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LEFT-Handed Fender Guitars [2023] – The ENTIRE Range!

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So you’re left handed, and there’s no shortage of things that become weirdly complicated when done with your left hand instead of your right.

While we can’t fix that whole smudging problem when you write on a white board, what we can do is help you find yourself a nice left handed guitar

While the average guitar is meant to be played with the right hand to strum and the left hand to hold the neck, left handed guitars are literally built differently in order to make playing it easier for left handed folks. 

On a left handed guitar, the Low E string is the one furthest to the right. A left handed guitar is made so that a southpaw can easily hold their guitar neck with their right hand and use their left hand to strum.

Left handed guitars also reverse the placement of features such as volume and tone controls, switches, and tremolo bars so that lefties can easily access them to lend more color to their playing.

So now that you know left handed guitars are a thing, let’s take a look at some options from Fender. 

1. American Professional II Stratocaster Left Hand

Fender Left Handed Guitars American Professional II

This beautiful guitar is the result of around sixty years of innovation and evolution of the classic electric guitar.

The guitar itself comes in a range of colors, such as the bright “miami blue” and the pastel “mystic surf green” among others, so it’s easy to find a color that matches your style.

Depending on the base color, the fingerboard is made of a beautifully polished rosewood or maple.

This model has a Deep “C” neck that has smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a satin finish and a newly sculpted neck heel that provides a very comfortable feel to its user as well as providing easy access to the upper register.

It features single coil pickups, giving it a more articulate sound and the ability to retain those bell-like chimes and warmth stratocasters are known for.

It also has an upgraded 2-point tremolo with a cold-rolled steel block that increases sustain,clarity, and what the website refers to as “high-end sparkle”.

Other features include the 22 narrow tall frets for easy bending, a treble bleed circuit that maintains highs while still reducing volume, and it even comes with its own deluxe molded hardshell case.

2. American Professional II Telecaster Left-Hand

Fender Left Handed Guitars Telecaster

Much like the Stratocaster, this guitar features the smooth fingerboard, the frets that are easy to bend, and that treble bleed circuit that lets you maintain your high notes when you reduce the volume.

This telecaster also comes in a few different colors, including a beautiful 3-Color Sunburst and a gorgeous butterscotch blonde with a maple fingerboard.

This guitar also has two V-Mod II single-coil Telecaster pickups, giving the guitar that familiar twang and snarl that many Telecasters are known for. 

Along with that, The Telecaster  has new top-load/string-through with compensated “bullet” saddles, making the bridge flexible and comfortable.

It retains the classic brass-saddle tone and provides intonation and flexible setup options. This is handy because it means you can tailor the tension and tone of each string to your exact liking.

The guitar is available in either alder or roasted pine in certain colors. Alder is a classic Fender tonewood that provides a blanched sound that’s good for pretty much any genre.

Roasted pine is a lightweight wood that is known for a punchy and complex tone, and this wood is also upgraded with the classic Fender roasting treatment, so it greatly improves its resonance.

3. Player Telecaster Left-Handed

Fender Left Handed Guitars Player Telecaster

The player Telecaster is one of Fender’s classic guitars with an added twist. The player series pickups featured on this model are designed for that familiar Fender tone while adding clarity and versatility.

This guitar also features bent-steel bridge saddles, combined with the strings-thru-body that Telecasters so often have, it adds a bit of sparkle to the tone of your music.

Like the other guitars we’ve looked at, this one also features that familiar “C” shaped profile in the neck of the guitar that is designed for comfort and optimal preformance. 

The fretboard on this guitar also features 22 Frets, giving you the option of bending the high D string up to an E, which lets you access four octaves of various musical possibilities.

The fretboard in general lends itself to experiments and new ways of playing that you can test out while still feeling like you have a comfortable grip on the guitar.

The body of this particular Telecaster is also hand-shaped to original specifications, so you’re getting the classic Fender look with improved features.

4. American Professional II Jazzmaster Left-Hand

Fender Left Handed Guitars Jazz master

This Jazzmaster guitar comes in the colors “Mercury”, “Dark Night”, or “Mystic Surf Green”.

While those are less color options than the previous guitars, they’re still beautifully polished hues that don’t take away from the tone of the guitar itself.

This Jazzmaster features those V-ModII Pickups we mentioned earlier, and these are voiced specifically for each position. They’re slightly overwound for punch and presence while still retaining their warmth and clarity.

These can be activated by a push/push switch, the bridge pickup can be tapped for a sparkly and vintage-accurate tone.

The guitar has a sculpted neck heel and beveled neck-plate to improve access to the upper register and make leads easy and comfortable.

This Jazzmaster also has brass Mustang saddles and a pop-in arm. These new saddles keep the strings where they belong even if you’re the kind of musician that really pummels the bridge.

The new Panorama tremolo also featured on this guitar helps to dramatically increase the range of vibrato available, and this allows for deeper Strat-style dives in addition to that classic Jazzmaster warble.

