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Klipsch Forte Vs. Cornwall – A Fierce BATTLE of Floorstanding Speakers

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This article will compare the Cornwall IV and Forte IV, two Klipsch Passive Floor-standing loudspeakers.

As we get to our more extensive analysis, let’s take a quick glance at the primary characteristics of the Klipsch Cornwall IV and Klipsch Forte IV.

Forte IVCornwall IV
3-way Design3-way Design
1″ horn-loaded Tweeter1″ horn-loaded Tweeter
1.75″ Midrange1.75″ Midrange
15″ Fiber composite Woofer12″ Fiber composite Woofer
34-20k Hz Frequency Response38-20k Hz Frequency Response
102 dB Sensitivity99 dB Sensitivity
Impedance: 8ohmsImpedance: 8ohms
Power Range: up to 100wattsPower Range: up to 100watts
Dimensions: 966.0 x 643.0 x 394.0mmDimensions: 909.0 x 423.0 x 331.0mm

Klipsch Forte IV vs Cornwall IV


The frequency range of Cornwall IV is 34–20 kHz, while that of Forte IV is 38–20 kHz. The Cornwall IV’s minimum frequency is 34Hz, while the Forte IV’s minimum frequency is 38Hz, allowing it to dive somewhat deeper.

Power Range

The input power range, measured in watts RMS, that a speaker is intended to handle is known as the power range.

Even though using an amplifier within this band assures the expected quality, exceeding the maximum wattage can damage speakers.

The power range of Cornwall IV and Forte IV is up to 100 watts.

Remember that a speaker with a greater maximum power handling value is not always louder than one with a lower maximum handling value.

Impedance, receptivity, and system efficiency are other factors that affect intensity or noise level.

Sensitivity and Impedance

Cornwall IV and Forte IV both have an 8-ohm impedance. However, their sensitivity capabilities vary. The Cornwall IV is classified at 102 dB of sensitivity, while the Forte IV is at 99 dB. 

Klipsch Cornwall IV is a slightly more sensitive loudspeaker than Klipsch Forte IV by 3 dB and will therefore play loud when using the same level of power.


The Cornwall IV and Forte IV are three-way speakers. Cornwall IV has a one ” 15″ Fiber alloy Bass, a 1.75″ Midrange, and a titanium-diaphragm pressure horn-loaded Tuner. 

A 1″ titanium-diaphragm pressure horn-loaded transmitter, a 1.75″ midrange, and a 1 x 12 are included in the Forte IV “Fiber-Construction Woofer.

Physical Specs

Because of space limitations or perhaps just for aesthetics, a speaker’s size might play a significant role in decision-making. The outward dimensions of the Klipsch Cornwall IV and Klipsch Forte IV will be contrasted in this part. 

The outside measurements of the Klipsch Cornwall IV are 966.0 x 643.0 x 394.0mm (38 x 25-5/16 x 15-1/2inch), while those of the Klipsch Forte IV are 909.0 x 423.0 x 331.0mm (35-3/4 x 16-5/8 x 13inch).

Of both the two speakers, the Klipsch Cornwall IV is obviously the bigger one. Compared to Klipsch Forte IV, its size is 220mm wider, 57mm higher, and 63mm deep.


If you ever have to relocate and adjust the speaker frequently, its weight can become crucial. The sturdiness of the casing and the caliber of the internal parts utilized can “often” be determined by a speaker’s weight. 

The Klipsch Cornwall IV and Klipsch Forte IV each weigh 44.55 kg (98 lbs.) and 32.73 kg (72 lbs.), respectively. The Cornwall IV is now 36% bulkier than the Forte IV as a result.

Base Surface Area

A loudspeaker’s base area size could be a deciding issue when a table or room area is at a premium. The Klipsch Cornwall IV’s base area is roughly 2533.4 cm2 (or 392.7 inches), whereas the Klipsch Forte IV’s base area is roughly 1400.1 cm2 (or 217.0 inches). 

The Cornwall IV has a little drawback when placed in confined locations since it needs 81% more surface area than the Forte IV.

Things included in the boxes of both Forte IV and Cornwall IV

Items that come with the Forte IV

  • 2 Floor standing loudspeakers
  • 2 Grilles
  • 8 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Congratulations letter
  • Klipsch brochure

Items that come with the Cornwall IV

  • 2 Floor standing loudspeakers
  • 2 Grilles
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Congratulations letter
  • Klipsch brochure

Klipsch Cornwall IV vs Forte III

Klipsch Cornwall IV

The Cornwall IV’s interior has a redesigned mid-frequency driver and a redesigned midrange TractrixTM horn for enhanced definition and precision and new apertures for more transparency and deeper bass.

The Cornwall IV’s exterior is also distinct from its ancestors. It has a new symbol style that is written to suit other Heritage items, unique matt black risers that give the impression of drifting, and an upgraded polished steel luxury input screen.

The Cornwall, like all Klipsch Heritage loudspeakers, is a long-term purchase. These Klipsch loudspeakers are constructed to the highest Klipsch specifications and will provide years of satisfying operation. 

The Klipsch Cornwall shell is handcrafted in Hope, Arkansas, by proud craftsmen, precisely as Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) envisioned.

Klipsch Forte III

High Performance + High Efficiency

The Forte III features a three-way design that includes a 12″ woofer, horn-loaded midsection, and tuner.

