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Emotiva Vs. Monolith AMPs (A Detailed Comparison of ALL Models!)

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Do you have a sound system installed in your house? Or maybe in your room or office or any kind of space? Then you need a good high-powered amplifier to compliment that beast!

Sound systems cannot fully perform without a good amplifier, and if your amp is low-powered or not suitable to the setting, you may be missing the best possible experience!

Let me help you by comparing two of the top brands, Emotiva & Monolith.

Here’s a quick comparison:

ComponentEmotiva XPA-7Monolith 7X
Dimensions17″ x 19″ x 8″17″ x 7″ x 16.5″
Weight53 Pounds93.2 Pounds
Power Requirements100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz7 x 200 watts (8 ohms), all channels driven; 7 x 300 watts (4 ohms)

Even though both brands engineer their machines to give their users the best and high-quality output, let’s compare the amps of “Emotiva” and “Monolith.”

Emotiva amplifiers:

Emotiva is a USA-based company that is working from the state of Tennessee. All of the designs are engineered in Tennessee, while most of their production is done in China.

Monolith amplifiers:

Monolith amplifiers are a product of a high-end audio brand, “Monoprice.” Monolith amplifiers are designed and assembled in the USA.

Monolith 7 vs. Emotiva Xpa 7

Emotiva XPA 7

The XPA-7 is a 7-channel, high-end power amplifier for audiophiles. It has a home theatre system with seven channels.

The high-definition movie audio tracks and other audio sources can be reproduced by the XPA 7 amplifier with fantastic realism, spectacular precision, and amazing elegance. 

Additionally, it won’t even suggest any slight signal or strain compression. Other than that, this gadget offers a fantastic listening experience and allows for the affordable purchase of multifunctional components like receivers or other amplifiers.


On Emotiva’s Website, the XPA-7 is going for $2,199.


Wideband amplifier design with classic Class A/B output stage and low noise and distortion offer smooth, detailed sound without any traces of strain or harshness.

First and foremost, they were made to sound fantastic on all kinds of audio systems with all kinds of music.

Fully stable in real systems, not only on a test bench, with speakers from the real world.


Additionally, the XPA 7’s each channel operates at a voltage of a relatively low supply at low power levels. This reduces both standby power losses and the usage of quiescent power.

In order to ensure that the signal is sent clearly and without clipping, the amp progressively increases its voltage in response to the growing power requirement.

Extra features

Before creating the XPA series and putting it on the market, Emotiva had undoubtedly examined every amp they had ever produced.

Combining what they had learned and created over the years with a thorough understanding of all the most recent developments in sound technology, Emotiva identified the areas they should focus on improving, and they did so with great success.

A product of such thorough examination with improved design is the XPA 7.


  • Easily portable and cool-running
  • Excellent deep bass performance.
  • energetic and lively performance
  • High Power


  • High Budget
  • Needs increased power supply for more channels

Monolith 7X

The Monolith 7X is a multichannel, high-performance home theatre amplifier that meets audiophile standards, putting out a full 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Other than that, it can operate the most popular and sophisticated home theatre equipment and minimizes dynamic audio tracks by articulating the audible subtleties inherent in music.


Firstly on Monoprice’s website, the Monolith 7x is going for $1,849.99


High-resolution audio is another feature of the Monolith 7X that offers the best soundtracks.

Additionally, this device’s signal-to-noise ratio is more than 121dB approx., which is sufficient to coherently and properly reproduce both quiet and loud passages as well as everything in between.


Monolith 7X offers a 200-watt-strong experience. Please note that this rating was evaluated using two channels driven into an 8-ohm load over the whole 20 Hz to 20 kHz power spectrum.

As opposed to other AV receivers, which frequently reduce current if a speaker’s impedance drops, the Monolith has no such circuitry.

That doesn’t mean the amp will harm or blast your speakers if there’s an issue. For this reason, monitoring circuits are available. 

They are placed outside the route of the circuit and are optically coupled. The output of the amplifier will be disabled if they discover electrical shorts in your speaker wire or outlet.

As soon as everything is in order, the amp will verify the problematic circuit every 10 seconds and turn it on again. Monoprice makes it clear that the output has no fuses or relays, which could reduce damping and alter the sound.

Extra features

There are some huge heat sinks present instead of some normal fans. This heat sinks to aid in keeping the amplifier as cool and quiet as possible. Overall, the Monolith 7X’s silent cooling feature lengthens its usable lifespan or durability.

Additionally, the durability of its powder coating and tough chassis design is increased by preventing corrosion and resisting scratches.


  • Exceptional bargain and has a ridiculously good price/performance ratio
  • Thanks to dual toroidal transformers, all channels are driven at rated power.
  • Power-on/power-off trigger functionality for home automation integration
  • The amazing power exceeds the specifications that have been given.
  • Solid build quality 
  • Rear connectors and rigid binding posts


  • Its heavy weight is a huge problem.
  • Front power light that seems a bit out of place
  • The front power light cannot be turned off or dimmed due to the proximity of the + and – speaker connectors.
  • A lack of balanced (XLR) inputs

The competition between Monolith and Emotiva has been going on forever; another competition between these brands is their MONOLITH 9X vs. EMOTIOVA XPA-9 amplifiers, which equally resonate with the competition between XPA-7 and 7X.

