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LEFT-Handed Martin Guitars [2023] – The ENTIRE Range!

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Are you looking for a left-handed guitar? The good thing is that Martin has a wide variety of left-handed guitar selections that are custom-tailored to your sound, aesthetic, and comfortability needs.

Left-Handed Martin Guitars

1. Martin DX Johnny Cash

This acoustic-electric guitar is a great collectible for any Johnny Cash fan. It’s accompanied by a performing artist’s neck profile which creates room for smooth playability.

This feature will grant you comfort during extended recording sessions or a late night out. The fretboard material Martin uses in this selection is called Richlite, a material that remains unspoiled by extreme temperature changes or humidity.

The Martin DX will remain durable and play effortlessly in virtually any environment.

This left-handed guitar is also coupled with Fishman MX electronics, a leader in the realm of acoustic amplification, which provides noteworthy tones that are ready for the stage.

  • 25.4-inch scale length
  • Custom rosette with star fingerboard inlays
  • Johnny Cash signature DX A/E
  • Dreadnought body provides great projection 
  • Beautiful satin finish 
  • Pick-up mount inside of soundhole for a discrete plug-in ability 
  • CASH emblem at the 18th fret

2. Martin 000-18

If you are attuned to a smaller guitar body with the benefit of a large sound, this left-handed selection will be the one for you. This option has a forward balanced tone, which is due to its Auditorium body style.

This style provides exceptional projection and is great for recording in your own studio. Throughout the history of Martin guitars, spruce tops, and solid mahogany backs and sides have been used to create captivating tones.

These materials can also be found in the Martin 00-18 edition, which allows the guitar to provide quality sound and be sustainable for years to come.

The Martin 000-18 is also a great choice for longer playtimes as it has a modified low oval neck profile which creates a comfortable play.

This particular left-handed guitar is on the shorter side with 24.9” on the scale length, which makes it easier to reach more complex notes.

Guitar professionals alike state that this option is most agreeable for fingerstyle and flat-picking.

  • Auditorium body with inspirations of a vintage-styling
  • Impactful sound with a great sound projection that is suitable to play amongst other instruments 
  • A rich tone that is provided by the solid spruce top feature 
  • Accompanied with a hardshell case

3. Martin GPC-16E Rosewood

This is another acoustic-electric guitar that is perfect for those who prefer a warmer, full-bodied projection. This particular edition from Martin formulates a powerful sound that’s well-balanced with peak note definition.

The guitar is accompanied well by a layered track or human voice, however, it also plays beautifully on its own.

As an acoustic-electric, this guitar can also be plugged in for ample stage play from the provided Fishman Matric VT Enhance NT2 pickup system.

The Martin GPC-16E Rosewood was modeled with a Performing Artist’s Taper for a fulfilling playing experience.

This edition also has a smooth ebony fingerboard coupled with a Plek Pro machine for the frets which creates an optimal play performance.

Once held, it may be surprising to you how much thinner the body feels than other Martin guitar models

  • Spruce top with East Indian rosewood back and sides 
  • Ebony fingerboard and bridge
  • Fishman Matric VT Enhance NT2 electronic feature
  • 25.4” scale length with 20 frets

4. Martin DSS-17

The Martin DSS-17 model is known for its classic tonewood pairing, which produces gorgeous tones that vary in their range.

This left-handed guitar features a Sitka spruce scalloped X-bracing for sustainability and a hardwood neck with a rosewood fingerboard for optimal comfort during play.

This model also has a dreadnought body style which allows it to have a higher amplification and focus. The Martin DSS-17 has a unique and balanced sound which makes this one of the greater options for recording in a studio setting.

Furthermore, the mahogany material of the guitar provides a clear sound, while in combination with the Sitka spruce produces an ethereal sound with impeccable overtones.

  • Shoulder dreadnought body offers a balanced tone 
  • Rosewood fingerboard for smooth playability 
  • Spruce top with mahogany back and sides 
  • Tonewood pairing for varied tones

5. Martin D-X2E 12-String Dreadnought

This edition of the Martin left-handed guitars is made with a built-in Fishman electronic feature with a High-Performance neck taper that makes it durable and comfortable to play.

Even though the Martin D-X2E is an acoustic-electric guitar, it performs boldly while unplugged due to the X bracing underneath its Sitka spruce top.

There is also a preamp that’s placed inside the soundhole of the model which makes the volume and tone knobs within adequate reach.

This left-handed guitar is also accompanied by a gig bag which makes it travel-ready for any musical destinations that you desire. The Martin D-X2E is a more budget-friendly selection, especially as a first guitar. 