The new Forte III employs all-new state-of-the-art speakers featuring intermediate and high steel tension drivers for clean and strong performance. 

The redesigned midrange horn on the Forte III employs proprietary innovation to enhance penetration and management of the critical mid-frequency region.

15-Inch Passive Radiator Provides Full-Range Effectiveness

The Forte III keeps a mystery in the cabinet at the back. The adoption of a rear-mounted reactive radiator contributes to Forte III’s expanded sound.

This sub-bass radiator is a massive 15″ (38 cm) in diameter and functions on acoustical pressure created by the woofer for increased bass power and range.

Perfection On A General Level

Each Forte III speaker duo is grain-matched, utilizing wood laminate boards made from the same tree. Every box is meticulously balanced, making each loudspeaker in the pair virtually identical to the other. 

The loudspeakers move in unison through the facility. Each final product is examined and serialized, guaranteeing that each set of loudspeakers leaves the plant as a painstakingly produced set.

Made To Last

No detail is overlooked. Klipsch loudspeakers are designed to blast the house and last a lifetime.

The Forte III is carefully manufactured and constructed utilizing only the greatest quality components, right down to the joints and screws. This is a speaker who will be passed down through the years.

Best Klipsch For My Small Room

Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker

The R-15feature M’s set blends the connections and stereo isolation of a receiver-speaker configuration with the ease of use of a loudspeaker.

Throw in great audio performance and a striking black-and-copper style, and you’ve found the ideal choice for upgrading your stereo amplifier. 

The 5.25-inch Spun Copper Cerametallic Cone Bass, and one-inch horn-loaded Tractrix tuner from Klipsch work seamlessly to provide an outstanding higher response rate, increased range, and minimum interference.

The built-in phono preamplifier, which allows you to connect it to a record-to-record record, is among its most prominent characteristics. It also includes a little remote that is quite simple to operate. 

Ultimately, the R-15M is best designed for smaller spaces, and while the bass is rich, a powerful subwoofer will truly maximize the heart-thumping effect.

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack

The Klipsch reference theatre pack delivers great acoustic output while being compact.

Klipsch’s exclusive Tractrix Horn construction and aluminum Tweeters produce a clear, organic tone. The cordless bottom subwoofer is designed to provide room-filling low-frequency sounds while using little floor area.

Every single loudspeaker includes a screw connection and a slot insertion for optimal installation choices, in addition to the cordless subwoofer’s straightforward setup.

The standard theatre pack brings Klipsch theatrical sounds into your home in a very small package.

Klipsch Cornwall IV Review

The Cornwall IV not only appears to be with grills suggestive of vintage Fender guitar amps and stands tall the size of a strong curio cabinet, but they also feel the part.

They are adorned in a very fine mid-century contemporary book-matched attire.

The first Klipsch Cornwall loudspeaker was introduced in 1959, which is a very recent model, given that Paul W. Klipsch began the business in 1945 and introduced the renowned Klischorn Speakers to the public. 

They performed tasks that no other speaker could. The only restriction was that you had to have enough room for them.

15″ Horn-Loaded Three-Way Loudspeakers

Your space will be filled with detailed, crystalline sounds from the Klipsch Cornwall IV.

Built And Designed In Hope, Arkansas

The Klipsch Cornwall IV loudspeaker is a monument to the excellence Klipsch requires from every single one of its musical devices, with woodwork passionately built by men and women in Hope, Arkansas, for more than 50 years.

Listen & Visualize The Difference

The Cornwall IV’s interior has an upgraded mid-frequency driver, a redesigned midrange TractrixTM trumpet, and new apertures for more transparency and heavier bass.

The Cornwall IV’s exterior includes an upgraded brushed aluminum premium input screen, a redesigned matte black riser to create the impression of hovering, and a new written symbol to complement other Heritage items.

The Very Best

The Cornwall IV Heritage loudspeaker, the “biggest of the compact,” provides the best quality of any non-fully horn-loaded model that manufacture.

The only speakers that outperform the Cornwall in bass range and output are the Klipsch Jubilee, Klipsch horn, and La Scala with their horn-loaded, low-frequency models.

Matched-Book Wood Veneer

For such a Heritage line, Klipsch solely used book-matched hardwood coatings. As flipping pages in a novel, the veneer sheets are organized and maintained in proper order to give a perfect copy.

Be Careful Of Perfection

The Cornwall speaker was first produced in 1959 with the intention of replacing the Heresy as the middle track loudspeaker among two distantly spread Klipsch horns with a bigger, full-range option.

The Cornwall is, therefore, probably the second center multichannel speaker in commercial production worldwide.

Klipsch Cornwall IV Frequency Response

The Klipsch Cornwall IV has a 3dB frequency response band of 34-20kHz and a power capability of up to 100 watts. Cornwall IV, with a minimum frequency of 34 Hz, will likely give a powerful bass that will please most of the users, particularly those who enjoy music. 

However, movie fans and music lovers who prefer a full sound will profit from the usage of a subwoofer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many subwoofers will I require?

This is entirely dependent on the dimensions of your space; additional subwoofers provide higher bass power and more flexibility in positioning when hunting for the ideal area for excellent audio quality. 

Putting more than one subwoofer in a limited listening space, on the other hand, maybe overdone. Furthermore, some solo loudspeakers have enough bass as stand-alone solutions that an extra woofer isn’t necessary.