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Nuvo Vs. Sonos

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It’s simple to create the ideal audio environment for any location, thanks to the versatile Player Portfolio system and Nuvo’s award-winning array of speakers.

On the other hand, Sonos device creates an AES-encrypted friend mesh connection called SonosNet. This enables every component to replicate any selected input. We will be comparing Nuvo & Sonos

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What Is NuVo Player?

A lot has happened in the audio industry in the past decade as long as NuVo is concerned.

The system now goes by the name Player Portfolio series. Second, the three goods sent for evaluation are all brand-new, rounding out the portfolio to provide a whole environment.

Third, Sonos is no longer the only rival in town thanks to items like DTS’ Play-Fi, Blue sound, HEOS, and Riva Wand.

This year, Nuvo (a Legrand trademark) significantly updated the Player Portfolio range and introduced several new items, including all those included in this review.

These include the P400 all-in-one desktop speaker system, the P4300 flagship model of its four different rack-mount systems, and the P500 sound bar with Bluetooth subwoofer.

With the addition of these, the P100 and P200 enhanced devices, the P300 player before, and the GW100 wireless gateway, a comprehensive solution that meets the music streaming requirements in almost every room, are now available.

How Does It Work?

Individuals must acquire NuVo’s Gateway GW100 and link it to their router with an ethernet connection for the system to function wirelessly.

Two MIMO (multi-carrier outputs) systems are designed by the Gateway, one operating in the 2.4GHz band and the other on the 5GHz band.

Each NuVo player may join either network or stream content from similar music sources, meaning their collection or one of the supported music services.

The NuVo wireless communication function separately from any other traditional WiFi networks you could be running, just like with Sonos units.

For a potential wireless data throughput of 300 Mbps, the Gateway may send and receive two spatial streams at a rate of 150 Mbps.

According to NuVo, the system may accommodate approximately sixteen audio signals running concurrently, each of which can convey information at a rate of up to 600 kbps.

You may avoid spending money on the Gateway if people use Ethernet to link all of the NuVo devices to the router. The NuVo system is comparable to a Sonos system in this regard.

Still, with one important exception: All Sonos modules may function wirelessly on Sonos’s specialized mesh network as long as everyone has at least a single Sonos module connected to the network via Ethernet.

What Does Nuvo Player Feature?

Each NuVo Player model comes equipped with an integrated amplifier, a set of five-way qualified majority posts for passive speakers, a line-level audio output for an external amplifier or self-powered speakers, a line-level audio input for a digital publishing player or another source, a wireless connectivity adapter for connecting to an entry point, a fast ethernet port, and a USB 2.0 port.

Twenty watts per channel are delivered by the $479 Player P100, while the $599 Player P200 offers 60 watts per channel.

Both NuVo players are equipped with Audyssey Dynamic EQ as well as Audyssey Dynamic Level, the former of which is intended to keep the volume level constant across all of the music in the collection.

Users who don’t like the volume control option may simply disable it. Users can also use the controller app to adjust the EQ levels for each player.

The CSR AptX audio-encoding technology and a stronger amp are supported by Bluetooth audio streaming on the P200. A NuVo Technologies spokeswoman said that although the P200 has a microphone input to accommodate Audyssey MultEQ space software, that functionality won’t be available until later this year.

The other specifications are identical for both players, except for the anticipated variations in strength and weight usage.

The two players each feature an inbuilt power supply with an AC wire that may be disconnected, while a wall wart supplies the Gateway.

Given that all three parts are enclosed in the thin, black plastic as the router makers are prone to employ, none of the three will likely receive a prize for innovative design.

The two players each include a slight bit of non-backlit, volume, down, and mute buttons.

Energy and connectivity conditions are shown by a tiny LED, while the P200 features a second LED that reports Bluetooth status.

NuVo P100 Player

Player Portfolio

Greetings from the thrilling NuVo Player Portfolio Surround Sound system environment.

One’s favorite music is now accessible via any Apple and Android WiFi-equipped portable device in any room they choose, at any time they want, with the push of a button.

With Internet radio streaming straight to your NuVo System, customers have access to Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Rhapsody, as well as SiriusXM.

True high-fidelity music, whether it comes from their collection or is streamed online, is more affordable and available than users could have ever dreamed.

How does it function?

Any WiFi Alliance-approved Gateway serves as the Player Portfolio’s foundation, enabling all players to interact with each other, acquire songs from the internet, and broadcast audio from a wide range of internet sources.

Simply attach a player to the local network and your preferred speakers to get the fun going. The concept is easily expandable by including participants in additional zones.

The P100 Player may be easily extended to 16 zones and compatible with Legrand’s other NuVo Portfolio devices.

