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New York Pro Guitars: EVERYTHING You Should Know (2023)

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Truth be told, not everyone who wants to play the guitar can afford popular and more expensive brands and models like the Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, Martin, Taylor, or Gretsch. 

As a matter of fact, some beginners cannot even afford the cost of strings on the aforementioned guitars. However, this doesn’t mean they should give up their dreams of playing or owning a guitar. 

That being said, this is where the so-called “cheap” or inexpensive guitars come in as saviors.

Apart from not having the cash to spend on expensive brands, real-life situations require you to go for the cheapest and the least expensive guitars first, even when you can afford the most expensive ones. 

A typical example is buying a guitar for [maybe] your kid or any beginner player you are not sure would really keep playing the guitar. In cases like this, it would not be out of place to first shop for the least expensive guitars. 

In this article, we will talk about an interesting inexpensive guitar brand known as “New York Pro Guitars.” 

About New York Pro Guitars

To some, it might be a low-budget guitar, and to some, it might be just a “third-world” guitar for beginners.

However, regardless of how you might see the New York Pro guitar, it still is an amazing guitar—not just amazing, but also affordable enough for any player. 

Lou Capece of Long Island, New York, is the wholesale distributor of this amazing and cheap brand of guitar known as New York Pro Guitars. It was founded in the year 1964.

Also, prior to its founding in 1964, Lou Capece who happens to be the major distributor of this guitar had already been selling guitars under the “Oxford,” “DiPalo,” and “Danville” brands. 

New York Pro Guitars Review

With resonant tonewoods, sophisticated fittings, and cutting-edge electronics that create a stunning acoustic feel, onstage and offstage, the New York Pro acoustic series offers the best in full-size acoustic quality, elegance, and execution. 

The top of this guitar is made of solid cedar while also boasting some ivory wrapping, hand-scalloped X brace, dark purfling, and a stunning concentric-ring rosette with wood mouldings. 

The Venetian cutaway offers a more rounded and smooth feel, thereby allowing easier access across the entire neck of the guitar. The one-of-a-kind split-saddle bone bridge offers flawless alignment and superior top-to-bottom acoustic connection.

The New York Pro Guitar is designed with ergonomics and durability in mind. It is not just comfortable to play, it sounds awesome and tonally inspiring and it will also stand the test of time.


  • It is cost-effective and ideal for complete beginners as well as seasoned professionals. A perfect guitar for any player who requires a practice guitar or backup guitar.
  • There are many options, colours, and models to choose from. There is always something for everyone. 
  • You can start playing it straight out of the box. You won’t need a luthier to do any more adjustments or set-up. 


  • The saying “you often get what you paid for” applies here.
  • You will have to go the extra mile with maintenance in order to make it last longer. It is liable to wear out faster if you don’t take extra care.
  • Not exactly the best kind of guitar for a touring musician or a professional player. 
  • To give it that extra protection, it might require an actual guitar case and not a bag. This means extra cost. 

New York Pro Acoustic Guitars

Although there are not exactly many models to choose from (as far as we know), one amazing New York Pro acoustic guitar we will always recommend is the: 

New York Pro Electric Guitars

Following is the list of the New York Pro Electric Guitars along with the estimated price they are available at:

Who should get the New York Pro Guitar?

Although being an amazing guitar for basically any kind of player, the New York Pro Guitar still has where it shines brightest.

That being said, it might not be the perfect guitar for the seasoned professional, but it is an exceptional guitar for the intermediate and beginner player. 

Also, it might not exactly be an ideal guitar for the session musician who records solely in the studio. However, it could pass as a backup guitar for a touring musician who performs majorly on live stages. 

It is also a perfect substitute guitar for scenarios like practicing, campfires, and even street performances.

Should you buy the New York Pro Guitar?

Expensive guitars play awesome, but the truth is that the secret to an amazing-sounding guitar is not always in the price tag. A skilled player with years of experience and practice will still sound amazing even with a $50 guitar. 

On the other hand, a novice guitarist with a $1,000 might not even sound as good as an intermediate player. Oftentimes, listeners can’t tell the difference between a $100 guitar and a $1,000 guitar. 

That being said, with some skills under your belt, even a cheap New York Pro guitar might sound as good as a Martin or Taylor guitar. That being said, buying a New York Pro guitar is never a bad idea—it is an amazing guitar brand. 

It doesn’t matter if you play the electric or acoustic guitar, the New York Pro will definitely have something for you, regardless.


New York Pro Guitars are not just inexpensive, they are also decently constructed to enhance playability and longevity. From their acoustic to electric models, there is always something that every guitar player would love. 

They have been in the market for a very long time and are thus liked by a number of artistes in the guitar-playing world. You can always find good quality and cheap New York Pro guitars on various websites that sell musical instruments.

Therefore do your research and find the optimum New York Pro guitar that suits your style.