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Fluance RT81 vs. RT82 (Who WINS the Turntable Battle in 2023?)

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Are you looking for a new turntable for your living room but are unable to pick one? Are all these various options from different brands confusing you, making it tougher to settle on a single model?

Are you on the hunt for genuine information, including all pros and cons, regarding the best turntables available in the market? Well, congratulations! You have come to the right place.

This article includes two of the best turntables, the Fluance RT81 and RT82, each famous for their impressive features and usability.

The difference between the Fluance RT81 and RT82 is not too significant. Both are unique products that will last you for years.

However, it is essential to know which one suits your preference best and its specifications. If you are wondering ‘does the Fluance RT82 have a preamp,’ or ‘are the Fluance Turntables any good?’ this guide is just for you!

What is a Turntable?

The term ‘turntable’ can be quite confusing unless you are a music lover who knows well about all the associated equipment. Is a turntable the same as a record player, or is it something entirely else?

Are they even used anymore? Fortunately, the turntable- an aesthetic musical instrument, is still quite popular. 

The turntable is a circular platform that rotates as you play sound recordings on it. It is not similar to a record player, as the latter consists of a tonearm, platter, and cartridge and functions as a standalone unit.

It does not require additional external components, as it already has a preamp, turntable assembly, speakers, and an amplifier.

Fluance Brand- Is it the Best?

Fluance is known for being an affordable brand that provides premium-quality products. You may wonder if the Fluance turntables are any good, if the Fluance RT82 has a preamp, or if the Fluance RT82 has a preamp?

It is time to put an end to all these confusions and find out what the Fluance RT81 and RT82 offer and why they have gained all this fame within a short time.

Fluance RT81 vs. RT82

Let’s note down the basic features of the Fluance RT81 and RT82, so it is easier for you to pick one.

Fluance RT81

The Fluance RT81 is an excellent turntable with several great features. Originating from China, the Fluance RT81 is a high-fidelity turntable that plays classic LP and EP vinyl records.

The quality, as described by most users, is terrific, allowing the cleanest and clearest sound reproduction.

The operational type for Fluance RT81 is manual with a belt drive. The product has a height of 5.5 inches (14 cm) while the width is 16.5 inches (41.91 cm).

It also showcases a depth of 14.1 lbs. along with a stylus/ cartridge of diamond or elliptical (AT95E). The record size is 12, while the playable record speed is 33 1/3rd 45 with an integrated preamp.

The other features include a speed select button, an auto stop switch, a phono/ line switch, and power input. It functions as a vinyl player and comes with a dust cover.

The interface is stereo RCA audio cut. The extra functions consist of threshold adjustment analog, which allows a memorable listening experience.

The high-performance cartridge has you playing the Fluance RT81 repeatedly as it provides a superior record tracking experience. The solid wood plinth with the captivating signal clarity makes it a great product.

Fluance RT82

The Fluance RT82 is another great product that will quickly become your favorite. It is assembled in China mostly, boasting a belt drive.

This turntable delivers an uncompressed and warm listening experience that commands the attention of all the listeners.

With the Fluance RT82, get ready to sway to your favorite music. The OM 10’s diamond elliptical facets elegantly trace the record’s surface, giving it a polished look.

The playback of the Fluance RT82 is often defined as accurate and pleasant.

With the manual operation, the turntable Fluance RT82 is easy to use for beginners and old audiophiles alike. The quiet and comfortable running of this beauty has you playing it over and over again, even after a long, tiring day.

The Fluance RT82 has good speed and control and offers many desirable features. The turntable has a height of 5.5 inches (14 cm), 16.5 inches width (42 cm), and depth of 13.75 inches (35 cm). The weight rounds off to 14.1 lbs.

Most buyers describe it as user-friendly and a product that is reasonably easy to set up and play with. The Fluance RT82 also has manageable size and weight, both critical factors when buying a product.

The record player is known to have phenomenal sound and looks great in living rooms and bedrooms.

The Fluance RT82’s body is sturdy and solid; each component is made of high-quality material. The anti-skating feature is top-notch, and the sound quality further adds to the fun of using it.

The other controls include a speed adjust knob, and anti-skating knob, and an auto-stop switch. The vinyl player has an Aluminum die-cast, just like the Fluance RT821.

The product packaging mainly includes a dust cover. With a stereo RCA audio cut interface, the Fluance RT82 features motor isolation, spectacular signal clarity, a solid wood plinth, an S-shaped tonearm, and a smart servo controller.

A Deeper Look at Fluance RT81 and RT82

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dig deeper into the two excellent Fluance models, the RT 81 and RT 82, if Fluance has been in the turntable business for over four years.

However, it was established a long time ago, in 1999, and built its reputation on premium-quality speakers as well as home theater speaker systems.

The team was full of in-house vinyl enthusiasts; therefore, Fluance decided to launch hi-fi turntables.

Each of the Fluance turntables starts with RT, short for Retro Turntable. The name is followed by a number ranging from 80 to 85.

The numbers do not indicate a particular value, but they do let the buyer know that they are higher in the trend. The greater the number, the more the features.

From the outside, all of the Fluance turntables look just the same. Each model features an engineered MDF wood plinth available, whether in walnut or piano black (except RT 80, which comes in a black finish only).

