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Explorer Left-Handed Guitars

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Are you needing to explore a new left-handed guitar? The left-handed Explorer guitar models are very niche-specific to be on the lookout for and I’ve compiled a list of great options for your performing needs.

Left-Handed Explorer Guitars

1. Gibson Epiphone Explorer

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Gibson Explorer

This guitar has an attractive, angular, and solid mahogany body that boasts a powerful electric tone even before plugging into the amplifier. This model was perfectly curated to project its electrifying sound across arenas.

The guitar has a SlimTaper neck with an Indian laurel fingerboard which provides a sleek performance foundation.

The Gibson Epiphone Explorer also sports Grover Mini 18:1-ratio tuners and a LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge which solidifies its sustainability.

One of the most notable features that this guitar has is the ProBucker pickups which provide PAF-era classic crunch tones. This is done by using Alnico II magnets which create full, warm, and complex notes. 

  • A mahogany body and SlimTaper neck that produces a bold sound with optimal comfortability
  • 22-fret Indian laurel fingerboard22-fret Indian laurel fingerboard
  • LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece for maximum sustainability

2. Epiphone Explorer GT

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Epiphone Explorer

The Epiphone Explorer GT model has certain similarities to the Gibson Explorer such as the LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar features for sustainability.

This selection also has the attractive, futuristic look of the angular body style including a 24” slim-taper maple neck for best performance ability.

This left-handed guitar also has a 650R Alnico humbucking neck and bridge pickup which can cultivate a myriad of classic tones. There’s also a master tone control feature that has a reformed killswitch or tone pot.

  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Master volume and tone controls
  • LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar for sustainability and ease during string changes
  • Sports a worn black Polyurethane finish

3. Gibson Limited Run Explorer Melody Maker

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Gibson Limited Edition

This left-handed guitar was reintroduced to the public by Gibson as a more budget-friendly selection from their electric offers.

It has a similar body and shape to the Les Paul Junior, yet it was made to be thinner with a narrow headstock. This particular electric guitar has a maple body that comes in a variety of grain-textured finishes.

Featured with the guitar are a sustainable wrap-around tailpiece and a deluxe gig bag.

  • Melody Maker neck profile for comfortable performance abilities
  • 22 frets
  • One volume control
  • Maple body that was reduced for a slimmer fit

4. Brendon Small Ghosthorse Explorer

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Brendon Small

This particular electric guitar model was designed by Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small. The Ghosthorse Explorer has a sleek aesthetic with its custom Galaktikon Burst gloss-finished top and matte black sides and neck.

This is a fast-playing selection that sports a contoured heel joint for maximum access to the 24 jumbo frets, Grover Mini Rotomatic 18:1 tuners, and a Galatikon spaceship emblem on the back of the headstock. 

  • Ebony white-binding fingerboard
  • Two volume controls with coil-splitting push/pull
  • Nickel plating

5. Jason Hook Signature M-4 Explorer

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Jason Hook

The Jason Hook Signature M-4 Explorer is a must-have collectible for electric guitar enthusiasts.

This is a custom piece designed by Jason Hook himself, and the model has a bright red and white racer-inspired detail across the front and back.

Though the design may not appeal to all, it’s because of its durability and affordability it can easily be stripped and repainted for a new aesthetic.

The most impressive feature of the Signature M-4 Explorer is its loud sound projection whether plugged or unplugged. 

  • Light build due to the deep upper body cutaway and angled scarf; increases playability
  • Ideal for riffers and shredders
  • Grover Locking mini-Rotomatics machine heads and Locktone bridge for durability and decreasing tuning slippage

6. ‘58 Goth Explorer

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars 58 Goth

If you’re searching for a gothic rendition of the classic Explorer guitar, then this model is the right one for you.

The ‘58 Goth Explorer combines an Alnico’s Classic humbuckers sound with warm tones emanating from its mahogany body. It has a sleek, black, asymmetrical design that’s simple yet stunning to the eye.

A performer is able to create extremely fast riffs on the Slim Taper “D” neck and stutter effects with its KillPot switch. 

  • Alnico Classic delivers a dynamic sound that can fill an arena
  • Durable LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge
  • SlimTaper “D” neck with a rosewood fingerboard for optimal comfort during performances

7. Limited Edition ‘58 Korina Explorer Reissue

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars 58 Korina

This is a solid-bodied Explorer that is a modern representative of the most iconic, classic electric guitar.

The ‘58 Korina has a unique look that redefined what electric guitars were made to look like with its Space Age amalgam of an asymmetric body and razor-edge headstock.

