present in the latter.

So, you will be able to get desirable attributes and functions such as speed, tone cut, and depth with Vox Ac10. Additionally, the Vox AC15 offers features like vibrato and reverb.

However, it does not provide the effects loop that may become a downside for some guitarists. Overall, the Vox AC15 makes a suitable choice if you want to perform in front of large crowds. 

Another point to consider is that the Vox AC15 is significantly costlier than the Vox AC10. Thus, your judgment of the better option would fundamentally and ultimately remain based on your needs and preferences.

What Do We Know About Vox AC10?

The Vox AC10 made the list of the first amplifiers produced and manufactured under the Vox name.

It has been popular for a significant time for its articulate and rich tube tone, allowing the users to manage and adjust the volumes conveniently and effortlessly. 

The multiple beneficial and valuable features possessed by this guitar amplifier make it one of the highest-selling and most notable ones of its kind.

It stands true even with the advent and release of modern amps and the discontinuation of the product since 1965. Nevertheless, you may have seen it in recent markets as it experienced re-introduction again in 2015.

The Vox AC10 comes with a vintage look, resembling a briefcase covered in leather. In addition, it has various features that help bridge the gap between the Vox AC15 and the Vox AC4. 

The Vox AC10 has a rating of 10 watts. Although you may think it will not make it loud enough, the product allows for substantially loud sounds.

Thus, you can use it for varying occasions and circumstances by altering the volume per your requirements and desires. 

The guitar amplifier has effortless usage and user-friendly operation. It has an integrated reverb that is a studio-quality digital version. Furthermore, it has a considerably extended decay time. 

The Vox AC10 will help you strengthen the tone appropriately and shape it using various features. On top of that, the guitar amplifier gets its power from two EL84s and comes with two preamp tubes.

Strictly speaking, you will not notice unwanted sounds or distortion when using it, even at higher volumes. 

Another notable construction feature of the Vox Ac10 is its handle. It will allow you to carry the product effortlessly. The component is handy; thus, it will not come off no matter how much you use it. 

On top of that, the low weight of the guitar amplifier makes it easy for you to carry the item. Hence, it increases or enhances its portability aspect from one location to another. 

Fundamentally speaking, the color schemes and controls of the Vox AC10 are impressive. Thus, it makes an excellent choice for those who want a portable and balanced guitar amplifier.

Furthermore, it is perfect if you want to produce sounds loud but not too loud. 

What Do We Know About Vox AC15?

You can consider the Vox AC15 a flagship-level product developed by Vox. It has several beneficial features that make it an appropriate choice for numerous guitarists.

Fundamentally, it has additional and improved functions and attributes than the Vox AC10.

The design of the Vox AC15 is similar to Vox AC10. It has the same handle and leather body. Nevertheless, it comes in a broad range and options for its color, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.

The Vox AC15 offers various features such as tone cut, depth, and speed. You will generally not find them in other guitar amplifiers.

In addition, it has two channels- top boost and normal, each with its specific volume control functions. 

Other valuable features of the Vox AC15 include the vibrato and spring reverb. You can switch the latter using your foot to control and adjust the effects.

Furthermore, the tremolo will allow you to enhance the sound and make it better. 

The Vox AC15 will allow you to produce more fulfilling and “richer” tones. However, a significant disadvantage of this guitar amplifier is its price. It is exceedingly costly, significantly more so than the Vox AC10. 

On top of that, the Vox AC15 is heavier. Thus, you may face some issues if you want to take it from one place to another. 

What Does the Vintage Vox AC10 vs AC15 Entail?

As mentioned before, the Vox AC10 and the Vox AC15 have several points of distinction and differences. Let us understand and review them with the help of a comparison table. 