High Definition Audio

Modern player amplifiers from NuVo, created by musicians, are tailored to positively impact online signal flow, guaranteeing that every nuance of the music is played back exactly as intended by the artist.

With simple access to computer networks, streamed Online Radio, or even audio files stored on any iOS or Android device and smartphone, all of their favorite music is at their fingertips.

Each zone has the option of playing a different playlist or being synced. Welcome to your unlimited access to a musical collection.

Ethernet-equipped and configured for several bands

The P100 Player offers setup choices for Ethernet Cables and connectivity 802.11n, adding versatility to any home.

It can be seamlessly integrated into NuVo Player Portfolio devices thanks to Ethernet connectivity, and its 802.11n wireless functionality enables the use of both the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels for quick transmissions and wide coverage.

Application of NuVo Player

Legrand’s NuVo Player app makes it simple to listen to the songs you love. The app immediately displays your favorite music sources and musicians for quick and easy browsing. The entire universe of music is instantly available to you.

Whole-home audio system by Legrand

Legrand offers an unmatched depth and breadth of cutting-edge solutions since it is the world’s leading producer of equipment and solutions for new wiring and networking technologies everywhere people live and work.

Using wired and wireless divvied-up sound systems specifically created to match exceptional quality with the latest in video content source diversity and user-friendly control, Nuvo whole home audio systems ensure an unrivaled listening experience.

The ideal fit for any house, NuVo systems are simple to install and even simpler to use.

Nuvo P100 Vs Sonos

Nuvo P100

High quality meets flexibility. The P100 Player is perfect for bringing music into challenging-to-wire homes or adding simple districts to an existing Player Powerful strategy since it is expertly constructed to give 40 volts of high-fidelity sound, built-in playing diversity, and wired and wireless configuration options.

In addition, renowned AudysseyTM music technologies enhance the sound quality for music listeners and audiophiles.


The primary goal of Sonos when it initially hit the market in 2005 was to playback music from networked computers, but with the proliferation of streaming services, its functionality has significantly expanded.

Sonos’ greatest asset is its ability to sound great while streamlining the networking headaches associated with establishing the majority of wireless music systems.

NuVo P-300

The NuVo P300 is a portable music player perfect for playing audio in a home environment. With this WiFi music streamer, the noises you wish to hear are entirely under your control within your home and an easy way to connect to your home network. It works with many smart gadgets and third-party speaker systems.

The music streamer may physically connect to the local network using the ethernet connector on the back or remotely using an 802.11n setup.

You can easily control the music in your home after connecting it to your home network because it will be available from any computing phone linked to the same network.

NuVo P300 Player with Fiber Optic Control for the Player Portfolio Sound System

With the NuVo P300 Player Preamplifier, discover more possibilities and seize more chances. The P300 brings the broad streaming range and breathtaking performance of the Player Collection to specialized power components.

It is designed to interface with the most recent A/V equipment. The Player Preamplifier raises the bar for Legrand’s versatility by maximizing performance while integrating completely and seamlessly into the Player Portfolio system.

Additionally, the P300 is discretely able to fit into compact areas because of its appealing types of technological design.

Player Portfolio

Greetings from the thrilling NuVo Player Portfolio Stereo Amplifier environment. One favorite music is now accessible via any Apple and Android WiFi-equipped portable device in any room users choose, at any time they want, with the push of a button.

With Internet radio streaming straight to your NuVo System, Customers get access to SiriusXM, Spotify, Radio, iHeart, TuneIn, and Rhapsody.

True high-fidelity music is more affordable and available than you could have ever dreamed, whether it comes from your library or is streamed online.

How does it function?

Any WiFi Alliance-approved router serves as the Player Portfolio’s foundation, enabling all players to interact with each other, download music from the networks, and broadcast music from a wide range of internet sources.

Simply attach a player to someone’s local network and the preferred speakers to get the fun going. The concept is easily expandable by including participants in additional zones.

The P300 Player Sound source may be readily extended to a total of sixteen areas and is compatible with the other NuVo Player Portfolio devices from Legrand.

High Definition Audio

Our cutting-edge player amplifiers, which musicians created, are designed for high-quality electronic signal flow, making sure that every nuance of your music is played back exactly as the author intended.

With simple access to computer networks, streamed Streaming Radio, and perhaps even audio files stored on every Android or iOS smartphone, all of your favorite music is at your fingertips.

Each zone has the option of playing a different playlist or being synced. Welcome to the easy accessibility to a music gallery.

Ethernet-equipped and configured for several bands

A home’s versatility is increased by the P300 Player Preamplifier’s capability for both Ethernet Cables and wireless 802.11n setup choices.