  • Built-in Fishman MX electronics for direct recording and plugged-in performance ability 
  • X bracing for an increased projection 
  • Scale length 25.4”

6. Martin D-10E Road Series

This Martin model is another high-quality left-handed guitar that is affordable with a sleek design. As another dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar, this selection has an all-sapele body that provides a performer with an alluring tone.

This particular guitar has an emphasis on bass but has a considerably durable mid and treble response.

Similar to the Martin 000-18 edition, the Martin D-10E has a hardwood neck with a Richlite fingerboard which makes it an ideal selection for both Flatpicking and fingerstyle.

This makes it truly ideal for ensemble performances, especially in Delta-style blues or modern country tones. The model also has the option to be plugged in as its Fishman MX-T electronics will exquisitely amplify the acoustic sound.

  • Fitting for fingerpicking and Flatpicking styles 
  • Custom hardwood neck with Richlite that creates an appealing playability 
  • Fishman MX-T electronics and built-in sound-hole turner provide amplified acoustic tones 
  • Dreadnought style awards a player stellar, amplified acoustic-electric sound.

7. Martin D-28 Modern Deluxe

This particular left-handed model is a modern take on Martin’s Vintage guitar. It contains a Sitka spruce Vintage Tone feature which has been revamped to provide a performer with the most ideal projection and harmonic capabilities.

The Vintage Tone System (VTS) allows Martin to age the top woods and braces of the guitar to a certain time period without experiencing loss through a change in color or quality from the torrefaction process.

Though this guitar has a higher price point, this is a more luxurious take on the Martin guitars as it has flamed maple binding, gold frets, and gold open-gear turners.

The Martin D-28 Modern Deluxe is one of the more unique styles that Martin has on their roster.

It is also featured with a carbon fiber bridge plate which will amplify the guitar’s volume without adding more weight to the performer. 

  • Vintage Tone System (VTS) which gracefully ages woods to a chosen time period 
  • Sitka spruce top for amplification, projection, and note definition
  • Modern additions to the vintage style include steel truss rods, carbon fiber bridge plates, and Liquidmetal bridge pins
  • Elegant neck shape for optimal comfort during performances

8. Martin DX Woodstock 50th Anniversary

If you’re on the lookout for collectibles, this left-handed guitar is a must-have. The Martin DX Woodstock 50th anniversary is featured with bold custom artwork by Robert F. Goetzl which is a rendition of the notable 1969 festival poster.

This unique guitar is quite attractive to the eye, but also comes with a Statabond neck and Richlite fingerboard which will give you an exceptionally smooth performance.

As an acoustic-electric guitar, it does have the option to be plugged in on stage as it has Fishman Sonitone electronics which will amplify the guitar’s balanced dreadnought tone.

This selection has a Performing Artist neck profile which provides optimal comfortability during long recording sessions or late-night performances.

The Martin DX model also has Richlite wood, which allows it to remain unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity.

  • Bright and bold custom artwork by Robert F. Goetzl
  • Stratabond neck and Richlite fingerboard
  • Fishman Sonitone electronics amplify acoustic-electric tones on stage
  • 25.4” scale length for greatest comfortability during performances

9. Martin OME Cherry

This left-handed guitar selection boasts a maple-like shine with a rich wood grain of cherry for the best comfort and greatest sound.

Martin OME Cherry is featured with tonewoods that are all 100% FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified.

This particular model has a Modified Low Oval mahogany neck with a High-Performance Taper which provides guitar enthusiasts with an upper hand in creating appealing melodies.

There is also a Fishman electronic feature that makes this left-handed guitar ready to hit the stage. The Martin OME Cherry is a favorite amongst acoustic platers due to the familiar Sitka spruce top and Cherry body. 

  • Supports the Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT1 pickup system to plug into an amp, PA, or custom recording medium 
  • Discreet soundhole to provide full control over the sound output 
  • 100% certified FSC wood, socio-economically conscious, and sustainable

10. Martin D-15M Streetmaster

The Martin D-15M Streetmaster is a 6-string left-handed guitar that provides major amplitude and balances with a broken-in sound and feel due to its dreadnought body.

Curated from solid mahogany, this model is featured with a street-worn look that provides a warm, lively sound to your performances with layers of notable complexity.

This is another high-quality guitar that won’t break the bank, which is why this is a great option for those looking into left-handed acoustics.

The Martin D-15M Streetmaster is greatly paired with a banjo or other instruments within an ensemble, and the dreadnought body style makes it optimal for recording in a studio setting. 

  • Attractive distressed finish on the whole body 
  • Low-oval neck profile provides the best comfort during long performances or recording sessions
  • Mahogany tonewood expresses full and complex tones that are most appealing
  • Durable and sustainable katalox fingerboard for continuous attractive look over time