Serial NumberBasis of DifferenceVox AC10Vox AC15
1.WattageThe Vox AC10 has a wattage rating of 10 watts.The Vox AC15 has a wattage rating of 15 watts.
2.Preamp TubesThe Vox AC10 has two preamp tubes.The Vox AC15 has three preamp tubes.
3.Included ControlsThe included controls of the Vox AC10 include input gain, reverb, volume, bass, and treble.The included controls of the Vox AC15 include power switch, master tone cut, tremolo, bass, reverb, volume control, standby switch, and treble.
4.Speaker SizeThe Vox AC10 has a speaker size of 10 inches.The Vox AC15 has a speaker size of 12 inches.
5.Footswitch CompatibilityThe Vox AC10 is not compatible with the footswitch.The Vox AC15 is compatible with the VFS2A footswitch.
6.PortabilityThe Vox AC10 weighs around 27 pounds. Thus, it is effortlessly portable using the attached handle.The Vox AC15 weighs around 49 pounds. Thus, its heaviness makes it arduous to carry it, even with the handle.
7.LoudnessThe Vox AC10 has a comparatively lower loudness.The Vox AC15 is louder compared to Vox AC10.
8.InputThe inputs of the Vox AC10 include a ¼” instrument.The inputs for the Vox AC15 include a ¼” normal and a ¼” top boost.
9.OutputThe outputs of the Vox AC10 include a ¼” speaker.The outputs associated with the Vox AC15 include two ¼” effects loops, a footswitch, and two ¼” jack speaker outputs.
10.CostThe Vox AC10 is cheaper than Vox AC15.The Vox AC15 is costlier than Vox AC10.
11.Additional ComponentsA few additional components include two EL84, a tube compliment, and two 12AX7.A few additional components include three ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes with dual EL84 power tubes and a diffuser with high frequency. In addition, you may find a turret board construction and a birch-ply cabinet with solid bracing.

What are the Two Channels of the Vox AC15?

If you look and observe from a technical standpoint, you will see that the Vox AC15 has two channels– the top boost and the normal ones.

However, one thing to note is that you cannot use them simultaneously. Instead, you have to select either and its associated input jack.

Firstly, the normal channel has simple and unsophisticated features and characteristics. It provides solely one option of volume control. Overall, this channel will help you determine both the distortion and the sound levels. 

Nonetheless, you will not be able to get a plug-and-play exceeding a specified level. Thus, the normal channel offers significant clean headroom when it comes to matters regarding sound. 

In addition, you may find a little bit of crunch at some times. It happens primarily when the system gets entirely cranked up. In other words, you will not find the scenario often. 

On the other hand, the top boost channel will help you produce vintage and dynamic distortion. You can do so using its volume control features and functions.

Alternatively, you can adjust or modify them using the guitar’s volume potentiometer. 

On top of that, the top boost channel provides an EQ section composed of bass and treble. It can help you tune your sounds according to your preferences and requirements. 

Lastly, the power amp’s tone cut control can aid you in dampening both channels’ treble. Furthermore, you can continuously adjust the tremolo and spring reverb effects and activate them using an external footswitch.

We hope it helps you understand what “Vox AC10 vs AC15 be low volume” entails. 

Are Vox Guitar Amplifiers Reliable?

Vox is a company that has been in the guitar amplifiers business since the ‘50s. It has produced and manufactured several products, all of which were exceedingly valuable and well-accepted by the public.

Thus, you can believe in the reliability and quality of the amps with no doubt and fear regarding the matter.

To date, Vox continues to develop new and better guitar amplifier models with exciting features. Nevertheless, the older models do not fall short of them. The Vox AC10 and Vox AC15 are suitable examples of the statement. 

Overall, you can use a Vox guitar amplifier to create and work with a “British” sound which is popular and regular in classic rock music and songs. In addition to that, it will help you produce a clear tone.

Furthermore, you can explore various distortion options, such as the crunchy variation when using the product. 

The guitar amplifiers will aid you in producing a unique sound. You can describe it as sparkly, jangly, or chimy. Moreover, you can couple it with a clean tone and intensive treble.

As a guitarist, you may already know that the Vox guitar amplifiers are exceptionally suitable for jazz, pop, and rock music. Nevertheless, you can use them for literally any other variation or type of tune or melody.

On top of that, Vox is the best choice if you want to go for a vintage tone. The various guitar amplifiers produced by Vox vary.

They have unique and valuable features. Nonetheless, all of them are highly reliable and will not disappoint you. 

For instance, you may be able to find debate on Vox AC10 vs AC15 pedal platform. Some guitarists may prefer the normal channel and not the top boost one. Thus, they may use the Vox AC10 or only one channel of Vox AC15. 

Irrespective of the varying features and existing debates, Vox remains at the forefront of the guitar amplifier market.