The Jazzmaster has also been equipped with special electronics. At the flip of a switch, the rhythm circuit puts both pickups in a series for a thicker tone with increased output.

It’s controlled by independent volume and tone roller pots. A push/push tone pot taps the bridge pickup allowing both a powerful, throaty sound or a lower-output vintage sound. 

This guitar also has narrow-tall frets that give you a vintage feel with a modern playability, and it’s especially effective for bending notes and playing chords up the neck with great intonation.

5. Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang Left-Hand

Fender Left Handed Guitars Kurt Cobain

This spunky guitar comes in “fiesta red” and “sonic blue”, giving it a real pop of color and a beautiful rosewood fingerboard.

Few artists can be credited with changing the music industry overnight and continuing to influence music culture three decades after the height of their popularity.

As the name of this guitar suggests, Kurt Cobain was seen playing a variety of Fender guitars over the years.

However, his Fender Jaguar and Mustang remain to be the most iconic due to their use on the “Nevermind” tour and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video.

Kurt designed the Jag-Stang to combine his favorite elements of both instruments and brought it to life with help from the Fender Custom Shop in 1993.

This guitar commemorates the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s seminal record “Nevermind”, and it also comes equipped with the same features that made it Kurt Cobain’s ideal instrument. 

The alder body gives you a punchy tone that is perfect for big power chords, the 24” short-scale reduces string tension for easier playing, and the 7.25” radius rosewood fingerboard with a maple neck has a comfortable feel that won’t fatigue your hands when chording.

This guitar offers a vintage-style single-coil and custom humbucking pickups that are perfect for recreating Cobain’s classic tones, while the Mustang slider switches provide the flexibility to dial in four distinct settings for a variety of in or out-of-phase tones.

6. American Original ‘50s Telecaster Left-Han

Fender Left Handed Guitars 50s Telecaster

This guitar is considered to be the ultimate blue-collar guitar. Telecasters like this laid the foundation for modern country, blues, and even heavy metal.

This guitar has all of the authentic Fender touches that made the Telecaster a star on stage and in the studio back when it was first launched.

This Telecaster features a lacquer finish that not only lets the body breathe with its true tonal character, it also ages and wears in a distinctively personal way; no two old Telecasters look quite the same!

It has pure vintage ‘52 pickups specially voiced and crafted to reproduce the authentic sound and performance of individual model years.

Unlike the other guitars we’ve looked at, this one has a particular “U” neck shape profile for the substantial fret-hand feel typical of instruments from Fender when they first started making guitars.

The fingerboard and frets featured on this guitar have a 9.5” radius, slightly flatter than a vintage style 7.25” radius. This provides a comfortable fret-hand feel. These Vintage-tall frets make it easier to bend notes as well.

7. American Original ‘50s Stratocaster Left-Hand

Fender Left Handed Guitars 50s Stratocaster

This sleek and beautiful guitar is reminiscent of Fender’s original Stratocaster that they released in 1954. It has that original-era style and tone while adding a modern feel and pickup swtiching.

The Stratocaster features pure vintage ‘59 pickups and the nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The latter lets the body breathe with its true tonal character as well as aging and wearing down in very distinctive ways.

The pickups are used to recreate that authentic Stratocaster sound. Like the guitar above, this Stratocaster offers the 9.5” radius fingerboard for comfort and making it easier to bend notes and play without worrying about your finger slipping.

This guitar also has vintage-correct hardware. From the bridge to the string tree, every piece of hardware is exactly like the original. Of course, the body and neck are also accurate.

If you’re a fan of Fender’s original era you can rest assured that every curve and line of the neck and body of this guitar are accurate to the historic originals!

8. Classic Vibe ‘60s Jazzmaster Left-Handed

Fender Left Handed Guitars 60s Jazzmaster

This guitar is an homage to the iconic Fender favorite Jazzmaster tone thanks to its dual Fender-Designed alnico single-coil pickups.

This throwback Squier model features 1960s inspired headstock markings, rich-looking nickel-plated hardware and a slick vintage-tint gloss neck finish for an old-school vibe.

This guitar also has a vintage style tremolo with floating bridge. This makes string-bending effects easy, and the floating bridge features barrel saddles for solid string stability. 

This Jazzmaster also sports classic vintage-style tuning machines, which provide rock-solid tuning stability and smooth action.

It has durable nickel-plated hardware that adds a deep, rich throwback look to the instrument. Like a few other guitars we’ve seen, it has the slim C shaped neck profile for comfortable playing as well as a vintage-tint gloss neck finish for a beautiful aged look.

Final Thoughts

All of these guitars provide their own style, glamor, and sound, while still being accessible to people who want to play the guitar left-handed. These were only a few styles that Fender has to offer, so by no means are left-handed guitars rare and hard to come by!

With so many options, styles, and colors, it’s easy for someone who is left handed to find the right guitar for them, with all the hardware they need while also being beautiful and well built. 

We still can’t fix that whiteboard issue, though.