Monolith 11X vs. Emotiva XPA-11

ComponentEmotiva XPA-11Monolith 11X
Dimension17″ x 19″ x 8″‎16.5 x 17 x 7
Weight53 Pounds93.2 Pounds
Power Requirement100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz200 watts into 3 channels, and 100 watts into 8 

Emotiva XPA-11

A new 11-channel audiophile-grade amp, the Emotiva XPA-11. It has 3 high-powered single-channel modules, 4 stereo modules, and a total of 3 high- and 8 lower-powered channels.

This setup is ideal for a surround sound system that works well for music and home theatre.

The XPA-11 is also a great power source. Here, the power output capabilities of the individual channels were enhanced to deliver a clear audio quality in any listening environment.

Additionally, the front channels get the most power, which is wonderful because they’re needed for reproducing lively music and crisp speech.


Upon checking Emotiva’s Website, we got to know that Emotiva XPA-11 goes for around $2,199.


The XPA 11 amplifier can also reproduce audio sources and high-definition movie soundtracks with incredible precision, remarkable elegance, and great realism.

Other than that, it won’t even suggest any slight signal or strain compression.

A balanced voltage amplification stage is driven by the distinctive differential input stage of the XPA-11 with cross-linked current sources, and this cutting-edge input circuitry transmits an extraordinarily precise and clean audio signal to the complementary, totally discrete output stage. 

Together, they produce a complete, organic, and intense listening experience. From a pitch-black background, low-level musical details and dialogue appear; musical crescendos are delivered with startling intensity and accuracy. 

Every detail of your high-resolution music sources can be heard thanks to the XPA-11 Gen3’s wide bandwidth and low distortion performance, and it has enough power to drive even challenging loudspeakers with perfect authority and control.


High-powered single-channel modules with an analog Class A/B output stage are used by the XPA 11. Plus, it supports the Class H power supply architecture that the Soft-Switch has improved.

This function increases the device’s efficiency without sacrificing its excellent Class A/B performance or audio quality.

Each channel on the XPA 3 runs on a voltage that is relatively low supply when the power level is low. Quiescent power usage and standby power losses are reduced as a result.

The amp then progressively changes to a greater voltage as the power demand rises in order to ensure that the signal may flow through without clipping.

Key Features

  • Power Supply in Switched Mode (SMPS).
  • The decision between balanced and unbalanced inputs.
  • Input for remote triggers and output.
  • Optimum topology for a Class H soft switch power supply.
  • Fully modular build.
  • 4RU chassis made of heavy steel with a machined aluminum faceplate.
  • Five-way speaker binding posts in gold plating with transparent shields.

Monolith 11X

The Monolith 11X includes a high-resolution sound system that offers the best soundtracks for both movies and music.

You don’t need to be concerned about its audio output because it is an amp that successfully transmits clean and clear sounds over a wide dynamic range. 

Additionally, this device’s signal-to-noise ratio is more than 99dB approximately, which is sufficient to accurately and nicely coherently reproduce both quiet and loud passages as well as everything in between.


On the monoprice website, Monolith 11x is going around for $2,499.99


Additionally, Monolith 11X might be an excellent choice if you are sick of amplifiers that make unsettling “thumps” when they are turned on. This gadget’s design ensures that the speaker thump won’t occur. 

Thanks to its soft circuit, which gently powers up the device while also reducing the burden on the home’s electrical system.

In addition, the soft circuit is withdrawn from a signal chain after the amp is completely powered to achieve optimum acoustic clarity.


The Monolith 11X is an 11-channel amplifier that offers 200 watts per three channels and 100 watts per eight channels for a strong sound. This rating is tested with all channels, powered over a complete 20 Hz to 20 kHz power bandwidth into eight ohms load, which is an interesting distinction from the other receivers and amplifiers. 

Furthermore, the amplifier’s circuit path won’t have any protection or current-limiting circuitry.

Additionally, to improve the user’s experience, the Monolith 11X is sufficiently resistant in the event that the speakers’ impedance falls to a very low level.

Because of this, the current has no limit, and you can utilize it without any difficulty.

Key Features

  • Neat and clean back wiring
  • Protection circuits, which are essentially connected optical circuits, are present in the Monolith 11X. 
  • You can pick between the balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs on this amplifier. You will have a strong connection that won’t lose or break with time since the gold-plated RCA jacks are positioned directly on the chassis and not on any internal or external circuit boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which amp is better, Emotiva or Monolith?

If you have a good processor, I believe you would be satisfied with either one of them

Are Emotiva amps high current?

Emotiva does have some high-current amps, which you can check online.

Are monolith amps any good?

Yes, Monolith amplifiers are cost-effective, sturdy, and of good quality.
Both of the brands mentioned here have distinctive qualities and specializations.
Different products from the same brand may share a lot of similarities, so depending on your budget, you can choose any of them. 

Both companies made an effort to concentrate all of their efforts on a single objective—providing you with the greatest results. I hope you can find a product that works for you among the Emotiva vs. Monolith amp.