Beginning from RT80 to RT85, there are performance improvements.

Each turntable is fitted with different cartridges, either from Ortofon or Audio Technica. Moving up, each turntable series provides better audio performance enhanced by clarity, channel separation, and sound accuracy. 

Fluance RT 81 Features

The RT81 turntable is among Fluance’s hi-fi flagship models. It comes with an Audio Technica AT 95 elliptical diamond-tipped cartridge, solid wood body construction, and a rubber platter mat.

The RT81 is available in the markets in a lovely glossy walnut finish that adds a retro yet contemporary vibe to it.

Part of the Fluance Elite series, the RT 81 also showcases a built-in phono preamp, which makes it ideal for a compact record player setup.

All you need to do is plug it in directly to a powered set of bookshelf speakers for easy plugging and press setup. The RT81 does not require additional components.

Fluance RT 82 Features

The RT82 is part of the Fluance Reference Series turntables. It has several features that distinguish it from the Elite and Classic turntables.

Some of these differences are not too noticeable visually, as all the newer models have the same main platform along with two main upgrades from RT82 to RT85.

But the sound quality improvement is quite remarkable as you move further up the series.

The Fluance RT82 features an aluminum platter and an Ortofon OM 10 elliptical diamond-tipped cartridge.

However, it does not come with a built-in preamp, so you will either have to get a standalone preamp, an A/V receiver with a phono input, or a phono preamp that is built into your powered bookshelf speakers.

The main reason for launching newer models is to make better analog signal quality and maintain its purity despite external noises.

Numerous listeners also enjoy customizing their listening preferences and selecting certain components, such as preamps that are based on specific sonic qualities.

Using separate components allows users to optimize the cartridge and phono stage compatibility.

If you plan on upgrading your cartridge, you can use it alongside a phono preamp, maximizing the performance and getting you the sound profile you prefer.

The isolated servo motor is another advanced feature that RT82 has. The motor is fixed away from the plinth to reduce the vibrations that the stylus picks.

The motor comes with under-mounted 7-point silicones with servo-controlled speed regulating the optical sensors.

The sensor perpetually monitors the variances in the speed, adjusting it when needed and maintaining the desirable playback.

Entry Level Vs. Reference Lines- What is the Difference?

The Fluance turntables are divided into two categories: entry-level and reference lines.

The RT81, along with RT80, is part of the entry-level models. They both feature built-in phono preamps and have direct plug-ins for paired power bookshelf speakers.

You can also play them with a powdered amplifier and passive bookshelf speakers.

The most significant difference between RT80 and RT81 is their specific components that influence the sound quality. While the RT80 has a hollowed body, the RT81 showcases a solid, straight body.

The latter cancels out vibrations better and is much heavier. Whereas RT80 comes with a conical cartridge, so it is more forgiving, but the quality is not as great as that of RT81.

Fluance includes RT82, RT83, RT84, and RT85 in its high-end Reference lines. They are not as affordable as the RT80 and RT81; however, their features are well worth the price.

The reference lines models do not have built-in phono preamps. Furthermore, they mostly have a three-foot design, while the RT80 and RT81 are designed with four feet to lower the distortion levels and surface contact.

The new models also have their motor outside the platter, away from the cartridge, which helps minimize noise usually picked up by the stylus.

Don’t be confused if you are comparing the entry-level and reference, line models. The former models are affordable but do not offer as many features as the reference lines.

Among the reference line models, the platter and cartridge differ; the higher the turntable number, the better the platter and cartridge quality.

All the turntables, including the RT81, have been designed with customizable systems and offer analog signals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Fluance RT82 have a preamp?

The Fluance RT 82 is among the more affordable models from their Reference line. It has the primary upgrades over RT 81, including a three-foot design and an externally placed motor.
However, the RT 82 does not have a built-in phono preamp. You will need to get a standalone preamp for it.

Are Fluance Turntables any good?

The Fluance company was established back in 1999 and had been producing high-quality turntables for over four years. Each turntable has modern, user-friendly features that offer a great playing experience.
The newer models also have customizable components that make playing the turntable a fun experience. You can pick your favorite from a total of five turntable models.

Does the Fluance RT82 have an auto stop?

The Fluance turntables are considered ‘semi-automatic.’ Although they do not come with an auto-lift or auto-return feature, they do boast an auto-stop function.
The auto-stop feature stops the platter after the stylus is about 2 inches from the spindle. However, it may take 9 to 10 revolutions until it reaches a complete halt.

Does the Fluance have RT81 Bluetooth?

The Fluance RT81 is among the entry-level turntable models, known for their affordability and easy usage. It has an elite high-fidelity vinyl turntable with Ai 41 powdered 5-inches stereo bookshelf speakers.
Moreover, the RT81 has a diamond stylus, 90W Class D amplifier, belt drive, and Bluetooth.

What is the difference Between Fluance RT81 and RT82?

The RT81 belongs to the entry-level turntables, while the RT82 is from the reference line series.
The latter has numerous upgrades over RT81, such as a three-foot design opposite to RT81’s four, an outside-placed motor, and a no phono preamp function.
However, the RT82 does have the Ortofon cartridge and an aluminum platter.