It can be seamlessly integrated with existing NuVo Player Portfolio devices thanks to Ethernet connectivity, and its 802.11n wireless functionality enables the use of both the 2.4 and 5 Hz frequencies for quick transmissions and wide coverage.

Nuvo P-300 Vs Sonos Connect

Nuvo P-300

You may immediately attach to storage devices, analog equipment, or home theatre receivers through the unit’s audio line-in, lineout, micro TOSLINK fiber optic electronic input and output, or USB connections.

Additionally, you can control your music remotely from the palms of your hand using mobile applications for either Apple or Android smartphones or conveniently from the wall with the P10 keypad (available separately).

Sonos Connect

The straightforward streaming upgrade for your transmitter or speaker. Connect to your current audio to stream music, then quickly add other rooms to your Sonos system.

Utilize your boosted sound systems to enjoy online radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and entertainment. Additionally, you can play stored audio files, CDs, and vinyl through Sonos loudspeakers in various areas of your house.

You can access the songs you want faster and regulate the audio in every area by using the Sonos app, which gathers all of your streaming platforms.

What Is Sonos?


The Sonos Connect is one of the largest possibilities, although the majority of media streamers on the market right now are no bigger than a drink coaster in platform boots.

It is basically rectangular in shape, standing 2.91 inches tall and being 5.35 inches broad and 5.51 inches deep.

The Sonos Connect has a similar squat form to the bigger Connect: Amp, but instead of using a two-tone color scheme, the Connect chooses an easier and probably more appealing, all-white design.

The gadget is somewhat shielded from outside the environment by the presence of blue rubber feet.

Like other Sonos players, the front panel has mute and volume up/down buttons, but regrettably, not an on/off switch.


The Sonos Communicate is the monster if you already have a stereo or home theatre system and want to add streaming. It costs $150 less than a Sonos: Connect amplifier since it lacks the 55W-per-channel amplifier.

Just after the Play 3 was launched, the Connect, originally named the Zone Player ZP90, underwent a name change. The business provides free Android, iOS, PC, and Mac control applications.

Audio inputs are one feature that Connects provides, such the Play:3 through Play:5 devices do not have.

A single stereo RCA input on the Connect may be used to attach an iPod dock as well as a pre-amp, allowing you to switch between several sources. Users may use digital coax/optical or analog out to attach the Sonos to the sound system.


The concept of the Communicate will be far more appealing to audiophiles than the Connect: Amp.

Users can connect their personal Digital Analog Converters (DAC) thanks to the existence of the digital output for a potential improvement in sound quality.

Since its inbuilt sound is so fantastic, the Inspiron Squeezebox Touch received little advantage from an external DAC, but there was room for enhancement with the Connect.

However, the device’s audio system was excellent, though a touch leans in the bass like the Connect Amp.

The more costly Connect: Amp performed better than the Sonos Connect, Marantz receiver, and B&Ws when connected with Bowers and Wilkins speakers.

The lean bass in the later mix was improved by including the Cambridge Audio DacMagic, but I still liked the sound and simplicity of the Amp’s all-in-one design.

The Sonos system’s main strength is its ability to quickly create playlists and operate several zones across the house. In addition, the software is extremely simple to use. The Sonos can be used if you have access to a tablet.

Can you replace the Nuvo Grand Concerto with Sonos?

I had planned to buy a single Sonos Integrate Amp and do away with the Concerto entirely.

I intended to directly connect two of the speaker cords from Zone 1 to the Sonos. Only two of the overhead loudspeakers will function, I realize.

It should merely work if you purchase a connect booster and put it into a couple of speakers. I am not quite sure how the Nuvo keypads are connected, but I feel it will not be through the speaker cord and will not be next to the speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Sonos Connect?

Your audio or home theatre may now stream music thanks to Sonos Connect. You may play music on the linked speakers alone or throughout your home using Sonos speakers installed in each room. The setup is simple.

How do I make my Nuvo WiFi connected?

Connect a second Gateway to the system from the appropriate place to do this. “Settings” / “Add another Nuvo Component” should be selected.

What is Nuvo audio?

Nuvo Sound designs outstanding multi-room sound reinforcement distribution systems for the contemporary house and is best known for its amazing Player Portfolio Audio System.

People are always excited to see a rival with a better product that takes advantage of the gaps in the market leader’s hardening defenses. For example, Sonos now dominates the midrange; virtual surround the audio scene.

There is no better approach to progressing technology. I was eager to hear the surround sound audio system that NuVo Technologies had initially shown off at a trade conference in the fall of 2011 when I learned that it was finally available.

Customers may have to wait a couple of months for a market upheaval, though, as NuVo’s Player P100, Player P200, as well as Gateway GW100 only offer minor upgrades over the far less costly Sonos ecosystem. The Sonos system is currently superior to NuVo’s in certain ways