Explorer re-released this limited edition guitar at an affordable price point so guitar enthusiasts are able to enrich themselves with the historic sound of hard rock and metal. 

  • Alnico Classic humbuckers near the neck and bridge position with the purpose of exposing the full tonal range of the Korina body
  • Volume and master tone knob controls
  • Vintage Gibson inspired “top hat” silhouette

8. Lee Malia Signature Explorer Custom Artisan

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Lee malia

If you’re looking for an electric guitar with a classic 70’s Artisan aesthetic, then the Lee Malia Signature Explorer is the right model for you.

The design has sleek, gold hardware with a walnut finish, and is considered to be one of the most uniquely customized Explorer pieces.

Lee Malia curated the Explorer with a C-profile neck shape and a combination of unique pick-ups to greatly emanate the bold tones from the body.

  • Wired with a coil tap so a player can receive clean single-coiled tones
  • P-94 single-coil pick-up produces P-90 tones with no 60-cycle hum due to the Dummy Coil on the back of the model.
  • “Chunky” neck profile which gives a heftier tone
  • LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and 14:1 tuning machines provide amazing tuning durability

9. 2001 Limited Edition Blue Explorer

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars 2001 limited edition

This selection is very rare, however, a highly sought collectible. The design is a striking metallic blue, with a body made of solid tonewood.

The neck of this electric guitar has an Indian rosewood fingerboard with dotted inlays as well as an Explorer-S headstock for durability and ample playability.

Some of the electronics within the Blue Explorer that are most attractive to guitar collectors are the E-Series Ultra Hot humbuckers and the 3-way selector switch.

This model also has chrome hardware and a Tune-o-matic bridge to further project its powerful sound on and off stage. 

  • Black speed knobs
  • 24.75” scale
  • Hard maple neck with a bold Super-slide satin finish

Best Explorer Guitar Alternatives

In the case of not being able to find any of the unique and rare Explorer guitars listed above, I’ve also noted some agreeable alternatives that will suit your search for that classic rock sound.

1. Jackson Kelly JS32

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Jackson Kelly

If you’re looking for a guitar with the same bold, asymmetrical aesthetic then look no further.

The Jackson Kelly JS32 model has great features that include a compound radius and reinforced neck for durability and stability while performing.

The pickups embedded within the guitar are high-wound to create a greater output range as well. This guitar also has a Floyd-Rose style bridge, which effortlessly dives into the 80’s era tune.

  • The fingerboard is rounder at the headstock to formulate simple chords and flatter towards the body for sleek guitar solos.
  • Cheaper tonewood made of Poplar and Amaranth
  • High performance at a low cost
  • 24 jumbo frets

2. Dean ZX

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Dean ZX

The Dean ZX is one of the best adaptations of the classic Explorer when it comes to the design aesthetic in combination with the sound payoff.

This design has a quilted maple top finished with a tobacco burst across the top that gives it a classic look. A DMT Designed feature was also implemented into the Dean ZX, which allows it to have a high output for zebra pickups.

The Dean ZX even has a V-Tunematic combination that you’d find on the traditional Explorer guitars.

  • Mahogany and maple body that produces a high-end classic sound
  • HH Pickup Configuration
  • 22 frets
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard
  • Classic Trans Brazilia finish

3. Schecter E-1

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars Schecter E1

This Explorer alternative was designed for those who love aggressive, high-speed playing.

The Schecter E-1 was curated with mahogany, maple, and ebony tonewood to formulate the perfect amount of warmth and harmony within its sound output.

What’s most unique about this guitar is that it features a special sustain circuit that grants you the ability to let notes ring on for as long as you desire.

The body also has the same asymmetric aesthetic as the Explorer guitars, with a sleek dark purple and ebony finish.

  • Powerful Apocalypse VI bridge humbucker 
  • Floyd Rose 1500 Series for optimal pitch control 
  • Thin C-neck profile that gives a player full access to the neck heel 
  • Attractive inlays and bindings 
  • Alnico and ceramic magnets assist with delivering powerful sound resonance with great articulation

4. ESP LTD EX-401

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars ESP LTD

This model is a great alternative if you’re looking for the same look and feel as the Explorer, but also want more modern features.

The neck of the guitar has a thin-u shape with a set through design which provides a player with great play support while producing a clean tone.

The LTD model also uses active EMF humbucker pickups, which are designed to create high-gain tones. The fretboard of this guitar was cultivated with pau-ferro with a 13” radius for convenient bending and quick scale runs.

  • Grover tuners/tune-o-matic bridge to assist with tuning stability 
  • Flat maple neck built for shredding ability 
  • Budget-friendly with quality tonewoods for high-quality sound